Thursday, January 08, 2009

CNN's frontpage bias: the news they choose

Here's a quiz for the kids, what's wrong with this snapshot?

Obvious answer: Two anti Israel headlines, non regarding what Israelis endured, non regarding bombing from Lebanon into Israel - WHICH IS A MAJOR DEVELOPMENT! Still playing the tiny violine for a population which supports terror, still completely disregard the plight of Jews.

P.S. Where's the reportage of what the Jews in the US are going through? Rabid Jew Hatred on Display here in the US, and CNN yawns - a sign of participation?. What about Jews in Europe?! How can the fact that we are precisely at the same point as 1939 not be a major news item for that corrupt news channel?!

CNN new slogan: We hate Jews (but in subtle, nuanced way)

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