Sunday, July 30, 2006

The world - upside down

Israel is arm wrestled to surrender without conditions under the guise of "immidiate cease fire". Surrender not because it can't take the heat of war - but because the enemy can't.

Have you ever heard of anything more upside down?!

At least some from the Israeli government aren't apologizing but speaking truth to word. The idea: Express sorrow - yes, apologize? NO! The only side which ought to be blamed and pressed to surrender are the terroirsts and their government in Lebanon.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few very hard questions

1. Why did Israel not invade Lebanon on the first days of the war and taken care of the missile threat over its civilians?
2. Why did Bush change his mind the moment Blair said so - does it have anything to do with the distrust he places on Olmert?
3. Why are the French such close friends with Hezbollah? Chirac's friends are bent on murdering all the Jews...
4. If Lebanon sponsored terror and knew of the initial attack, then stood behind the kidnapping, complained they are the victim and that they are destroyed all the while a terror group who sits in the government bombs Israeli civilians deliberatly - How can they claim Victory?!
5. Why was Israel not given time or support by the rest of the world?!
6. Why are terror harboring civilians more precious to AP, AFP, CNN and Reueters as victims than kindergarten children who happen to be Jewish?
7. Why are Jews in the US asked to apologize to Muslims for their "humilation" and for the fact that they are seen by the general public as terrorists - when the a muslim shoots and murder Jewish women? (Foxnews 7/29/06 John Kasich - Heartland show)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Not just hiding behind civilians

The blood thristy Arabs terrorists aren't just hiding behind or blending as civilians. Jerusalem, yesterday, a cross dressing son of a whore (Ibn-Sharmuta in Arabic) pretnded to be a woman carrying a baby and then opened fire on Israeli check point soldiers.

After incidents like these "human rights" groups claim Israel is humiliating poor Palestinians and are just not nice to them at check points. How can Arab woman with babies not be suspected as terrorists?!

There's a story you won't read about at CNN and AFP

read here

I don't imagine Anderson Cooper 360 sending his coworkers running around interviewing Jewish children who were just a target of the Poor Palestinians. Those miserable destitute derelict Palestinians who are so despaired and have no choice but to BOMB A FREAKIN' KINDERGARTEN!

Don't expect an apology or concern from any Arab anywhere including CAIR or Abbas. Unlike the Israelis who apologize hurting civilians and clearly state that the civilians were not the target - the Arabs gloat about such barbarism as an attempt to murder children in their kindergarten.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Collecting news bits... grave conclusions

In frontpage today Robert Spencer of JihadWatch wrote about the special date the Iranians chose to respond to the nuclear offers. Basically, he analyzes what is clear to everyone who reads the rants of the lunatic Ahmedinajad: He plans to bomb Israel on the 21st of August. Then respond to the Europeans on 22nd with a big FU.

The Iranian moves are transperant. The current state of war Israel is at is their response to threats of sanctions given a day before the abductions. Nasralla's deputy (shall we name him Poop Jr. with fries?) claims today the current war would be "Israel's last war". I wonder what does this Iranian crony know about Iranian plans.

Israel has anounced today they will recruit 3 divisions slowly. Not to threaten or to invade but to be ready for what might be coming. Are we connecting the dots yet?

In my opionion, we are looking at a very difficult August/September. The real question is when the heck is the rest of the world going to jump in and defang Iran.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why Israel will win

Because it has no choice - losing a war means a second genocide. Losing a battle or two, losing soldiers life, is nothing compared to losing a war. Any price, however painful is acceptable. Backing down, compromising, postponing to the next round of fire, will only put more danger and more pain in the future.

Israel fights because it must. Why do the Muslim fight? Because they can.

Very odd article at DebkaFile claims Kofi is right

check it out, they say Israel DID bomb the UN post delibertly because the Chinese inteligence service was meddeling with the war. To tell the truth, I don't remeber when the Chinese did sign up for peace keeping in Lebanon? I do remember some urgent visits from asian leaders in Israel a few days before it all began (I think it was June).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When dumb-dumb and bam-bam speak

Two key villians in the story of the middle east have spoken. One chief bastard Nasralla keeps shooting his guns screaming bang bang. Mister Bam-Bam wants to bomb Tel Aviv. The childish idiot who was quoted talking like a bully, for example:"you don't know who you're messing with". Mister Mafia Bam Bam is a lunatic with a gun. Go ahead, shoot at Tel Aviv. BRING IT ON - wake up the lefties at the Israeli government and force them to send a full scale invasion to take over Beirut. Do it! - idiot!

Mister Dumb-Dumb Kofi-Kofi Ana -Ana Anan... what can be said on the man sitting on the throne of a body which oversaw the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers at 2001, have sat idle while people all around the world were dying. What can be said of mister Damn Dumb? You claim Israel deliberatly bombed your outpost?! You are not just a crazy antisemite, you are stupid. There are no words harsh enough to express what I think of Kofi Anan. Perhaps he really believes Israel wants to start a war with Austria, China, Finland and Canada. Yes Canada - one of the only three countries to express support for Israel.

You see - Israel has been plotting for 28 years to bomb Kofi's outpost. Housing them, taking care of them, not doing much when they PARTICIPATE in terror activities against Israel. Un-freakin'-believable. Kofi Dumb Dumb and Nasralla Bam-Bam are both welcomed guests at kiss-my-ass town.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The so called protectors of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Islam

There is a common theme to the terrorist groups and the Syrian government's behavior. They all claim to protect their people. The simple fact is that if they were not to attack and provoke, there would be no excuse of "protecting" - since Israel is not attacking peaceful neighbors. Oh - I forgot, reason and logic doesn't speak to the Arab brain.

But what about their aggression towards Jewish Israelis (They apologize when they murder Arabs)? Their aggression can be compared to the dumb kid in class who is harassing little kids, and then whines when their bigger brothers come to stop it. The Syrian army is pathetic and can be squashed in two weeks. Israeli or American tanks can rumble through the streets of Damascus with ease. The same is true for Hezbollah and Hamas – they have no way to stop the Israeli Army if the decision is made to REALLY put a stop to it (and not fight one terrorist here and there at leisure). If Israel had wished, it could have already taken over Gaza and Lebanon and placed them both under military civic control.

The truth is that this is what Iran wants. Iran wants to pull the Israeli Army blanket over the borders from eastern Syria to the Gaza border with Egypt – so that it can excuse the use of WMD-s against Israel. Israel has so far not fallen for those tricks.

My main point is of the idiocy of the Arabs. The claim to fame of “protectors” of Lebanon, or Gaza or whatever – is so false, that only the primitive back order brain of a barbarian can accept.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The devil wears a long beard

Chief bastard Nasralla apologizes for murdering Muslim children. Killing Jews – great, Muslims? Not so much. We know he is a Nazi islamofascist – but why does the rest of the world have a problem comprehending the simple truth? Maybe the world today has not yet shaken its shackles of anti-Semitism?

Monday, July 17, 2006

More wrong moves?

The world leaders, instead of putting pressure on Syria and Iran by sanctions, and possibly a military blockade, are contemplating puting Russian and French forces along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

I can only scream with fear that this is the sure formula to start a world war. Placing international forces against Israel while Israel is in war with terror groups can have no positive effect except placing Israel in a direct military conflict with France and Russia - Who is the Idiot that came up with this solution?!

Can you imagine? Israel will be forced into a cease fire with a terror group. The Russians and French are going to protect the terror activists - if not cooperate with them. On a whim, or an order by Iran - the terrorists will attack - forcing Israel to retaliate, puting Israel in war with Russia and France. This will no longer be a cold war - but the hottest one the world has ever seen. Russia was never in a direct military conflict with an ally of the US such as Israel. The consequences can be disastreas on a world wide scale.

Update: It seems idoacy knows no limits - Olmert thinks out loud, asking NATO to guard Hezbollah. Excuse me, I just swallowed a little bit of vomit.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Things can get worse

What the war criminal Nasralla knows when he threatens to murder hundreds of thousands on the bay of Haifa, is that such an assult can and should be considered the final red line, one after which the Israeli can and should respond with WMD-s against all of its immidiate enemies: Iran, Syria and Hizbollah.

Once you play extermination with your neighbors, remember you can annialate your own people as well. I guess there is nothing that deters suicidal fanatics - but the rest of the world should have known better - not let terrorists gain power like that.

I'm very pessimistic but when I said Israel might strike Syria - I did not mean WMD-s, the situation now can grow more horrible by the minute.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Did I mention already how much I hate the French?

Disproportional condemnation: Israel attacked infrastructure and terrorist targets. Every location targeted by Israel has been debated by a set of lawyers to verify it meets to most scrupulous international humanitarian law before attacking. Leaflets were sent to Lebanon civilians warning of possible danger – what has not been done to protect the civilians of Lebanon during this war? But Israel gets condemned. Curse you France.

No one has yet condemned the bombardment of Israeli civilians; the deliberate attempt to murder Jews. I did hear some faint condemnations of the abduction, but the Israeli civilians are fare game.

Every act of war, including war crimes is legitimate in European eyes against Israel all the while no act of war – although completely legal actions by actual international are condemned.

I condemn the French people for being smelly. Very smelly. I can smell your stench from here in Ann Arbor, MI – USA!

Smuggling kidnapped Israelies to Iran under the fog of war

Did everyone forget Gaza? Look here

Hamas is smuggling Gilad Shalit right now through Egypt to Iran. Apparently the Egyptian regime is very week and cannot impose its sovereignty...

Did Israel loose their deterrence?

Talking heads like debating the illusive deterrence that Israel has possessed over Arab nations. In my opinion those words are useless. There is no “deterrence” against people who care not for their children as much as they do for murdering Jews. There is no “deterrence” against those willing to commit suicide and take with them their entire nation – as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The only “deterrence” that can exist and I believe is still intact is against sovereign regimes wishing to maintain control over their countries. And for now – that leaves Israel with no one deterred but Syria.

Why is Iran not deterred? Because they are backed by Russia, China and France. France – who stands with Hezbollah – still keeps dirty contracts in the Middle East. The private pockets of French elite are still being padded by large bribes from the Iranians. I have no proof – but I have no reason to think otherwise. There can be no other reason for the French support of Hezbollah. (Except anti-Semitism, but haven’t they claimed their support for Israel with the French Festival in Tel Aviv?)

Iran has its back against the wall; it feels the burden of supplying for its poor civilians is too big. Therefore, the easy solution is to start a war. The more Iranians die – the better – as they see it, fewer mouths to feed. They are the embodiment of Nazism. They do not fear Israeli invasion and see the US as too weak at this point to take action. (Much like what Hitler thought when he started)


Iran SHOULD be deterred by the US. They are willfully blind to the reality only because they are religious fanatics who believe that when the world will be in chaos the Mahadi will return and install Shea Sharia on EVERYONE.

Yes disgusting French frogs – everyone includes your smelly butts.

A state of siege and a mental siege

While Israel is puting a de-facto siege on Lebanon and on Gaza - the UN, EU and Arab League are puting a mental siege on Israel. Only one nation is brave enough to sound a clear voice for justice, the United States alone stands with Israel's right to self defense.

The Arab terrorists rejoice in the knowledge of so many countries and people who support their struggle (to kill all the jews). To whom who have thought that blatent anti-semitism has disappeared with the defeat of the Nazis in the second world war, the reallity comes and slaps on the face. Europe stands with murdering Jews. It is an Arab's "right" to murder Jews. Funny - I have not read that right in the charter of UN, geneuva convention, or anywhere else except... the Quran.

All the while, million Israelis sit in shelters while showers of bombs fall on their heads. The Israeli civilians are targeted. The condemnations from all around the world echo in Israel and put a mental siege on a nation besieged for 60 years.

France deserves the most attention in this travesty. The French have invested money and time into correcting the relationship between the people in Israel and in France. They have orchastrated a festival in Tel Aviv just a few weeks ago. Let it be clear, many knew it was nothing but PR considering the mass exodus of Jews from France over the rising Jihad in France.

The stinky smelly frogs have not only embraced Jihadists as citizens, given them shelter, food and a lifelong wellfare system - they have capitulated to their antisemite desires and have sunken to a low beneath Saudi Arabia (which is possibly the most blatant anti-semite country in the world). France supports murderring Jews! Like Vishi in the 40-s, so do the Jickish in the 2000-s. Pay attention to the facts: Saudio Arabia Condemns Hizbollah and France condemns Israel.

Messed up!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israeli Channel One and Ynet-News confirm: Iranian missiles where launched and directed at the refinaries north of Haifa

In an attempt to cause a large scale explotion, one which has the potential of mass casualties, the Iranians fired 2 missiles from south lebanon. One hit close to the refinaries, and another hit Carmel mountain.

These missiles were not fired in retaliation, they were test shots - to calibrate the bigger missiles they plan for tommorrow.

The refinaries sit in the midst of a heavy populated bay. In case of a direct hit, residents of 6 towns are at risk. We are talking about the scale of 70 thousands casualties.

700,000 residents of Metro Haifa are now hostages of Terror

In response form the EU: Don't hurt poor Hamas and Hizbollah. They simply want to impose peace - the religion of peace

UpdateI guessed it - they guess so too.

How easy is the modus operandi for Hizbolla?

They don't care about Geneva converntions, bombing civilians or not - kidnapping, murder - or the reprecautions for their own native population. It is always the enemies fault as far as they are concerned.

I proclaim the European Union have gone below a level of simple Dhimmi, they used to be collaborators with Nazis, now they are blood thirsty vampires drinking Jewish blood is if it were juice. What the FI#$@ !? They renounce Israeli response to terror?! Forget having a back bone - their hatred for jews has emerged out of what used to be their fake posture as concerned civil rights angels.

If Haifa is hit by an Iranian missile, delivered by Syria to Hizbollah - who will be hit in return?

The fake discussion over bombing or not bombing Bairut is a diversion orchastrated by the axis against Israel. Let it be cleared - those are Iranian missiles, Beirut will be bombed in any case, but the real question is: Will IDF bomb Syria?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time for stating your goals

Stating you wish to have the kidnapped soldiers released is simply not enough. Threatning everyone with a war is nothing more than a dumb move. It is time to set clear goal for the military actions. The goals should look beyond the precious life of one or two soldiers and consider the fate of a nation.

It is time to call for operations which would disarm terror groups on the borders of Israel. If any one side chooses to attack Israelis, the government of that country should bare the guilt. The world should not accept idle words of the dummy prime minister of Lebanon wining "we didn't know".

The government of Lebanon has an army. The army of lebanon did not disarm the terror groups on the border with Israel, hence they must share the responsibility.

The Israelis goal should be:
a. Disarm Hizbolla
b. Have all Hizbolla operatives sit in jails in Israel and/or Lebanon
C. Have all Hamas leaders sit in jails in Israel and/or Syria

Whether or not the soldiers are released is simply not important in the long run and in the global perspective. The fact is that while terror groups are allowed to organize and plot, the current set of casualties and abductees would dwarf with regards to what is ahead.

If Lebanon wishes to aliviate the tention, they should focus on arresting and disarming the terror groups within.

I know I stated the goal of this blog to address the state of people suffering from terror, but I feel it would be a disgrace not to talk about a major issue - you do not solve the problems of terror victims by letting terror afflict others.

Will Olmert open a third front with Syria?

In the following article at YnetNews, a member of Olmert's party does more then blame Syria, but openly calls for war with them: here

Can a regional terror war emerge as a new global one?

The Hamas leaders thought they can perform acts of war and stay unscratched. So did Hizbolla. In fact - for years Fatah has been doing that, so why wouldn't they - right?

The cards are on the table in the middle east and they reveale that it is past the point of no return. Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the Palestinians have chosen to ignite the TNT barrel and start a war. Can it be contained within the Middle East?

Consider some alarming facts - Russia and China support Syria and Iran. The regims at Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of an Islamic revolution. Saudi Arabia still supports Hamas. Iran practecly begs the US and Britain to attack - considering their deadly influence in Iraq and their steady march to achieving Nueclear technology.

On the other side, the US support for Israel has been declared over the past few years as one that in case of an actual threat to the existance of Israel - Bush would step up to the table. I wouldn't count on Europe to let NATO participate in an attack on Iran. For them to do that, Iran must first attack and openly admit to attacking all Europe. The cowardice nations of Europe would never risk a European soldier to save a Jew.

Want more complications? Venezuela supports Iran and craves battle with the US.

On the African front, there is an ongoing battle with Al-Qaeda. There are strongholds at Somalia, Sudan, Arithrea, Nigeria and groups within every country trying to stirr the pot. The southafricans have expressed their support for anybody at war with Israel ever since the cancelation of the apparthide.

The masses of "angry" muslims at Europe can start something right now, something the end of which cannot be foreseen. Lets just say that Kosovo is their model.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch often refers to 1938 alerts; My question is:

Is it 1938 or 1939 now? Maybe it is 1942 already?

My prediction for next few days: Israel is about to bomb Damscus!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I guess I was right

Dots connected

A dhimmi government refuses to fight terror and protect its citizens against Jihad, all the while wining that terror cannot be defeated. A short look at the history pages reveals a completely different story: If you fight terror until defeat you will have many years of imposed quiet. If you sign fake peace treaties (Oslo) - you will get war. Enough of this.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Connecting the dots

Two simmingly unrelated stories:
Palestinian rockets attack 25 miles from Tel Aviv
Mahmoud Abbas arrives in Jordan

Abu Mazen's Phatah party is trying to bomb as close as possible to tel-aviv, and he escapes to Jordan...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apperantly, the Oslo accord was a mistake.. shh - don't tell anyone

Oops - they did it again. They signed a treaty with a terrorist, who founded a quasi state, which today openly declared war on them.

The Palestinian Authority has graduated from a terror sponsoring spawn of the devil to a war criminal, treaty breaking nation of murder and war.

Will the Israeli government FINALLY declare its mistake and recognize the PA as its enemy? Will Israel still be the only side upheld to international peace agreements - or will at some point the other side might be called to order?

Hmm... I guess not, the UN keeps trying to blame Israel. At this point, even the farthest loony lefty in the world cannot say what Israel should have done which it hadn't in pursuit of peace. Sign a peace treaty with a terrorist? Been there. Give your enemies guns? Done that. How about unilaterally withdrawal - relieving your enemy of all their excuses for war? That doesn't work either? Roll over and play dead for a year while terrorists are attacking towns? What?! Even that doesn't work?

Guess what does work? Good all fashion kicking your enemy in the teeth until they beg you to stop! Enough of this sham of a masquerade - there will never be peace with Jihadists - Mark THEIR words.

Did someone wake up the British?

Tomorrow is a very special day in history. 7/7 is the day Al-Qaeida made it clear to the British that they are a target. I'm just thinking out loud - did they get the message?

Ask London's Mayor, many of the parlement member and the execs at BBC. It does not seem that they got the message. I hope for their sake, that Tony Blair (not his loony lefty wife though) remains in office for a long time.

What is your money buying at the UN?

UN: Gaza children wetting their beds

You see - the UN is very concerned that Arab children are wetting their beds. There's a big children’s rights group within it which keeps track on how many beds are being wet in Gaza. There's apparently a daily statistic and people are paid to survey every wet bed of an Arab child.

Of course this is nothing but a propaganda ploy which is redistributed as fact every time there's a chance of an Israeli response to the terror inflicted upon its people. You won't hear anyone talking about wet beds in Sderot or Ashkelon as a result of the rocket attacks. The children in Israel have a lot more to fear as they ARE the target of the rockets. In contrast, the Arabs and their children know that the Israelis are doing their best not to physically hurt civilians.

How many pissed beds does it take to change a UN light bulb?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - need I say more?