Saturday, January 10, 2009

High ranking IDF official: Israel is crushing Hamas, Israeli Media: you mean most Arab casualties are civilians?

Article is in Hebrew, basically claiming that militarily, Hamas is defeated. For some reason, pushed in their own anti-IDF agenda proclaiming out of thin air that civilian Arabs in Gaza were hurt the most. Unbelievable.

Autotranslated: High ranking IDF: Hamas weakened, their troops are deserting
In Hebrew:

Debka - an unreliable source, is claiming that there are signs that Hamas is willing to surrender and accept all Israeli terms to cease fire:
First signs of Hamas cracking, Israel lets Gazan delegates leave for Cairo

I say - crush them until they submit and surrender, accept deportation, incarceration and handing over kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit - unarmed. If victory is really close - don't swap it for a return to status quo.

In war crimes not reported on your TV sets nor western news papers:

Be'er Sheva school after bombing from Hamas

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