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Israel responds to Red Cross Biased Hateful Report: Scandelous, STFU - what about Shalit ?! Antisemites!

Because according to the red cross, Jews aren't human beings, only Arabs serving as human shields are.

Because according to the red cross, there is no cause and effect - there's poor Arabs and evil Zionist regime.

Because when you live and breath hatered to Jews, you are rewarded with high ranking jobs at the red cross.

See no evil, hear no evil. It's da jooooooooos

Because it is apparently normal and humanitarially acceptable to bombard Jewish civilian population indiscriminately and without reason.

Because it is no longer the role of the red cross to visit "war captives" . Even though it is an abduction, it is one of their main roles, to visit and assure Shalit's rights as a war captive.

Because the red cross could just as well still argue the Nazis are treating the Jews in the sham ghetto very well. The orchestra of the orphaned children was wonderful.

Please read: The Red Cross and the Holocaust

Look at the happy orphans:

Jerusalem blasts Red Cross for report
srael rejected as "scandalous" a highly critical report released by the International Committee of the Red Cross on Monday marking six months since Operation Cast Lead, saying it was inconceivable that the document would chastise Israel for the situation in Gaza while ignoring the continued detention of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit or the "intransigent belligerence" of Hamas.

According to the report, residents of the Strip are "living in desperation" due to their "daily struggle for existence."

"Gazans still cannot rebuild their lives," the report reads. "Most people struggle to make ends meet. Seriously ill patients face great difficulty obtaining the treatment they need. Many children suffer from deep psychological problems. Civilians whose homes and belongings were destroyed during the conflict are unable to recover," the ICRC maintained.

"During the 22 days of the Israeli military operation, nowhere in Gaza was safe for civilians. Hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties, including small children, women and elderly people. Medical personnel showed incredible courage and determination, working around the clock to save lives in extremely difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, daily rocket attacks launched from Gaza put thousands of residents at risk in southern Israel. Medical workers in Israel provided care for the traumatized population and treated and evacuated casualties," the Red Cross report said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said it was "scandalous" that the report "completely ignored the detention of an Israeli hostage under absolute isolation for three years, and in breach of every elementary human right."

Palmor said the Red Cross had failed miserably in its responsibility to visit prisoners. "What is more, it evades the question of his [Schalit's] inhuman detention and of the role of that case in bringing about the current crisis," said.

Palmor said the crisis in Gaza had been brought on by "the Hamas junta," and that the Red Cross knew perfectly well "what Hamas needs to do to dramatically improve the situation."

Disregarding Schalit and Hamas in a report on the Gaza Strip, Palmor said, "does not add to the credibility of the Red Cross's important mission, nor does it contribute to finding a real solution to the Gaza problem."

The "bread and butter" of the Red Cross mission was to visit prisoners, and its failure to visit Schalit reflected poorly on the organization, Palmor said.

According to the ICRC report, "Israel's military operation left thousands of homes partly or totally destroyed. Whole neighborhoods were turned into rubble. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals and fire and ambulance stations were damaged by shelling. This small coastal strip is cut off from the outside world. Even before the latest hostilities, drastic restrictions on the movement of people and goods imposed by the Israeli authorities... Insufficient cooperation between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the Hamas administration in Gaza had also hit the provision of essential services."

The authors claimed that even though $4.5 billion worth of goods have been promised the Palestinians in Gaza, little will come of the aid as the transfer of goods into the Strip is severely limited by Israel.

"In May 2009, only 2,662 truckloads of goods entered Gaza from Israel, a decrease of almost 80 percent compared to the 11,392 truckloads allowed in during April 2007, before Hamas took over the territory."

Environmental problems continue in Gaza, the report said. "Every day, 69 million liters of partially treated or completely untreated sewage - the equivalent of 28 Olympic-size swimming pools - are pumped directly into the Mediterranean because they cannot be treated."

As for medical care, "Gaza's health-care system cannot provide the treatment that many patients suffering from serious illness require. Tragically, a number of them are not allowed to leave the Strip in time to seek health care elsewhere. Health issues in Gaza are often politicized and patients find themselves caught up in a bureaucratic maze. The procedures for requesting permission to leave the territory are complicated and involve both the Palestinian and Israeli authorities. Seriously ill patients sometimes have to wait for months before the relevant authorities allow them to leave the Gaza Strip."

In addition, said the ICRC, "an estimated 100-150 people who lost limbs in the recent military operation are waiting to be fitted with artificial limbs."

One of the most serious consequences of the closure is soaring unemployment, which reached 44% in April 2009, the report continued. The collapse of the Gaza economy has led to a dramatic increase in poverty. An ICRC household survey conducted in May 2008 showed that, even then, more than 70% of Gazans were living in poverty, with monthly incomes of less than $250 for a family of seven to nine members, the report said.

The closure has also badly hit farming families, which make up over a quarter of Gaza's population, the authors of the report contended. "Exports of strawberries, cherry tomatoes and cut flowers used to be an important source of income. They have come to a virtual standstill."

In addition to ignoring Schalit and Hamas, the ICRC report also glazes over the effects of terrorists' missiles on hundreds of thousands of Israelis living in the South.

An in-depth study headed by Dr. Ruth Pat-Horenczyk of the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma was delivered Monday, on the second day of an International Conference on Trauma in Early Childhood at the Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem.

She and her colleagues interviewed hundreds of children and their parents who live in Sderot - which was under constant attack for years before, during and even since Cast Lead ended. Pat-Horenczyk said many of them still suffered from post-traumatic syndrome symptoms including sleep difficulties, aggression, pains, lack of interest in what they previously enjoyed, avoidance of places and things that remind them of trauma, and other phenomena.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not all American Jews are members of the sheep herd following Obama, notice letters to NYTimes Op-Ed section

My very own "hope and change" against what has happened over the last couple of months in the US. There are plenty of sane people whose voices are not being heard.

NYTimes: A Heated Argument About Israel - Letters to the editor of New York Times Opinion section. First and strong letter, but click ahead and read it all:
Fictions on the Ground,” by Tony Judt (Op-Ed, June 22), is the real work of fiction, past, present and future.

Israelis settled in the West Bank because it was deemed part of the historic home of the Jewish people and because the Arabs and the Palestinians rejected opportunities for peace with Israel after the Six-Day War in 1967. The territory in legal terms was undecided because the Palestinians from 1947 rejected the United Nations resolution dividing the land into Arab and Jewish states.

Saying — as Mr. Judt does — that Israel will never give up the settlements ignores the fact that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to dismantle 80 percent of the settlements at Camp David; that his successor, Ariel Sharon, dismantled all of the settlements in Gaza; and that Israeli leaders have repeatedly indicated that most of the settlements will go if there is peace, and those held will be part of a swap for Israeli territory.

Settlements are not an obstacle to peace if there is serious peacemaking, peace-teaching and compromise from the other side. As for fictions — as Mr. Judt has made clear in his writings, his problem is not with Israeli settlements, but with Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state.

Abraham H. Foxman
National Director
Anti-Defamation League
New York, June 22, 2009

Foxman?! The ADL goes against the NY-Times fiction based anti-Israel bias?! Now I've seen everything!


Bring out the violins: Family with American children stranded in Gaza

A story carefully crafted to blame Israel - despite obvious blame to go around, especially to American consular services.

Family with American children stranded in Gaza
In blockaded Gaza, even an American passport isn't a sure ticket to freedom.

Two boys, ages 5 and 6, are stranded because one has a U.S. passport that expired and the other's is about to.

The U.S. offers no consular services in Gaza, and Israel's border closure of the Hamas-ruled territory prevents the children from reaching the nearest U.S. diplomatic mission in Israel.

The bureaucratic limbo means the boys' Palestinian parents can't leave Gaza, either. Their father, Kamal Elkafarna, stands the risk of losing out on doctoral studies in Russia.

"It's an absurd situation," said Keren Tamir of the Israeli human rights group Gisha, which has appealed to an Israeli court on behalf of the family. "They can't get new passports since they can't leave Gaza, and they can't leave Gaza since they don't have new passports."

The predicament of the Elkafarna family highlights the growing hardship suffered by Gazans, two years after the territory was seized by the Islamic militant Hamas and its borders slammed shut.

The closure is enforced by both Israel and Egypt, which only let out a trickle of Gazans. Egypt opens the gates periodically for Palestinians with foreign residency or medical patients. Israel enables Gazans suffering serious illness to reach Israeli hospitals for treatment.

Israel says the travel restrictions are a result of Hamas' hostility to the Jewish state.

However, the blockade has been widely criticized. The Quartet of Mideast mediators - the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia - demanded over the weekend that Gaza's borders be opened. Human rights groups say locking in Gazans, especially students like Elkafarna, has backfired because the closure limits development while fueling frustration and militancy.

Elkafarna, 37, holds a Master's degree in systems engineering from George Washington University. His two sons, 5-year-old Elias and 6-year-old Qasem, were born in the United States while he obtained his degree.

Elkafarna, his wife and two sons returned to Gaza in 2004. He said that at the time, he didn't want to overstay his student visa in the U.S. and that he had no other place to go except Gaza.

He now hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in project management at Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Voronezh, Russia. However, Russia won't give the boys visas in expired passports, and renewing the passports has proven impossible.

Want to solve it? Offer consular services in Rafah Egypt. Allow families to venture in and out of Egypt, leave Israelis out of it.

Why did they settle in Gaza? Why from 2004 to 2009 have they not left? 5 years later and with expired passport found a story to blame Israel with?

Nice piece of propaganda.

For the real people behind this, assuming they don't support murder and terror I wish the very best in seeking a better life in Russia, or anywhere outside of Gazahell.

Could it be that this guy has a certain record prohibiting him from traveling to Egypt?! Yea, don't expect the propagandists at AP to raise such questions, it might harm the violin background of this story.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

On ESPN1: Soccer, USA vs Brazil - confederate cup final. USA! USA! USA!

Finally... some soccer on my TV.

Can hardly find any relevant USA soccer team images.
Image source: WSJ: Jokes Aside, Is the U.S. Soccer Team for Real?

73rd minute... American luck runs out. It takes 3 kicks in the same attack - but it's there. 2:2

84th minute - predictable, 3:2 for Brazil, back from losing two to nothing.

At least it's entertaining.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi to Israel: Jews should live there - not there, why? Because we feel like it

Here are a few recent headlines and articles signifying the pressure isolation put on Israel just because Obama feels like it - not in exchange for anything, or to advance anything. One sided consessions from Israel have only advanced terror and carnage - but shhh... don't let the Democrats be aware of that, they might awaken from their Obama-euphoria:
Sarkozy asks Netanyahu for 'total freeze' on settlements (after Obama personally called him prior to meet asking for pressure on Israel)
Berlusconi: freeze settlements
WSJ: Hillary Is Wrong About the Settlements - "Despite fervent denials by Obama administration officials, there were indeed agreements between Israel and the United States regarding the growth of Israeli settlements on the West Bank"; Hillary is lying in order to hurt Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama is giving away good will to the worst regimes in the world:
US to restore ambassador to Syria
Obama sent letter to Khamenei before the election, report says

To sum it up, Israel is singled out by it's allies to forfeit it's bargaining chips before negotiation - while it's enemies are being courted with silk gloves.

To be clear, Israel is not obligated by any international agreement to stop construction. In fact - it's agreements with the Palestinazis specifically permit such construction. More-so, Jerusalem is Israel's capital and for some reason Obama thinks he can just dictate to Israel not to construct in its capital.

These world leaders aren't even talking about peace. They - themselves have put an obstacle to peace by permitting refusal to negotiate peace by Arabs until Israel first gives in to demands of "de-facto" nature. While Arabs still commit to nothing prior - during - and after signing any treaty.

Let's think for a moment about the legitimacy of the demand to halt construction (and ultimately uproot Jews from Israeli land). Why in the world are Jews being asked to leave land they have lived on for centuries (actually millenias)? Jews have lived in Hevron, Nabulus, Jerusalem (the old city, or "east" as is referred to by the media), and many other locations. These are not sporadic land grabs - Jews have always lived there. It was Jews who were brutally murdered and expelled in 1948, not Arabs. Arabs have evicted their own in anticipation of elimination of the newly declared Jewish state. After 1948, it was the Arabs who committed ethnic cleansing through out the Arab world, but also at these lands, and have caused the situation where Israel still had Arab residents, however all of the Arab countries had very small or completely eradicated the Jewish population.

Still, 61 years later - Obama thinks it is his mandate to demand further persecution of Jews who live on Jewish land.

How about demanding halt to construction of Arab houses within Israel? No? That's racist...

I my self would not choose to live beyond the 1967 borders - simply because I do not wish to live next door to people whose only desire in life is to murder me and my family FOR RACIST REASONS ALONE.

If Israel chooses to halt construction and eventually uproot families - it is its own choice to make, in accordance to Israel's national interests and in consideration of the entire population. It is by no means any of Obama's business to make this call. I still have not heard of a single demand from any Arab entity by Obama - none! But the pressure on Israel is daily.

What is Obama's goal? Is it peace? Absolutely not - putting obstacles ahead of negotiation does not promote any peaceful settlement and Obama knows that.

The answer is simple, Obama's goal is to maintain his sheepish heard support from American Jews, while building stronger ties with his Muslim friends. Israel's situation is of no concern and neither is peace. Obama's mentors were Marxists and Antisemites, his relationships with such individuals is undeniable. His actions are meant to accomplish deviant desires while hiding his true agenda.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Britney Spears set to star in a Holocaust movie?

Please: NO! Tarts and genocide do not mix - unless it's going to be a fluff.

Is Britney Spears set to star in a Holocaust movie?
Is American mega pop star Britney Spears set to return to the big screen, seven years after starring in the box office flop Crossroads? According to reports, Spears has been offered a part in the upcoming Holocaust film The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton, which integrates time travel, concentration camps and a love story.

If she accepts the role, Spears will be taking on the title role of Sophia LaMont, a woman who invents a time machine and succeeds in traveling to the time of the Second World War. According to the script, LaMont ends up at a concentration camp and falls in love with a Jewish prisoner named Eton. However, the budding love story is cut short when both are killed by the Nazis.

Spears is currently on tour promoting her album Circus. In stark contrast to her thriving music career, Spears' movie career never really took off. Critics panned her role in the teen comedy Crossroads in 2002. Since then, she has appeared in guest spots on TV series such as Will and Grace and How I Met Your Mother.

Time Travel?! It's not a holocaust movie - one wouldn't expect such horrific anecdote in history to be abused that way. Nazis killing Britney - that's an overkill too. A bad idea can get even worse.

Rafsanjani 's daughter & grandchild arrested in Tehran - go ahead and arrest Rafsanjani too, please

Just in case you missed it - Rafsanjani was directly involved in the butchery of 200 Jews in Argentina and there's an international warrant for his arrest. The enemy of my enemy is sometimes still my enemy.

Tehran ­- The daughter of Iran's former president Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani , his grandchild and three other relatives were arrested over their involvement in protests against alleged election fraud in Iran,

hashemi - faeyza Rafsanjani.jpg

the Fars news agency reported Sunday. Faezeh Hashemi, a renowned women's rights activist, former parliament deputy and head of women sports in Iran, has in the recent years emerged, like her father, as one of the main opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad had before the June 12 election accused Rafsanjani and his children of corruption.

Fars said that Faezeh (46) , her daughter and the three other relatives were arrested during Saturdays demonstrations for agitating" the protestors.

Source: YaLibnan

Unmullahfy Iran! That's what I support.

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Palestinian lawsuit condemns Canadian condo project as war crime

H/T to "The religion of piece".

Because now condominium is a war crime, but butchering kids at a Pizzeria is a cause for celebration. Palestinazi logic is UN approved so who are we to complain, just simple people with a tiny brain - yet unlike the Palestinazis and the UN - our tiny brain still functions...

Not child abuse - Palestinazis think Condominiums are war crimes, but indoctrinating children to genocide is A-O-K

Palestinian lawsuit condemns Canadian condo project as war crime
Members of a tiny Palestinian farming community will be in Quebec Superior Court Monday claiming two Canadian construction companies are committing war crimes by building condominiums and roads on the village's land in the West Bank.

It will be the first time that Canada's War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Act, passed in 2000, will be used in a civil case.

University of Toronto law professor Ed Morgan, who is also past president of the Canadian Jewish Council, said that while the move is ``imaginative,'' the group may have some difficulty in convincing the Quebec court that it has jurisdiction over the case.

``The Quebec court is going to have to find that there's a real and substantial connection to Quebec, which seems a stretch to me,'' he said, adding that any alleged wrongdoing would have taken place outside of Canada.

You know... Palestinazis in Canada have been away from the sun for far too long...

Away From The Sun

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Editorial Cartoons

From boston.com

PS. I don't tweet, I don't get it. Why and who are even tracing what's going on there? Really care to know every random thought of a tween? Every snack a celeb consumed?

I'm still not too optimistic regarding what the result of the protest in Iran will be. Of course, I can only hope they expel the Mullahs and restore a sane government. From the sounds coming from the videos - the "Allahukbar" shouts aren't helping me construct a positive outlook. Sometimes - the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

Netanyahu Offered Peace, PA responds with unleashing murderous Hamas terrorists

Surprise - Palestinazis don't want peace - they want a piece by piece and then some more murder. But go ahead "true friends of Israel" Obama and Clinton, put pressure on Israel while staying mute regarding Iran and Palestinazis.

Notice how every time someone discusses giving more in exchange for peace with Palestinazis a new war becomes ever so closer?

Let's negotiate!

PA to free hundreds of Hamas detainees
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to release hundreds of Hamas detainees who are being held without trial in various PA-controlled prisons in the West Bank, Palestinian officials here said on Monday.

The decision is aimed at paving the way for the resumption of reconciliation talks between Abbas's Fatah faction and Hamas, the officials said.

They added that Abbas's move was also aimed at sending a message to the US and Israel to the effect that the PA leadership is deeply disappointed by Washington's failure to force the Israeli government to stop construction in the settlements and accept the two-state solution unconditionally.

Azzam al-Ahmed, a top Fatah legislator closely associated with Abbas, said that Abbas has instructed the PA security forces in the West Bank to start releasing Hamas detainees in the coming days.

He said the instructions also related to those detainees who were arrested for security offences, on condition that they don't pose a threat to public order and security.

Ahmed, who served as a member of the Fatah delegation during the previous sessions of reconciliation talks with Hamas, confirmed that the decision was linked to Abbas's desire to patch up his differences with Hamas.

The Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks were called off due to Hamas's insistence that Abbas's security forces stop arresting its supporters in the West Bank and release some 700 detainees who are being held without trial.

PA security officials said the massive crackdown on Hamas supporters was part of a pre-emptive measure aimed at foiling the Islamic movement's attempt to topple the PA regime in the West Bank

Fatah and Hamas negotiators have been invited to another round of talks in the Egyptian capital on July 7.

A PA official here told The Jerusalem Post that the Egyptians were planning to impose an agreement on the two parties if they did not end their differences in the next few weeks.

"General Omar Suleiman is very serious about forcing the two sides to sign an agreement over the formation of a Palestinian unity government," the official said, referring to Egypt's General Intelligence Chief, who has been personally supervising the talks.

Ibrahim Abu al-Naja, a senior Fatah representative from the Gaza Strip who has also been involved in the reconciliation talks with Hamas, revealed that, on the instructions of Abbas, more than 20 Hamas detainees had already been released over the weekend.

"Fatah is prepared to do many things for the sake of achieving national unity," he said. "The divisions have seriously harmed the higher interests of our people."

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yahoo!Answers question: Name a single thing that is wrong in the Quran?

You are all welcome to try to answer that question....

Name a single thing that is wrong in the Quran? By a guy named Aly

My question would be: Name one thing that is NOT wrong with the Quran....

Related image, world smallest book of total evil, Quran:

Cross posted on Weasel Zippers, except for the following part:

A person can be a good person despite being a Muslim, and he might believe the Quran is great and perfect. As someone who is not Muslim, and who has seen so many hurt by Islam and Muslims, I cannot find my self defending the Quran. I have it at home in 2 languages and link to a browsable version of the quran on this blog. Only a Muslim would believe that statement, and anyone who is not a Muslim is free in a non Muslim repressive regime to ridicule it. I encourage moderate Muslims to understand that point. (And frankly, any Muslim who fails and sends threatening letters is by definition not a Moderate who by actions identifies the Quran as exactly what we refer to it - an evil old book)

Granddaughter of communist mass murderer to appear naked in PETA campaign

An explosion of moonbattery. An equivilant would be to find the granddaughter of Hitler to appear in a pro Jihadi campaign in a Burka.

On the flip side, now lefties and college student can finally ditch that Che T shirt and just have his granddaughter's boobs on the front. Progressives - it fits.

Guevara's granddaughter to appear in PETA campaign
The granddaughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara is at the forefront of another revolution — for vegetarianism.

Lydia Guevara poses semi-nude in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to "join the vegetarian revolution," said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.

The print campaign is expected to debut in October in magazines and posters, McGraw said. It will be launched first in Argentina, where Che Guevara was born, and then internationally. PETA approached the 24-year-old in recent months after finding out she was a vegetarian, McGraw said.

In the ad, Lydia Guevara wears camouflage pants, a red beret, and bandoliers of baby carrots while standing with one fist on her hip and the other outstretched.

"It very much evokes the tag line of the ad, which is 'Join the vegetarian revolution,'" McGraw said. "It's an homage of sorts to her late grandfather."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

N. Korea - Inaction and mumbling from Obama breeds potential horrifying reaction

It's not a time for "guessing" what comes next. Just listen to the lunatic still leading N.Korea.

Kim Jong Il is one leader missing a chromosome or two.

Image from thefoilhat.com

Report: N. Korea May Fire ICBM Toward Hawaii

North Korea may fire a long-range ballistic missile toward Hawaii in early July, a Japanese news report said Thursday, as Russia and China urged the regime to return to international disarmament talks on its rogue nuclear program.

The missile, believed to be a Taepodong-2 with a range of up to 4,000 miles, would be launched from North Korea's Dongchang-ni site on the northwestern coast, said the Yomiuri daily, Japan's top-selling newspaper. It cited an analysis by the Japanese Defense Ministry and intelligence gathered by U.S. reconnaissance satellites.

The missile launch could come between July 4 and 8, given the North's propensity to launch on U.S. holidays. July 8 is also the anniversary of former leader's Kim Il Sung's death.

As of late Wednesday night, however, there was no satellite imagery suggesting North Korea had yet stacked or staged a Taepodong-2 missile at either the Dongchang-ni site on its northwest coast or at its Musudan-ni facility on its northeast coast.

Trains are regularly running from North Korea's Tongnim missile factory to both the northwest and northeast launch pads, but there is speculation by South Korean officials that some may be empty and designed to confuse foreign intelligence agencies which the North knows are watching from the skies.

While the newspaper speculated the Taepodong-2 could fly over Japan and toward Hawaii, it said the missile would not be able to hit Hawaii's main islands, which are about 4,500 miles from the Korean peninsula.

A spokesman for the Japanese Defense Ministry declined to comment on the report. South Korea's Defense Ministry and the National Intelligence Service — the country's main spy agency — said they could not confirm it.

Tension on the divided Korean peninsula has spiked since the North conducted its second nuclear test on May 25 in defiance of repeated international warnings. The regime declared Saturday it would bolster its nuclear programs and threatened war in protest of U.N. sanctions taken for the nuclear test.

U.S. officials have said the North has been preparing to fire a long-range missile capable of striking the western U.S. In Washington on Tuesday, Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it would take at least three to five years for North Korea to pose a real threat to the U.S. west coast.

As an Israeli living in the US, I'm watching this situation with horror - as I consider how Obama is treating Israel, Iran, Syria and the Palestinazis. One edge of this shaky world is strongly connected to the other, as Obama backs the wrong side in Iran - as the IAEA enables further decline towards a nuclear holocaust - I'm simply horrified at what might come next.

I know I've written through out the years several warnings of "this might lead to WW-III", and thank goodness none have come true (yet). I'll mention in that regard that between 1967 and 1973 many times in Israel people have warned that a horrible new war is coming and Israel better be prepared. In the end, on the eve of Yom Kipur, those warnings have become unimpressive and the guards were let down. At the wrongest of moments - Israel let her guards down, and the enemies struck as they observed such carelessness.

I'm not saying WW-III is coming. I am saying the potential for such horror is upon us. It is becoming more and more viable as these threats intensify. Just because it is said again and again - doesn't make it less dangerous. The world is at peril. Take heed.

IAEA - not a watch dog, a diplomatic corrupt pawn covering up for tyrants inventing own international law

Making a mockery out of a mockery of an agency in a mockery of organization called UN

Consider this, IAEA covered up for Syria's nuke program and lashed out at Israel for bombing some of it. Israel today accused El-Bardai of bias - there's more than bias here, there's activism.

In response, El-Bardai accused Israel of violating international law and claiming there isn't enough proof that Syria sought nukes. The only way someone can claim anything of the sort is if he is either a lunatic detached from reality, or deliberately acting as an obstacle, destroying all access to discovery of the truth and using his role to cover up for Syria and Iran while trying to hurt Israel.

Thank god Israel bombed during Bush's admin, because I dare not imagine how Obama would address this situation. We've seen his response to the situation in Iran, we've seen how he handles and treats Israel.

ElBaradei lashes out at Israel over bombed site in Syria
Vienna - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei clashed with Israel Thursday over the country's lack of cooperation in uncovering the truth about an alleged nuclear reactor in Syria.

Israel bombed the suspected al-Kibar nuclear site in 2007 without first informing the IAEA. The nuclear agency has repeatedly called on Israel to share intelligence information, while Israel has urged the IAEA to step up its efforts.

'We would appreciate that you would stop preaching to us,' Director General ElBaradei told Israeli ambassador Israel Michaeli at a meeting of the IAEA's governing board, according to a participant.

His comments were sparked by Michaeli's call on the director general 'to avoid political bias in dealing with Syria's file,' according to the text of the Israeli diplomat's statement.

The bombing was a 'clear violation of international law,' ElBaradei said.

The United States has provided the nuclear agency with intelligence suggesting Syria was close to finishing work on a reactor that was not declared to the IAEA.

Syria has so far only permitted one visit by IAEA inspectors at the bombed site and claims al-Kibar was a conventional military installation.

Israel is widely believed to have nuclear weapons, but has never confirmed it. The country is not part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that limits the global spread of nuclear weapons.

'You are not even a member of the regime to tell us what to do,' participants quoted ElBaradei as saying.

At their only visit to al-Kibar, agency experts found particles of man-made uranium which were not part of the nuclear material declared to the IAEA.

In addition, the organization is investigating the origin of additional traces of man-made uranium found at a small scientific reactor in Damascus.

Syria maintains the traces at the bombed site came from Israeli munitions, but the IAEA said in a report in February the probability for such a scenario was low.

However, the Egyptian IAEA chief has been trying to get information from Israel to help exclude such a possibility.

While Michaeli said his country had responded in good faith to the agency's questions, ElBaradei said the information provided was brief - 'almost an insult.'

Michaeli also claimed ElBaradei had refused to meet with Israeli officials on this matter.

The United States on Thursday noted that Damascus had 'chosen to hinder the agency's efforts' and called on Syria to cooperate fully 'without delay,' said the US statement obtained by the German Press Agency dpa.

How dare the Israelis defy his majesty ElBardai?! He didn't get precisely what he imaginatively told the Israelis he wanted when he refused to meet them. Makes sense!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Read: Obama's Apology for Supporting Israel (6/5/2009)

One of things I missed while away.

Quoted out of HTML blockquote for better clarity.

Obama's Apology for Supporting Israel
David Storobin, Esq. - 6/5/2009

"The Obama administration is considering reducing its support for Israel in the UN if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not agree to freeze settlement construction, US officials were quoted by the New York Times as saying. According to Monday's report, measures under consideration included refraining from the Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of US President Barack Obama's "bully pulpit" to criticize the settlements."

On his current trip to Israel, President Obama refused to stop by Israel, a shocking slap in the face to Jerusalem. Israel is not some random country in the region, nor is it just a key ally in the region - it is involved in sensitive peace negotiations under the auspices of the United States and being ignored in such a way is a sign of the administration's bias and regional priorities.

The President repeatedly apologized for America's policy towards Moslems. But what policy exactly is it? In the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, we sided with Muslims. In the war between Christian Serbs and Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, we sided with Muslims. Between Indian Hindus and Pakistani Muslims, again, the US was allied with Islam. Turkey and Greece? Azerbaijan and Armenia? Somalia and Ethiopia? Washington sided with Muslims in all cases.

Between religious Muslims in Kuwait and the secular Saddam Hussein, we sided with the religious. We supported Saudi Wahhabis and opposed the secular Lybia.

In fact, we sided with Muslims in all cases except Israel. By apologizing, Barack Obama is apologizing for supporting Israel for there is nothing else that he could apologize for. Iraq? Maybe, but that was a war that replaced the secular Saddam with more religious, predominantly Shia rulers.

The Iraq War is also almost over, with withdrawals expected to begin in the coming months.

But how will the American policy change in the future? What will Obama's change be?

Only by withdrawing support for the Jewish state and shifting in favor of Islamic countries. By refusing to block the nonstop barrage of anti-Israel resolutions which come at Israel at a faster rate than what one saw against legal slavery in Sudan (until 1988), apartheid in South Africa (until 1994), genocide in Rwanda or any other conflicts. In many years, there are more proposed anti-Israel resolutions than anti-everyone else combined. Are we to believe that Israel commits more wrongs than all the world combined?

Will allowing these resolutions to pass become Obama's change? Change from what to what? From siding with a country that is being picked on and preventing it from being unnecessarily targeted to being in favor of anti-Semitism? Yes, anti-Semitism as a claim is being thrown far too often. However, the constant barrage of anti-Israel assaults in the UN can only be explained by hatred. It is not possible that Israel commits more crimes than the rest of the world combined; nor is it possible that whatever flaws it has are worse than genocide and slavery. The only way one can make such a claim, as the United Nations does by attacking Israel and ignoring all others, is if one is motivated by hatred towards Jews, and that would make it anti-Semitism.

Is that Obama's change? A change from fairness to anti-Semitism?
David Storobin is a New York lawyer who received Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Rutgers University School of Law. His Master's Thesis (M.A. - Comparative Politics) deals with the historical causes for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. He's been interviewed on radio and cited in books as a political expert. Mr. Storobin is also a practicing Criminal Defense and Family Law attorney.

Israel's Defense Minister: Don't be fooled by Mousavi - he's an extremist

Some people disapproved of my mentioning of that fact when the mess in Tehran began.

Also, yesterday, Scheuer was un-excited about the prospect of a civil war in Teheran - why exactly? Too many Iranians would die - so the world is better off with a fanatic regime. How about the many dying under an oppressive regime? Would someone please tell fox news to stop interviewing that antisemite madman?

Barak: Do not be fooled by Mousavi
As the unrest following the outcome of last week's presidential elections in Iran continues, and with Mossad Chief Meir Dagan saying the Tehran riots will end in a matter of days, while former Military Chief Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash predicts the end of the ayatollahs regime, Defense Minister Ehud Barak warns the prophecies are often given to fools.

"This is undoubtedly a fascinating process, but I wouldn’t venture a bet on the final outcome," he said Wednesday.

In an interview with Army Radio, Barak said that like US President Barack Obama, he too sees little difference between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his reformist rival Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

"Whatever happens, the regime is run by the ayatollahs. Don’t be fooled by Mousavi. These people are religious fundamentalists. What we are seeing in the streets is the true energy of young Iranians, who don’t want what happens – and they are being forcibly suppressed."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bill O'Reilly gives Micheal Scheuer the Antisemite a stage - with predictable results

I don't have the video, so I'll just summarize. He interviewed him on the situation in Iran, in the end of the interview - out of the blue, not in response to a question Scheuer says something on the lines of:
The Israelis would love to get America involved in a war with Iran. To send American kids to die. The sad thing is that we don't have any control over whether we get involved with war or not. That Mr. Netanyahu does whatever he feels like and might get us trapped to that situation.

(paraphrasing what I heard - not exact quote)

O'Reilly made a sour face and said - "nah, Netanyahu wouldn't do that. He knows the situation".

What do we expect from Scheuer - the man is obsessed with his Jew hate - as we've seen before.

O'Reilly should know better - but then again, he is still comfy with the likes of Pat Buchanan - so there you have it. O'Reilly is not an antisemite, but definitely an enabler and provides a stage for them.

Not terrorists, just good fellas caught fighting American troops in Afghanistan spend the rest of their lives in paradise. Makes sense

Pictures, and a few comments.

Welcome, try not to explode

Some people pay a fortune for this view. Others train with bin laden and get a free ticket from Obama.

Discussing the future, perhaps the US will send them some mail order brides too. 4 for each.

Let's give ice cream on the beach to all those who train with Bin Laden and fire at US soldiers. Not terrorists. Not at all.

If there ever was a time I wished for a shark...

Sharky, sharky, here's some food for ya...

Notice the shirt?

Next time you go through air port security and board a plane, think of this image.

Sources... all over the web. ABC, FOX, NY Post, daily telegraph and others. OK, mostly here.

Also, a quote I had to bring:
Guantánamo four stir up tropical storm in Bermuda The men have been renewing their acquaintance with the basic comforts of life outside prison, noting that since arriving they had glimpsed their first horse, first game of football and first fish – during a beach walk – that they had seen for seven years.

They are currently staying in a $200 a night guesthouse while the authorities arrange for them to have travel and work papers. Their expenses are being paid by the Bermudan authorities who are being recompensed by the US government.


"Our 13 brothers still in Guantanamo are just the same as us," said Mr Abdulqadir. "People need to understand that."


Only 200$ bucks a night? Why so stingy Barak? What's next for the terrorists in Gitmo - how can you make an even sweeter deal for the Jihadi scum?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Carter: Israel is a Jewish state? Never heard of that

Didn't expect much from the anti-Semite who refuses to condemn mass murder of Jews and places moral equivalence between those who launch rockets at civilians and those affected by it. Still by all measure - a new low: Former president of US "un-acknowledges" Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.

So according to the American left: Jews should have their state under the Mediterranean with the fishes.

(Netanyahu)... demands that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state even though 20% of Israel's citizens are not Jews," the former US president said.


So.... Obama thinks the US is a large Muslim state, and Democrat empty headed ex-president thinks Israel is not a Jewish state.

Hope and Change!!!!!

You know - we had enough hints towards Carter's antisemitism before... we just keep getting that notion reaffirmed.

Arab world dismayed Jews want their own country. Demand more Arab states

How dare Jews strive for the same national rights as other nations? They should evict their brothers from ancestral homeland and accept a new Dhimmi status... so said non other than the great peaceful leader of Egypt: Hosni Mubarak.

My answer is simple: Israel already exist, peace will come only once Arabs choose to live in this world - in this reality. Which could be never - I can live with that.

Democrats in white house and state department are apparently deaf (in addition to dumb which is granted by now) when such statements are made through out the Arab world.

Netanyahu's speech was excellent in that it exposed the root of the conflict and the hopelessness of further concessions so long as Arabs refuse to acknowledge Israel as home of the Jews. It is not a land with a government - it is the ancestral home of Jews as it is the political sanctuary from the evils of the world as were perpetrated through out the millenias.

JPost: 'Netanyahu is ruining peace chances'
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech on Sunday saying "Netanyahu's demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state is ruining the chance for peace," Egyptian news agencies reported on Monday.

Mubarak further added that "not Egypt, nor any other Arab country would support Netanyahu's approach."

Earlier Monday, a Syrian government newspaper slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech, and likened Israel's policies towards Palestinians to those of the Apartheid government in South Africa towards black people.

Syria's state-controlled Tishrin published an editorial claiming that the prime minister's foreign policy address proved that Israel's interest is to allow Palestinians to live only in isolated areas, similarly to black people in Apartheid South Africa.

The Zionist government, according to Netanyahu's speech last night, is willing to establish Palestinian cantons reminiscent of the black people's cantons in South Africa when the racist regime was in power," the editorial stated.

In his speech on Sunday evening, Netanyahu did not mention the Golan Heights, but said he wants to meet all Arab leaders and make peace, stressing that he is "willing to go to Damascus, to Riyadh, to Beirut, to any place," for this purpose.

On Saturday, US President Barack Obama's special Mideast envoy said that Syria has a key role to play in forging peace in the region, during a visit that marked the strongest US push yet to improve relations with the country.

Syria and the US share an obligation "to create conditions for negotiations to begin promptly and end successfully," George Mitchell told reporters after a 90-minute meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the capital, Damascus.

Mitchell was the highest ranking official to visit Syria since 2005 when the US recalled its ambassador.

How's voting for Obama and putting all the blame on Israel and Jews in Israel working for those Jews who voted Obama convinced he is a "true friend of Israel"?

Several people have told me over the last two weeks in Israel: Who will save Israel from president Hussain?

Stop bad mouthing those who insisted on mentioning Obama's Islamic roots - as he now carries them with pride while he does his best to humiliate Israel in the international arena. These are not avoidable news bits. Those were clear headlines and if someone managed to miss it - he should have his head examined.

What's Obama's rush with destroying Israel through faux peace? Doesn't he have America's economy to demolish first? Or is that job practicably a done deal by now so he can focus on destroying foreign countries as well?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What did I miss?

  1. Comedian makes derogatory statements towards 14 year old girls because her mom is of the wrong party.
  2. A plane from Brazil to France mysteriously explodes the same day I fly internationally to Israel.
  3. Obama grovels to Arab world in a speech, at least in an interview he disassociates Holocaust from Naqba (or something).
  4. O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are portrayed by left nut jobs as murderers of saint baby killer.
  5. A 90 year old anti-Semite murders a guard at holocaust museum. Funny story, I was initially told it was the wax museum. (Holocaust in Hebrew is Shoa, Wax in Hebrew Sha’ava – honest mistake by relative who misled me)
  6. Prejean is finally fired. Whatever.
  7. Actually, her replacement was against gay marriage too… so apparently being a beauty queen somehow makes a young girl’s opinion about such matters important to the rest of the world. Hint to gay marriage supporters: A queen of beauty rules no one. It’s not the crown of England.
  8. Paul Krugman proves to be one major toolbag. Should win a second Nobel prize for being the smartest dunce around.
  9. Terrorists are sent to paradise Island, not the reality show – just reality of Obama
  10. Foreign terrorists at foreign countries are given Miranda rights.
  11. N’ Korea shows us the magic of the ObamaMassiah is simple smoke and mirrors. More smoke.
  12. The anti-Semite finally came out of Obama’s “former” pastor. 20 years, didn’t pay attention. That’s one smart cookie we have for president.
  13. Stimulus is proven ineffective (if not further destructive), media plays interference for Obama.
  14. European leaders celebrate “playboy style”, Europeans generally approve.
  15. Lebanon proves that no one really understands Lebanon.
  16. Supposed sci-fi goof funny movie turns out to be a gross over-sexualized piece of crap. Will Ferrell keeps proving how over-rates he is.
I'll be back to regular 1 to 2 posts a day next week.

Protesters riot in Teheran, oppressive regime quick to impose censorship

Good luck to the rioters. Don't stop with protesting, take down the regime - undo the Ayatollas damage.

Truth be told, Mousavi was the originator of the nuke program under the Ayatollas. So the west had better hope for a complete shake up and not just one evil troll replaced with another.

ynet report of the false elections in Iran

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Internet - Finally

Hotel and the location I was working at had horrible internet access. I'm staring at the plane about to take me to New Ark.

Soon, I'll be home.

So long Tel Aviv

Picture of Tel Aviv from the 15th floor of Sheraton City Tower on the Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan cross section.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Mabruk Ya Lubnan - said NO to Iranian take over

Am I surprised? Yes. Shocked not so much.

Good luck fending off the physical threat as well.

(written on the last seconds of a guest work day in Israel ... family visiting part is over for me, soon I'll be back in Michigan)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Quick update from Israel: Fish stand at Ako open market at old city

I'll be back at the US on next Friday, and will be back to more actively blogging on the following week. In the meanwhile enjoy this photo, click to enlarge. About the photo; digital images cannot deliver the stench...

PS. Some of my uncles here say: Who will save Israel from President Hussain? My answer, 3 more years to election, hold on. Hopefully the American public will wake up and save Israel and the US from President Hussain, the socialist - pro Arabs, anti Israel, anti Jews - who simply doesn't understand history and realities of Israel, Jews and the middle east. I think the speech was awful. It was horrendous. I don't understand how some thought it "was surprisingly good". I guess you have to be more sensitive to see the false statements he made and the obnoxious groveling and refusal to criticize the Arabs.

I noticed a headline in Yediot Aharonot: "More Hussain than Barak".

Will those who voted for president Hussain finally wake up and realize they were lied to by the eager MSM? I guess not they are still protesting in down town Chicago "indict Bush". (photo taken by my wife on April 2009)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Photo: I'm here on business... cough- cough...

Actually, it's part business, part family - and "alas" my family lives close to the beautiful Mediterranean beach...