Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I couldn't help my self - more about Obama - one day before my vacation

From here, the magnificent uh-er:

Eloquently uhh-ed.

And more, from here, ridicule away:

OK. Enough. Bye for two weeks at least. I'll imagine my wish list for news-bits will have been fulfilled....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shawarma on Vacation

Although officially I'll be on vacation from my real daytime job (which is not blogging) from Wednesday, I doubt I'll be blogging anything from now until mid August...

Hopefully when I'll be back I'll catch up on the following imaginary news-bits:
  • Olmert Resigned
  • Osama was found dead
  • Nasrallah choked on a pretzel
  • McCain appointed a kick ass VP and is soaring in the polls
  • Obama continued to uhhh... uhhh... uhhh... gaff and flip flip uhhh....
  • Ahmedinajad died of syphilis
  • Oil prices tumble, economy booms, mortgage crisis over, banks CEO-s in jail
  • Britain grows a pair - start fighting islamization of UK
  • Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns continue to dominate Obama's "issues" in his campaign
  • Olympic games fiascoes continue to embarrass the Chinese government. Mass demonstration demand end to Communism.
  • At a convention for "Peace and Justice" at Cuba, where dictators Raul Castro, Kim Jong Ill, Jugo Chavez sat for a quite dinner, a meteor struck. Spontanious world wide celebrations to follow.
  • FBI investigated a national hoax perpetrated by prominent politicians to induce and profiteer from environmental hysteria.
  • Iraq won, or not, regardless the US stopped paying for Iraq's infrastructure restructuring and starts collecting repayment for money invested in rebuilding oil industry.
  • US stopped financing Fatah. No explanation was given, none was necessary.
  • A mysterious sink hole swallowed the UN building in NY. Huge sigh of relief world wide.
  • Taiwan was recognized world wide as a sovereign nation.
  • The little monsters from the movie alien spring out of the Kaaba. Mystery of worshiping a black rock in the middle of the desert solved.
  • Disney opens a new theme park in Mecca. Reports that Mini Mouse will not wear a Hijab after all.
  • Jewish Shawarma stands open across Michigan. Taste buds satisfied.

Yea... right... dream on.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awesomeness does happen: A terrorist's Jewish whore accuses terrorist of being Israel's whore for going safely for an eye surgery.

From Haaretz.com: Tali Fahima: Zakariya Zubeidi is Israeli security service's whore

Tali Fahima, a Jewish Israeli woman who was tried and convicted for her contacts with Zakariya Zubeidi, Jenin chief of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, criticized Zubeidi on Thursday, saying that he had turned into the "whore of the Shin Bet security service."

Speaking to Channel 10 news, Fahima complained that Zubeidi, who was once on Israel's most wanted list for his role in the Palestinian resistance, was now on friendly terms with the Shin Bet when it served his purposes.

Fahima referred to Zubeidi's recent request that the Shin Bet allow him leave the West Bank city of Jenin and undergo eye surgery in Ramallah.

The Shin Bet had removed Zubeidi from its most wanted list in a gesture to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last year, along with other militants who turned in their weapons, on the condition that they refrain from leaving the city in which they live, under close Palestinian police supervision. Fahima's rage was sparked when Zubeidi negotiated with the Shin Bet, which he professed to view as his enemy, over permission to leave Jenin to go to Ramallah.


Zubeidi responded to Fahima's remarks, saying "this is the first time in eight years that I've left [the West Bank city of] Jenin. I came to Ramallah to take care of my eyes that were hurt from an explosive device."

"Tali Fahima only experienced a small part of the Palestinian people's problems," he added

Read it all...

I wonder which part of her brain is missing, the left, right or center. She's all too concerned that her beloved murderer will not murder Jews. He dismisses her as "unaware of the Palestinian suffering". I'll tell you something about the Jewish suffering; suffering the existence of people like Tali Fahima or Jewish anti-Zionist far lefty nuts in the ISM. There are far too many insane Jewish women in Israel who really - really - love their Arab terrorists. (even one is too many, sadly there are enough more worldwide...)

"Obama - Jerusalem is not for sale" video of hecklers at the wailing wall

H/T Weasel Zippers.
I doubt this video will remain on YouTube because it obviously violates AP's copyright, so watch it while you can:

My notes:
  1. He just came for a nice photo shoot to show his Jewish Democrat supporters that he was at the wailing wall and prayed there. If anything this aught to anger his Hamas supporters. Good!
  2. I'm a bit disgusted by hecklers at the wailing wall. I don't like fanatics and I wish they could find a better venue.
  3. He's a candidate who barely understands a thing about the middle east or Jerusalem - and all I understood from his flip-flop is that he doesn't have an opinion and will probably let his advisers do what they wish (which is a scary thing - but expected from any democrat candidate).
  4. He looks frozen - a bit shocked from the demonstrators, not what you'd expect from a "charisma genius" as he was paraded here in the US. Still, who wouldn't be when you're heckled at the wailing wall.

Did he get the message? That he angered many Jews with his united Jerusalem flip/flop? Did any of his advisers warn him that this might happen?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ukraine to build a mall on top of Holocaust victims grave.

As reported here: Jewish group asks Ukrainian government to stop construction on mass grave site
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - A Jewish group asked the Ukrainian government on Wednesday to stop construction on the site of a grave containing the remains of an estimated 26,000 victims of the Holocaust.
The Jewish community in Odessa says a developer has begun building what it believes will be a shopping mall on the site of a burial ground. When construction workers began digging they found bones, skulls and children's toys, said Avrohom Wolf, the chief rabbi for Odessa and southern Ukraine. He said the builder has taken away all the remains it dug out and said he has no clue where to search for them. Wolf would not name the company, in hope of finding a solution.
The victims were executed in the fall of 1941, shortly after German troops invaded the Soviet Union, according to Wolf.

Read it all...

The current PM of Ukraine is: Yulia Tymoshenko - a staunched objector to Russian influence on Ukraine - who's been accused of being Jewish as part of the campaign by her opponents during the 2005 election. Accusation of being a Jew is a symptom of the prevailing antisemitism in that country and has nothing to do with her origins or her heritage. She is well known as an Ukrainian nationalist.

On a similar note - antisemitism, Pat Buchanan is still an antisemitic asshole. A book blaming England for world war II and accusing the Jewish population for pushing England into that war. Because according to him, everything is "The Jews Fault". Listen to Yourish on Shire network news for full details on Pat's overt antisemitism...

Maariv reveals: Tavor - Israeli Rifle in use by US forces in Iraq

Might not be such a scoop, but Maariv - Israeli paper today - reveals that Tavor is being used by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and it's a source of pride to the Israeli weaponry industry. I couldn't find any photos or news reports acknowledging that on the web. (Maariv is a Hebrew news paper, the link will direct you to a Hebrew article)

For more info on Tavor, check out www.israeli-weapons.com:

Here's a cool Discovery Channel show about the weapon:

Did the makers of the sci-fi movie Starship Trooper base their imaginary weapon on the Tavor or did the makers of Tavor "steal" their design from the movie? Just a thought.

(errr... please don't respond - I KNOW IT'S NOT THE TAVOR IN THAT MOVIE... sheesh)

Obama in Israel - so what?

Random thoughts:

  • I wonder if anyone in Israel would care to ask him regarding his backtracking on Jerusalem being united.

  • I recommend visiting "This is Obama" from the "Clintons4McCain.com" site. I found this site through listening to the interesting interview with its founder on the recent shire network news podcast.

  • While CNN managed to put the word "Obama" only three times in it's main page right now (unlike about 9 yesterday), it did want to emphasize their "Black in America" show on "hot topics". It's HOT I tell you. Next hotness would comes from "Asians in America" (not for perverts, please), Black in Kenya, Black in Brazil, Purple in Peru and Spheradic Jew in Israel. Or not.

  • When will the nice people updating the spell checker at Firefox add the word Obama? It's flashing red all over the screen right now.

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Say it 5 times. Say it!

  • Don't tell Obama - but green is a popular color in Haifa, Israel as well as Kfar Saba. I guess he didn't want to offend Israelis out of Haifa.

  • Beitar Jerusalem will apperantly still remain united, regardless of Obama.

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Now aloud please.

  • Don't belittle bumblebees bombing benign blue bananas. HA! No Obama!

  • If you can read Hebrew, check out Debbie Schlussel's new bumper sticker. Now think about putting it on your car in English and imagine how long it will last unscratched. (check it out even if you can't read Hebrew)

  • I doubt Haaretz would approve. Obama supporters should notice they have that part of the media in Israel in their pockets. As if it matters...

  • Obama - will you really protect us from the rising oceans?

  • Obama bemoaned my omega bumblebee. Gotcha!

  • Are you ready for the Obama presidency?

  • So - did he have a Shawarma while meeting Peres or Abbas? (doubt it, his loss)

Oh yea, and this:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bourdain in Saudi Arabia

I have mixed feelings about this post. I used to enjoy Bourdain's show on travel channel. The first episode I saw was when he was in Lebanon during the 2006 war. I enjoyed that episode a lot because it refrained from taking a side. It was more like - "here's Lebanon, I don't get it - it's not really Paris of the Middle East as far as I can tell. Oh good Humus". (not actual quote - just the impression I got) In that episode Bourdain and his crew were evicted by US troops on the shores of Lebanon while the war raged on.

Anthony Bourdain usually narrates his show with snickering remarks about the people he visits, remarks he dares not to say to their faces only to finish it all up with a romantic view from a far which usually in some way compares western culture to where he's at and asks - are we any better?

At some point I stopped watching. Something ticked me off and I don't really remember what it was. There's something about his smugness that got to me. Yesterday I took the chance again... and reading from the title you already know where he went this time.

Anthony-Bordain-Blog: Wrong Again!

While searching red-lasso for the video I realized they only carry food network, not travel channel, so if you're really patient - read his blog. As the nice folks at the travel channel site want us to know; He's a Chef, world traveler and best-selling author.

I recommend viewing that show - just to hear him say something like: "It's not like what they say about Saudis in the news isn't correct, it is. It's just that there's another story to tell." (not exact quote) Also a recommended highlight - Bourdain's frightened and embarrassed face as everyone around him goes to pray and he just sits there. By the way, if the Saudis funded this show to improve their reputation - I doubt it achieved that goal despite several affectionate remarks by Bourdain.

Personally - even if I could go visit there I wouldn't. I wouldn't visit a place which prohibits all other religion except it's own. I wouldn't visit a place which keeps separate roads for infidels. I can't be fooled regarding how modern it is when women aren't allowed to travel by air alone or to get their own passport or drive cars or converse with strangers without a male family member present. It's just not all smiles and great food in a place that teaches 3 year old toddlers that Jews are monkeys and apes and ought to be murdered. For me, there is no other story to tell until any of these horrible facts change.

I say: Watch this show - it's a must and one of Anthony Bourdain's best.

It always puzzles me - how CNN chooses to caption their reporting of terror attacks

Here you go - let's completely hide the details of a terror attack by discussing something somewhat irrelevant in the title:
Attacker killed near Obama's Jerusalem hotel

Notice how the title changes from CNN's main page to the article itself: "Attack injures 5 near Obama's Jerusalem hotel".

What? 5? updated 10 minutes ago?

CNN isn't even trying to provide their readers with up to date coverage, not to mention a fair one.
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The driver of a backhoe was shot and killed after driving the construction machine over a number of vehicles near the Jerusalem hotel where Sen. Barack Obama is scheduled to stay Tuesday night, according to police.
Israeli security forces secure the site of a backhoe attack Tuesday in downtown Jerusalem.

Israeli security forces secure the site of a backhoe attack Tuesday in downtown Jerusalem.

Israeli police identified the driver as a 22-year-old Palestinian from east Jerusalem, who has a criminal record.

The construction vehicle struck several other vehicles, including a No. 13 city bus, before an Israeli border policeman and a civilian shot and killed the driver, an Israeli government statement said.

What a sterile reporting, no mention of victims, no mention of nationality and religion - just vehicles hurt... WOW! First paragraph focuses on the terrorist as being a victim who was shot dead. From the way it was written one could deduct it was just an accident and the "driver" (not Muslim Terrorist) - was shot dead without reason.

Yea, I'm being unfair - 3 paragraphs from the top (immediately following previous quote) - they mention this:
One person was "moderately to seriously wounded," and four others sustained minor injuries in Tuesday's attack, the statement said, citing Jerusalem's police chief.

Well... wrong - so many other reporting agencies report different details. Why would CNN choose to downplay the victims of this attack?

FYI, JPost: Sixteen wounded in copycat bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.

Until Israeli government start doing something - vigilantee executions by citizens will continued

If you are not bothered by the wild west atmosphere in Jerusalem you should be. Don't misunderstand me - I do not blame the citizens who stopped the horror on today's tractor mass murder attempt nor the last one. I do remember how the Israeli left was all up in arms when security officials murdered the 300 bus line terrorists in the 80-s. How the self-righteous have gone so silent.

I have a feeling that this situation resembles a westerner more than a modern society governed by laws. This is what happens when law enforcement, security agencies and the judicial systems fail to act in the face of the mounting surge of Arab murderous violence. This is what happens when citizens view terrorists who have murdered and will murder again go free in exchange for bodies.

It is sickening to listen to political jabber with no teeth. How about instead of "threatening to level homes" of dead terrorists - you do something. How about instead of threatening to stop paying salaries to escaped former MP spy Bishara - you do something. How about instead of warning of the strengthening terror regime in Gaza and the serious danger posing the communities around Gaza - you do something?

The result of inaction is vigilant action. While I support the death penalty and without a wink will not condemn the heroes who put a bullet to today's Arab Muslim Terrorist - I find it disturbing that it is left for the citizens to defend themselves.

What kind of a system spends a year building a case and military action to apprehend a top terrorist monster like Baraghooty only to negotiate his release? What about the lives sacrificed to protect Jews from monsters like him? What about the lives he took? Death penalty now - before it is too late. I believe in the governance of the law, in fair trial, and a proper sentence which cannot be overruled by terrorists' extortion.

What other terrorist Muslim murderers receive conjugal visits as prize for their butchery of Jews these days?

Like Merkaz Harav, today and the other Tractor butcheries - in all cases the terrorist was shot dead even though it might have been possible to apprehend him in a medium injury stage. While I do not wish life for these scumbags - I think that extracting intelligence from them is vital and that opportunity was lost again today. People - stop aiming for the head. Shoulders, knees and toes please... For the sake of preventing the next Muslim Jihadi.

Go ahead and check out Elder of Ziyon's post regarding the immediate reactions in the Pal-Arab agencies. Regarding the scripted "condemnation" from Abbas, Elder says this:
I have never yet heard any Palestinian Arab leader condemn a terror attack against Israel on moral grounds. It is always because the attacks make them look bad or appear counterproductive to their cause, never because human beings were killed or injured.

And I 100% agree. That statement sums it up for me.

Realistic pessimism continues to prevail.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it legitemate for blogger to host a terror supporting blog?

While internet service provider and web-hosting companies refuse to allow Jihadists to use their services, then comes this kind of content:
Cache from google search to a Jihadi blog on Blogger

Thanks Google for making this world a safer place for Jihadists.

Stuff I didn't care to know - still poking the painful wounds of releasing Kuntar the monster

I really didn't know that Kuntar the monster was allowed to marry and had conjugal visits. I found a note about it at today's Soccer Dad's post - so I googled and here it is, from a May 28 article at JPost:
Kuntar got married while in prison and he receives conjugal visits from his wife.

One would assume that a dangerous murderer like that would not get such astonishing privileges. What did Azzam Azzam get in Egypt? What did any abducted soldier get in Lebanon and Gaza besides a bullet to the head and mutilating his body?

Even in comparison to how Israeli POW-s were treated while being real prisoners of war (and not just hostages) in Egypt and Syria - they were horribly tortured and bared mental scars for life.

This particular monster has married a wife in Israeli prison whom he was allowed to F@@@!!!!!!

If keyboards could scream.

A bullet to the head 30 years ago would have prevented years of perverted justice. Israelis should start demanding the death penalty to terrorists.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Answers to Omaimy

I've read Omaimy's comment and I do appreciate it (here, comment#15). Especially this part:
I pray to Allah that your family and friends in Israel are safe from all of this bombing and hatred. I feel sorry that they have to live through such things, but I'm not sorry just for them. I am sorry for every single person in the world who has to go through pain because of a bunch of muslims who misinterpret Islam-and that includes innocent muslims! This is from the bottom of my heart. (Awwwwwwww...right?)

No, it really is from the bottom of my heart!

Since you asked some question, I'll try to answer in order:
I understand why people may be alarmed-okay not really. It's a free country, isn't it?

Have you read the second part of that post? Wear whatever you want, who's preventing you by debating it? You might have not gotten the point though. Would you chose to wear something if you'd known it would offend regardless if you believe it should offend? I make the distinction between wearing it as a tradition and as a fashion statement. Aren't we beyond the debate of whether or not it's a scarf?
There are totally crazy muslims out there, who do stupid, ignorant, and crazy stuff. But your blog only shows ONE SIDE OF THE COIN.

As a personal blog, it's my choice what to address, and what to express my outrage about. It's really not my fault that it is very hard to find the supposedly other side of the coin. I did not create the reality of conflicts all around the world where Muslims are involved.

There are truly sickening events happening on a daily basis which are not "attributed" to Islam but immanent from it, as Jihad Watch, Weasel Zippers and "the religion of peace" sites expose. It should be magnified and exposed so that it could be denounced. Failure to denounce it is what breeds it further.
I am not oppressed. I don't believe in terrorism AT ALL. I haven't even met a muslim terrorist, in my life! Although, of course, I'm not denying the fact that there are terrorists in the world. I've never hurt anyone outside my religion. I have never been taught to hurt anyone outside my religion. I don't want to kill you. I just though I'd let you know that.

I'm Pakistani. I have many Arab friends. And so far, they haven't tried to blow up anyone.

Have you never met a Muslim proclaiming anything resembling supremacism? Expressing anti-western or anti-jewish hatred? Impressive indeed. For that matter - no one wishing Sharia to rule this country (USA)? Not even one? How about sharing temple mount in Jerusalem - all pacifism? I'm glad for your community - do you think it represents all other Muslim communities across the US?
Another thing that I find annoying in your website is that, to me (and correct me if I'm wrong), you're making generalizations about muslims. "Muslims bleive in this..." "The Quran says this.."

Oh boy. You're wrong. First of all - I don't proclaim anything about what the Quran says - I link to others. And it's not generalizing if it is the undeniable truth. Pointing out something central to a religion's is not generalizing on it's followers.
Excuse me? How many Muslims have you met and talked to in your life? Huh? How many Islamic Centers and Mosques have you visited? Huh? You could give me any number, but I am sure that you haven't met ALL of the muslims in the world, and gone to ALL of the mosques and islamic centers in the world. How could you assume that muslims are like this, and that?

Met many actually... some worked with... some befriended, thanks for asking. I don't visit mosques - as I'm not a Muslim. Does that prove any point though? Even if not "all" Muslims believe and practice fundamentalism and are Jihadists, it does not mean we should ignore those who do. The only remedy to how offended you are by how I perceive your coreligionists is to fix how other Muslims behave, not how we read the undeniable facts.

I assume you refer to the undercover NY post.

My assumptions are mine to make - until something proves them otherwise. My perception of reality is the reality that surrounds me and I choose not to shelter my self from items which might shatter that point of view. Not assuming someone is indeed peaceful because many who surround him are not, is what allows me to first ask and expect a sincere answer. Nothing has yet to show me that Islam is peaceful, to the contrary.
Do you talk to muslims in wherever you live? Do you ask them questions about their beliefs? Or do you just listen to what channels like FOX news spoonfeed people?

You are mistaken to assume that of FoxNews and are in fact prejudiced against them as it has been shown once and once again that they do shill for Muslims as was the case in the French Intifada. Check out my posts regarding Bill O'Reilly and CAIR. I would rather not talk to my immediate neighboring Muslim community who are directly connected to Hezbollah. Google "La Shish" for further details.

While under the feeling of repeating my self:
  1. Thank you for reading through the site and I hope you did understanding that it is not about senseless hate to Muslims. I'm very tolerant to individuals and I don't blame any one person for what his entire family might have done. I expect a decent human being to denounce murderous hatred.
  2. I have met many Muslims and had friends. I have met many haters too - some who also pretend to sugar coat their true feelings only to achieve some points.
  3. I can see that what you write is genuine - and I encourage you to denounce violence often and vocally - there's no shame to that.
  4. At 2000 - when the "second Intifada" started I asked my Arab friend whom I've worked with for years what was called from from mosques at his town - was it hatred? Was it incitement to violence - and it was. I asked why no Arab goes out protesting the Muslim on Jewish violence and he replied - what do you expect we do? We Arab Muslim are one nation, we can't go against each other.
  5. I constructed my view on Islam and Muslims through my journey in this life - not just by viewing FoxNews. You or anyone else might deny what Islam says - but there are enough members of that religion who invoke it to call for my death. As I have been in close enough proximity to them almost achieving that goal - my view of Islam and Muslims is shaped by it.

You finish:
Don't Be A Hater!

Not a hater - just realistically pessimistic.

Did a Fark.com commentator just threaten to kill me?

Again, at fark's comments

simian04 2008-07-17 09:06:00 PM
Ok, shoot all the cry-babies making all this noise over farking SCARVES. Problem solved.

Now they'll start the name calling again to point out that I can't take a "joke". Hey - let's shoot someone - ha ha ha.

That site is a disinformation swarm redirection channel. It distorts the target content only to achieve maximum clicks and hotheadedness.

Just when the swarm of clickers to this site somewhat subsided - that's what I find. LGF - a site getting much better normal traffic is experiencing something similar today too. I haven't checked for death threats to Charles over at Fark yet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cult of death mutilated Israeli soldiers bodies

While yesterday rumors where flying around as to whether or not the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers were dead or not - and were they murdered in captivity, I chose to accept the Israeli intelligence assessment (as mentioned in Ronen Bergman's book a year a ago) that they died before taken hostage. I chose to steer clear from those accepting rumors as news and condemned Jesse Jackson for being a source of said rumors. Now comes this:

israelmatzav:Hezbullah mutilated Goldwasser's and Regev's bodies

Since the horse's asses to the north did not do this at prior exchange - I wonder out loud, what evidence did they try to conceal by mutilating the bodies?

Will there be any consequences if it could be proven that Hezbollah murdered Israeli POW?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caption this: Murderers SOB-s sing karaoke

Murderers SOB-s sing karaoke. Actually I have no idea what they are doing - but apparently they are still alive. Clock is still ticking.

Other possible "caption this" options:
  • Moments after wiping each other's sperm
  • That scarf used to be white
  • Israeli dentistry going to waste

  • I spy... a fly

  • You really shouldn't have pulled my finger. Oh - it's my usual odor.

  • It's so embarrassing, my goat ate my speech. Can you say something for me?

  • Candid camera - You're still in prison, smile.

  • Pride in Lebanon, wearing dresses

  • Fark.com commentator just called the guy in the middle a neo-con

  • Come join me in the hole I've been hiding in for the last two years

  • Two more wars and we'll free every child murderer and goat rapist in the world

  • I'm singing in a rain of shit

  • No seriously - you are so good looking. No - you are. No - your goat is.

Here's a picture too easy to caption - from Israellycool:

Fark.com broke the spindle – boy bands aren’t very damned after all…

Click on the image for more photos
For a site that gets about a 100 clicks a day, crossing the 1000 gets noticed. This site usually gets very little traffic, so I’m not used to getting every nut job on the net free lancing a couple of “you’re dumb” comments at my direction. Unsurprisingly, I guess, pop culture attracts a lot more traffic than “just” politics. I honestly could care less about a boy band. Their religion is really not of my concern either. I linked to someone else’s post, and mentioned that I disapprove of keffiyas being pushed as an acceptable fashion for the masses.

Was it a keffiya? Maybe not, but perhaps fark readers should ask themselves why are they attracted to reading about it? Yea, I know the answer – Jonas Brothers are pop stars. I stumbled into something explosive, pop and politics. For the record, I didn’t push it onto “fark”, and certainly didn’t label myself “neo-con”.

Some comments are focused on “witch hunts”, and “obsession”. Gee… one post. I’m really not focused on that as you can see that since that post, I moved on. I came back only after noticing what’s happening around it – on Fark’s comments and here.

Now to the keffiya point – I’m not going to argue in favor or against it. For some it might not be understood how a garment can be offensive, so google it and read Debbie Schlussel’s or Michel Malkin’s point of view on the subject. It should be disturbing to you if something that is offensive to many becomes very popular and those who wear it are simply clueless as to why.

I will not and would not call a person a supporter of terrorism just because he wore something, especially not when he doesn’t know what it means. I will never fault an Arab for wearing what is obviously rooted in his culture and means a lot more to him than what it has turned out to symbolize in the latest few decades. But try to grasp this point; making a kefiye a popular and acceptable western attire is disturbing to many. If you don’t respect their opinion – at least acknowledge their sensitivity.

What compels a person to muster all his intellectual powers and post a comment such as this:
NEOCON(vict)S please shut up, no one respects you... period.

Age? Tinfoil antennas?

Israeli Foreign Minister Office threatens the Arab World in Arabic over Youtube

First, the source to this post is Ynet's article in Hebrew.

Second, the video - in Arabic, so unless you understand it - skip to the 3rd generation translation from Hebrew at the bottom. I do encourage spreading this over the web - because basically it is what I said before, as painful as this day is, people should understand the true meaning of the war in 2006 - Israel will COLLECT BLOOD PAYMENT FOR FURTHER ABDUCTION ATTEMPTS!

Here's some translation to English for the YNet article:
In the video:

"...We are talking about a murderer of children which Hezbollah is welcoming with cheers and parades. This is the savage murderer that these extremest see as a hero. Hezbollah is an extremest terror organization working under Iranian patronage. Hezbollah is proud of murdering people at cold blood.


Deer viewers, only one final word. If Hezbollah tries another abduction the Israeli response will be harsher than July of 2006."

Official statement:

We are done waiting for interviews in Arab broadcasting stations. The intent is to create a dialog through the comments mechanism in the site. This is the first of many videos in which we emphasized the cinical usage Hezbollah did around the sorrow of the families. Their barbarism and Kuntar's barbarism.


We are delivering only one message: Samir Kuntar is a despicable children murderer and they view that as a Hero.

I don't care much for public relations. This is a horrible day and most would agree so. The deal is not well approved amongst many in the western world including Jews in Israel, in diaspora and many friends of the Jewish people.

I hope they understand the ramification of allowing non-scrutinized comments section on a public website like YouTube. It's just a magnet for hate speech as I see it.

Stop accepting Hezbollah propaganda at face value! There was no defeat, there was no "glorious victory"

For some reason - simply because the news is depressing and hard to bare, simply because the nature of the horse's asses to the north of Israel, many accept today's shameful "deal" as an actual "victory" of the fecal heads on the Lebanese podiums, and a "defeat" of Israel as a whole.


It is the Arab's own stupidity to accept such a death toll only to release a monster. May they enjoy many more such "victories". The candies they hand out to their children today are as sour as can be and they know it. Their leaders have revealed nothing more than how cowardly they are to bow to Iran's wishes and terrorists whim. Lebanon did not only loose - they continue to loose by not rebelling against the Iranians who took their country hostage.

Israel did not win - but Israel did respond in 2006. And that's an important point. Regardless of the terror trolls next move, Israel has made sure it is understood there's a price. If anything, there needs to an ongoing commitment to punish any further such attempts. It is not a "defeat" - however wrong the deal was.

It is hard not to get hot headed and wish for a bullet in Kuntar's head, or an Aids injection at the very least - but it does seem that Israeli civilians have already got the message as to what to do with captured terrorists - shoot them on site. This is exactly what happened with the very latest "tractor terror" attack in Jerusalem. Vigilant justice in the face of governmental injustice.

Left wing politicians in Israel find this day as a proper opportunity to opine that holding terrorists captive is what causes further abduction attempts. While that statement is not wrong, it's the intention of their words that is. They would like Israel to not punish terrorist, while I suggest a different solution, enact a death penalty. There's no reason not to - and every reason to do so. It will end civilian vigilant actions and will prevent future abduction in an attempt to free terrorist.

In the case of Kuntar, a young free monster terrorist, it would prevent such animals from reproducing and possibly gaining political power. It's still not too late to fire some missiles from a chopper to end this travesty!

I've been told that not all Lebanese celebrate Kuntar's release and some view him as a disgrace to Lebanon. I hope they survive to say it again and again - given the latest events, the capitulation of their politicians - I doubt that.

Keffiyeh pushed through our kids throat - Jonas Brothers be damned!

Very Important Update
I fell for a hoaxer. A loathsome ass-wipe, and got the scorn of the idiotic nut jobs coming at me for it too.

Here's my catharsis: regarding anything that has to do with "Eisenstadt"
Here's where the assholes behind the hoax finally come clean: NYTimes.
I fell for a setup on a day when I was just saddened by Israel's actions of releasing a child murderer in exchange for bodies of POW-s shot dead in captivity.

It still doesn't excuse the mayhem and the death threats coming from fark.com users.
Scroll down and find more links to other posts I wrote regarding this particular non-issue which blew over on fark.com.

Original idiotic mess:
As reported by Martin Eisenstadt:

Jonas Brothers terrorists? The keffiyeh conspiracy…

For anyone over the age of 16 or younger than 3, you may not be aware that the biggest influence on the youth of today are the squeaky-clean Disney-manufactured boy band, the Jonas Brothers. Yes, they’re cute, but why is it that even in the wake of the recent Rachael Ray controversy, Disney is still parading the boys out proudly wearing keffiyehs?

Read it all and spread it across the web. Especially on a day as sad as today - I see no tolerance towards accepting terrorist chick fashion. This has to end!

BTW, is it chic to dress up like a chick?
Don't fault me if you don't understand sarcasm.

Continued reluctantly here

And even if it isn't a kaffiye - would you really be happy if your kid would wear a kaffiye as a fashion statement? Please check out "The Leftist-Islamist Alliance in Pictures" by Daniel Pipes.

Before you get all hot headed and decide you are offended, take notice of the difference between what I wrote - and what the site that referred you here wrote. And if you're still confused, click on Continued reluctantly here.

Comments are moderated, foul language and derogatory statements will be rejected.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Society of monstrous joyous child butchers to celebrate release of famed murderer

I really don't want to spend too many words to express my opinion of the recent "exchange" between Israel and the horse's asses to the north.

Carl in Jerusalem posted today an important recollection of Arab murderous society and other quite recent acts of brutal butcheries unleashed on children because they are Jewish:

Israel Matzav: Joy over Kuntar's release shows evil of Arab society

He references JPost editorial where this is what the mother of the child murdered by Kuntar has to say:
"I will never forget the joy and the hatred in their voices as they swaggered about hunting for us, firing their guns and throwing grenades," she wrote in an article for The Washington Post. "I emphasized the joy and hatred in their voices for a reason.

"It is hard for anyone with normal sensibilities to comprehend how someone can feel joy and hatred while smashing in the head of a four-year-old child. What kind of pathology can cause a society to celebrate such evil?"

Go ahead and read his entire article where he references the recent murder of the 4 year old Danielle Shefi.

I would add to that some other cases from recent years - the murders at Kibutz Metzer and the heroes funeral at Hebron to the murderer, for example.

The basis of Carl's post is:
A recent statement issued by Saniora's office said he shared with the Lebanese people the joy of the upcoming release of prisoners by Israel, including that of Kuntar.

And he concludes:
Little Einat Haran was brutally murdered. Unfortunately, she is not the only Jewish child to be so murdered, and Samir al-Kuntar is not the only child murderer to be celebrated by 'Palestinian' and Arab 'culture.' The Arab 'culture' of blood is brutal, bloody and despicable. It is the same 'culture' that produces 'honor killings' and child marriages. Until the West recognizes it for what it is and stops treating it with multi-culti kid gloves, we will never be able to deal with it.

As for the supposedly 'moderate' Fouad Saniora, with whom I once thought we could reach an accommodation, I won't cry if the next time Hezbullah rampages through Beirut, someone puts a bullet in his head. Einat Haran deserves to be avenged.

Indeed. What can you expect though? They did surrender to Hezboallah and are now "hailing the unity cabinet 'for all of Lebanon'".

By identifying with butchers of little children - Arabs have defined themselves well as evil creatures. True spawns of the underworld.

It is curious though - how twisted their minds are to view this "achievement" as victory and a defeat to Israel. They suffered massive human loss for the price of a murderer of children. It's not just the exchange - it's the sum of bodies piled during the war that should be calculated into the price Lebanon paid for a single monster in Israeli prison. Of course - who does math in the land of horses' asses. Blood, blood and more blood is what they live and breath.

Perhaps Israel ought to enact the death sentence on monster like Kuntar - that would sure prevent the next abduction/war - since there will be no monster to release through the destruction of Lebanon.

Shias are stupid! They support their mini-Hitler Nasrallah while dreaming of world domination - all the while still whining about being perpetual victims. There's one thing I have no doubt about - he will lead them to more such "victories" at the bloody cost of their children's lives, as well as their property. For Iran - it's more than conceivable to leave Lebanon as a scorched earth.
Updates 7/16
  1. Were the soldiers murdered in captivity? they were if you believe Jesse Jackson's words of finding out they were alive at 2006. That's all the "proof" that exists to that rumor, and while it is only a rumor I take this opportunity in condemning Jesse Jackson for giving the rumor wings.
  2. Israel's "peaceful terrorist" partner in peace - Abbas - congratulates monster children murderer on his release.
  3. There's not one Arab outlet describing Kuntar as anything but a hero!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Unprecedented Civil Suit Against American Express Bank in New York Court By Victims of Hizbollah Terror

MarketWatch.com: 85 Victims of Hizbollah Terrorist Rocket Attacks File Unprecedented Civil Suit Against American Express Bank in New York Court

NEW YORK, July 14, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Eighty five American, Israeli and Canadian victims of Hizbollah terror attacks have filed an historic civil action in the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan against American Express Bank Ltd. ("AMEX Bank") and the Lebanese-Canadian Bank SAL ("LCB"). The suit, Licci v. American Express Bank, requests $650 million in compensatory damages and an unspecified sum of punitive damages.

Amex Bank, headquartered in New York, serves as one of LCB's correspondent banks the United States, and in that capacity processes LCB's dollar transactions. LCB's main office is in Beirut, and it has branches throughout Lebanon and a branch in Canada.

Read the rest...

Here's how the article ends:
According to attorney Tolchin: "There will be more suits to come against Lebanese banks and their U.S. correspondents."

I doubt that's the kind of news AMEX shareholders like to hear at this particular moment in time.

BBC gone bonkers - depicts "radical Christians" beheading "moderate Muslims"

Daily mail reports:
BBC Bonekickers drama blasted for showing images of a Muslim being beheaded
A BBC drama has triggered a barrage of complaints after it showed gruesome images of a Muslim being beheaded.

Bonekickers, about a group of archeological sleuths, depicted an extremist Christian decapitating a man with a sword.

The bloody scene has prompted 100 complaints since it was broadcast on BBC1 on Tuesday evening.
The BBC drama Bonekickers has upset many viewers after showing a mulim beheaded by an extremist Christian

Yesterday the corporation admitted 'regret' that viewers had found the scene 'inappropriate', but defended its decision to show it.

Some viewers were taken aback when former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls was seen in the drama hacking off a moderate Muslim's head in an unprovoked attack.

He plays a member of the fictional White Wings Alliance, a group of far-Right evangelical Christians inspired by the Crusades.

The show, watched 6.8million, also sparked new claims of anti-Christian bias in BBC programmes.

One viewer wrote on the corporation's website: 'If it had been another religion portrayed in that manner, the PC police would have been up in arms about the nastiness and their rights not to have their religion ridiculed - as it was Christians, it was apparently OK.'

H/T Weasel Zipper's post on his new United Kaliphate Watch.

In the bizzaro world of Britian today - Christians are viewed as the radicals hacking off poor innocent Muslims. BBC follows a special set of rules - always portray Muslims as victims and Christians as aggressive murderous lunatics. What exactly are they trying to achieve? I would say that the only groups who fall for that kind of crap are radical Muslims or radical lefty multi-culturistas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too funny to ignore...

Iranian fauxtography is yesterday's news, but this mock up was too funny to ignore. Most of you have probably already seen this because it was linked to from LGF. I just found this one to be particularly hilarious:

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Google pushes Dialy Kos content on default iGoogle pages

I guess that to many it's no suprise, but to me it was. I was trying out google's igoogle and by default got a page called "Politics". Here are the default feeds:

  • NPR Topics: Politics & Society
  • Daily Kos
  • MSNBC.com: Politics
  • Democracy Now!
  • NPR Topics: Politics (Twice! WTF?!)
  • washingtonost.com - politics
  • Drudge Report
  • Yahoo! News: Politics News
  • CNN.com - Politics

Thanks Google, but no thanks - who exactly decides on "default content" for users there?

Their default humor page contains "The Chimp-o-Matic" which includes an icon of George Bush - looking like he's making a monkey face. Then there are the "Daily Show Videos" and Dilbert (from the mind of an antisemite, and Ahmedinajad cheerleader - moonbat).

Keep'em coming Google - just as long as you keep us in suspense as to who you're biased towards.

Obama's running out of rants?

It's embarrassing when Europeans come over here they all speak English they speak French they speak German and when we go over to Europe all we can say is merci beaucoup.

I'll tell you what's embarrassing - that the democratic candidate has nothing more to say and starts making up silly things. Even the crowd is hesitant with their response and are irritably chuckling. Obama gets the feedback from the crowd and almost bursts out laughing as if to say - just kidding -whaaaat?!

Well - he wasn't kidding. His statement was just another in the line of elitist nonsense he nonchalantly spouts. He really does view American tourists as dumb hicks - who cannot conjure a sentence. Is he not aware of the fact that second languages are taught at schools? That third languages are almost always a requirement at colleges? Does he think that high school drop outs are the regular tourist to his shiny example of "correctness" - Germany and France?

So while I cling to my religion and gun - and barely pronounce "Merci", I would like to tell Obama that the planet his America sits on - is not even parallel to mine... After hearing such nonsense from him I am reminded of how his wife is only now proud of America - now that her multilingual husband (English and elitist nonsense) is a candidate - and I'm not sure he is proud of America for anything. Only when Americans will speak french will he be proud?

Here's something I auto translated with google to French - a message to the proud German and French speaking democrat candidate:
Obama, comment peut-on dire - oups - oublier que je dis?

I suppose it can easily be auto translated back....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama Shawarma Store - the silliest thing I ever saw

Obama Shawarma Store - the silliest thing I ever saw:

I'm not making a dime on this - it's not my product at cafepress.com.

I do get a nickle and a dime if you click here:

Monday, July 07, 2008

Undercover city detective finds hints of danger among mosques

Daily News/NY Crime: Undercover city detective finds hints of danger among mosques
I first encountered this article on Jihad Watch, but I have my own comments on the subject. First - the title:

Hints?! within the article it says:
He reported that after prayers at a neighborhood mosque, there were often private classes that included discussions about bombing different areas.

That's not a Hint!!! That's a god damn plot! Which mosques?! We can now assume it is any local mosque anywhere in the USA. Has anyone shut them down and jailed their officials?!

More troubling is that it's an undercover NY cop - not the FBI. Who exactly is engaged in guarding this country? It is high time every mosque has it's own undercover agent, because as it is well apparent - the only question remaining is not which mosque is engaged in promoting terror, but which one isn't.

Second, while I'm not looking at a hard copy of the newspaper, having it listed on the website as "crime" gives me the feeling it is not front-page - rather a section devoted to crime. Let's leave the debate to whether or not Islamic Terror is just a matter of crime for another day though. (How about "National Security"?)

As the global war on terror approaches the start of its eighth year, the NYPD says it has never been more prepared - but also warns that the city can never let its guard down. In a two-part series, Daily News reporter Patrice O'Shaughnessy looks at the terror threat in New York - and around the world. Sunday's installment focuses on an NYPD undercover officer who dug deep into the potential terrorists in our midst.

A young undercover city detective spent four years in the shadowy world of terrorist wanna-bes - taking part in jihadist discussions and training in parks in the dead of night - to get a handle on the homegrown threat.

At great personal risk, he participated in everything from prayers at a mosque to martial arts training under cover of darkness to watching jihadist videos, with many of the activities laced with talk of killing, according to a source familiar with the undercover's investigations.

His experiences paint a vivid portrait of the potential for local terror. While the picture is in no way indicative of the city's Muslim population as a whole, it provides insight into its most radical element.

Are you kidding me? Talk about contradictions. How is this not indicative?
The detective spent his time interacting with informal groups of youths and men who shared extremist views - and his experiences illustrate what police say is the potential for radicalization of some elements in the community.

He reported that after prayers at a neighborhood mosque, there were often private classes that included discussions about bombing different areas.

I already quoted this above, but it's worth reading again and again. Classes? That means the Imams (who are probably Wahabi agents from the Saudi government) are enticing members of the community to commit murder against fellow Americans!
The men discussed violent jihad in bookstores, private houses and on buses en route to paintball and shooting-range events.

He was invited to join in "bonding" activities like working out at a gym and martial arts training in parks at night, during which the group discussed ideological justifications for killing Westerners.

He also watched military movies and jihadist videos with groups of young men in private homes. During one such evening, one man got so excited he punched a wall.

The detective reported that some youths became extremists after they traveled to their home countries; others went on the hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca - and came back fired up by imams who encouraged violence as a religious obligation.

There they are - the Saudis again... a friendly nation? To whom? Perhaps all travel back and forth by non-diplomats aught to be prohibited?

Just how many "youths" were "radicalized" here? I would very much appreciate to know a number. How many are not "radicalized" - just listen to hate speech week after week and keep silence with utter indifference to the dangers posed to their non Muslim neighbors.

Others, after visiting relatives abroad, became enraged at their family's living conditions and blamed the U.S. for supporting nondemocratic governments.

That't right... they want to blow up infidels because their families are poor. Nothing to do with the hateful ideology they consume. It's always America's fault that Arab countries are retarded. (Not just third world dumps - retarded - there I said it).
Although the youths talked about ways to attack the U.S., they lacked a strong leader who could help them follow through on a plan, the detective reported.

The undercover, a Muslim who came to America from Bangladesh when he was 7, gave only a glimpse of his work as an undercover when he testified during the trial of the Herald Square bomb plotters, the only known New York City homegrown plot to reach the jihadization stage.

The groups the detective interacted with resemble the "bunches of guys" that Marc Sageman, a noted terrorism authority and new scholar-in-residence at the NYPD, says are the real concern. His position has stirred a debate among security analysts.

While some experts contend the chief threat is Al Qaeda, Sageman, author of "Leaderless Jihad," contends the threat comes more from radicalized individuals who meet and scheme in their neighborhoods and on the Internet.

I'll add this book to my wish-list... to read ASAP:

"We're still very much learning about our enemy," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. "Sageman will help us do that. He was with the CIA, a consultant to France and Spain. He's a heavyweight."

While the homegrown threat is real, "An attack from afar by Al Qaeda is always a possibility," Kelly emphasized.

Intelligence analysts for the department have compiled a report, "Radicalization in the West," that "conceptualized the whole notion of the homegrown threat," said David Cohen, deputy commissioner of intelligence. The Internet as training ground and recruitment tool for homegrown radicals is strong, Cohen said, but the number of jihadist Web sites - up from a dozen in 1998 to more than 5,000 now - has probably flattened out.

"Along with expanding computer investigations done by the cyber unit, we have expanded our human program," Cohen said, referring to traditional undercover detective work. The detective appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court two years ago as the final witness at the four-week trial of Shahawar Matin Siraj, 23, a Pakistani immigrant who was convicted of plotting to blow up the Herald Square subway station during the Republican National Convention in 2004.

The detective was not involved in that case, but testified that he had come across Siraj during his undercover work.

Testifying under the fake name of Kamil Pasha, he said he was taken from the Police Academy in October 2002 to be a "walking camera," eyes and ears, among Muslims. He interacted with groups in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the city.

The detective has been involved in "numerous" investigations for the intelligence division, part of a cadre of undercovers who act as listening posts.

"We don't target a group as a whole; we look for patterns of behavior, travel, training," Cohen said.

Too bad. You should. There's no reason not to target the Muslim community as they are the only logical suspect of "Islamic Terror". If someone told you he was assaulted by a man speaking nothing but dutch (true hypothetical here) - would you target any other community than the dutch for investigation?
The NYPD has studied attacks in Europe to enhance its understanding of the homegrown threat. For example, the July 7, 2005, London subway bombings that killed 52 people drove home the issue of plotting being done outside the target area. The attack plan was hatched in Leeds - more than 150 miles from London.

"We drew a 200-mile perimeter around the city, and we work with all the local police agencies from Maryland to Canada," Cohen said.

"We have our ear to the ground," Kelly said. "We are aware of the possibility of a threat to this city developing very close to home."

Again I'll ask - who is supposed to do these investigations? New Yorkers are damn lucky to have such figures in their NYPD who take actions and preempt the next home grown Jihadi attack. I'm not so sure the rest of the country is as prepared - and since this problem crosses the borders of NY state, it sounds like this should be handled by some federal agency.... but what do I know - right?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Flags in a flower pot

Flags in a flower pot

Two small American flags sit in a flower pot at the entrance to my home. Just a lovely picture I'm happy to share with you.

The gardening credit goes to my wife.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America

The beacon of liberty shines as bright as ever! Humanity looks up with hope to the world's first modern republic for and by the people.

I'm trying to watch on TV right now the history channel's "The Revolution", very interesting in my view.

Kind of sorry I missed out on the fireworks at the near by metro-park last Saturday. It was rainy and we were preoccupied with other unexpected events. Even Ford's lake event was canceled due to the weather.

I'm looking forward to flipping some burgers this evening...

The following pictures are from a battle reenactment at Kensington park I attended in 2006 with my family.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Al Dura hoax - reversal of tides!

The second page of the renowned french magazine "Le Figaro" has finally unveiled to the french public the stormy currents of criticism against France 2 and their role in inciting against Jews and Israel.

Here is a link to the french page online:
Intifada : cette vidéo
qui déchaîne les passions

Here's a google translate link:
Intifada: this video
qui déchaîne les passions which unleashed passions

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France calls the president an investigation into a report by France 2.

The small Palestinian never-ending dying in the arms of his father, at the Netzarim junction in Gaza. Bavure tragic military or anti-Israeli manipulation? The controversy over these images emblematic of the intifada is she one day his epilogue?

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif) keeps this morning a press conference. Its chairman, Richard Prasquier, intends to formally ask the head of state the creation of a commission of inquiry to know the truth about the 'affair' al-Dura. An approach which, a source close to Nicolas Sarkozy, has little chance of success, if only because the Court of Cassation is still before a court proceeding.

Finally the Crif is taking a stance and demanding Sarkozy take some actions. As reported before, high ranking CRIF members actually signed the petition to clear Charles Enderlin's name and post further restrictions on bloggers - unbelievable in my view.

I wish the French people will someday enjoy free press... in the meantime I will settle for some sort of an apology from France 2 and everyone who was involved in spreading the blood libel and then trying to cover it up.

There’s only one constant to the Middle East equation – Arabs are thirsty for Jewish blood

CNN USED THE WORD TERRORIST?! Why in quotes though?! They still doubt it was a terror attack? CNN are whitewashing whores!
Jerusalem bulldozer 'terrorist' kills 3 in rampage

What can drive a thirty something father of two to a rampage of murder against people simply because they’re Jewish? Here’s a hint – a culture and education system celebrating prior murderers of Jews, naming schools after massacre perpetrators and preachers on TV day and night inciting murder.

Iraq’s president had to apologize for having his picture taken while shaking Israel’s defense minister. There’s no one bashful about murdering Jews. It is a source of pride for a region deserving no sympathy.

Yet sympathy is abundant in the halls of UN – still funded mainly by western countries. The Arabs who invented and continue to perpetrate the majority of modern terrorism continue to enjoy a sympathetic world media coverage who openly whitewashes their deeds.

It is not the body count that matters in today’s horrific attempt to mass murder. Unlike suicide murders where in a split second carnage is inflicted yet the Muslim doing so never gets to observe his handy work – the Arab today, a father of two, observed his victims as he crushed them, he heard the screams yet he did not blink. He was on a mission from Allah – the same mission the rest of his fellow Arab Muslims are on – Jihad! Murder the Jews.

Today’s despicable act will not stop the flow of free money and foods to the hands of Arabs in the land of Israel under the PA or in Gaza. Nothing will stop the flow of support from the UN to these barbaric animals.

The same barbaric murderers who have butchered the Jewish community in Israel since 19th century continue to do so without a single moment of self reflection and why would they? Who in this plant of injustice ever holds them accountable?

There will never be peace with Muslim Arabs and all intermediate ceasefire deals achieve is providing rest for the Jihadists.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Real life Zohan, Unreal: IDF soldier out of ammo lifting terrorist to shield off grenade!

holgerawakens: Hamas 101: The IDF Is Your WORST Nightmare

WOW - the adrenalin rush that brave IDF officer must have gone through... rushing onto an armed terrorist only find out you are out of ammo. And then lifting the SOB in the air like he's superman. I bet he would have still be shaking right now - only I'm sure his as much as a superman in keeping his cool as he is in physical powers.