Friday, January 30, 2009

Israel's Largest Daily Paper opens a Culture war against "Mizrahi" songs

"Mizrahi" stands for eastern - and it is Israeli Hebrew music influenced by Arab, Turkish and Greek Music. It's a blend that delivers a unique thing - which half of Israelis hate with a burning passion, and the other half considers only these songs to be music. It's a cultural divide between those who originate in Europe and western world - and those with roots in the Middle East. All in all - in recent years "Mizrahi" songs have become more and more accepted into the main stream of Israeli society. These songs usually tell a tale of sadness - are sang proudly in a weeping voice - and are considered music which brings happiness and joy to it's listeners. To listen to "Mizrahi" is considered "to make happy" - "La'Asot Same'ach".

Well - Ynet today decided to start some cultural war a few weeks before election and label those songs literally as Shit. With a Hebrew article starting with the words: "Who asked for shit songs and didn't get shit?

I won't translate it. Here's a link to the Hebrew original: click.
Here's a link to the auto translate:click

The article produced more than 200 responses, most angry. It's as if NBC would broadcast a show called "the crappiest country songs ever written".

If asked, I'll post a link to some "Mizrahi" songs next week...


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Honorable Mayor,
    if NBC would broadcast a show called "the crappiest country songs ever written", at least I'd have a chance at having my own songs heard!
    Seriously, the first thing about a song that captures my attention, is always the music. I may go years, nay, DECADES, without ever listening to and understanding the lyrics to a song, in which the music has already completely marshalled the full focus of my attention. So, of course, before I can actually comment on "Mizrahi" songs, I'd have to know what the lyrics are for each given song. Might you be able to provide this info, as it relates to the specific links you will be posting? Would be much appreciated.

    שיהיה לך יום נהדר
    ו-Atom איב

    נ.ב.: הייתי צריך ללכת ל-Google למצוא
    תרגם לעברית

  2. Actually I did link to a song like that a while ago. Here:

    Anyways - the point is that the article was meant to hurt people. The translation of calling a song "Shit" in Hebrew is very offensive. It was calculated to post this article so close to an election.

    I my self am not a fan of that genre... and the lyrics do tend to be laughable. I'll try to find more examples next week to which I could freely link.