Monday, January 19, 2009

Israeli Arab MK: Enemy of Israel - my friend

And I say, the friend of my enemy - is by definition my enemy. (and should not be represented in the Parliament as such)

The interview is in Hebrew, here's the auto translate: Tibi: "The enemy of Israel is not my enemy"

The interview is in light of his party being disqualified from running next election due to breaking the law and acting to bolster Israel enemies as well as incitement to murder of Jews. Nice guy.

Related English article at ynet: Arab parties appeal disqualification
Balad, United Arab List-Ta'al representatives claim there is no evidence justifying Central Election Committee's decision to ban parties from running in upcoming Knesset elections. 'How can Yisrael Beiteinu and National Union which call to deprive minority's rights sit in Knesset while parties supporting full equality are left out?' they ask

They should also ask - So what if we threw stones in a house of glass - it's your glass, isn't it?

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