Friday, January 30, 2009

Merkel: We are suspicious of subsidies to US car makers, this is protectionism and has to end soon

A Davos quote you cannot ignore:
Merkel: We are suspicious of subsidies to US car makers, this is protectionism and has to end soon
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But then she goes on to suggest a UN economic body. I guess some wakos out there really want a communist global engineered economy. The kind that made the USSR such a brilliant "success".

Also at Davos (from the same page:
Money market expert says: we are not about to turn the corner, we haven't even seen the corner, we don't know where the corner is

Leaders of the world, unite? Not really:
Norinka Ford, Sao Paulo, says: Have our leaders gone totally mad? Why are they cancelling their visits to Davos? This is a major crisis for us all and they should be meeting to discuss solutions and be working non-stop to fix this terrible predicament

I believe he was referring to Obama's dismissal of Davos and not really caring about US's standing in the world - only the Arab world:
Graham Garner, Oslo says: Without the attendance of Obama's economic advisers and Mr Darling from the UK, Davos, apart from mulling over economic gloom, and of course Gaza, will have limited impact. At best it will just be a talking shop, while the World waits for the G20 summit and American economic plans.

Obama's too busy thieving the next generation to care what financial experts around the world are saying out loud:
Lynn, Reading, UK says: I have a strong doubt that the stimulus package proposed by the Western leaders to battle the downturn, could ever work

In related news: "Obama calls recession a disaster"
The solution?
President Obama said the task force, to be headed by Vice President Joe Biden, would focus on creating well-paid jobs for middle-class working families.

He also said he wanted to "level the playing field" for labour unions, saying that strong unions needed to work "side by side" with strong businesses.

More unions, and Biden - SAY IT: HOPE AND CHANGE. Any bets on when and where the market will bottom in this Carter the II administration?

Hotair: Obama panders to unions by cutting off information to workers

When Obama gets his way, and everything is unionized, we can celebrate our free economy the same way France does it.

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