Monday, January 12, 2009

Indoors at Ann Arbor, Supporting Israel's right to defend and exist

Yesterday, on Sunday - I was at the Ann Arbor JCC and had the pleasure to listen to David Shtulman's speech. David is the new head of the "Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor". Unlike most other speeches, which try to put equal blame and simply pray for peace - this one made clear that he was not apologizing for Israel's actions, rather thinks that Israel's non-action over 8 years was a criminal one. While caring for every life taken, strong support for Israeli defensive measures and harsh criticism of European and international pressure. For me - that was the highlight of the evening.

A statement from the UJC regarding operation cast-lead, found here.

Just to be sure, the lefties are going insane when they hear a thing about Shtulman... DON'T click on the following hateful blog unless you must: - yet another "Jews"(?) who hate Jews born in Israel blog. Kill all the Joooos in the name peace crap. Disgraceful ass holes.

The gathering was labeled: A plea for peace, as reported briefly on
A plea for peace

I was a bit surprised not to find the usual Palestinian Nazi protesters on site. I guess they reserve their harassment only to nice weather days when children are around. (This year, I didn't report nor post the photos - but I do have pictures)


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Nazi Protesters? HMMM.... I am not sure about that. The Zionists Terrorists if I recall murdered over 1300 Palestinians for elections. Let me make this clear, Israelis are not the victims but the victimizers. It is sad to learn what happened to the Jews in Europe and then begin to realize how todays Zionist use it as a to tool justify murder. Those protesters were out there because they seen the images of children, women, and innocent men being murdered while the world stood by. No human being in his or her right mind could ever support such acts. The only ones who would do so are sick, NAZI, neo-cons, religious Zealots, and people like you. So, this is what I say to you and your extremists Zionist community that supports Israel's actions... you are the Nazi and they are as well.

    If you don't mind, enough has been stolen by Zionism, don't steal our food and make it seem as if it were the Zionists who created it.

    I felt sorry for you, since no one checks out your blog that is full of shit anyway, thought this will make it interesting.

    By they way, Wafa Sultan? did you miss the headlines, she turned out to be a phony. Ann Coulter? she bashed the Jews, saying Jewish people should become Christian.

  2. Mommo - responded to your nonsense on a separate post.

  3. Anonymous3:08 PM

    2 questions for MOmmo:

    1) I don't understand how what happened to the Jews in Europe is being used as a tool. What do you mean? Where's the connection?

    2) How come when Lebanon spent 3 months destroying the Nahr-el-Bared refugee camp in 2007, there was no news, no outcry no UN, nothing?

    I have more questions. A lot. But can you answer just these two?