Monday, January 05, 2009

Israel arrests Iranian "journalist" for breaking censorship rules

Two sources:
1. Hebrew bulletin:
2. Mere Rhetoric blog: Of Course: Iranian And Lebanese Journalists Leaking IDF Military Maneuvers (Plus: Calls Growing To Ban Al Jazeera)

Now this "Iranian Journalist" was arrested. Turns out he is an Israeli Arab, a citizen. Employed by Iranians - to deliver live coverage to his buddies at Gaza - of every location an Israeli soldier is at. But there's more - what isn't reported? The fact that MANY Arabs aren't working for "TV Stations", they simply use other - more covert means to do the same. Heck, one Israeli Arab was a member of Parliament while Advising Hezbollah to bomb Haifa. The weasel has escaped justice in 2007 and is living the high life with his terror buddies at Qatar, Syria and Lebanon: Azmi Bishara: A spy in Israeli parliament flees home to Syria! Israel is still paying him a retirement salary...

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