Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lebanon bombards N' Israel, UN Mute, Rice Mute, UN SC Mute, CNN Mute

1701 resolution, what good did it do?

It saved Hezbollah from Israel. It brought in useless UN inspectors. It allowed Hezbollah to commit a coup and take a veto position in Lebanese Government. It allowed Iran and Syria back in - after non-Shiite have temporarily kicked them out.

UN, EU, CNN, Rice and the state department, UN Security Council - we continuously hear their outcry when terror groups are being crushed, and their odd silence when Israelis are being bombarded. I think it is possible that Olmert decided to (finally) take some measures against terrorists in Gaza - because these are the last days of Rice at the state department, and perhaps not for the many other good reasons. Today's bombardment only proves how awful the international community's intervention in the fighting between Israel and terror groups is.

Rice wasn't "shamed" by being told to be abstained from the vote - her actions to allow this vote to take place in the first place are in by nature, disgraceful. Reminder What's wrong with UN Security Council 1860? Ask the expert

To Lebanese, and Hezbollah supporters I would say this: You must be smoking some really tough brand of weed to believe Lebanon will not suffer for these actions. if 2006 and the current operation in Gaza didn't prove to you how "crazy" Israel can get in defense of it's civilian population - just wait and see. No country, no nation can allow this to happen without strong reaction.

LA Times:Rockets from Lebanon again strike Israel
Rockets from Lebanon smashed into northern Israel today, provoking a counterattack by Israeli artillery units and sending civilians running for bomb shelters.

It was the second such attack in less than a week. Although the Israeli military said the rockets injured no one and damaged nothing, they revived concerns that militants might try to open a new front to distract Israel from its war in Gaza.

There was no claim of responsibility for the rockets, which landed near the town of Kiryat Shemona. Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed guerrilla group that fought a month-long war with Israel in 2006, had denied involvement in the earlier attack.

Terrorists are cowards? Won't claim responsibility? It's easy to lay responsibility here:

UN, Rice, CNN, EU, UNIFIL, Hezbollah, Lebanese government, Arab world, Arab culture, Arab Media, Corrupt news wire services, BBC - take a pick, an elaborate explanation of responsibilities can easily be produced for each.

Considering the overt - front page - full of lies - propaganda and videos CNN broadcasted, where's the coverage of Israelis being bombed by Lebanese this morning?

Only "mid-east" link, leads you directly to "Gaza coverage", guess what you'll find there?
These headlines:

There's no report of actual rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon, but a generic someone condemns some attack which could have been today or last week, or who cares - it's at the bottom of the links after some pretty heavy anti-Israel propaganda.

Can you say it? BIAS = Hatred of Jews, and CNN's antisemitism is on display.

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