Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sham of a court

The Israeli supreme court disqualified a law which gives the country immunity within its own courts from law suits by casualties on the Arab side during a time of war. Makes sense, doesn't it?
How do you call a supreme court which takes it upon itself to disqualify laws legislated by the parliament in a country which does not have a constitution? Is this a democracy or the rule of self imposing far left ideologues who hate their own country? One cannot even compare this to the US supreme court ruling against the tribunals in Gitmo, at least the US court can rely on a constitution whereas the Israeli court relies on air.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A good surprise

This week a pro Israel speaker - Brigitte Gabriel - was lecturing on University of Michigan's campus, contrary to predictions there were no incidents. This is a very good surprise but I did not think that under the cold and snowy weather that existed on that day we should have expected the anti-Semites to abandon their hash smoking or hate mongering caves. There is however no reason to think they do not live in or around Ann Arbor as we have seen them protesting against Jewish or Israeli holidays gathering in the near past.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A quick note about the Hezbollah protests in Beirut.

It is well known that Hezbollah invests in planned propaganda and does its best to manipulate the western media. That is why I am guessing that the theatrical presentation of "peaceful terrorist democratic protesters" is nothing more than a staged show where behind the scenes a very violent and sinister process is taking place. Do not be surprised to hear of direct threats at family members of Christian and Duruz leaders.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Persian World War

In the late 70-s the radical president Jimmy Carter pushed Iran over the edge and has brought a colossal disaster only second to the rise of the Nazis. It is now a recorded page of history that the US along with the Europeans pushed the Shah of Iran to give concessions to the radicals in his country in the name of “democratization”. When the political structure collapsed it gave rise to the fourth Reich… err... erase that, to the Islamic republic of Iran. The new Iran vowed to fight until the elimination of Israel and to fight until the end of times to eliminate the USA with the intent of replacing it with a state within the Shea super world power – Iran. What I have just written should come as news to nobody. The question I am asking is – do people realize that Iran is in war with Israel and the United States?

The Iranian strategies for each front:
Iraq: Very simple, ignite every possible local feud, arm whoever wishes to undermine stability, blame the US for everything. As Iran sees it, the US’s involvement in Iraq weakens the economy, the resolve and the recruitment levels. The longer the United States stays involved with the blood thirsty Arabs of Iraq, the more Iran gains. The goal is to disallow American foothold close by to Iranian borders for a possible strike too close to Teheran. For this reason, they will turn on their own Shea agents; they will harbor Al-Qaeda leaders and will fund whoever wishes to hold a gun and murder in Bagdad. Iran sees the war with the United States a long term mission and the current battle as nothing more than a prelude.

Israel: The way I see it, Iran has devised the following strategy to fight Israel along with their Palestinian cronies and Lebanon’s Hezbollah:

1. Ignite and persist terror attacks against Israel in decided areas over time to encourage Israel to contemplate “unilateral withdrawals” or “interim peace treaties”.
2. Provide a few months of calm or low intensity fighting to reassure western and Israeli public opinion.
3. Quietly and methodically construct a military deterrent in evacuated territories.
4. Resume violence in new strategic locations.

This strategy will repeat itself until, as they hope, enough territory is available for construction of an assault force which would try to take what is left of Israel in a swift move.

1. Periodically assassin key opposing politicians to keep the “non Shea” majority submissive to Shea demands.
2. Maintain a tense truce with Israel to assist propaganda within Shea youths
3. Flood Lebanon with fake dollars to buy influence, undermine any attempt to create a viable economy and undermine any western influence
4. Terrorize and threaten Christians to encourage their departure from the Middle East
Once the Shea will feel confident enough, they will claim they are the majority (even if they are not) and proclaim the country theirs, imposing Iranian style theocracy rule. The Shea are not timid when it comes to broiling a new civil war.

Taking advantage of the weak mafia rule of Assad the second, Iran has virtually taken control over Syria foreign policy. There could be sincere doubts regarding the current state of sovereignty of Syria. The “Allowies” cult who are a minority within Syria yet they are the rulers of the country, although considering themselves to be related to “Shea”, are considered by most other Muslims as pagan. I can only guess what Iran’s intentions towards Syria are; my best guess is that their plans are postponed until they can establish their plans for Iraq and Lebanon.

South America:
Iranian efforts include several parallel routes. Firstly, Iran is basing its terror power on voluntary immigration from Lebanon and exiled Iranians. Iran has used some of its cells in the 90-s to attack Jewish targets in Argentina. There are concentrated areas of disorder which Hezbollah has used as money laundering and training centers. The lack of civil order and widespread corruption present in Latin America is fertile ground for international espionage. These are not “James Bond 007” style romantic adventures, these are seriously dangerous developments.

The second major route includes establishing strong diplomatic ties with whoever stands out as the bigger opposition to the United States. Currently – Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. When Chavez met Ahmedinajad the headlines should have screamed: “The convention of the devilish megalomaniacs.”

United States:
One cannot tell when and how the overt operations of Iran will begin within the United States. One can only guess that not all members of the Persian Diaspora are loyal citizens. One can only guess that Dearborn, MI, is a model for infiltration with mal intents. These assertions cannot be validated by facts. The only truth to the matter is that the Shea population within the US has received less attention since it is the Sunni that the agencies battle with the war on Al-Qaeda. I can assume however that for any violent measure taken by the US against Iran’s sovereign entity, there are operational plans for terror attacks within the US. It is a known fact that several Iranian agents have been caught while taking surveillance for potential such attacks.

It is unclear to me how one can ignore all other fronts, which are clearly fronts in a war against the United States, if not US’s interests. Taken the state of affair, it seems to me that the US is in a state of war with Iran, not so much a cold one either.

Nukes? Anyone?
Much hoopla lately regarding the nuclear ambitions of Iran. Nothing being done to stop it though. My best optimistic approach would say Iran would only use its nukes for self defense to deter any exterior intervention which might try to undermine the dark regime. The general opinion however is much more pessimistic and assumes that Iran would not hesitate to use their nuclear weapons as soon as possible in their global war efforts

Rolling disastrous policies in the Middle East

Both republicans and democrats, when they discuss policies for stability in Iraq in particular, and in the Middle East in general, miss the main point. They base their plans on the delusion that the tribal structure of the Arab world along with the blood thirsty culture can be some how molded into a form of a democratic self government. It seems to me that every attempt to give the Arabs in Iraq self governing and policing control results in rivers of blood. Every location the Army cleared of terrorists and then handed over, turned in a short while to a new safe haven for the same or “newly recruited” terrorists from the older or a newly formed terror group. Is this a global network or the manifestation of a culture we are looking at?

The same genius approach is implemented in Lebanon and in Gaza. The Israelis turn a blind eye to the Syrian and Iranian ongoing process of militarizing the local populations. They are turning the civilian population to a division of the Syrian armed forces with the directives and command of Syrian and Iranian military officers. For a quick reminder, Israel withdrew from south Lebanon and Gaza on the behest of the world community with the encouragement of the US. The idea was to let self governing Arabs reach the conclusion that peace is at hand and live happily ever after. Living in la la land won’t solve a thing. Not for Iraq, not for Gaza and not for Lebanon. It is high time someone reaches that conclusion and begins diverting efforts from a “democratic Arab rule” to an imposed dictatorship and complete occupation on these people. Some nations are too blood thirsty to rule themselves.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Collecting news bits... Lebanon is on the brink of civil war

* Today, a major Christian leader was assassinated. This follows threats from Hezbollah demanding to take over the country. Can't say what will happen next; In the past we can find instances where Christian would go on a rampage - taking vengeance against any Muslim they encounter. In the past we've seen masses go to the streets with protest. In the past we've seen world indifference for horrors in Lebanon, we've seen world complaisance with Syrian oppression of the Lebanese, we've seen mass exodus of Christians - without anyone crying for their plight.

* In other news, whenever we hear of Abu Mazen escaping the PA to some Arab state I'm suspicious. He always does so to avoid being on the ground when the PA war to eliminate Israel escalates. He would like us to believe he has nothing to do with it. Now he is on his way to Saudi Arabia. The land of camel milk and money.

* The Israeli government is engaged in large scale incursions into Gaza city for the purpose of killing one or two terrorists. They claim that they are doing everything possible to stop the bombing of the Israeli town of Sderot. Everything? Really? How about admitting giving land for terror...err, land for "peace" was a mistake? How about taking back control? Everything? I doubt it. If 99% of the world already finds it acceptable to condemn fighting terror without mentioning terror at the UN assembly, if France is already the enemy on your border, if spineless Spain who ran with their tails from Iraq and capitulated to terrorists to change their government in the last election, if Spain wishes to put troops on the ground in Gaza... (too scared to fight Muslims, but fighting Jews is a habit straight from the era of the inquisition) ... Then Why Oh Why not do whatever is right and let the hypocrites whistle their empty tunes. Safeguard your own before appeasing your "faux ami".

Two more foreigners were kidnapped in Gaza. The bleeding hearts just can't get it through their thick scull. Infidels to Gaza Muslims is like Meat to Carnivores.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Le Islamic Republic Du France

A salam aleikum infidels. Bon jour. Como Sava? Sava Bien? Convert or we will kill you and have a nice day.

While buses are torched by Jihadists, cops are ambushed and lynched. While the demographics shows France is surrendering to Islam. While school girls are gang raped for the crime of being white. While the Jews flee. While the Jewish schools are torched. While every Monday and Thursday a new plot to bomb "La Metro" is uncovered. While the French courts are abused to enforce silence regarding the lies of the "al dura" blood libel. All the while... The French foreign office finds the time to zealously condemn Israel, The French troops pride themselves on protecting the terror group Hezbollah by targeting Israeli reconnaissance planes.

I pity the last remaining breed of white Frenchmen. The self destructing - suicidal - soon to be minority in their own country - French.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dare we call it a wave of Anti Semitism?

An excellent collection of horrifying series of events at frontpage-magazine

Just add this to swastikas at Californian universities and the recent election of a Nation of Islam congressman who converted in Detroit (where else?). The evil will spread from Detroit until it will consume the country.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Does the 2006 Pelosi victory signal a coming disengagement from Israel?

Consider the facts: She represents the anti-Semite lefties of San Francisco. Her taking over the congress house is in sync with a first ever Nation Of Islam congressman (Minnesota).

Today, another tragedy happened in Gaza, I presume the following hours will show us who the democrats really are by expressing their opinions on the subject. In my opinion, what happened in Gaza today is another highly suspicious incident where it is possible that the Palestinians are to blame for the deaths as much as it is possible that the usual suspect (- Israel) is. I expect the Democrats to put aside their latest victory to focus on what they really care about - those poor Jihadists/Palestinians.

I was wrong - no peep from the democrats regarding the deaths in Gaza. Either that, or none reported. There's enough mess caused by their other loony ideas such as reimposing the draft.

Very - Very Intresting article

Daniel Pipes once again gives strong insightful and well researched historical anecdote extremely relevant to our time:

Read here

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Profiling... again... or not?

Does the fact that most people who are arrested with suspicion of contemplating terror acts are Muslims mean that law enforcement agencies are profiling Muslims, or is it that almost exclusively all terror plots are contemplated by Muslims?

Friday, October 27, 2006

The true face of Anti-Semitism

When people reflect on the meaning of antisemitism they often think about WWII and mumble calmly that “those Germans, it was their fault entirely” - Disregarding the fact that it was a world plague.

Antisemitism should not be measured only with backwards goggles. You cannot reflect back, state that things were probably bad because of a few select “bad people” and that today it is all different. In my view, the harshest forms of antisemitism come to light when blatant hatred of Jews is disregarded as the norm. This is a clear sign of things going really bad.

The hatred has gone no where. The symptoms might have subsided for a few years, even allowing the Jewish people to form their own state, but recent horrifying actions which have gone with little attention from media have reassured us that antisemitism is back full throttle.

Take the US universities as a classic example. Hate is taught and practice under the false pretense of Middle Eastern studies or “sensitivities to the feelings of Muslims”. Swastikas on Jewish dorms have apparently become a thing of the norm, not worthy of reaching the news. “It is all the Jews fault, they started all the wars” – when a famous (religious?) entertainer said that the media went into a frenzy but when it is repeated by too many in the left spectrum of our political arena it is considered “OK”.

It is back, full throttle, and the worst part about it is the calmness by which humanity accepts it. It is normal to hate and harass the Jews – this is the true face of antisemitism – this is its worst manifestation. One day some will look back, reflect and write in history books that “there might have been some indications of Jew hating but they were scarce as they were not too often highlighted by media”. Everyone thought the holocaust was a surprise, didn’t expect that for some reason – what next disaster will humanity ponder about with slight indifference?

Monday, October 23, 2006

I dont believe debka.com but...

If what they write is true - that is - that Israel knows where stock piles of missile on route to Hezbollah are laying in Syria, then combine that fact with the entrance to the government of the clinically insane Avigdor Lieberman (not to be confused with a democrat) - add the two and you get that stock pile bombed in the next two weeks, sparking the next middle east war.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Conversations on the road

I rarely wish to engage in conversations with random people I meet regarding the things I write about here. The main reason for that is that people usually fall into one of two categories. The first are willfully ignorant of the situation. Their naïve questions and world views can easily amount to an insult. Never the less, once asked a naïve question I cannot help but provide a lengthy answer. The second group is the harshly opinionated. People, who do get updates, are aware of at least one side of the story but refuse to listen to anything which might burst their bubble. Arguing rapidly seems futile. Somehow I do get dragged into such conversations with strangers.

Two examples of such discussions which have happened in the last two months; on the first occasion, I met a stranger in an airport. He was an elderly stranger who sat next to me at the airport burger king. For some odd reason he began talking to me (uninvited). He started telling me how he used to work in the pentagon, how he knows and met Israeli leaders, how familiar he is with the Bush family etc. None of this I wished to know. He brought up this information to let me know what he thought about the Lebanon war. How he thought that Israel was in real trouble and how they lost the war (I excuse you from the expletives he used). He went on to tell me how stupid he thinks G.W Bush is. How he admires Rabin, and what an extremist Benjamin Netanyahu.

Between him chewing his whopper with his mouth open, to his age, to his zeal, I chose not to argue. I smiled, responded with a few generic observations without going into details and as soon as I could – shook his hand and said good bye. In case you’re wondering he was in the second group – harshly opinionated.

Another conversation happened to me recently with a cab driver on my way to a different airport. He said he deliberately avoids listening to the news and gets updates about once in two months. He asked me if all people really live in a war zone in Israel. I think for the next 10 minutes, while sitting in a traffic Jam, I gave my best effort to describe what is happening, has happened and why. Most importantly I stressed out that from my knowledge, most Israelis live their life as if there is and was no war. As if they are not surrounded by millions striving to murder them. People live in apartments, go to work, send their kids to school and are usually just going through a normal life.

I did not go into details but did mention that life gets destroyed by random acts of terror, by imposed states of war, or how the latest war devastated the north.

I do not know if my conversations with people changed the way they view things. I assume the 5 to 10 minutes they spent with me, a stranger, made little difference on them.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

France - the new army of Allah!?

Ooh I hate to be right on such disastruas developments. I said before that the French intrest in Lebanon dubios - it turns out to be much worse. They have protected Hizbollah leader Friday during a shamefull boasting of power by a terror group. The French and Israeli plane were almost in a state of war fare.

I WARNED AGAINST THIS! Who is the idiot who called upon world powers to defend terror groups and fight against Israel?! The current stage can be one of two things:

1. Either this is a sure visible precursor to World War III (Guess which side the French are on?)

2. The situation in Lebanon will somehow miraculasly pacify... Germany, France and Russia will not be dragged into a direct military conflict with Israel (in the name of Iranian oil)

Icky - Yacky situation....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spoken Pope

They’re angry and violent again… for being told that being angry and violent is evil. The Muslims think it is within their rights to tell believers and leaders of other religions what to do and say. All the while they take constant and deliberate offense from being criticized. Catholics on the other hand are known to stand firm behind the leader of their religion and not bow to intimidations.

This is exactly the same situation as was with the Danish cartoons. The Islamists were looking for an excuse to prove to all non Muslims that Islam followers do behave violently.

A small note: When the Vatican expressed condemnations to terror acts it listed out exactly which instances it meant while deliberately ignoring violent acts against Jews in Israel. When the state of Israel protested the response was even harsher, the Vatican responded by saying: “neither you nor no one else has a right to tell the holly Pope what he should and should not say”. This incident caused great stress in the relations between Catholics and Jews, and between the Vatican and the state of Israel.

Perhaps all the hypocrites who say “the Pope should have said this”, “should have done that”, “should not have said”, “should have apologized more censure”, they should consider the catholic stance on the divinity of the Pope and respect the fact that for Catholics, the Pope is always right and others who might criticize are considered hostile and irrelevant.

Observing the two religions one fails to see resemblance. The Catholics who take offense from criticism of their Pope do not go to the streets to burn and murder. The Pope was criticized for speaking while the Muslims are criticized for doing true evil: Murdering in the name of god.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keeping face by an anti-semite phony rights group

Amnesty international has published a report on their opinion that Hezbollah did commit war crimes. For some reason it took them longer to reach such conclusion than to conclude immediately, spontaneously and incorrectly that Israel has committed war crimes.

A very good piece on the subject of their bias was written by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Read here.

The mere fact is that this is not the first time they do this; they cling to every bogus claim of victim hood by Taquiyya committing Jihadists. They are quick to accuse Jews and Israel of horrific crimes, then after years of such behavior, and after dozens of one sided reports they wash their hands by a single short and very quietly published paper admitting that what Arabs are doing to Jews is without a doubt a war crime. Only after 9/11 did we see them go after the US with similar impertinence while trying to tag every measure taken to defend Americans as violations of human rights. Violation of the rights of the terrorists.

They are Anti-Semite by their actions. Their bias and zeal to indict Jews first cannot be interpreted by anything but Anti-Semitism however much they will deny it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The double edge sword of CAIR activism

Jews have known this for a while – if you are active in politics and are trying to better your reputation with the general community – you draw more attention to yourself. For Jews in Europe pre-WW II that meant every anti Semite lie has been exploited up to the point of committing a genocide against the Jews. For CAIR it means that every deceitful attempt to whitewash Islamic connection to terrorism, and the entire history and nature of Islam which they are trying to hide has come to the attention of the world global community. The negative attention the Muslims are getting, unlike the negative attention the Jews got, is well deserved. The truth about Islam (unlike the lies about Jews) surface above CAIR’s lies and spin.

While in the few first months after 9-11 we kept hearing about “the religion of peace”, and “not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims”, it has become apparent for most of us that we are discussing the religion of hate, the religion of Jihad, and that almost all modern day terrorists and terror acts are by Muslim. In addition to that we learned that while many hoped that the general Muslim community opposes Jihady terrorists, those hopes were easy to disillusion by reading the polls and listening to Muslims within western countries. Most of the Muslim population supports terror against Jews, against Britain, against Spain, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Russia and even against other Muslims of different sectors. The deafening silence of the Western Muslim leadership with regards to the thousands of terror attacks tells us less than the vigorous struggle they put to assist captured terrorists in Guantanamo and Israeli prisons.

The double edge sword of CAIR activism has raised negative attention to the Muslim community rather than improve relationships. The reason for that is simple. One can find too often denunciation of terror fighting measures and false claims of Muslim victim hood than condemnations of Muslim Terror. The mere use of the term “Muslim Terror” is strongly condemned by them. Jews in Europe who were trying to fight Anti Semitism were pointing to true victim hood and true lies regarding Jews. There was no Jewish movement attempting to murder infidels, there was and isn’t no Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. The thoughts and actions of Muslims in the west are too obvious to ignore or brush off by the lame attempts of CAIR to claim victim hood.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The UN forces farce

Micah Haleprn has posted today a very interesting piece: here.

I have noted before what I think of the UN forces and the extremely odd French involvement. From which they retracted, then committed again, then retracted then... well they are French - the only direction the French army can move is backwards.

It is no surprise to hear the news of how UNIFIL helped Hezbollah during the war, it helped them before with the kidnapping in 2000. It is no surprise they state they are about to betray their mission and do none of its commitment - only to serve as protectors of a terror group named Hezbollah. F@#@ (place expletive here) UN!

Morning news: Labour sais 'Blair Out'

Excellent analysis by Melanie Phillips.

Couldn't agree with her more... as I noted before, I look in fear of what will happen after Balir actually leaves.

Broadcasting propaganda for the enemy

The Israeli channel 10 broadcast live on Israeli television and over the internet a well thought of and polished propaganda movie made by the Hezbollah to advocate their righteousness and to glorify their terrorist warriors. With sad and gloomy faces sat the news anchors and discussed topics with parents of slain soldiers and former Israeli negotiator. The Israeli channel paid the Leanness channel for their propaganda material and broadcasted it in Arabic to Israel. The money, no doubt goes strait to the hands of Hezbollah.

The only small rays of light which could be seen from this ordeal are the clear words said by a parent of one formerly snatched and slain soldier. Back in 2000 – Israel should have maid them pay harsh, both Lebanon and Hezbollah. That would have taught them never to do this again. The lessons of the 2000 kidnapping – the military lessons should have been taken. Clearly – that has not happened, as they kidnapped again just two months ago.

For Israel – not losing nor winning a war – and then falling into a political chaos can persuade their enemies that war does pay nicely for them and therefore it should be continued. As I have said before – wars in the Middle East must be won. Cut and clear. Stalemate will only bring further hardship sooner rather than later.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time to impose puppet dictators in the Middle East

Seriously, has no-one ever considered solutions such as the above in the Middle East? Of course they did – that is how the British and French took over after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and that is how the Kingdoms of Jordan, Iraq, and Saud were raised. It is lack of attention to defiance and hatred that has led us all to the current situation – hate speech should have never been permitted in the new states of the Middle East.

My view on solving the Palestinian terror issue:
1. Gradually take over neighborhood by neighborhood.
2. Search every house for weapons. Take out all satellite and internet access.
3. Recruit local unarmed officers
4. Enforce local hidden security and actively seek to incarcerate resistance – political or militarily.
5. Put barriers between each neighborhood. Separate areas “freed” from the PA-Chaos, and areas under PA-Chaos.
6. Group several such occupied neighborhoods under a hierarchy of paid collaborators.
7. Create a local army of trusted collaborators with financial interest in keeping the peace. Do not let them excuse any bad behavior by attempts to please locals. The only goal is to keep order and cooperation.
8. Continue said plan until Gaza is taken over again and put under complete Israeli occupation and control.
9. Control the local media, and prevent outside influences. Create local television channels and control them. Create news paper outlets and control them.
10. Implant a local dictator to Gaza and then finally:
11. Seek world recognition of a sovereign state in Gaza to which Israel will pass the reigns of control gradually.

From there – once peace is kept and imposed though force, start implementing Bush’s ideals:
1. Slowly ease occupying measures
2. Provide amnesty to formerly resisting forces selectively.
3. On every step backwards into resistance and terrorism, re-impose totalitarian measures.

Once several generations have passed and Jihady philosophy is rooted out, once peace is kept and reassured – then, and only then – it would be the right time to implement Democracy. Such democracy should have the tools and measures to combat new attempts to Jihady take over.

I know this sounds harsh – but what has the humanitarian way brought us (Arabs, Americans and Israelis)?

A few notes:
1. Under no circumstances should there be resettlement of Jews within hostile Arab communities. Although Jewish communities existed for centuries prior to Zionism, including in Gaza, from the current state of affair (as well as the future one) we can deduct that never again could Arabs live peacefully with Jews. There is a threshold of hate that cannot be overcome.
2. Despite Note#1, Israel should continuously spread the word of cooperation between Arabs and Jews as a key to future coexistence. The interest of Arabs as peaceful neighbors should be emphasized again and again. The bright future that could be versus the nightmare that is the current state of affairs as a result of Jihadists and Terror.
3. It is time for visionary statehood philosophy to be imposed on the Palestinians as a replacement to the Jihady state of mind that has been allowed to persist.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Best commentary on the situation yet...

Read here

The apologizing mole man - a winner?!

Chief Hezbollah - Nasralla Bam Bam - is too scared to surface. He knows he is fair game for Israeli missiles and simply chooses to live the rest of his life underground. See - he won the war - therefore he can live the rest of his life under the ground. Go eat roots mole-man.

Well, it gets better: Mole man apologized on Lebanese broadcast for starting a war. He didn’t mean to. He really thought that murdering and kidnapping is not an action that starts a war. Especially not with Israelis whom should be accustomed to this type of behavior from their loving Arab neighbors.

Although I do not think Israel "won" this war, I certainly don’t believe the mole-man, mister bam bam did. I would love to see his photo 20 years from now - after not seeing the light of day for fear from meeting justice. I turn to sci-fi to imagine the complexion of his white-transparent skin and wild lice infested beard. I’m going to turn to Babylon 5 for a bunch of pictures to see which would match him most.

God bless, they are alive and well

Best wishes to the families of the fox news employees, former hostages.

All the worst wishes to their captors. I hope a missile will get you soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The world has not ended - yet

My wife asked me a week ago what do I think will happen on 8-22, will Iran start a war? Will the cease fire in Lebanon collapse? I answered to her that either a war starts or we win the lottery. I spent 5$ on tuesday's lotterry.

Sadly - I did not win the lottery... but neither has the world come to an end. I believe the latter is a good thing.

No real need to mention that it is high time the world powers (USA, Russia and China) start putting real pressure on Iran, Lebanon and Syria to end the madness.

By the way - has anyone noticed how two days after the decleration of the cease fire in Lebanon - the US media has decided that peace has broke out and there is no more need to cover the story? Anyone notice any news bits over the kidnapped foxnews reporters in Gaza? Just today their kidnappers released a video of them and an impossible demand hinting they are about to chop their heads "Zarkawi" style. Such lovely people the Palestinians. As far as I'm concerned, there are 5 hostages in terrorists hands which should be released under no terms for the situation in Lebanon and the Palestinian authority to move forward. That is 3 Israeli soldiers, and 2 foxnews reporters.

I said before that I think the pot is reaching a boiling point - I believe that this situation has not changed. We are now talking about 5 hostages, soon we will be talking about more, the only situation which has pacified a bit is the rockets flying into Israel from the north. The situation is still pretty much the same from the south. Rockets still rain in on southern Israeli towns.

Let's face it - being right in your ambitions, being just in your heart - is not a guarenty to achieving victory and implementing your ideals. I see the current Bush/Olmert set of actions and tactics as a disaster. Time to wake up - No democracy can take hold in an enviroment of Mafia rule. Terrorists are not political parties and when they pretend to be, they take over and act as thugs. The historical lesson of allowing Hitler to pretend to be anything other than a thug - something like a political leader - has brought great pain to the world. This lesson has to be learned and implmented when discussing the Middle East. Terrorists like Nasralla, Mashal(Hamas-Syria), and Hania (Hamas-PA), thugs like Assad and Ahmedinajad and coward wizals such as Fuad Seniora(Lebanon) should not be allowed to threaten the world. The only way to win this war against Radical Islam is to fight it - not to debate it at the UN.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Feel the peace as demanded by UN - are you scared yet?

I'll open by saying that I'll be away for a few days and won't be able to comment much about the disgusting situation that continues...

So in a very few words - I'm disgusted. All this carnage to release a person who murdered a family because they are Jewish; Samir Kuntar. Is this not despicable?! 1000 Lebanese lives, 150 Israelis, to release a murderer, and the UN did not even try to address the problem? The Israeli government accepted this? The Lebanese government declared they accept nothing except Israeli retreat – claming they will not do even the minimum required by them at the UN resolution.

Kofi Anan is an anti-Semite, and his organization is so very much concerned with humanitarian aid, but fails to mention how he cares about delivering such aid only to one side of the conflict. The side that started it all, and refused to end it by undoing its deeds, releasing the hostages. HOSTAGES! A sovereign state has taken hostages from another and refuses to abide by the Geneva Convention and allow the Red Cross to meet them. How messed up is the UN? Why did our country – the US – support this deal? Is it because the idiot in charge of Israel actually wanted this result? Actually wanted Israel to stop under the pressure and request of the UN – like a bully screaming “hold me” because he really is too scared to punch other kids?

Most of all, I must confess – I am confused. If there is a cease fire, then why did Olmert order the army to march forward? Why escalate? Everything here sounds backwards and awful. I do hope I just misunderstand the situation. Time will tell, I’ll be back next week to inject my view on this rapidly changing situation.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The French are coming! The French are coming!

What in the world is the interest of France as a buffering power between Israel and Hezbollah?! Is it a resurrection of the French empire ambitions? As noted before, there is an obvious risk of deterioration in relations between France and Israel. Hezbollah and Iran can orchestrate moves which would put Israeli and French soldiers in direct conflict, possibly forcing the sides to face each other in war.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where’s the outrage over the scores dead in Iraq?

If I hear one more time whining about a dead terrorist in Lebanon or a misfire in Iraq by Marines I’ll scream. (oops I'm screaming again - inside) Scores died. Scores – in the hands of Islamist. Arabs killing Arabs are just not a big cause for the bleeding hearts making a feast out of every casualty not killed by Arabs. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the Main Stream Media's fake posture. I’m sick of CAIR and other Muslim groups in the west who “care” so very much for Lebanese and Palestinians but do not care at all for the Iraqis.

To all the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Emeritus – stop pouring money into terrorist’s hands and start helping your civilian brothers in Iraq. Enough with this!

Humiliation is key

Often we hear about Muslim offended and humiliated. It is well known now that humiliation is a keyword in the Middle Eastern culture. Many things are driven by sense of humiliation such as Honor Killing, Blood Vendettas and utter defeat being portrayed as a glorious victory. It is not only important to shake off any sense of humiliation but it is also important to inflict supposed humiliation on your enemy. Hezbollah as the micro-cosmos of the Arab mentality shines when Humiliation is discussed. A unilateral withdrawal of Israel is portrayed as a glorious victory which shames the Jews. A demand to disarm is labeled as an attempt to humiliate Muslims. Anything other than a complete surrender to the demands of the terrorist is a humiliating term to a cease fire. Is this not barbaric backwardness? How about a claim to be victorious by having Nasralla not dead while the rest of Lebanon burns?

Looking at recent history one can notice that unless the Arabs are humiliated at war, they do not cease. Cases in point: The second intafada faded away only after a complete destruction of the elder leadership in Hamas and Fatah (Yasin and Arafat). Simply destroying the infrastructure or hurting the population does not constitute humiliating enough for Arabs to stop fighting. In 1948 the Arabs were defeated so badly – that it took them 19 years to attempt the next war to eliminate Israel. They were defeated and humiliated again in 67 – this time it took them 6 years to regroup from humiliation. Only in 77 when Egypt signed a peace treaty was the first acknowledgment from Arab leaders that they cannot win.

The unilateral withdrawals gave Arabs hope. Not for a better future, but for a better outcome of war. This hope has led them to forget how humiliated they have become in previous wars and the results were the second Intifada and the second Lebanon war. Any concessions to end the current situation which do not humiliate the Arabs – apparently will drive the next war. Humiliation is key.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Connecting the dots here at the US

A few recent news bits made little noise for very odd reasons. Follow the trail:
1. School bus attack dry run at Florida
2. Hollow shoe man dry run at Dallas airport
3. Hezbollah supporting outbursts here in Dearboristan
4. Disappearing 11 Egyptian students in NY
5. Seattle pogrom on Jewish center

Is a big scale attack on Jewish targets imminent in the US? Is it going to happen in Jihad capitol USA (Dearboristan)?

Update: (morning of Augest 10th)
The pot is definitely brewing. More signs of getting closer to boiling stages. These little bits of news I heard on the radio on the Laura Ingram show. They were read by some congressman taking over for her, quoting from the news wire:

1. 2 Arabs from Dearborn were caught in Ohio with dozens of phones, cash and flight related information. If they will be prosecuted for terror related charges they might still be out in 18 months.
2. 3 Egyptians caught of the missing 11, someone in AP decided to print that they are NOT held on terror charges and are not terror related
3. Big plot uncovered in Britain. The Muslims wanted to blow international flights. Many airports in Europe are shut down or in partial work pace.

My guess: More to come… remember that Iran is brewing something for the 22nd of this month.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The silly side of the Fauxtougraphers Brouhaha

Read here. I followed the post from LGF to get there.

A silly smile came over me when I saw the passion of the toys. The progranda war has become a laughing matter. But then I shook the smile off and faced the dark reality - sinisters\ and malace augmantation of reality is being done here to win some points and stear some hate against the Jews and against Israel.

The faux-tos are so fake, it would take a complete idiot to post them through his news wire service and pretend no directing hand was involved.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Why is Arab diplomacy ineffective?

The Arab League foreign ministers met today in Beirut. The Arabs should know by now that these meetings are meaningless and teathless. They do not however understand why it is such a waste of time. I'll inject my view on this: The Arabs, their leaders and their media find it too hard to take an honest look at reality and put some (at least some) of the blame on themselves. Their magic solution is always to blame the "other". The west, the jews, Israel, USA, Communisim, Nazism, Faschism, Christianity, Jesus, jews murdering Jesus, the water, the air and the sand. Everything but a hard look at them selves, anything but reality.

Their situation can only change once they start some healthy self critisizm. Once that happens, the rest of the world would be much better as well.

Some very smart words

Someone is thinking clearly and decided to elaborate on Lebanon's prime minister's ass kissing "thank you" to Hezbolla - here

Friday, August 04, 2006

My rhetoric question of the day

Why are Muslims around the world volunteering to murder JEWS? Pay attention to Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt. Pay attention to Belgium, Australia, Baltimore and Seattle. Why in the name of "protest" are Jews outside of Israel being targeted for murder?

Why is the UN silent on this? Why are CNN, AP, and AFP? EU? Anyone? HELLO?!

It seems that for some reason Jews, not Israelis, even if they are citizens of any country other than Israel are fair game.

Seriously - is this 1939 or 1943?!

Did anyone volunteer somewhere to murder Arabs in protest to something? Did anyone volunteer to murder Muslims? When did murder become a valid type of a protest? It is high time the civilized world denounce the barbarism which has taken over humanity in the last couple of decades.

Bam Bam responds to Israeli satire with anger

The Israeli satire show "Wonderfull country" made fun of Nasralla Bam Bam - cheif Hezbollah ass wipe (see previous posts) - by reducing his retoric of "beyond haifa... and beyond and beyond" in arabic to ridicul.

In Arabic, it sounds something like this: "Ba-ada Haifa, wa ba-ada Haifa, wa ba-ada ba-ada ba-ada Haifa... ba-ada... ba-ada... ba-ada"... and so on, and so forth - like a demented goat.

In his last speach he vowed not to use this expression any more. Do you think someone's feelings were hurt? Poor terrorist... let me wipe your tears with a spatula.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Very hard days

The barrage of rockets, the blitz, which had no other intention than to murder civilians has miraculously mainly scorched the earth, destroyed towns but hurt little amount of people on one blow.

The truth is that with every day passing, with 2 people dying a day, 100-s wounded, the industry shut down, and hundreds of thousands forced to live as fugitives in southern areas of Israel - the truth is that the civilian population in Israel is carrying a very heavy toll. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone in particular. I stated my opinion before – the extra care given to the cost the enemy pays is ridiculous.

The aggressor, the side that started this and refuses to end it must pay and pay and pay until a complete surrender – not until a “peace keeping force” arrives to guard the terrorist. By guarding the terrorists I believe everyone already understands that they will not fight them – they will PROTECT them from harm.

It is an easy solution in my mind, and I feel ashamed that the government of Israel cares more for the well being of the enemy’s civilians then its own. This is exactly the same case as in southern Israel were rockets are allowed to be fired at Sderot and Ashkelon. The enemy knows it is safe while it hides behind his own people. This equation has to change at some point.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reversed reporting

The AP does its best to pretend it is neutral while reporting on the situation between Israel and Lebanon. This is how the headline on Yahoo News reads right now:

Israel sends 8,000 troops into Lebanon
AP - 1 hour, 25 minutes ago

BOURJ AL-MULOUK, Lebanon - Israel pressed the first full day of a massive new ground attack, sending 8,000 troops into southern Lebanon on Wednesday and seizing five people it said were Hezbollah fighters in a dramatic airborne raid on a northeastern town. Hezbollah retaliated with its deepest strikes yet into Israel, firing a record number of more than 160 rockets.

Here's how it should have been reported:
Hezbollah fires record number of 160 rockets on Jewish civilians

Hezbollah continues its war against the Jewish people in Israel with more rockets than ever before. Israel retaliated today with a massive new ground attack, sending 8,000 troops into southern Lebanon and seizing five terroirsts in a dramatic airborne raid on northeasternn terorrist's stronghold.

Can't really expect much from AP - can I?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The world - upside down

Israel is arm wrestled to surrender without conditions under the guise of "immidiate cease fire". Surrender not because it can't take the heat of war - but because the enemy can't.

Have you ever heard of anything more upside down?!

At least some from the Israeli government aren't apologizing but speaking truth to word. The idea: Express sorrow - yes, apologize? NO! The only side which ought to be blamed and pressed to surrender are the terroirsts and their government in Lebanon.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few very hard questions

1. Why did Israel not invade Lebanon on the first days of the war and taken care of the missile threat over its civilians?
2. Why did Bush change his mind the moment Blair said so - does it have anything to do with the distrust he places on Olmert?
3. Why are the French such close friends with Hezbollah? Chirac's friends are bent on murdering all the Jews...
4. If Lebanon sponsored terror and knew of the initial attack, then stood behind the kidnapping, complained they are the victim and that they are destroyed all the while a terror group who sits in the government bombs Israeli civilians deliberatly - How can they claim Victory?!
5. Why was Israel not given time or support by the rest of the world?!
6. Why are terror harboring civilians more precious to AP, AFP, CNN and Reueters as victims than kindergarten children who happen to be Jewish?
7. Why are Jews in the US asked to apologize to Muslims for their "humilation" and for the fact that they are seen by the general public as terrorists - when the a muslim shoots and murder Jewish women? (Foxnews 7/29/06 John Kasich - Heartland show)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Not just hiding behind civilians

The blood thristy Arabs terrorists aren't just hiding behind or blending as civilians. Jerusalem, yesterday, a cross dressing son of a whore (Ibn-Sharmuta in Arabic) pretnded to be a woman carrying a baby and then opened fire on Israeli check point soldiers.

After incidents like these "human rights" groups claim Israel is humiliating poor Palestinians and are just not nice to them at check points. How can Arab woman with babies not be suspected as terrorists?!

There's a story you won't read about at CNN and AFP

read here

I don't imagine Anderson Cooper 360 sending his coworkers running around interviewing Jewish children who were just a target of the Poor Palestinians. Those miserable destitute derelict Palestinians who are so despaired and have no choice but to BOMB A FREAKIN' KINDERGARTEN!

Don't expect an apology or concern from any Arab anywhere including CAIR or Abbas. Unlike the Israelis who apologize hurting civilians and clearly state that the civilians were not the target - the Arabs gloat about such barbarism as an attempt to murder children in their kindergarten.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Collecting news bits... grave conclusions

In frontpage today Robert Spencer of JihadWatch wrote about the special date the Iranians chose to respond to the nuclear offers. Basically, he analyzes what is clear to everyone who reads the rants of the lunatic Ahmedinajad: He plans to bomb Israel on the 21st of August. Then respond to the Europeans on 22nd with a big FU.

The Iranian moves are transperant. The current state of war Israel is at is their response to threats of sanctions given a day before the abductions. Nasralla's deputy (shall we name him Poop Jr. with fries?) claims today the current war would be "Israel's last war". I wonder what does this Iranian crony know about Iranian plans.

Israel has anounced today they will recruit 3 divisions slowly. Not to threaten or to invade but to be ready for what might be coming. Are we connecting the dots yet?

In my opionion, we are looking at a very difficult August/September. The real question is when the heck is the rest of the world going to jump in and defang Iran.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why Israel will win

Because it has no choice - losing a war means a second genocide. Losing a battle or two, losing soldiers life, is nothing compared to losing a war. Any price, however painful is acceptable. Backing down, compromising, postponing to the next round of fire, will only put more danger and more pain in the future.

Israel fights because it must. Why do the Muslim fight? Because they can.

Very odd article at DebkaFile claims Kofi is right

check it out, they say Israel DID bomb the UN post delibertly because the Chinese inteligence service was meddeling with the war. To tell the truth, I don't remeber when the Chinese did sign up for peace keeping in Lebanon? I do remember some urgent visits from asian leaders in Israel a few days before it all began (I think it was June).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When dumb-dumb and bam-bam speak

Two key villians in the story of the middle east have spoken. One chief bastard Nasralla keeps shooting his guns screaming bang bang. Mister Bam-Bam wants to bomb Tel Aviv. The childish idiot who was quoted talking like a bully, for example:"you don't know who you're messing with". Mister Mafia Bam Bam is a lunatic with a gun. Go ahead, shoot at Tel Aviv. BRING IT ON - wake up the lefties at the Israeli government and force them to send a full scale invasion to take over Beirut. Do it! - idiot!

Mister Dumb-Dumb Kofi-Kofi Ana -Ana Anan... what can be said on the man sitting on the throne of a body which oversaw the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers at 2001, have sat idle while people all around the world were dying. What can be said of mister Damn Dumb? You claim Israel deliberatly bombed your outpost?! You are not just a crazy antisemite, you are stupid. There are no words harsh enough to express what I think of Kofi Anan. Perhaps he really believes Israel wants to start a war with Austria, China, Finland and Canada. Yes Canada - one of the only three countries to express support for Israel.

You see - Israel has been plotting for 28 years to bomb Kofi's outpost. Housing them, taking care of them, not doing much when they PARTICIPATE in terror activities against Israel. Un-freakin'-believable. Kofi Dumb Dumb and Nasralla Bam-Bam are both welcomed guests at kiss-my-ass town.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The so called protectors of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Islam

There is a common theme to the terrorist groups and the Syrian government's behavior. They all claim to protect their people. The simple fact is that if they were not to attack and provoke, there would be no excuse of "protecting" - since Israel is not attacking peaceful neighbors. Oh - I forgot, reason and logic doesn't speak to the Arab brain.

But what about their aggression towards Jewish Israelis (They apologize when they murder Arabs)? Their aggression can be compared to the dumb kid in class who is harassing little kids, and then whines when their bigger brothers come to stop it. The Syrian army is pathetic and can be squashed in two weeks. Israeli or American tanks can rumble through the streets of Damascus with ease. The same is true for Hezbollah and Hamas – they have no way to stop the Israeli Army if the decision is made to REALLY put a stop to it (and not fight one terrorist here and there at leisure). If Israel had wished, it could have already taken over Gaza and Lebanon and placed them both under military civic control.

The truth is that this is what Iran wants. Iran wants to pull the Israeli Army blanket over the borders from eastern Syria to the Gaza border with Egypt – so that it can excuse the use of WMD-s against Israel. Israel has so far not fallen for those tricks.

My main point is of the idiocy of the Arabs. The claim to fame of “protectors” of Lebanon, or Gaza or whatever – is so false, that only the primitive back order brain of a barbarian can accept.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The devil wears a long beard

Chief bastard Nasralla apologizes for murdering Muslim children. Killing Jews – great, Muslims? Not so much. We know he is a Nazi islamofascist – but why does the rest of the world have a problem comprehending the simple truth? Maybe the world today has not yet shaken its shackles of anti-Semitism?

Monday, July 17, 2006

More wrong moves?

The world leaders, instead of putting pressure on Syria and Iran by sanctions, and possibly a military blockade, are contemplating puting Russian and French forces along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

I can only scream with fear that this is the sure formula to start a world war. Placing international forces against Israel while Israel is in war with terror groups can have no positive effect except placing Israel in a direct military conflict with France and Russia - Who is the Idiot that came up with this solution?!

Can you imagine? Israel will be forced into a cease fire with a terror group. The Russians and French are going to protect the terror activists - if not cooperate with them. On a whim, or an order by Iran - the terrorists will attack - forcing Israel to retaliate, puting Israel in war with Russia and France. This will no longer be a cold war - but the hottest one the world has ever seen. Russia was never in a direct military conflict with an ally of the US such as Israel. The consequences can be disastreas on a world wide scale.

Update: It seems idoacy knows no limits - Olmert thinks out loud, asking NATO to guard Hezbollah. Excuse me, I just swallowed a little bit of vomit.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Things can get worse

What the war criminal Nasralla knows when he threatens to murder hundreds of thousands on the bay of Haifa, is that such an assult can and should be considered the final red line, one after which the Israeli can and should respond with WMD-s against all of its immidiate enemies: Iran, Syria and Hizbollah.

Once you play extermination with your neighbors, remember you can annialate your own people as well. I guess there is nothing that deters suicidal fanatics - but the rest of the world should have known better - not let terrorists gain power like that.

I'm very pessimistic but when I said Israel might strike Syria - I did not mean WMD-s, the situation now can grow more horrible by the minute.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Did I mention already how much I hate the French?

Disproportional condemnation: Israel attacked infrastructure and terrorist targets. Every location targeted by Israel has been debated by a set of lawyers to verify it meets to most scrupulous international humanitarian law before attacking. Leaflets were sent to Lebanon civilians warning of possible danger – what has not been done to protect the civilians of Lebanon during this war? But Israel gets condemned. Curse you France.

No one has yet condemned the bombardment of Israeli civilians; the deliberate attempt to murder Jews. I did hear some faint condemnations of the abduction, but the Israeli civilians are fare game.

Every act of war, including war crimes is legitimate in European eyes against Israel all the while no act of war – although completely legal actions by actual international are condemned.

I condemn the French people for being smelly. Very smelly. I can smell your stench from here in Ann Arbor, MI – USA!

Smuggling kidnapped Israelies to Iran under the fog of war

Did everyone forget Gaza? Look here

Hamas is smuggling Gilad Shalit right now through Egypt to Iran. Apparently the Egyptian regime is very week and cannot impose its sovereignty...

Did Israel loose their deterrence?

Talking heads like debating the illusive deterrence that Israel has possessed over Arab nations. In my opinion those words are useless. There is no “deterrence” against people who care not for their children as much as they do for murdering Jews. There is no “deterrence” against those willing to commit suicide and take with them their entire nation – as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The only “deterrence” that can exist and I believe is still intact is against sovereign regimes wishing to maintain control over their countries. And for now – that leaves Israel with no one deterred but Syria.

Why is Iran not deterred? Because they are backed by Russia, China and France. France – who stands with Hezbollah – still keeps dirty contracts in the Middle East. The private pockets of French elite are still being padded by large bribes from the Iranians. I have no proof – but I have no reason to think otherwise. There can be no other reason for the French support of Hezbollah. (Except anti-Semitism, but haven’t they claimed their support for Israel with the French Festival in Tel Aviv?)

Iran has its back against the wall; it feels the burden of supplying for its poor civilians is too big. Therefore, the easy solution is to start a war. The more Iranians die – the better – as they see it, fewer mouths to feed. They are the embodiment of Nazism. They do not fear Israeli invasion and see the US as too weak at this point to take action. (Much like what Hitler thought when he started)


Iran SHOULD be deterred by the US. They are willfully blind to the reality only because they are religious fanatics who believe that when the world will be in chaos the Mahadi will return and install Shea Sharia on EVERYONE.

Yes disgusting French frogs – everyone includes your smelly butts.

A state of siege and a mental siege

While Israel is puting a de-facto siege on Lebanon and on Gaza - the UN, EU and Arab League are puting a mental siege on Israel. Only one nation is brave enough to sound a clear voice for justice, the United States alone stands with Israel's right to self defense.

The Arab terrorists rejoice in the knowledge of so many countries and people who support their struggle (to kill all the jews). To whom who have thought that blatent anti-semitism has disappeared with the defeat of the Nazis in the second world war, the reallity comes and slaps on the face. Europe stands with murdering Jews. It is an Arab's "right" to murder Jews. Funny - I have not read that right in the charter of UN, geneuva convention, or anywhere else except... the Quran.

All the while, million Israelis sit in shelters while showers of bombs fall on their heads. The Israeli civilians are targeted. The condemnations from all around the world echo in Israel and put a mental siege on a nation besieged for 60 years.

France deserves the most attention in this travesty. The French have invested money and time into correcting the relationship between the people in Israel and in France. They have orchastrated a festival in Tel Aviv just a few weeks ago. Let it be clear, many knew it was nothing but PR considering the mass exodus of Jews from France over the rising Jihad in France.

The stinky smelly frogs have not only embraced Jihadists as citizens, given them shelter, food and a lifelong wellfare system - they have capitulated to their antisemite desires and have sunken to a low beneath Saudi Arabia (which is possibly the most blatant anti-semite country in the world). France supports murderring Jews! Like Vishi in the 40-s, so do the Jickish in the 2000-s. Pay attention to the facts: Saudio Arabia Condemns Hizbollah and France condemns Israel.

Messed up!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israeli Channel One and Ynet-News confirm: Iranian missiles where launched and directed at the refinaries north of Haifa

In an attempt to cause a large scale explotion, one which has the potential of mass casualties, the Iranians fired 2 missiles from south lebanon. One hit close to the refinaries, and another hit Carmel mountain.

These missiles were not fired in retaliation, they were test shots - to calibrate the bigger missiles they plan for tommorrow.

The refinaries sit in the midst of a heavy populated bay. In case of a direct hit, residents of 6 towns are at risk. We are talking about the scale of 70 thousands casualties.

700,000 residents of Metro Haifa are now hostages of Terror

In response form the EU: Don't hurt poor Hamas and Hizbollah. They simply want to impose peace - the religion of peace

UpdateI guessed it - they guess so too.

How easy is the modus operandi for Hizbolla?

They don't care about Geneva converntions, bombing civilians or not - kidnapping, murder - or the reprecautions for their own native population. It is always the enemies fault as far as they are concerned.

I proclaim the European Union have gone below a level of simple Dhimmi, they used to be collaborators with Nazis, now they are blood thirsty vampires drinking Jewish blood is if it were juice. What the FI#$@ !? They renounce Israeli response to terror?! Forget having a back bone - their hatred for jews has emerged out of what used to be their fake posture as concerned civil rights angels.

If Haifa is hit by an Iranian missile, delivered by Syria to Hizbollah - who will be hit in return?

The fake discussion over bombing or not bombing Bairut is a diversion orchastrated by the axis against Israel. Let it be cleared - those are Iranian missiles, Beirut will be bombed in any case, but the real question is: Will IDF bomb Syria?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time for stating your goals

Stating you wish to have the kidnapped soldiers released is simply not enough. Threatning everyone with a war is nothing more than a dumb move. It is time to set clear goal for the military actions. The goals should look beyond the precious life of one or two soldiers and consider the fate of a nation.

It is time to call for operations which would disarm terror groups on the borders of Israel. If any one side chooses to attack Israelis, the government of that country should bare the guilt. The world should not accept idle words of the dummy prime minister of Lebanon wining "we didn't know".

The government of Lebanon has an army. The army of lebanon did not disarm the terror groups on the border with Israel, hence they must share the responsibility.

The Israelis goal should be:
a. Disarm Hizbolla
b. Have all Hizbolla operatives sit in jails in Israel and/or Lebanon
C. Have all Hamas leaders sit in jails in Israel and/or Syria

Whether or not the soldiers are released is simply not important in the long run and in the global perspective. The fact is that while terror groups are allowed to organize and plot, the current set of casualties and abductees would dwarf with regards to what is ahead.

If Lebanon wishes to aliviate the tention, they should focus on arresting and disarming the terror groups within.

I know I stated the goal of this blog to address the state of people suffering from terror, but I feel it would be a disgrace not to talk about a major issue - you do not solve the problems of terror victims by letting terror afflict others.

Will Olmert open a third front with Syria?

In the following article at YnetNews, a member of Olmert's party does more then blame Syria, but openly calls for war with them: here

Can a regional terror war emerge as a new global one?

The Hamas leaders thought they can perform acts of war and stay unscratched. So did Hizbolla. In fact - for years Fatah has been doing that, so why wouldn't they - right?

The cards are on the table in the middle east and they reveale that it is past the point of no return. Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the Palestinians have chosen to ignite the TNT barrel and start a war. Can it be contained within the Middle East?

Consider some alarming facts - Russia and China support Syria and Iran. The regims at Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of an Islamic revolution. Saudi Arabia still supports Hamas. Iran practecly begs the US and Britain to attack - considering their deadly influence in Iraq and their steady march to achieving Nueclear technology.

On the other side, the US support for Israel has been declared over the past few years as one that in case of an actual threat to the existance of Israel - Bush would step up to the table. I wouldn't count on Europe to let NATO participate in an attack on Iran. For them to do that, Iran must first attack and openly admit to attacking all Europe. The cowardice nations of Europe would never risk a European soldier to save a Jew.

Want more complications? Venezuela supports Iran and craves battle with the US.

On the African front, there is an ongoing battle with Al-Qaeda. There are strongholds at Somalia, Sudan, Arithrea, Nigeria and groups within every country trying to stirr the pot. The southafricans have expressed their support for anybody at war with Israel ever since the cancelation of the apparthide.

The masses of "angry" muslims at Europe can start something right now, something the end of which cannot be foreseen. Lets just say that Kosovo is their model.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch often refers to 1938 alerts; My question is:

Is it 1938 or 1939 now? Maybe it is 1942 already?

My prediction for next few days: Israel is about to bomb Damscus!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I guess I was right

Dots connected

A dhimmi government refuses to fight terror and protect its citizens against Jihad, all the while wining that terror cannot be defeated. A short look at the history pages reveals a completely different story: If you fight terror until defeat you will have many years of imposed quiet. If you sign fake peace treaties (Oslo) - you will get war. Enough of this.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Connecting the dots

Two simmingly unrelated stories:
Palestinian rockets attack 25 miles from Tel Aviv
Mahmoud Abbas arrives in Jordan

Abu Mazen's Phatah party is trying to bomb as close as possible to tel-aviv, and he escapes to Jordan...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apperantly, the Oslo accord was a mistake.. shh - don't tell anyone

Oops - they did it again. They signed a treaty with a terrorist, who founded a quasi state, which today openly declared war on them.

The Palestinian Authority has graduated from a terror sponsoring spawn of the devil to a war criminal, treaty breaking nation of murder and war.

Will the Israeli government FINALLY declare its mistake and recognize the PA as its enemy? Will Israel still be the only side upheld to international peace agreements - or will at some point the other side might be called to order?

Hmm... I guess not, the UN keeps trying to blame Israel. At this point, even the farthest loony lefty in the world cannot say what Israel should have done which it hadn't in pursuit of peace. Sign a peace treaty with a terrorist? Been there. Give your enemies guns? Done that. How about unilaterally withdrawal - relieving your enemy of all their excuses for war? That doesn't work either? Roll over and play dead for a year while terrorists are attacking towns? What?! Even that doesn't work?

Guess what does work? Good all fashion kicking your enemy in the teeth until they beg you to stop! Enough of this sham of a masquerade - there will never be peace with Jihadists - Mark THEIR words.

Did someone wake up the British?

Tomorrow is a very special day in history. 7/7 is the day Al-Qaeida made it clear to the British that they are a target. I'm just thinking out loud - did they get the message?

Ask London's Mayor, many of the parlement member and the execs at BBC. It does not seem that they got the message. I hope for their sake, that Tony Blair (not his loony lefty wife though) remains in office for a long time.

What is your money buying at the UN?

UN: Gaza children wetting their beds

You see - the UN is very concerned that Arab children are wetting their beds. There's a big children’s rights group within it which keeps track on how many beds are being wet in Gaza. There's apparently a daily statistic and people are paid to survey every wet bed of an Arab child.

Of course this is nothing but a propaganda ploy which is redistributed as fact every time there's a chance of an Israeli response to the terror inflicted upon its people. You won't hear anyone talking about wet beds in Sderot or Ashkelon as a result of the rocket attacks. The children in Israel have a lot more to fear as they ARE the target of the rockets. In contrast, the Arabs and their children know that the Israelis are doing their best not to physically hurt civilians.

How many pissed beds does it take to change a UN light bulb?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - need I say more?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I feel someone should state the obvious

The Palestinians are calling for “an exchange of prisoners”. This statement is a distortion of reality. Israel holds prisoners, people who have participated in acts of terror, helped such acts or planned them. This includes murderers but also logistic supporters. Israel does not hold political prisoners or simple civilians against which there is no evidence. That is the definition of holding a prisoner. Israel does not however hold prisoner of war – such prisoners would have had to be captured during a declared war between two states. The PA – if it were a state – would have had to acknowledge that the people Israel is holding were its soldiers who were acting under direct orders from the PA leadership. This would shift the status of Abu-Mazen, Arafat, Dahalan, Hania, and the rest of the bunch from a so called “political branch”/”political leaders” etc to a full blown “War criminals”. Consider the fact that even the “Arab prostitute” UN chief Anan acknowledged that homicide bombing are war crimes. But that would not be were it ends, no one in history released war criminals in any prison exchange. Therefore, if the Palestinians in Israeli jails were prisoners of war they and the Palestinian leadership would be war criminals. As of now – they are terrorists serving their time.

But what about the Israelis held by Palestinians? Are they prisoners? If they were – then where is the jail? On what grounds were they held? Did any of them commit any crime by any law? Of course not! Innocent civilians abducted in broad day light from their neighborhood street are not prisoners – they are abductees held by terrorists. The soldier for that matter – is still not a prisoner of war, if he were then what is said in the first paragraph would again apply to the leadership and lower level terrorists. If he were a prisoner of war, then the PA would have to abide by the Geneva Convention and allow the Red Cross to visit him.

It is all too obvious but has to be said. I can imagine that some air heads in the west actually think there is equality between abducted Israeli civilians and terrorists sitting in Israeli jail.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally, a response! But are the right goals at sight?

Minister Perets and Prime spaghetti Olmert have both spoken about the kidnapping as the reason, stating that if the soldier is released, the attack would stop. Let’s get this straight: Bomb a city within a country; that’s OK. Attack soldiers – not?

Both should not be! Attacking an army post within a country is an act of war unless a war is already on its way. But so is attacking civilian population with mortar shells. The latter just happens to be a war crime.

Let’s hope the Israeli troops aren’t placed like ducks on a range and the goals of this counter attack are focused on delivering a strong message, if not rooting out terrorism (which would be my preferred choice). The message should not be: “don’t kidnap”. Nor should it be “do not fight with our soldiers”. The message should be clear; SURRENDER to peace – live peacefully with your neighbors.

For some reason – Palestinians just don’t follow reason – they think they can attack and murder people while whining about being somehow the victims. No one can and no one should be allowed to get away with such evil.

One more note: If the intention of the latest destruction of bridges and the capture of Gaza's southern border is to verify that the kidnapee is not moved out of Rafah - isn't it a bit late? Isn't it late by like 72 hours?

What I would do with Gaza – Put a siege

Time to let the blood thirsty population of Gaza get a taste from the stew they’ve been brewing.
Here are a few steps, not to be undone before a full surrender is given and all terrorists are disarmed:
  1. Stop electricity (for which the Israeli citizens pay)
  2. Stop all traffic in and out and through the sea.
  3. Stop any gas lines, and all water lines.
  4. Cut the phone lines
  5. Build a deep water tunnel between Egypt and Gaza. Continuously bomb around it to shake the ground and let all smuggler tunnels be crushed/flooded
  6. Arrest every affiliate of Hamas, every government member in the West bank
  7. Shoot at every palestinian who holds arms. On sunday a war was declared against Israel - it is time to shoot back.
Then - Just wait - no more then 4 days - it could all be over.
It is the humane thing to do. Anything less is a disgrace.

Monday, June 26, 2006

24 Hours ultimatum, but when do you start counting

Let's say you start counting at the moment the kidnapping happened - you should have bombed Gaza by now. If you ment "starting" when you said it, let's say 7pm sunday by Israeli time - Tanks should have entered Gaza.

Ok - maybe I'm the stupid here, let's say you ment 24 hours ultimatum from midnight Israeli time... so tanks should enter now? How about after your ultimatum was answered by 3 rockets? How about when Hamas leaders can't stop rolling on the floor with laughter? How about now? Can you hear now? Maybe its the cell phone company?

Of WMD-s and rhetoric regarding Israel’s “would be” response

The “Lovely Palestinians” have declared they have WMD-s. It is clear they got it from a 3rd party (Pick one: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya – they all have/had it). It is not likely they would make it up. Not only do these degenerates brag about possessing this evil, they make threats of using it. Yes – genocide has become the official policy. Can’t say that it got big headlines over at AP and Al-Routers (I know I misspell them, it’s on purpose)

Some blogs who support Israel claim that “if so and so”, if they would actually use it against Israel – surely the Israelites who have known the consequences of laying low while genocide is committed against them – would rise and make a final decisive blow against Arab presence through a last resort “ethnic cleansing”.

Baloney (I hate this word). No one would dare – and no one would support it. The weak and cowardly government of Olmert, with his far left wing coalition comprised from the labor party would never make any decisive move. But even a far right wing government would not do so. So stop writing stupid things. In case Israel would be attacked by Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas or others, it would still only seek to punish the lower level terrorist. It would not drive the population out; it would not incarcerate the leaders – nothing.

Did anyone notice any military response to the latest Military Attack - Act of War against Israel?! It sounds like if John Kerry or Murtha would run this country - that's how they would have responded as well. :-(

Friday, June 23, 2006

Stop the Jizya! Stop looking for ways to help them

Those poor and miserable Palestinians! They must be fed; nurtured; pat on the back until they burp and then let them play with some toddler toys. Grown men and women who cannot produce anything but terror. Can’t create jobs, can’t educate, can’t research, can’t develop, can’t build. They can however threat everyone – I mean everyone – with more violence. Their dreams are of world dominance as they recently claimed on their television channel. In the meanwhile: “Feed me” - “Feed! Me! Wa Wa Wa”

Why are world power so concerned with feeding them? Even if they pay money directly to those parasites bank accounts – why? All that they do is allow their terrorist government to invest more money into murdering Jews and training the next world terrorist (like the shoe bomber, or British Pakistani terrorists).

Even if you give them food and not money (which is not the case) – that still only releases more of their own funds for terror. Why do anything for these people while they are adamant regarding their primitive dominance aspirations?

It is high time to turn the tables – to start demanding – to stop the special treatment of this imbecile world body child: UNRWA – the biggest farce of them all. Palestinians are not refugees – and if they were – then there is a different body within the UN which was supposed to take care of them. UNRWA instead hires the Palestinians, pays them salaries, and finances their school which teach anti Semitic and false history curriculum. I don’t know about you – but where I live – medical treatment is expensive. For Palestinians – it’s free. Free for them that is – but not for us – who pay taxes in the US, while the US funds the UN which funds UNRWA. For god’s sake – why?

If the US pays for their schooling, then the US should dictate the curriculum, and have it pass strict criteria. Stop letting them saw the seeds of hate and murder. Stop letting HAMAS and FATAH run their own schools on US’s expense.

“But they are very poor, they have no industry, no economy …” bla bla bla! Shut up! In every nation there are people more deserving for such help. I care more for Katrina victims, for Darfur victims, for tsunami victims, for terror victims. Yes – those illusive people who suffered terror need help. They deserve help. Unemployed residents of Sderot deserve financial help far more than Palestinians simply because they are the victims of the rockets shot by the Palestinians. It’s a type of a cycle – the world pays the Palestinians – the Palestinians destroy everything around them – people at Israel suffer and retaliate - the world cries for the poor Palestinians. I wouldn’t call it a cycle of violence, I call it the cycle of stupidity perpetuated and financed by world powers.

In a normal society – one in which people care for their children, for the future – one in which leaders care for the future of their nation – the humongous financial support bestowed upon the Palestinian population thus far, and in the future, would have built at the very least some sort of an economy. Some sort of an ability to rule, ability to legislate and enforce some civilian laws. As it so happens, the Palestinian authority is a Mafia heaven. A pure and simple Jungle of lawlessness.

As long as those people are not held accountable for their own doing, their own horrible homicide driven doing, there is no hope for them. Stop paying them; stop financing them all together in all forms and shapes!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Of Muslim Rage

How often do we hear about grievances from our Muslim neighbors? They “care” so dearly for their “brothers” in the Middle East. They pretend to care for every Palestinian dying, but only raise the voice when the blame is on Israel, not their own. They care for Jihad leaders dying in Lebanon, but not for reforming politicians and former heads of states like Hariri. They “care” for “innocent” civilians killed by US marines, but not a peep about the scores massacred in mosques by Jihadists. The examples of such “care” are too staggering to keep track of.

The issue as I see it, is that they “care” only when it serves as a good excuse for violence against the west. It so happens that every petty crime or a big plot to murder always finds an excuse. In that sense, they will NEVER run out of excuses, and contrary to the left’s point of view, no matter how much appeasement is served, they will NEVER stop attacking. With regards to the left, it does seem it will never learn.

If one would just try observing the situation objectively he would find that the west, the Israelis, the Republicans, the British government, are all trying to do the same – bring peace and stability, root out violence as a political tool in the Middle East. Some might say this is ridiculous considering the Military involvement, to them I would answer that all military actions the west has carried were either retaliatory, preemptive, or peace keeping tasks gone badly due to malicious intent from the local population.

The facts are clear: Israel has been trying to construct peace with its neighbors, while all the Arabs do in response is attempt to murder more Jews. The US is trying to install stable governments based on peaceful democratic tools; there are no exploitive agendas there. The US wishes to withdraw and has never expressed will to rule, convert, or construct an empire. Now look at the other side of the equation, I see no need to elaborate on the Jihadists activities. But instead, look at what the Muslims in the US, Canada, and England are saying. They pretend it is all a plot to “kill innocent Muslims”.

Can’t argue with purposely deceitful agitators.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

About arrogance and stupidity

While running on a socialist ticket, the leader of the Israeli labor party took the stunning step of assuming the role of the minister of defense. Baffling as that may sound; his policies as a minister are shining a clearer light on his stupidity and arrogance. The man cannot shut up. After minor retaliations and practically lowering the military responses to Arab bombardments of towns in Israel, he went ahead and bragged that his policy of restrain has succeeded and there are no more rocket attacks.

Wrong, arrogant and stupid. More rockets today - Surprised?

Here’s a suggestion: Stop talking! For every missile fired on you, fire 10 back, unapologetic, stop making excuses, stop laying low and expressing sorrow whenever the other side suffers for this. Let them beg you to stop. If you are really worried about pressure from international community – stop answering the phone.

An elected official in any country should focus on the outrage of his constituency over being shelled by rockets, and stop being so chatty and apologetic regarding casualties with the enemy camp.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Watch as hypocrisy unravels

Very important update: Multiple sources point out inconsistancies and lies regarding the source of the explosion at Gaza and the number of people hurt. It turns out that we are probably looking at another made up excuse to lauch attacks against Jews and recruit for Jihad.

It has been some busy days of world events. First a known butcher terrorist from Iraq is taken out of the equation. Then Israel takes out his clone from Gaza. The world press ignored the Israeli assassination since they were too busy covering Zarqawi. For the most part, the press did a good job identifying Zarqawi with evil, terror, and murder. Some outlets were less clear, such as BBC and (of course) Al Jazira. They should merge into one broadcasting network called Al-BBC-ira.

But now that a full 24 hours have passed, it is OK for the press to make a blunder out of a new development in the Middle East. The headlines scream: “Palestinians killed on Gaza beach” or “Air strikes, shelling kills 10 Palestinians”. Really? That’s the news?

Only if you follow the situation there closely through Israeli websites such as YnetNews.com you might know what is going on. The MSM are doing their best to tell you half truths and complete distortions.

Here is what I managed to gather regarding the last few days. Every day in the months following the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the Lovely Palestinians (LP for short) have been bombarding Israeli towns surrounding Gaza. This includes yesterday and today. Businesses, The electric company, schools, private homes, and Sea ports were hit. To what extent was the damage we cannot know because Israel was trying to put a lead on it. Let’s just say that if you are a kid in Kindergarten and a bomb falls on the classroom you just stepped out of, you might be lucky enough to live, but are surely scarred for life. Earlier this week, Israel gave the LP government an ultimatum – either stop – or we shoot back. This was mentioned on the site “debkafiles”.

After yesterday’s assassination, more bombardments have occurred. This morning Israel shot 3 more terrorists as they were trying to shoot missiles. These 3 are counted in the headlines above.

Guess what happened next? More missiles. Since no session of fire occurred, despite repeated warnings and ultimatums someone in the army DISOBEYED ORDERS and shot artillery indiscriminately on Gaza beach. This took the lives of approximately 12 more LP-s. How do we know that it was not the order given (despite the ultimatum)? All you have to do is read and listen to what the Israeli PM, minister of defense, and generals are saying. It is clear and with absolute contrast to what the LP-s were saying and doing with their missiles. They said “Stop firing everything now”. The generals said – we never targeted that beach, and no order was given to fire there. The government expressed sorrow. No one was celebrating in the streets, no one even comes out to say – that this is what should have been done. It was either a mistake during retaliation, or (for once a real) rouge weed.

But the MSM reports it backwards. Surprise. First – let’s count how many LP are dead. The let the demagogue terrorists do their dance of blood blaming Israel for everything. They are comfortably forgetting that they started bombing, are still bombing, and are hiding behind their LP civilians.

Pay attention to the Al-Routers version of events. No mention of the LP missiles fired at Israel. Israel at some points is referenced as the “Jewish State”.

It is sometimes not a matter of taking sides, but a matter of enjoying the deaths of the people you pretend to take sides with. Misses “Nidal al-Mughrabi” of Al-Routers is clearly a tool in the Media Jihad. Had she cared at all about the LP-s she would have let them share the responsibility for what is happening. Instead, her version of reporting focuses on telling half truths in order to incite revenge attacks against “the Jewish state”.

Pay attention to the use of phrase “the Jewish state”. It is there to remind the angry Muslims that they should punish the “Jews”, and those who chose to allow them to have a “State”.

My prediction, given how much many in the West are sick to the stomach with the LP-s and the Jihadists, is that only several far left and Scandinavians would bother to condemn Israel. Everyone else will be more focused on their summer vacation and the soccer world cup. This might cause more harm though, since Jihadist would use today as pretence to attack at Germany while teams from many nations gather to celebrate peace through sports.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Perhaps someone should have mentioned this before we set the Iraqis "free"

Who are the Iraqis and Arabs in general? A quick reminder is found here.

It was my opinion all along that the Iraqis deserved Saddam and his sons. It is not just a historical anecdote; it is a long lasting testimony regarding the nature of Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arabs under the rule of Mafia

When the Arabs woke up this morning to find out that some of their Terror leaders where apprehended or killed, they chose to respond by punishing their own.

In a public display of Mafia control, they dragged people to the streets and murdered them. No trial, no allegations, each spontaneous public execution can be excused with "suspicion in collaboration with Israel".

The simple minded Arab farmers who live in these territories have the choice to join and support the Mobsters in pursuit of murdering Israelis, or be murdered them selves. Of course, once you join and murder or attempt to murder Jews, you are a prime target for the Israeli forces. In essence, there really is no hope for people who while given a democracy, choose their ruling mobsters to murder and punish them on the streets for their failure to govern justly.

Read here

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hezbollah Restuarant Unvielled in Michigan

Read here

After looking around for related news I noticed all the agencies except the above chose to ignore ties to Hizbollah and the explicit statement from the government agencies regarding the choice to prosecute as soon as possible with what is at hands, and not wait while the case of terrorism is being built.

Tell you what - I won't eat at another single Arab restuarant around here. I feel like vomiting.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Enemies of the civilized world

Ever since the great president Nickson warmed up the relations between criminal China and the US, it has been public policy of all nations to turn a blind eye to the horror that is modern China. It would be a selective choice to blame one government or another, but I choose to blame everyone; the electronic industry, the tourists, and the governments.

In the name of “progress” China has abused its citizens for cheap labor houses to produce cheaper then dirt devices. Destroying all producing industries at western courtiers by providing impossible to beat prices, China has caused a dependency in the global economy only comparable to narcotics.

Using said “progress” excuse, China has secured itself dubious sources of energy from parallel evils of the world like Iran and Sudan. China stood by Sadam Husain, China stands by Hamas whom just this week were invited to walk the red carpet in China. There is no parallel in history to such stoat support for genocidal regimes for greed.

Let’s face it – the communists today are greedy. While ranting slogans on western campuses like “no blood for oil”, the communists are letting every drop of blood spilled in the world be ignored in pursuit of self interest.

There will be no “UN Council Resolution” on Iran. There will be none on terror against Israel, and non against mass murder in Darfur, Sudan. The only reason is China’s financial interests. Not the interest of the people of China, who for some reason never were the concern of their government, but of the ruling sect of top communist politicians.

China itself is well known for being a bully against Taiwan and other neighbors continuously threatening all with a full scale war if they do not adhere to their demands at once. Abuses of human rights within China are well known yet publicized modestly in the west. China is the occupier and aggressor of Tibet. For some reason Tibet, which deserves public world attention a lot more than the murderous Palestinians, has never been a thorn in any government’s diplomatic policy.

Can the wheels be turned? Of course they could but the cost is the issue. There is an unbearable cost that no one would be willing to embrace if the west chooses to disengage with the Communist and Islamic world. It is almost unimaginable. The real issue is that the powers of evil continue to wage war against us while we do nothing to fend ourselves. The long range cost of this war, might be much higher.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

“1944: The US will release Nazi funds to prevent humanitarian crisis in bombarded Berlin stronghold”

Outrageous isn’t it? Well… replace the headline with: “2006: Israel will release Palestinian funds to prevent humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian authority, governed by the terror group Hamas.”

Why are the people in Israel so stupid? How could they have elected the government of traitors which they have?

The bigger mystery here is that assume that the Israeli government has its civilians best interests at heart (an assumption which at this point should be entirely questioned); what in the world could have persuaded them to pay the salaries of the terrorists who murder said civilians.

Update: Some pointed out to me that I did not explicitly mention the title to be false. Well it is - I wrote it as such to point out how absord it would have been.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Why is the pain being broomed under the rug?

Only a week has passed yet the media is silent about the pain and suffering of yet another batch of victims at Shawarma Mayor in Tel-Aviv. Today the Israelis commemorate the Holocaust day. A day of grief about the suffering the enemies of the Jewish people have caused. The slogan has always been: Never forget, never forgive. But someone is trying very hard to make everyone forget and forgive the current days enemies.

Why not hate your enemies? It is not even human to not hate the people who keep on trying to murder you and your family.

It is not racism to hate your enemy - it is a normal natural psychiatric response to the trauma they inflict on you. Israeli Jews hate Arabs - not because they were indoctrinated to do so, not because the media forces them, but because they are confronted with genocide intentions from Arabs on a daily basis.

The opposite is true, the media is trying its best to broom the issues under the rug and trivialize the situation as if it is a matter of determining borders a few inches to the east or the west. Any normal human, who would be traumatized by a terror act, or the fear for his family, would ignore such silly attempt to brainwash and whitewash the truth about the horrific nature of Arabs and Muslims.

On this day of commemorance, speeches blaming Jews for racism when they simply hate their enemies should be condemned in the harshest of ways. The Jews are entitled to hate Nazis, and so are they entitled to hate Islamists.

Remember, never forget, and never forgive!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lying piss of Sh@#$. Mom of murderer acts surprised for cameras

check out this video:
Family of suicide bomber

The mom claims she did not know her son was a terrorist. How unfortunete for her to hold her son's picture holding weapons.

Really amusing how she gets beat infront of the cameras too. Animal barberic culture of death!

The same spot again? What the F@#$?

I was anticipating this to have happen. I don't think I'm the only one. Once again, today, a mass murder of Jews in Tel Aviv by Arab Muslims.

"Thank you" Nazi Palestine.

For anyone who misunderstands my views, I suggest reading my previous notes regarding how Israel is "fighting" terrorism. It was only a question of time considering the amounting circumstances. The siege on Gaza while not retaliating, the election of the Palestinian Nazi party, the indifference of the Israelis.

A side note - it is the Jewish holiday of Passover. The bastard animals who committed this have always tried to destroy happiness through the holidays.

My sympathy goes to the victims. Do not cry in silence - make your pain be heard and may you have a striking impact on your incompetent government to finally make some sort of retaliation.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Broadcasting to the wrong audience

In an attempt to appeal to the Arab masses our country, the United States has started up a satellite television channel called Al-Hurrah. In addition to the rebel Iranian channels we are trying to show how well life can be under a free society. The problem is that the target audience of all television shows in the Middle East is the Men.

Reading through an interview with a woman who has escaped from Iran, and recalling many other similar stories of oppression, battery and abuse, as well as knowing about traditions within the Arab and Muslim world I can state that we are focusing on the wrong group.

I believe that if we persuade women in the Middle East to escape and seek asylum by the millions, we can make a real difference. We can provoke a genuine self reflection and reform. Even after “freeing” Iraq and Afghanistan women, 51 percent of the population, are oppressed, beaten and forced into silence. The male dominance and family structures imprisons human beings as nothing more than servants and incubators.

In Israel, I have witnessed Arab women dressed up in mini skirts and cleavage shirts. I witnessed Arab women dancing in night clubs. This is not the case in the United States, and of course it is not the case in the rest of the Middle East. The only chance for such remarkable transformation is when you let the women know that there is a place to seek shelter. That there are global powers assisting the women to set themselves free.

The conservative approach to dealing with the Arab culture was to leave it un-criticize. The approach would allow them to fulfill their barbaric approach to women in the form of family violence, murder and so forth. Instead of teaching women of the Middle East love, they are indoctrinated into sending their children to die while murdering, and murdering their own daughters for the sake of family pride. The local Middle East TV stations broadcast hate, where love should be reinforced.

The approach has to change, starting with the rights of women. Only after women are given true voice, after allowing a mass escape of oppressed women from their culture and preferably from their countries, can things change.

To win the cultural war, the so called war on terrorism, Arab women must be the first to be set free.