Thursday, January 08, 2009

UN Driver dies, Media goes balistic against Israel - But he was Murdered by Hamas

What constitutes a "Humanitary Aid" these days that the UN threatened Israel to stop?!

Unbelievable. The Gall of the UN terror collaborators!

Original Post
Jpost: Uncertainty shrouds UN driver's death
Who killed a Palestinian humanitarian aid truck driver and wounded two others as their convoy made its way into the Gaza Strip through the Erez crossing during Thursday's 'humanitarian ceasefire'?

According to the foreign media, who based their information on UN sources, IDF tank shells blasted the truck. According to the Magen David Adom medic who said he evacuated the Palestinians to an Israeli hospital, the truck came under Hamas sniper fire. The medic, who asked not to be named, said he got his information from soldiers in the field. The IDF Spokesperson's Office has not been able to provide a response or establish contact with the relevant sources in the field.

Adding to the confusion, the Palestinian Red Crescent said it evacuated the Palestinians, but the MDA medic said soldiers told him they went in, with great risk to themselves, and evacuated the wounded Palestinians. What is certain is that there is one dead Palestinian, and two others being treated at Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital with gunshot wounds to the chest.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon at the Erez crossing into the northern Gaza Strip, the main entrance used by humanitarian aid agencies to funnel badly needed food and medical supplies into Gaza.

The following AP story accuses Israel, without an attempt for a response from an Israeli official:
UN, Red Cross curtail Gaza aid, criticize Israel
"We've been coordinating with them (Israeli forces) and yet our staff continue to be hit and killed," said a U.N. spokesman, Chris Gunness, announcing the suspension. The U.N. is the largest aid provider in Gaza.

Ehh.. who do you think you're doing favors to? I thought they wanted to help Gazans, are they punishing Israel by not delivering free food to Gazan terrorist supporting population?!

More media reportage:

McClatchy Newspapers: U.N. suspends Gaza deliveries after Israelis kill driver
NY Times: U.N. and Red Cross Add to Mounting Outcry on Gaza War
Daily Mail Online: Red Cross's fury at Israel after rescuers find four starving children clinging to their mothers' corpses in Gaza (Of course it's Israel's fault, not the terrorists')

So - to recount:
Hamas murders UN envoy worker. UN stops food delivery to Gaza. Israel is blamed for Gazan children's hunger - and for targeting UN drivers (who are either Arab-Israeli or Jordanians).

In the meanwhile, there are those who try to construct a strife between Israel and people of catholic faith. Calculated - shall we say?

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