Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm not going to Spain any time soon - are you?

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Major death and food fetish with the derelict Palestinians

This time they targeted a bakery. Isn't there some rehab for blood thirstiness on a mass population level? Anyone jumping on to provide us with excuses? Poverty? Occupation? This time - no reason but pure Nazism. The murderer came out of Gaza. The only thing occupying Gaza is lack of responsibility for just self governing.

A note to Jimmy Dhimmy Carter: "Bread. Not Murder."

(Meaning: bread - they blew up a bakery... as apposed to his antisemitic book: "Peace. Not Apartheid.")

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lebanon spiraling towards civil war

The latest news bits already start counting the wounded, the airport is blockaded and Beirut is under siege by the Shiite terror group Hezballah. This is a militant Islamic revolution in action.

One might mistakenly think it has to do with the war with Israel, or other external factors - I believe that it is all in an effort to save Bashar Assad's skin. He would have stood on trial by now for murder if it weren't for his terror pals. Apparently Shiite population scarcely operate their brain muscles to understand how they are used as puppets in the hands of loony murderers. This is not Shahada - yet this is how the Shiite Arab mind works. Contrary to their belief, there is no honor in stupidly using your family as cannons meat for protecting Syrian and Iranian tyrants. Had there been any rational to the Shiite gang, they would have thrown Nasrallah to a jail cell and started working on rebuilding their country.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funniest site of the day

I got this link from "Little Green Footballs".

Somehow this reminds me of some European condom commercials where people dressed up as sperm run through the streets.

The Daily Show Strikes Back

* I must admit, I stopped watching the daily show for a while. They had a series of harsh anti republican - pro democrats - biased shows - and I couldn't stand it any longer.

Yesterday was a surprise. Harsh criticism of Peloci's ridiculous claims to solve all the problems of the world within 100 hours ... last week ... got its well deserved attention from John Stuart. Finally some good satire which is not idiotic - below the belt shots at the sitting president.

* Another good show I watched yesterday - which I hope to catch a rerun of and record was a stand up comedy show with Dennis Miller on HBO. It is an amazing talent to say nothing but honest opinion and still be funny. He has his corner sometimes on the Hannity and Colmes show - every time after he talks, Colms makes a sour face and has to say something like "that wasn't nice, I disagree blah blah".

* Haven't wrote anything for a while - not because nothing horrible has happened - I just got sick of it for a while and didn't feel like I have any new thoughts on the subject. The only new thing I can think of saying is: Best wishes to the troops in Iraq. Do well and return safely when (and only when) the job is done. To the Iraqis - it's your country, your lives, this is what you made of it.