Thursday, January 08, 2009

How bad is choice of Paneta as CIA director? Ask his "pal" Dick Morris. (Plus Obama's Depression Speech-few notes)

Seriously, how can lefties care so little for the security of this nation?! I'm truly astonished.

Take a minute, and listen to an insider, a man who was there when Paneta was a Clinton crony.
Let’s get this straight. The president-elect has no foreign policy experience. The Secretary of State-designate has none, except for photo ops as First Lady. The Director of Homeland Security-designate only knows about immigration enforcement. The Attorney General not only has no special knowledge about terrorism, he orchestrated the pardon of the FALN terrorists under President Clinton. And now the head of the CIA-designate has only had experience in domestic policy, notably as head of the Budget committee, OMB director, and Chief of Staff to the President!

Paneta is too inexperienced, too weak, and too liberal to make an effective CIA head. And, surrounded by people who know even less than he does about national security issues, it is a truly terrifying appointment.

That was short and to the point, I think he elaborated a bit more yesterday on O'Reilly's on Fox-News. No video as of yet. O'Reilly by the way is taking this hard - his 12 months of white-washing Obama and saying "I don't know him", "he's a smart guy", "he cares for the country", "let's give him a chance", "I'm an independent" - just blew in his face with this appointment and he let's his emotions about it be shown. My wife and I were amazed as he was reading his talking-points. He completely missed the boat during the months leading to election day. If he was this concerned (and he was, in a subtle-nuanced way) he should have endorsed the other candidate. At least at the last week. You cannot be unbiased when your opinion is that Obama and his lefty loons are a danger to the security of the nation. You cannot be silent when that's the case. O'Reilly often said before election day that "Obama could govern from the center, I don't know - I just don't know" - when he did know, should have known - and many of those willing to listen to Obama knew and understood perfectly what was coming.

Found A video, not THE video:

Since I'm on the subject of Obama (my least favorite topics), what was that speech Obama gave this morning?!

Was it just me or was it an acceptance of 1930-s and an invitation for a depression? Considering the media has already coronate Obama as the best president ever (not BFF - BPE, or BPEF; best president ever-forever), he couldn't go wrong in their view no matter how screwed the situation gets.

It wasn't just me:
Schlussel: Obama Plagiarizes . . . Again
Hotair: Obama: The only thing we have to fear is a sustained depression

Wouldn't expect the "tingles" media to notice it though...

So - this useless speech, was basically a "it wasn't me - he did it" in a...uh...uh... nice coating. Who would have guessed he can speak while not president? After all - he can't say a word about Gaza, there's only one president at a time, but can say a word about Mombay. And apperantly can say more than one uh....uh....uh... word about the Depression he so craves.

Guess what Obama - the irresponsible ones were mostly Democrats, not that the "tingles" media would care to notice or let it be known. And the irresponsibility presented these days by Obama and the Democrats is not unnoticeable as he might think.

Was this speech just another campaign rhetoric? I'm at minute 8 to 10, what bull. Unbelievable.

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