Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let’s not talk about retreat. But some strategy? Please?

Beyond the left wing rant regarding war and anti-Bush rhetoric, lays a simple fact: The United States of America is carrying a heavy load of attempting to rebuild and stabilizing Iraq. A country filled with hateful immoral individuals. It had shown no desire to advance, no effort to assist. Like a young bird, it opens its mouth wide and asks to be fed by big mommy bird.

Let me explain my point of view. The civilians went to vote. Who did they vote in? Islamists. What type of constitution did they elect? Did it even mention freedom of anything there? Americans have given their sons lives for the demented Islamists in their goal to impose injustice by the name of Islam. Why is there such a high desertion rate from the Iraqi army? Why are they not willing to fight unless the US officers are there to inspect/assist/command/ do the Iraqis jobs for them?

The key to understand this situation is to look at our government and ask: What was your goal all along? Did you strategize at all? It seems that the answer is obviously no. Or in the worst case, all the assumptions the strategy that was upheld on, are finally unraveling to be false. The end result is that the USA is training the army of the future enemy; much like assisting the Iranians before Khomeini, or the Turks during the cold war. All evidence points to a sad end. They will use the knowledge, money, and support to create the next Islamic Kalfate. (True they will fight each other, but I honestly don’t care – hateful people fight each other, I refuse to stand between them)

I humbly agree, I am not the smartest of people, nor am I an analyst who can bring an easy solution to the table. But consider this: We can just build big bases and our own air ports. Let the Iraqis battle their differences on their own, and upon requests, bomb whatever needs to be bombed. Let them build their own oil infrastructure. Us – the Americans will not see a dime of it anyways. Let us concentrate on building strongholds in the Middle East. Building friendly relationships with whoever accepts us. The state department knows who these people are in the Middle East, but Bush chose to impose a “democracy” there. Try the Kurds. Try some of the Shiites. Treat all Iraqi Sunnis as enemies until proven otherwise. Divide and conquer. Don’t conquer and unite the un-unite-ables.

Peace be with you

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How NOT to fight terrorism?

Here is a full proof recipe for disaster, brought to you by the Israeli government:

1. If you find a Muslim brother extremist trying to build up a terrorist group, encourage him. Do not take him out until he has gained 60% support from the local Muslim residents. Sheikh Yasin was encouraged, then jailed, then exiled, then accepted, then tolerated, and only after rivers of blood supplied by his minions, assassinated

2. Do not kill the head of the snake. Nor his elected officials. Only put them under faux siege. Israel chased Yasser Arafat for decades, always to stop short from taking him and his top gang leaders out. He had to die of AIDS for the world to finally be relived from his stench.

3. Allow terrorist group leaders to walk freely. Let them be elected to government. Let submissive fifth columners from your own state to cuddle with them. Israel ENABLED the Hamas victory. Israel ALLOWS the following MPs to coddle and befriend renowned terrorists and enemies of the state: Ahmed Tibbi, Azmi Bshara, Taleb a Saana.

4. Always let your own media absorb the dialect and propaganda names chosen for terrorism. Israel adopted the terms: Intifada, Tahadia, Hudna, Right of return, Al-Aqsa Intifada, and various random names for small groups, names chosen only to humiliate the Jews when read allowed. No one stopped to think calling all these: Palestinian terrorism, War to annihilate Jews, Scandalous neglect of Arab human rights at forced refugee camps, and false Palestinian identity.

5. Withdraw, with no sense, scarring your own community, while not retaliating to mortar shells. No need to elaborate there…

6. Withdraw and abandon your Arab Christian, Shiite and Sunni friends from the north. Why did Israel let Syria, PLO, and Iran destroy Lebanon? This is the biggest crime, and possibly the only real crime Israel should have been charged with.

7. Allow propaganda to be broadcast to your fifth column Arab citizens. Allow foreign education to be placed upon your fifth columners. Allow disregard for the law by your fifth columners. Allow their participation in terror acts against Jews.

8. Let murderous terrorists give interviews from your prison cells calling for further attacks against you. Marwan Baragouty was tried and sentenced for murder; still he is allowed all sorts of weird perks.

9. Forgo any attempt to pundit your stance in world media, universities etc.

10. Release 400 terrorists for 3 bodies of dead soldiers. Do not avenge their murdor.

11. Threaten a terrorist leader with hollow deadline threats. React impulsively but hold back on any real military action. Ehud Barak vs. Yasser Arafat.

12. Do nothing when teenagers are blown apart at a disco party. Wait a year, another 400 dead, about 900 terrorist attacks, and still fail to explain your stance.

13. In the name of aid funds, hold no long term policy of your own. Israel has made several independent public claims, only to withdraw those after short phone calls form Condolisa Rice.

14. Did I mention this? Allow a terrorist group to run for elections at an entity under your control? Israel CONTROLS the PA. If Israel had wished, it would have stopped this masquerade at the bud.

15. Hold no public protest against terrorism. Not at your country. Not at other countries. Morn quietly. Ignore survivors. Ignore pain. Blame the victim and let the perpetrator spew hate with glee at the next nearest microphone.

16. Let media outlets of sworn enemies and sponsors of terror enter your country and broadcast propaganda against you. Let them lie. Let them exaggerate; never insist on your own side.

Oh yea, put in the oven for a couple of years.
Bon appetite

Monday, February 20, 2006

Don't let terrorists run the ports, but do hold politicians responsible for their hypocracy

The latest uproar from Democrat senators and congressmen regarding the risk in letting arabs run US ports is an absolute sham. Though I find nothing wrong with the content of their recent complaints, I find great issue with their lack of voice regarding placing terror sponsoring states under the terror sponcering states list.

Voicing objection only to be a side in an agrument against the administration, all the while damaging existing international deplomatic relationship with a foreign goverment is the peak of hypocracy. If the latest complaints were sincere, then they should have been followed with real demands to disconnect ties with the hostile UAE. But where are they?

I am horrified with the idea that shiekhs and al qaueda will control traffic of containers through the sea ports. I do find the republican administration utterly despickable for trying to sneak it under our nose. The democrat polititians are no better simply for jumping to the battle only when it suits their cause to derail the government. There's every reason to begin sanctions against states who sponsered and are sponsering Jihad. UAE is one of them. So is Saudi Arabia, Yaman, Sudan and others.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The sleeping coward that is Europe

As the dust of riots settles, the truth is revealed. Several sources show that the Cartoon riots were in fact orchestrated by three rouge states. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The later had provided finance to radical Imams to travel the globe to spread the word of “outrage”. The drones, the masses, the simple Muslims would gather for prayers on Fridays and were then ordered to torch embassies and burn flags they have never seen. There is nothing spontaneous in how it all had happened. If one is to look at the timeline of events, one has to rest assure, the riots have started only after the Danish government refused to succumb to Saudi pressure.

As I thought it would, as the riots began with a bang, they have ended abruptly. In many places around the world, there were no more than a few well organized riots, with well invited media crew. The west is soon to “forget”, or choose to forget what has happened. Although the Danes would now be outcasts in the eyes of the Muslim world, they are sure to return to the Lefty way of life that Europe has adopted. No lesson to be learned, no political shake up.

The dumb masses will have ignored the hypocrisy and hate that the Muslim world has spewed in our faces. The forces of Left will soon tell us that the Palestinians are oppressed (and therefore laws of humanity such as “Don’t Murder” do not apply). The Saudis are oppressed, the Yemenis are oppressed etc. The west has once again “insulted” the “noble” nation of Islam. Because there is nothing which cannot insult those extremely “sensitive” nation of head beaheders.

But there is a lesson to be learned. The world should wake up, shake up, and reject the offense commenced against it by radicals of Islam and Left think tanks. Some have hoped that the latest media rattles have awaken the Europeans. I disagree. I believe the voices heard are simple voices which did not know where to channel their anger thus far. They did not understand the severity of their nation’s surrender. The voters had barely paid attention. The politicians were soon to provide apologies. The European media was soon to broadcast some more lies about oppressed terrorists and evil self defending Jews.

Nothing has yet to change in Europe. Europe, with its troublesome history, has yet to prove where it stands in the war on terror and the war on evil, where it stands with rotten dictators like Fidel Castro, where it stands with immigration, with mosque builders, with human rights in the Middle East. Where does Europe stand with rights of Christians in Europe? How about the Middle East?

The first cannon has been shot at Europe. Soon, the heavy artillery will raise clouds of dust, dirt, and blood. Will Europe ever wake up to defend itself?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

While they burn churches, SNL makes me mildly smile

Steve martin: "If I go on stage with Hamas, I might be considered an Anti Semite, on the other hand, I could promote my movie, what would my Studio want?"

In one sentence, I believe SNL delivered the best satire on the current state of affairs. While the western governments were embraced to admit they are about to fund a government controlled by Hamas (which they will, and they do), they still ponder their response to an enormous wave of hate from the Muslim world. Churches were burning this weekend in Alabama, Pakistan, Bagdad and other places. Danish flags, with crosses on them, were burned. But the US state department chose to condemn the Danish press... How should we appease our enemies tomorrow?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Even John Stuart got fed up with Sheehan, Get ready for a true world war

I could not believe my eyes, John Stuart on the Daily show amazed and ashamed of the lefti loon Cindy Sheehan. He showed a segment where she exemplified her admiration to Hugo Chavez while calling the US government an evil empire. Stuart responded that for criticism of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, people get sent to prison for 4 years.

Today, the Israeli news website Ynet quoted Venezuela’s second in command regarding an upcoming visit of his deer friends from Hamas. Given that today Europeans have been declared enemy of the Uma – the Muslim world for a cartoon, it is apparent that the world is being divided between Western Free Democracies, and Left wing, Crazy Islamists. The bad news is that on the “dark” side, one would soon find the entire South America continent; the good news is that at least there are signs of awakening in Europe to the imminent threat of global war.

In case one fails to see how the connections are laid between the enemies of freedom, here are a few reminders of events from the last few weeks:

  1. “Peaceful” Palestinians choose Hamas to rule. The slogan “Death to Jews” has never been so popular
  2. Hamas publishes on its website for kids what they really want to liberate - Spain
  3. Iran, Cuba and Venezuela – very deer friends indeed – talks of cooperation are warming up
  4. Pakistan shares nuclear technology with Iran and North Korea
  5. Iran, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world support Hamas
  6. Hamas has found its friends in the loony world of Venezuela
  7. Hamas threatens the western world to pay up, and shut up, or it will rise against the rest of us
  8. Egypt is actively working to exterminate the Christian Copts. Calls to murder are broadcasted live to the Arab world
  9. Muslims all over the world attack Christians and Europeans for cartoons
  10. A rising tide of defiance for free speech, more publications of the same cartoons in Europe
  11. Iran threatens the world with its oil, and with its arms. Some believe they might already have a nuclear device
  12. Rise to power in a few more South American nations of loony lefties. Calls against the USA are frequent and unchallenged all across the continent.
  13. Mexican army supplying infiltrators of the US border with maps
  14. European officials say it is not a question of IF – but WHEN – a nuclear dirty bomb is set.
  15. Even extreme left wingers such as John Stuart become FED UP with Cindy Sheehan, a cheerleader for the enemies of freedom.

Either you see the connections – or you don’t. In my view, the only reason a war between nations has not been declared is because the west is so afraid of the financial cost, and the evil doers are content with taking small bites at our freedom until we are left defenseless