Thursday, May 29, 2008

Imaginary Future Book Titles from the left

I just found a website that lets you read classic books online. Worth a try:

It has inspired me to do the following; here are some imaginary future book titles from prominent lefties:

  • The audacity of substance-less speech, B. Hussain Obama
  • From peanuts to hugging Hamas, a journey. J. Carter.
  • Hope and Change. The complete idiot’s guide to saying nothing. B.H Obama
  • How to make money off of a global warming hoax for dummies. A. Gore
  • Not sex and the city. H.R Clinton
  • Lost. No really, I’m lost, where am I?! J. Carter
  • Women are from Mars. I like Martians. W.J Clinton
  • The devil wears pantsuit. B.H Obama
  • I love your taxes. H. Reid and N. Pelosi
  • Hair. J. Edwards
  • I still can’t believe I lost to that guy. J. Carry
  • No really, he won?! J. Carry
  • The Jews did it. J. Carter.
  • I can still win. H.R Clinton

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, how big a greenhouse pig am I?

Australia's ABC helps kids calculate how soon they should die to save the planet. lefty, greeny, liberalism exposes its ugly face. From Moonbattery:

Basically, ABC wants you dead at age 9.3!

I say, save the earth - de-fund the UN. With mounting evidence of global warming fraud funded by UN, green projects funding nothing but fat-cats working for the UN, and food distribution projects being abused to rape children... I see no better way to save our planet than to reject the UN, and the greeny global warming bubble heads.

Tell you the truth, little piggies are cute. I like them much better than pig green liberal ones.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goatman Nasrallah says "Success" in Gaza and Lebanon

Let's first recount the success of Gaza, Venice of the middle east from last year:

And now let's look to Lebanon. So he claims "Success" does he?

Gee, I wonder why the magnificent goatman is still hiding in his hole in the ground that his Iranian friends built for him.

Shall we measure thy success goatman? I mean, it takes some balls to make such statements after an abysmal defeat by all measures of casualties of war, land protected/ acquired, goals reached - except not loosing one precious head. A goat's head.

Now why on earth would such a success produce such a diaspora of Lebanese Shiites across the world? From Dearborn to the no-man's land of south America, Lebanese exiles still look up to their "victorious goat leader" to lead them to further success such as the butchery of Jews in Argentina. Success - only in murdering human beings senselessly.

May the goatman succeed in his quest to turn his hometown to a 3rd Venice - just like in Gaza.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Wasn't online during the day, but now found a great image gallery at Atlas Shrugs:

Thank You

Just what kind of farmer is Jimmy Carter?`

This Hamas loving former President has opened his yap and exclaimed what Israel might hold as a nuclear arsenal possibly abusing top secret knowledge he acquired while in office 28 years ago.

I imagine that while soiling his diapers, and licking his lips as he observes photos of butchered Jewish kids at pizza parlors, this political whore has crossed a line unbreakable in diplomacy. I agree with elder-of-ziyon, it is as if a former Israeli general would reveal details from a joint maneuver.

What's most scary is what his mouth will blurb out next. Are there any national secrets that are safe with this old rancher on the loose?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Putting Democrat's spin in context

John Lilyea at "This ain't Hell" blog has written a very interesting step by step rebuttal to Joe Biden's piece on Wall Street Journal: "Biden Ignores History"

A very important observation:
What Biden fails to discuss is the fact that the US is unable to pursue a rational foreign policy because the Democrats are conducting their own foreign policy independent of the Administration and independent of their constitutional authority.

I couldn't agree more. The upside down version of reality Biden and the Democratic party wishes us to accept will soon become the talking points of the campaign, and the cost of such world view, we will have to endure if Democrats win both house and senate - as it seems they just might.

It would seem that no matter what stupidity and spin the democrats would say, their voters will not be dissuaded. For example, a week ago, Obama wished us all good health by eating only just as much as the Europeans will allow us (yea, really):
We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK

Heck, if you weren't offended or taken aback by Obama's surrounding group, nothing will.

Another gold nugget from the Democrat party:
We Lied About Ending the Iraq War in 2006 to win Back Congress"....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cause for celebration

It's a small victory, but one worth celebrating:
French Court Vindicates Al-Dura Hoax Critic

Every Jew living in Israel should thank Monsieur Philippe Karsenty for challenging the French establishment and winning in their own game. The distributors of the Al-Dura blood libel will go down in history as what they are, the most despicable lowliest anti-semitic propagandists, despite Charles Enderlin being Jewish himself.

Merci Beaucoup Phillipe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today on Frontpage

Two very important articles are posted on FrontPageMag:

1. Defund UNRWA - discusses how UN's UNRAW employs terrorists and perpetuates lack of responsibility from Arabs in PA. It also mentions how the US is part to blame because most of the funds for UNRAW come from western countries and the US pays 3rd of the 360 million yearly budget.

2. The BBC's Birthday Present to Israel - the BBC not content with their own country demise and further slippage into Sharia espouses lies about Israel's right to exist as well as historical revisionism to portray Jews as villeins and Arabs as victims of the nearly successful war to eliminate Israel's Jews in 1948. BBC is not simply biased, tilted, skewed, it is crooked.

Here's a taste of BBC's revisionism:

Exit question: Is this the same narrator who did the infamous "make me a muslim" reality show?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Al-Dura blood libel: Shouldn't Israel Stop Giving Free Medical Aid to Palestinians?

Here's a video I just found on the web, was probably broadcast in Israel a few months ago:

As it is clearly evident, Frace 2 and their Hamas friends used a person who was medically treated with compassion by Israel - to incite against Israel and the Jews in another twist in the Al-Dura blood libel.

As the ball keeps rolling, it is unimaginable how obvious this hoax was and how it was accepted uncritically by so many. This evidence should have raised enough eye brows even back then - two days after the supposed staged murder - the injured father shows scars which have already healed, which were not done by bullets. Which Israel's medical records would have shown right there and then as scars from a surgery done to save the man from the ax beatings he had suffered by his fellow Palestinians.

Alas - Israel will continue to heal the "enemy". Of course a child is no enemy. But his relatives are thankless at best, or as the Al-Dura case proves - will take every opportunity to "thank" Israel in their own special way.

To answer my own provocative question: NO! Israel should not stop providing medical aid to those who suffer. All reason and logic aside, a doctor, any doctor should not sit idly while a child suffers. For that matter - anyone who suffers and Israel does great efforts to do good in this world, even save lives of Iraqis.

Puffington marks her enemies

I'll start by asking: Why in the world even discuss what that lying loony lefty has to say?

My answer to that is simple. Her website gets lots of traffic, lots of publicity due to a bulk of syndicated authors ranging from celebrities to high ranking politicians. Her own opinions and her readers however start where sanity stops on the left, and the insane haters begin. It is not uncommon to find pure anti-semitic propaganda on posts as well as comments. The dwellers of her website do not discuss political issues, they simply discuss how much they hate whoever disagrees with them. O'Reilly took the liberty to call her a Nazi.
On the following online interview, Arianna Huffington goes to battle:

John McCain, calling him "delusional, refuses to see the truth about Iraq. Trojan Horse."
John Stossel, calls him a lunatic (after interviewer calls him that first). But chooses to divert her hateful soft-speak against others quickly.
Sean Hannity "lunatic who hijacked and dictated ABC's questions on democratic debates."'s wrong and dangerous...

What is? Asking Obama why he won't wear the American flag pin. How dare people question Obama's patriotism... so what if he has aversion to the American flag? Right? So what?!(Unbelievable)

MSM aren't liberal enough. (Yeah, right). There's nothing wrong with hiring conservative pundits, except that all the right wing people who are hired are lying propagandists. (uhh - like Huffington?)

Who are lying propagandists? Carl Rove, Tony Snow and Bill Cristal.

She also declares intentions:
... looking for the leader in the mirror.

God help us if she ever becomes a leader of anything but her own fringe lunatic hateful website.

More pearls of wisdom:
Cheney is so soulless

About Tony Blair:
He helped lead us to war and it's hard to forgive that.

Don't watch on a full stomach.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The movie Brazil has come alive with new BBC Ad

It's easy to pay your TV license. Impossible to hide if you don't. It's all in the Database!

From Shire-Network-News, who got it from: Biased BBC blog

Nice soundtrack of Horror to be followed by the scary announcer.

An Israeli Survivor

Read at backspin

My question: How come there are so many UN subgroups devoted to take care of Muslims, and none to their victims? Could it be because the UN is a proxy for Nazism and Islamo-fascism pretending to care for "global human rights values" and "peace", while it is nothing more than a funnel of global tax payer and especially US tax payer's money to the worst and most misguided causes?

fixed link...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A vote for Democrats is a vote for - what?!

As usual I enjoyed reading Ann Coulter's column on human events this evening. It discusses the issue of how Democrat candidates present themselves to the voters as somewhat conservatives only to prove themselves ultra-liberal abortion promoters.

What caught my eye was response #4:
Ho Ho Ho The zionists and neocons agenda gots ta go...

now1st Lt. Frank Liberti, Iraq

Is this the real agenda some liberals try to hide? Zionists "gots to go" (go where? the bottom of the sea?)? I wouldn't be that much surprised given articles in HaffPost about how the Jewish vote shouldn't matter to Obama... or the amount of suspicious anti-semites that surrounded Obama up to this race and suddenly had all quit or were distanced.

Nor can I find solace in Obama's own words. His odd observation of what "plagues" US's foreign policy. His empty mantra of "Hope and Change"... hope for who? It's like someone's lying to your face with evasive words and you are still falling for it. Did he perfect his ambiguous speak while giving complements to his wife for her boring whiny speeches? If your political opponent doesn't give up and quit - is that a form of discrimination?

Ann's column starts with the absurdity of usage of the term racist these days. If you do not support Obama - according to NYT - that's racist. See, Obama and the Democrats aren't playing the race card, the media establishment does it for them - and they are mute on the subject. Care to comment on that Obama? Everyone who opposes you is labeled a racist - would you say a word about it?

Alan Colmes can go on with his backflips trying to spin away what should be plainly obvious: Obama does know because he should have known, being a member of a "church" which spreads racial hate and hate for this country. Is it even possible, being around reverend Wright for a few minutes not to observe his hateful lunacy?

Obama the author... he wrote books - he's a genius, right? Did anyone read it? Ann Coulter did and I linked to her column a while back. I don't think he hates whites, perhaps just his white family, but I do think that for political reasons at the time he tried to emphasize his "blackness" by describing himself as a person full of anti-white rage. Just the content of his books should qualify him as unelectable on a national basis. But of-course, he isn't, because no one had really read it despite the fact that it was a best seller. Did liberals go ahead with their usual tricks and purchased bulks of his book just to promote him?

The Big Zero

What's going to be the excuse this time? A rocket hits a medical center in an open mall injuring dozens. There is no mystery as to who did it. There's no "investigation" needed.

Olmert has run out of excuses and it is damn amazing that there aren't massive demonstrations for his resignation and an immediate action for a full blown military action to take down the regime in Gaza and take control over that open sewer.

Bush is visiting Israel - what better time to tell him and Condi - enough is enough!

Gaza news you won't read on MSM

elderofziyon:Today's Gaza news you won't read anywhere else

Now let me ask: What do these headlines remind you more, the first days of the revolution on Iran or the first years of the Nazi regime? The rule is the same - first oppress and terrorize your own people beyond the point where they can even imagine overthrowing the new fascist regime. From there, move in aggression on your perceived enemy. It is no surprise that these days both Hezbollah and Hamas pick these tactics as an Iranian official was interviewed recently and announced proudly how Iran fathered both groups.

Is it Hamastan, or Nazistan? I think the latter. Another name - Iran 3.0 . Syria - you're next.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can there really be a worse friend for Israel in the White House than Jimmy Carter? Yes there can

Israel is 'A Constant Sore'... does infect all of our foreign policy.

I don't think he thought very thoroughly while using words like "infect our foreign policy" - especially when it comes to the national home for Jews. Now - everybody is throwing around race bating accusations - but seriously, I have a pretty thick skin, and that choice of words was as offensive as they come.

Reason #378 I really hope he doesn't win the general election.

Hot-air clarifies Obama-speech for us: He meant the conflict, not Israel.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A snapshot of world news

World - AFP on Yahoo

Here are the headlines on that page - which changes dynamically every minute - I put it through my perspective:

In a critical period of Human history, when a cyclone kills thousands in Myanmar, and an earthquake kills thousands more in China, when world famine is supposedly the top priority of the UN requiring the US to divert more tax money... That's while the US has its full share of natural disasters on a yearly basis - including 22 dead in a tornado yesterday.
Global warming? Spring's almost over - summers almost in, it's still cold and cloudy in Michigan.

This is the time when Hezbollah revolts and selectively murders non Shiites in the streets of Lebanon. no one really tries to disarm Hezbollah - but the diplomats keep talking non-sense and keep with their condemnations without actions:
Arab League tries to broker Lebanon settlement .

This is the time when Arabs in Gaza are engaged in their daily routine of trying to murder Jews across the border. Today they succeeded and killed a 70 year old woman, yesterday a 40-something farmer, father of 4. Go ahead UN and UNRAW - keep feeding them for free - the world's least deserving nation.

All things considered, international pressure on Israel continues with calls for restraint and withdrawals:
Rice: Israel, Palestinians need to show progress
Egyptian intelligence chief in Israel for talks - Israelis are told "Accept our fake, swiss cheese truce - or else".

These are today's world news. They are as despicable as yesterday's.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama: Change and hope, the kind I'm not so sure about...

Israel Matzav: Obama goes after the Hezbullah vote

Let's recount, he wants unconditional talks directly with Iran, and talks with Hezbollah as well, doesn't think much through international debacles and offers some pretty dangerous non-solutions. Disliking McCain's leftism isn't an excuse faced with Obama's own stated positions. There's that kind of change that could take away the future of hope. Or in the classic words of the movie "Brazil"; "My complication had a complication".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bob's Lebanon blog: "WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO FEAR"


Gee Bob - I really do hope your country finds solution. I also hope you manage to march tomorrow and not to see bloodshed during that march.

I must say, it doesn't sound like there's much to keep a head high about, latest news sound definitely like a surrender. Now I know that for Arabs there's a problem to admit defeat - every failure has always been hailed as a "divine victory". Since the army allowed a terror group to take over the country, and no one will be held liable for the murders and property damage. I would say Lebanon is facing a fate unparalleled in history, were the delusional masses think there's still a democracy, a government, freedom, and everything is dictated by the real rulers - the Shiite Mafia.

I don't blame the Lebanese for surrendering, I pretty much predicted they would in a previous post. I hope for them - and for the entire region that at some point reason will prevail. Still not optimistic.

BTW: What were the UN peace keepers doing all this time?

For whom are their tanks intended?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Some more Obama

Obamanaation at the "Right Truth".
The Magic of Staging at Moonbattery

It's not that McCain's policies are making it any easier to root for Republicans, especially not his resisting to drilling in Alaska's north pole - like he said yesterday on O'Rielly.(link to

Bob's blog: WAR!!!

This was written yesterday. It describes exactly how Shiites treat their "brothers" in Lebanon:
Bob's blog: WAR!!!

I don't want to be misunderstood - I feel sad and sorry for Lebanon and wish them to find a resolution that will provide safety and prosperity. I also wish them and the rest of the Arab world to awake from delusional maniacal hate and to establish peace with Israel which includes disarming of terror groups like Hezbollah, Hamas etc.

If there's something these days prove - it is that all terror groups use the antisemitism and hate of the common people to mobilize self interest and ambitions for control.

If the Arab world does not awaken to that threat - it will face the same fate as Gazans, Lebanese, Iraqis and Iranians face.

I'm always hopeful, but not too optimistic.

More about treatment of non-Shiites here: gatewaypundit.

"I think ... it's a coup, The Lebanese army is in total paralysis"

Finally CNN reports the news?

I agree with Jumbalat's statement - I would go further than say that the Army stays idly while non-Sheas are slaughtered, It is clear from all articles on the web - the Army steps in before Hezbollah and along side - to clear areas and allow almost no fire to be shot back at Hezbollah. It is in all measures a coup - and a betray of Sunni, Christians and Druze by the army generals:
Hariri and Jumblatt were besieged Friday in their residences in Muslim western Beirut, The Associated Press reported, while Prime Minister Fuad Saniora was believed to be under protection at his downtown office.

Besieged by who? You'd assume Hezbollah - you would be wrong, besieged by Lebanon's army, which merged with Hezbollah under the terrorists control.

Here's a quote from ya-libnan:
'All media channels have shut down and were place under the control of the army after we received threats from armed elements of Hezbollah,' said a company official.

Simply comparing contradicting paragraphs in ya-libnan's reporting - with some false reporting from CNN, tells me the picture is much uglier than reported. It is a coup. It is a collaboration between the Shea generals of Lebanon's army and the terror leaders who promised to chop non-Shea hands.

Will the UN, the US, the EU stand aside while a former "semi" western Arab country goes down the toilet and becomes another bastion of Terrorists like Gaza? France, Germany, Italians and others hold troops in southern Lebanon - are they still going to sit on their hands?

I remember in 2006 - when Israel fraught Hezbollah, the news wires were spreading ridiculous posts like "Beautiful Beirut is demolished by Israeli bombs" (or something like that) - where is the outcry regarding what Hezbollah is doing to Beirut today? How could western media whore themselves in favor of Hezbollah (even if only by comparison to their coverage from 2 years ago)? Unsubstantiated claims of ethnic cleansing are off handed regarding Israeli/Arab relationship (against Israel of course)- If Beirut is emptied of non-Shea - how do you label that? Strife? Sectarian? Forcefully removing opposite population has a very clear and simple synonym.

Live coverage at Ya-Libnan.
Part of the Iranian plan is to take over the press.
And then again, blame the Jews.

It does seem like Lebanon surrendered with very little battle, after the Army stood aside and let it happen. Will vangance for historic disputes commence next week? Can the Shiite restrain themselves? Not if you listen again to Nasrallah's speech from yesterday. Today they are actively hunting for Jumblatt and Hariri.

The mysterious case of uncertainty

I figured where Times-Online got their barrage of propaganda headlines to caption the 9 photos they believed represented Israel's 60.

I'm browsing through the Middle East photo slide show on yahoo news. I was looking for photos from Lebanon and they were very revealing including photos of Hezbollah's targeting civilians in Beirut with RPG missiles.

Then the photos from Israel began, and lo and behold - almost every photo text about Israel's 60 ends with:
...but also with uncertainty about its future and doubts about prospects for peace with the Palestinians.

Which comes to absurdity at the photo showing the incident were a paratrooper fell into a crowd:

People rush to help wounded people after a paratrooper, part of an aerial display to mark the 60th anniversary of Israel, landed on people on the beach front in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday May 8, 2008. According to witnesses there were at least five wounded, their condition is unknown. Israel staged its 60th birthday bash with fireworks, air force flyovers and a great sense of pride Thursday, but also with uncertainty about its future and doubts about prospects for peace with the Palestinians.

Hu?! What uncertainty about what?! A man fell from the sky on observers on the beach - how in the world does that translate to "peace process uncertainty"?

This is what happens when Anti Israel propagandists get lazy and start using a cut and paste approach.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rolling stoners get confused

They usually try really hard to editorialize in favor of Obama, or Democrats, or whatever kind of creature lurks way more to the left from that. Somehow - today's editorial cartoon seems to me like it would work against Democrats all together.

What kind of non-sense do Times-Online put to caption pictures of Israel's 60?

From the slideshow, picture 5 of 9:
The anniversary was also plagued by uncertainty over prospects for peace with the Palestinians (AP)

(click to enter article, then click on the slide-show)

More non-relevance between images and captions:
Celebrations have been marred by a criminal inquiry into Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, facing corruption allegations

The cream of the propaganda:
While Israelis celebrated, Palestinians, barred from entering the country during the holiday, mourned the anniversary of what they know as the Nakba - the catastrophe (AP)

Propaganda peak not reached yet:
Some 760,000 Palestinians were forced into exile following the birth of Israel, and today some 4.5 million refugees and their descendants remain scattered across the Middle East

I won't bother you with pictures 8 and 9 and the propaganda there... Go see for your self. It appears times-online mourns the creation of Israel. I mourn the moment I clicked on their propaganda slide show.

Happy 60 - Israel. Am Yisrael Chai

A joyous day indeed. Despite 8 years of terror war against Jews in Israel, thousands went out and celebrated the "traditional" way - BBQ, called in Israel "Mangal" (from turkish).

I don't know who the people in the pictures are... Still, that's how I remember all the picnics at the parks in Israel as. Every corner taken, and lot's of yummy smoke.

Some couldn't celebrate, Arabs rioted. Presumably the excuse is for the fable they keep promoting of a "Naqba", history tells us - they riot regardless. They rioted regardless on 1927, 1936. They rioted in 2000 in coordination with the terror war of their brothers from Ramallah. Other excuses to riot: day of land (Jews took our land... didn't pay enough), cell phone towers, blood vengeance, a mosque is in so called danger, rumors, Al-Jazeera lies.

When celebrated at JCC in Ann Arbor earlier this week - some douche bags did arrive and tried to stir commotion. Those Jew haters (some of them might be Jews - so what) - come every year, not sure if I want to show their pictures this year, should they get any attention? I'm not sure what they wanted - media attention (didn't get) - or to harass. Considering that this year they hid behind their signs again when my wife took pictures - like last year, I guess they just wanted to harass and yell at our kids. Scum.

To all - wave the flag proudly - unabashedly - and say:

Yom Atsmaut Sameah.

The Arab Israeli site ALARAB has pictures from the anti-Israel event, and riots. They apparently threw rocks at cars, Arab's cars as well. Set fire, and high ranking Police officials were injured.

Most ammusing is the picture of the Che-Gevara flag in that demonstration:

Notice how they don't march for the usual lies of "right of return" or "end to apartheid". They march to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, that's why they carry those flags, including Hezbollah flags, that's why they are chanting anti-Jewish remarks at the Jewish protesters opposite to them.

Where are the Arab protesters for co-existence? Reconciliation? Freedom unparalleled in the Arab world? They protest in favor of PLO - while the PLO is taken out of the equation by Hamas elsewhere. I doubt those activists want to try to protest under Hamas rule.

Here's a member of Parliament, cuddly Arab communist who hugs murderers of Jews, on the site - one of the instigators of the riot:

Here's a dude looking for some media attention, the guy next to him is searching for camera-men:

He found it. But what's the dude on the floor's beef anyways?

Nice pillow, did you bring it with you so you could act injured but still lay comfortably? "Spontaneous riots", right.

Here's an image from YNet. Cuddly communist who hugs murderers of Jews participates calmly in political debate (or not):

Nasrallah contradicts, lies out right, and threatens everyone in Lebanon who is not Shea

I'm reading the English transcript of the mad-goat's speech.

First, let's go back to CNN's imaginary reporting of labor workers striking over low wages. Today's goat-man's speech shows how off base and completely falsified their reporting about the Middle East is. The goat-man mentions several reasons for his "protest" (as he calls it, taking hostages at the airport is not a protest - it's terror) - non of which has social connotations. Shame on CNN. Again. Can anything be expected from that network as far as reporting the news? CFN - cable fables network would be a better description.

Goat says:
I said, before Jumblatt, that any hand that reaches for the resistance and its arms will be cut off...We do not advise you to try us.

followed later by:
Whoever is going to target us will be targeted by us. Whoever is going to shoot at us will be shot by us.

Who fired at you? Not the UN, NATO, nor the Lebanese military which is infiltrated by Hezbollah's terrorists have fired one shot at Shea militia. Who shot first yesterday? Who rioted at Christian neighborhoods? Did anyone riot in Shea's?
A gang leader - pure and simple - threatens "Mafia style" on whoever tries to reach for his gun. A threat to Jumblatt - is a threat to the Druze community.

He later says:
There will be no Sunni-Shea strife in Lebanon.

So Christians and Druze are fair game?! What a maniacal monster. Obviously that's an empty lie, because there is a strife with Sunnis. There are assisinations. There are weapons involved. But the message is clear - we're coming for the non-Muslim infidels first.

...Who pushed the country into this crisis? They did. We are patient. We were fought, and we were patient.
When they made their decisions, they created the current crisis. We are in a new phase. Am I declaring war? Not at all. I am declaring oppression and self-defense.

The cries of a spoiled violent child. When caught beating other kids, claims he's the victim. Victim-hood is their often trumped up excuse. He isn't declaring war - he's just committing it... again... and again...

He finishes with:
If we wanted to stage a coup, you would have woken up this morning in prison, or in the middle of the sea. We do not want that. It is a political issue, with a political solution through early elections.

To exit this crisis, the illegitimate government's decisions must be revoked and we must head for dialogue.

That is not a call for calm - that is a threat for any non-Shea leader. When we start the revolution, you will be in prison and or in the bottom of the sea. We can do it now, but choose to blackmail you to quit and hand over the government.

No word on what will happen after such surrender.

Several mentions of Israel, Mussad, CIA and Condoleezza Rice - are thrown in for propaganda purposes - to persuade the non-Lebanese listeners that this is somehow not about the Shea revolution.

Also, consider this: Hezbollah is banking on the situation being under their control and not declaring a "civil war", because a war requires two sides. Having control over the only remaining militia of the previous civil war, and having infiltrated high ranking positions in the official military - they don't fear such a war. They are confident in their ability to blackmail without resistance. Christian and Druze are the least threatening to him, since they have no allies outside of Lebanon while Sunnis are backed by the majority of the Arab world.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Outrage! Fox-News embedding reporters with Terrorists while shooting rockets at Israel

Is this how Fox-News repays Hamas for kidnapping it’s reporters? This video report is anything but fair and balance. There have been numerous reports about why food and fuel is scarce in Gaza; still the reporter lays blame to Israel (Hint - that's not the reason). He stands there and observes a rocket being fired. He stands feet away from rockets while they are being prepared. I’m dismayed with Mike Tobin, I’d expect such depravity from Nina Renan – whom made a similar video report showing how Gazans suffer with no fuel (while cars are still driving in the back of the video). Tobin used to be fair – what happened?!

Broken Link! Fox news removed the video from the archive...

(click to watch)

Fox news –the latest MSM outlet to play the world’s littlest violin for Hamas – Outrageous!

What’s next, embedding with cocaine smugglers and observing silently while they sell to youths in America?

(H/T to Hebrew discussion board member "Khipusheet")

"Carl in Jeruaslem" from "Israel Matzav" used red-lasso to link to the same yet edited report - which was on later that day....
click here

Is this the begining of the Shiite Muslim revolution in Lebanon? "Just" a new civil war?

I have only questions...

Did Hezbollah try to assassinate Harariri? Did Iran and Hezbollah put a blockade on the airport?

There's this AP report, also Reuters, also ABC (correction - ABC uses AP report). Lot's of rumors flying around on internet discussion boards. No beep on CNN yet.

Are clashes in Yemen some-how related? What exactly is Iran brewing and is it connected to the EU "carrots" offer to cease nukes?

Finally - is the increasing Shiite violence in the past few days somehow related to Iranian desires to disrupt the Israeli 60th independence day? Is Bush's visit to Israel related?

Some insights from the AP article:
Lebanon's political crisis took a turn for the worse this week when the government decided to confront the powerful Hezbollah. The Cabinet on Tuesday said it would remove Beirut airport's security chief over alleged ties to Hezbollah.

The government also declared that a telecommunications network used by Hezbollah for military purposes was illegal and a danger to state security.

I suspect AP's reporter is biased (if not embedded with) in favor of the Shiites. Why else associate blame? The context is however quite wide and open to interpretation. Hezbollah were actively creating a state within a state and finally the non-Shiite sects took a stance.

In areas where government support is strong, some businesses were open but many people stayed off the streets and traffic was lighter than usual amid a heavy army presence.


Roads to the Beirut seaport also were blocked.

Sounds like civil war to me...

One more point I'd like to make: Hezbollah has maintained that they are the "protectors of Lebanon from the zionist oppression". Their recent moves obviously were not perceived as such by any Lebanese group.

Hezbollah declares the Lebanese Army an enemy - I'm not sure who "ya-libnan" is associated with, but considering a headline like "Hezbollah holding Lebanon hostage, again" on their website, I assume they are not Shiite.

If anything, beyond the disinformation that's being promoted, it is clear that the groups opposed to Hezbollah are taking a strong stance. They have before and backed down, the key question is how long will they hold their own against the Shiite revolution this time.

Update 2
A revolution in Lebanon, Hostages at the international airport, and still not a front page story at CNN.Com. At least they managed to break the news - about 10 hours after every other media outlet did.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

McCain for my cornflakes

One thing you have to admit regarding McCain, he always was a very active legislator. Unlike Obama – whose initiatives were not too successful – McCain does seem to listen to common sense and is working to put an end to consumption of food for transportation. Good.

In related news:
Al Gore’s relentless push for ethanol fuel works: Soldiers kill 2 in mass Somalia riot over food prices

The best gift Israelis could wish for on country's 60 birthday - Olmery could quit.

The country is bustling with rumors and disinformation - it would appear that Olmert might have been caught with bribes given during his mayorship of Jerusalem.

I can think of no better gift to Israel than the disappearance of this awful group of ministers combined to rule the cabinet. Some highlights:

1. Amir Peretz - Mustache-dude is no longer a minister, still a nuisance. A man with experience in nothing - especially not military. Took it upon himself to take the ministry of defense after leading his political party to an embarrassing defeat. His annoying mustache keeps threatening with a comeback.

2. Ehud Barack. A failed politician and strategist - already voted out by droves for his failed policies of retreat in Lebanon and non retaliation in 2000 when the second intifada war to eliminate the Jews began. To his credit - a brave soldier to whom Israel owes a debt of gratitude (but not the role of prime-minister). Has been caught on camera while campaigning saying that if he was a young Arab he would join the terror groups.

3. Zippy Livni. An air-headed minister of foreign affairs with ambitions to higher positions. Has been caught on camera stating that attacks on Israeli soldiers are not "terror acts". Other nonsense keeps flowing whenever she speaks about her understanding of what is moral, right and just. She is undiplomatic as she is unsophisticated - she went back and forth with her support for Olmert.

4. Yuli Tamir. There are so many bad things to write about her... still active far lefty peace now (destroy Israel-now) leader - was brought to power by non other than Ehud Barack. It is pure neglect to let her be the minister of education.

5. Ophir Pines. A good for nothing, far lefty, Arafat hugger. Not sure if he represents Israel's interests - or Arabs'.

6. Galeb Majadla. First Arab minister in Israel. Expressed in parliament his own private opinion - in the name of cabinet, that Israel has no jurisdiction over temple mount in the heart of Jerusalem.

Different members had to leave office due to corruption or misconduct including a Minister of Finance, a Minister of Judicial system and more.

Also. Kadima Party - the ruling party, an opportunistic bunch who sold their ideals in the right wing for a chance of a seat in parliament. Virtually emptied the Likud party from within - leaving it in financial ruins - only to build a new empire of corruption.

Like I said, there could no better gift - than all of these people going into retirement.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Israeli Arab traitors who requested Hezbollah to bomb the Jews whine

Oh no – they held a murderous traitor’s wife in questioning while entering the country – how dare those Jews…

If Israel would start getting serious about defending Israelis, they would place all of “Balad” party members and their families into jail. When the party founder and leader is caught red handed asking a terror group to murder the Jews here, or murder the Jews there – as Azmi Beshara did – any remaining followers should not be allowed to walk freely. It’s not as if anyone was caught by surprise – even Arab friends had told me way back in 2000 that Azmi Beshara is the most extreme of extremists. He makes a cuddly communist who hugs murderers seem likeable.

The more they talk (his party members), the more they whine (his whore of a wife) – the more they remind people in Israel how hated they are.

Also worth remembering is that he is a Christian – who whored himself and his family to be the tool of Hezbollah and Iran – the Muslim Shiites. He acts, talks and licks his lips with lust for blood like a Shiite Muslim – and most of his voters and obvious admirers are Muslim. A Christian Arab – doing Jihad.

Friday, May 02, 2008

More food corruption and deception at the UN - they really love our money don't they? (updated 5/9/08)

From Fox News:
Just weeks before it announced the onset of a global food crisis and the urgent need for donors to provide at least $775 million in additional funding, the World Food Program (WFP) was sitting on a cash and near-cash stockpile of more than $1.22 billion.

The startling figure is contained in the latest audited statements of the WFP, which were endorsed by WFP’s executive director, Josette Sheeran, on March 31, 2008 — just a month before Sheeran announced at an international aid conference on April 22 that a “silent tsunami” in rising food prices demanded the huge infusion of cash for WFP’s latest budget.

In an op-ed article published in the International Herald Tribune on May 1, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon further declared that the WFP had just “$18 million cash in hand” in the wake of its appeal for emergency funding.

The audited statements are due to be presented to the annual Rome meeting of WFP’s supervisory executive board in June.

Do read on...

Ban is definitely a worthy successor to Kofi. I wonder out loud again - where does all this money go? When food is actually distributed to the "poor" - how much of that goes to the Middle East? How much to Gaza?

On Thursday, President George W. Bush called on Congress to add $770 million in new international food aid to some $350 million in new aid he announced after WFP announced the “silent tsunami” crisis.

I thought Bush was a republican - I thought this country is in the highest deficit ever recorded, the economy is in crisis. WFP isn't feeding the poor - it redistributes America's non-rich's hard earned cash to the hands of the UN's fat cats and some of the world's least deserving nations - the Arabs.

An image of a chubby hungry WFP food receiver in Gaza

Here's an article from BBC playing the world's tiniest violin for Arabs who can't afford food - but can afford explosives, guns, ammo, TV stations and equipment, brag about murdering Jews, desecrate synagogues but whine about mosques no one even threatens, world domination ambitious, free Electricity-Gasoline-Food poor Gazans.

5/9/08 - From Fox News: A Gulf in Giving: Oil-Rich States Starve the World Food Program

Like I keep saying - there's something wrong about how the WFP works, and the relationship between Gulf States, WFP and Gaza is disturbing.