Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some comfort

First, I'd like to mention the low number of casualties the Israeli troops have suffered thus far. Every life is cherished, but considering the level of booby trapping in the Gaza strip, and the amount of sniper fire - not to mention the "secret weapon", an anti-tank missile - Israel managed to strike the terrorists pretty hard at a very low cost. Like I always say though, a war isn't won in points - it's not a soccer nor a football match.

Here are a few headlines for comfort during this war: (I recommend clicking through all of these, not just the headlines)
JPost:The Diaspora rallies

Fox-News exposes:High-Profile Doctor in Gaza Called an 'Apologist for Hamas', 'hard-core propagandist' (shames CNN, which aired the video)

Relations Between Israel and EU Improve Despite Street Protests

Polish girl helps treat rocket casualties

In praise of harsh response

Sarkozy: Halt to arms smuggling is key to Gaza cease-fire

Israel is following the "Powell Doctrine"

Haaretz' Amira Hass, pro terrorists, anti Israel - finally finds something wrong with Hamas:Hamas executes collaborators and restricts Fatah movement

AIPAC praises Senate support of Israel

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