Monday, January 05, 2009

Open Questions

Evening Naivety:

If a residential home is used to store mortar shells and military tunnels - is it not a legitimate target for destruction regardless of who resides in it? If the houses around and neighborhood are damaged - is it not legitimate?

If the innocent civilians voted in an election and have elected a group which has proclaimed before election that their goals and tactics are genocidal and malicious, how are those civilians innocent?

Should a politician be nominated head of an agency like the CIA?

Well - why not reinstate the occupation? It worked, didn't it? It was the Arab violence which triggered the occupation - not vice versa. Or was the region an island of tranquility prior to 67? Prior to 48? 45? 39? 33? 27? 1885? I guess it was the occupation which triggered the fall of Constantinople.

For how long can Turkey make statements that sound more like Iran and be considered moderate?

Is it possible that Iran instigated this war only to drive up the prices of oil?

I guess the Lizard People really wanted Stuart Smalley a senator, didn't they?

How difficult is it for Arabs to get the courage and criticize those who are guilty for this situation? Few had the courage, like Egyptians leadership. Will lying to self and Arab public help them in any way?

Is it fun to end every sentence with a question mark? Maybe not fun - but easy, I think, right?

Has the market bottomed? Did you see this question coming?

How can Bawny Fwank destroy the economy even more?

What is a victory when all you want is some peace and quite?

How many soldiers died today? What's the point of hiding this bit of information from the public in Israel? Does it help anyone? I just don't understand this policy. Too many people are too worried because even generality of situations are not reported. Is this smart?

Checking out... till tomorrow, is it fruitful to check the news so often?

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