Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

As the gray dome dominates the Michigander skies... and the chill grips the bones... I took a resolution to be commenced "Tout De Suite" (ASAP)!

I shall leave the cold for a week and set for the Floridian blue skies.

Happy new year!

Will Orielly finally stop inviting CAIR liars and calling them moderates?

Michael Savage lawsuit links CAIR to 9/11 plot

Reminder: Oreilly and CAIR - what gives?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


skip directly to the fifth minute:

That's right - tell a joke how no one wants to sit next to you at the tube... Bigots - for absolutely no reason, right?

At 7:15 of the clip - a british woman is cured from her bigotry. Gee - Thanks. White-non Muslims people are just a bunch of bigots to be cured through conversion. And this peace of crap is broadcast on publicly funded television.

Confusion averted

I was trying to think what does "make me a Muslim" remind me of... then I remembered.

Check out on part 3 of 5 at episode 2, around 7:05 into the clip, the village idiots think they are all just singing a fun beer tune - they are actually denouncing Christianity by singing "la illa lalla" (no god but allah). Sounds like a silly la-la-la, but actually - if you have beliefs - you would not be singing that.

In part 2 of episode 3 around the sixth minute, propaganda comes in full throttle. A dude is presented, barely speaks English but is portrayed as the best Englishman around and "wow" - his a Muslim too. See - it's all bigotry - we found our poster boy. Well the cab driver is surely impressed (is he mentally retarded?). A few moments with a poster boy to vindicate a community that Blew Up the Subway two years ago. If anything this should have proven, is how small of a minority of Muslims in Britain are loyal. If anything this type of propaganda crap does prove is that Muslims ARE trying to convert and take over England.

In part 4 of 5 at Ep 3, the Gay dude says this: "I would consider looking into converting to Islam... em ... purely because, why not? If you can live such a peace, tranquil and happy life, then why not? And I haven't been brainwashed." (at about 3:20 into the clip)

Why NOT?! WHY THE F!@#!@# NOT?! Because they'll public execute you for sodomy! Did they forget telling you that? Because they'll kill you if you try to leave their religion. Because their religion justifies so much evil... What an ignorant buffoon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The good the bad and the ugly (muslim)

Hey dude - wanna convert to this cool religion - Isla... Is... Islam?!

The good:
Clear minded people cannot help but notice the intolerance and how incompatible Islam is with western values.

The bad:
1. The show's narrator obviously tries to put the Muslims in good light whereas the non Muslims are just a bunch of ignoramuses. See his snickering remarks whenever the freedom loving, concerned about Sharia and Jihad, cab driver speaks. "Despite what he was told, he still believes Muslims wish to impose Sharia"... Funny - I heard nothing but acknowledgment of the fact.

2. The show is directed and edited in the same manner "regular" reality shows in Britain are - this feels like a bad episode of "big brother". The participants - as courageous as they are to oppose the nonsense to which they are subject, are not very intelligent, and frankly quite gullible to participate in this mockery of England.

The ugly:
Why not in reverse? Why not force Muslims in the west or even at Islamic countries to live their lives as: Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, Atheists, Strippers, Satanists, Mormons? Why not make simple English People try out other religions? Hinduism perhaps?

Want some sincerity? Check out HBO/BBC's "Extras" Christmas special
A quote: "I've gotta be honest with you here.. .. up this street they've gone a bit Arabic, sorry about that. Nothing I can do... on the bright side, this is a great place to find Halal meat.... Actually, you can see it from this window here."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Never liked banks - more reason to hate them now

Check out item# 3 here. Someone should be sitting in Jail for this.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A clear explanation why terrorists can't be convicted by a Jury of 12 "peers"

It seems that one out of 12 always turns out to be a mentally challenged sympathizer. (Originally got the link from LGF)

From the article:

So, to Neal, what is Hamas?

"It is marked as a terrorist organization. My personal viewpoint, I didn't know too much before. I see it as a political struggle. Our country was founded on a terrorist act. The Boston Tea Party wasn't a tea party, dude. It was a rebellion against the king's wrath. They fought back against an oppressive government."

Yes dude - a political murder of children at a pizzeria, dude... like... so what dude? They're only Jewish dude so STFU dude... no need for evidence... dude... It's the Neal the dude show - not a Jury deliberation - dude. Dude's an asshole - dude.

Bullying and cursing in the deliberation room - now that's a fair trial won't you say?

More from this fraud inducing creep:

"My answers [to the questionnaire] looked like I was a pro-American, you know, flag-waving American. I mean, I am, but..."

NEAL, Dude! You're not - if you start any statement saying something like that. It means you keep lying about who you are... Basically - you are in your own words a hater of America and would gladly burn a flag or two. ASSHOLE!

Friday, December 07, 2007

"I acknowledge, I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace through the medium of war."

Oh Jefferson - you magnificent war monger. How I wish men like you were to lead the western world today.(page 37 - if the link doesn't jump to the right bookmark)

War on terror - done the right way, after a lesson learned well. Once he became president, he taught the Barbaric (Berber - for PC purposes) Arabs a lesson they forgot only recently.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

About Iran, Nukes and "Intelligence"

Debka-File has it all wrong, claiming that the Bush administration wanted the latest report to come out the way it did. All you have to do is look at the political turmoil and negative backlash it created against president Bush and the republican party. This situation was in no way engineered against Israel. For a better and clear analysis, listen to former ambassador Bolton. He knows exactly who are the people who wrote it, and was not shy to express his opinion that they deliberately set out change the US's approach to Iran.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Not so shocked - Nazism for schoolchildren in the Ukraine

Not so shocked - Nazism for schoolchildren in the Ukraine

The good(?) news is that some people are shocked...

Liberal sperm donor Dad to pay support - what a tool

Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support for 18-Year-Old

First - the idiot thought a lesbian couple are just the right setting to raise his offspring. Next - he let the poor child keep hopes alive that he has a Dad that cares for him. Then - he was surprised to find out you can't be "Half a Dad". Serves him right! The lesbians got his sperm and his money.

Giving anonymous sperm donation to normal couples who can't conceive is one thing, but abandoning a child in a backwards environment and giving him false hope of a fatherly connection is another. My point is - since he had contact with the kid, he should have shown some responsibility.

Let this be a lesson to those who believe there's nothing wrong with lesbian couples bringing up children. It appears to always be about one's own comfort. When it suits them - a dad is not an important part of the equation - but when they want money, they'll sue your liberal ass for every penny you got.

BTW - is this a lesbian revenge for letting the boy know he has a dad (and was not immaculately conceived)?

Check this out:
"Nassau County Family Court judge Ellen Greenberg ruled Nov. 16 against a paternity test, saying it would have a traumatic effect on the child."

Now the court seems to care about trauma... Having this thing being dragged through the court by the Mom - not an issue.

Here's another gem:
"But earlier this year, a Pennsylvania judge held a sperm donor liable for support, noting he had spent thousands of dollars on toys and clothing for two children that he helped a lesbian couple conceive."

Turns out the courts acknowledge that stupid liberals who help lesbians conceive are libel.

Refugees – about the absolute backwardness of our world

While peace conferences and political forums discuss what is to be done with Arabs who call themselves refugees from a war that happened 60 years ago, they all fail to recognize a basic and painful fact. Arabs were never expelled from Israel. No one carried them on trucks and transported them. But guess what? A high percentage of the Jews who arrived to Israel between 1880 and 1980 WERE refugees. Who took care of them? Who paid for their suffering? Should Russia and the Ukraine pay now for the suffering of the Pogroms? Should today’s Poland pay for the massacres and expulsion of Holocaust survivors? Isn’t it time the Arab world pay for the expulsion and riots against Jews they have committed from the 1930-s to 1960-s?

Arabs would rather forget that small inconvenient item, they rioted against the Jews and forcefully ejected the Jewish population, in some cases - prior to the establishment of Israel.

If Jews in Israel were to treat the Arabs in Israel (including Gaza, Judea and Sumeria, including Jerusalem) the way the world continues to treat Jews – there would be no Arabs in Israel. Who is the victim here?

Those who weep for Arab refugees and pay for their meal while they murder Jews in Israel are acting on behalf of anti-semitic Racists. Some are only deluding themselves if they think they are not anti-Semites by such actions. The UN is acting on behalf of murderous racists and the peace "process" is a sham of perpetual injustice.

Only in our backwards world can the word "Peace" mean "Murder Jews". Only in a "Peace Conferences" can segregation against Jews sound like a good idea. If ethnic cleansing by means of expelling Jews from Judea and Sumeria is such a good idea and will create "peace", then why not the other way around? Now - I'm not promoting such ridiculous ideas as expelling human beings from their homes, even if they are Murderous Arab Muslims. But I'm just pointing out to the extreme hypocrisy that is presented by these "peaceful negotiators".