Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

As the gray dome dominates the Michigander skies... and the chill grips the bones... I took a resolution to be commenced "Tout De Suite" (ASAP)!

I shall leave the cold for a week and set for the Floridian blue skies.

Happy new year!

Will Orielly finally stop inviting CAIR liars and calling them moderates?

Michael Savage lawsuit links CAIR to 9/11 plot

Reminder: Oreilly and CAIR - what gives?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


skip directly to the fifth minute:

That's right - tell a joke how no one wants to sit next to you at the tube... Bigots - for absolutely no reason, right?

At 7:15 of the clip - a british woman is cured from her bigotry. Gee - Thanks. White-non Muslims people are just a bunch of bigots to be cured through conversion. And this peace of crap is broadcast on publicly funded television.

Confusion averted

I was trying to think what does "make me a Muslim" remind me of... then I remembered.

Check out on part 3 of 5 at episode 2, around 7:05 into the clip, the village idiots think they are all just singing a fun beer tune - they are actually denouncing Christianity by singing "la illa lalla" (no god but allah). Sounds like a silly la-la-la, but actually - if you have beliefs - you would not be singing that.

In part 2 of episode 3 around the sixth minute, propaganda comes in full throttle. A dude is presented, barely speaks English but is portrayed as the best Englishman around and "wow" - his a Muslim too. See - it's all bigotry - we found our poster boy. Well the cab driver is surely impressed (is he mentally retarded?). A few moments with a poster boy to vindicate a community that Blew Up the Subway two years ago. If anything this should have proven, is how small of a minority of Muslims in Britain are loyal. If anything this type of propaganda crap does prove is that Muslims ARE trying to convert and take over England.

In part 4 of 5 at Ep 3, the Gay dude says this: "I would consider looking into converting to Islam... em ... purely because, why not? If you can live such a peace, tranquil and happy life, then why not? And I haven't been brainwashed." (at about 3:20 into the clip)

Why NOT?! WHY THE F!@#!@# NOT?! Because they'll public execute you for sodomy! Did they forget telling you that? Because they'll kill you if you try to leave their religion. Because their religion justifies so much evil... What an ignorant buffoon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The good the bad and the ugly (muslim)

Hey dude - wanna convert to this cool religion - Isla... Is... Islam?!

The good:
Clear minded people cannot help but notice the intolerance and how incompatible Islam is with western values.

The bad:
1. The show's narrator obviously tries to put the Muslims in good light whereas the non Muslims are just a bunch of ignoramuses. See his snickering remarks whenever the freedom loving, concerned about Sharia and Jihad, cab driver speaks. "Despite what he was told, he still believes Muslims wish to impose Sharia"... Funny - I heard nothing but acknowledgment of the fact.

2. The show is directed and edited in the same manner "regular" reality shows in Britain are - this feels like a bad episode of "big brother". The participants - as courageous as they are to oppose the nonsense to which they are subject, are not very intelligent, and frankly quite gullible to participate in this mockery of England.

The ugly:
Why not in reverse? Why not force Muslims in the west or even at Islamic countries to live their lives as: Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, Atheists, Strippers, Satanists, Mormons? Why not make simple English People try out other religions? Hinduism perhaps?

Want some sincerity? Check out HBO/BBC's "Extras" Christmas special
A quote: "I've gotta be honest with you here.. .. up this street they've gone a bit Arabic, sorry about that. Nothing I can do... on the bright side, this is a great place to find Halal meat.... Actually, you can see it from this window here."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Never liked banks - more reason to hate them now

Check out item# 3 here. Someone should be sitting in Jail for this.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A clear explanation why terrorists can't be convicted by a Jury of 12 "peers"

It seems that one out of 12 always turns out to be a mentally challenged sympathizer. (Originally got the link from LGF)

From the article:

So, to Neal, what is Hamas?

"It is marked as a terrorist organization. My personal viewpoint, I didn't know too much before. I see it as a political struggle. Our country was founded on a terrorist act. The Boston Tea Party wasn't a tea party, dude. It was a rebellion against the king's wrath. They fought back against an oppressive government."

Yes dude - a political murder of children at a pizzeria, dude... like... so what dude? They're only Jewish dude so STFU dude... no need for evidence... dude... It's the Neal the dude show - not a Jury deliberation - dude. Dude's an asshole - dude.

Bullying and cursing in the deliberation room - now that's a fair trial won't you say?

More from this fraud inducing creep:

"My answers [to the questionnaire] looked like I was a pro-American, you know, flag-waving American. I mean, I am, but..."

NEAL, Dude! You're not - if you start any statement saying something like that. It means you keep lying about who you are... Basically - you are in your own words a hater of America and would gladly burn a flag or two. ASSHOLE!

Friday, December 07, 2007

"I acknowledge, I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace through the medium of war."

Oh Jefferson - you magnificent war monger. How I wish men like you were to lead the western world today.(page 37 - if the link doesn't jump to the right bookmark)

War on terror - done the right way, after a lesson learned well. Once he became president, he taught the Barbaric (Berber - for PC purposes) Arabs a lesson they forgot only recently.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

About Iran, Nukes and "Intelligence"

Debka-File has it all wrong, claiming that the Bush administration wanted the latest report to come out the way it did. All you have to do is look at the political turmoil and negative backlash it created against president Bush and the republican party. This situation was in no way engineered against Israel. For a better and clear analysis, listen to former ambassador Bolton. He knows exactly who are the people who wrote it, and was not shy to express his opinion that they deliberately set out change the US's approach to Iran.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Not so shocked - Nazism for schoolchildren in the Ukraine

Not so shocked - Nazism for schoolchildren in the Ukraine

The good(?) news is that some people are shocked...

Liberal sperm donor Dad to pay support - what a tool

Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support for 18-Year-Old

First - the idiot thought a lesbian couple are just the right setting to raise his offspring. Next - he let the poor child keep hopes alive that he has a Dad that cares for him. Then - he was surprised to find out you can't be "Half a Dad". Serves him right! The lesbians got his sperm and his money.

Giving anonymous sperm donation to normal couples who can't conceive is one thing, but abandoning a child in a backwards environment and giving him false hope of a fatherly connection is another. My point is - since he had contact with the kid, he should have shown some responsibility.

Let this be a lesson to those who believe there's nothing wrong with lesbian couples bringing up children. It appears to always be about one's own comfort. When it suits them - a dad is not an important part of the equation - but when they want money, they'll sue your liberal ass for every penny you got.

BTW - is this a lesbian revenge for letting the boy know he has a dad (and was not immaculately conceived)?

Check this out:
"Nassau County Family Court judge Ellen Greenberg ruled Nov. 16 against a paternity test, saying it would have a traumatic effect on the child."

Now the court seems to care about trauma... Having this thing being dragged through the court by the Mom - not an issue.

Here's another gem:
"But earlier this year, a Pennsylvania judge held a sperm donor liable for support, noting he had spent thousands of dollars on toys and clothing for two children that he helped a lesbian couple conceive."

Turns out the courts acknowledge that stupid liberals who help lesbians conceive are libel.

Refugees – about the absolute backwardness of our world

While peace conferences and political forums discuss what is to be done with Arabs who call themselves refugees from a war that happened 60 years ago, they all fail to recognize a basic and painful fact. Arabs were never expelled from Israel. No one carried them on trucks and transported them. But guess what? A high percentage of the Jews who arrived to Israel between 1880 and 1980 WERE refugees. Who took care of them? Who paid for their suffering? Should Russia and the Ukraine pay now for the suffering of the Pogroms? Should today’s Poland pay for the massacres and expulsion of Holocaust survivors? Isn’t it time the Arab world pay for the expulsion and riots against Jews they have committed from the 1930-s to 1960-s?

Arabs would rather forget that small inconvenient item, they rioted against the Jews and forcefully ejected the Jewish population, in some cases - prior to the establishment of Israel.

If Jews in Israel were to treat the Arabs in Israel (including Gaza, Judea and Sumeria, including Jerusalem) the way the world continues to treat Jews – there would be no Arabs in Israel. Who is the victim here?

Those who weep for Arab refugees and pay for their meal while they murder Jews in Israel are acting on behalf of anti-semitic Racists. Some are only deluding themselves if they think they are not anti-Semites by such actions. The UN is acting on behalf of murderous racists and the peace "process" is a sham of perpetual injustice.

Only in our backwards world can the word "Peace" mean "Murder Jews". Only in a "Peace Conferences" can segregation against Jews sound like a good idea. If ethnic cleansing by means of expelling Jews from Judea and Sumeria is such a good idea and will create "peace", then why not the other way around? Now - I'm not promoting such ridiculous ideas as expelling human beings from their homes, even if they are Murderous Arab Muslims. But I'm just pointing out to the extreme hypocrisy that is presented by these "peaceful negotiators".

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Misogyny and peace in our times

They wouldn't shake her hand, left her all shook up

Foreign Ministers, Two women, one Israeli Jewish the other an African American, meet with Arabs to establish peace... but Arabs let them know what they think of those dirty female kufars...

Any chance for peace? It seems some would sell their soul to get their hand shaken by misogynists and racists. Sure, begging would work - wouldn't it?

Here's some background on how the Arabs prepared for this false peace conference. And more...

Boo-s on the GOP debate

My questions are: Who was allowed to sit in the crowd? Is it just me or does it seem that the CNN debate was more concerned with Left wing talking points than the GOP primaries?!

Hotair: Debate questioner is affiliated with Hillary’s — and Kerry’s — campaigns; Update: Plantmania!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks Bush. I was almost worried.

Now that I understand what a magnificent false show this conference was - And now that we saw two middle eastern scared and incompetent "leaders" read "peaceful statements", now that we can see how everyone is committed to absolutely nothing but rhetoric - I think it is safe to conclude this was nothing but a dog and pony show to say, "hey, we tried... never mind."

Frail and ailing holocaust denier Mahmood Abbas is counting the seconds to his downfall... I'll follow Ariel Sharon's ideas on issues like this - it's better he and his mafia gang Fatah loose to a genocide hungry Hamas. At least Hamas sucks at Taqiya (deception) and doesn't have any former communist supporters to cheer them. The only reason Fatah still enjoys a "diplomatic" statue is due to their former communists ties. I say: Down with communism first, then down with Jihadism.

Hammas to the Arabs is like that weird dude with black suit and sunglasses to the Matrix - a virus to consume their world and bring darkness on all.

Exit question: Didn't this "peace conference" bring the next middle eastern war a few steps closer?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Again, barbaric Arab Muslim gang rape Jewish teen in Israel

from Haaretz.

Add that to several other incidents a year in Israel, some incidents in France, Denmark, Sweden, Pakistan (against Christians of course), Egypt (against Christians of course)... can you see the pattern? Is it bigotry to point out the behavior repeatedly exhibited by these animals?

One more note: When one person rapes, it could be attributed to a personal disorder - a freak who could not conform to society's civil rules. When incidents happen within teen communities - it can be associated with teens' general confusion of borders and decency. All of these are disgusting and should be properly punished. But here is yet another case of a gang rape by young men from a community against members of another. One cannot help but find something more to it. Is it the Muslim culture that breeds such savagery?

How about yelling at the poor girls stinking Jews? It seems that more than just fulfilling their primitive animal desires they were perusing some sort of revenge against Jews on the bodies of young teenage girls. Is this what their religion justify? It would seem so - as these incidents have been repeated worldwide by the same ambassadors of the Religion of Peace.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Scarecrow Olmert - do everyone a favor and RESIGN!

On a day when a man is murdered, several towns are bombed, and an infiltration attempt is thwarted. On a day when the government decides to free murderers opposite to high ranking security officials opinions. When a dangerous "pseudo peace" conference is about to commence; I believe there could be only one thing that can put this "wild horse carriage without steerer" to a stop - RESIGN you knuckle head Olmert.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

South America - to be lost to Islam as well?

I highly doubt this - but an interesting read here:

Sultan Knish

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oreilly and CAIR - what gives?

Yesterday Bill Oreilly once again hosted a debate regarding another ACLU and CAIR whining and seething - this time it was the LAPD trying to find extremists in the Muslim communities in LA.

Once again, he invited CAIR's representatives as if it they can be spokespersons for Arabs in America. Never mind their Hamas ties, never mind their un-indicted co conspirators status on HLF, never mind their stance on Terrorism, Sharia as a replacement to US constitution, they still get a pass. He keeps calling them "moderates".

I didn't find a clip from yesterday's shameful pandering, but here are a few previous similar open forums to those terror supporters: Search Results for “oreilly cair”
Look how proud CAIR are to be allowed to distribute their propaganda on Fox News. They publish it all on YouTube:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Israel's own "Abu Ghraib" type reporting

Because daylight slaughter of Jews eating Pizza cannot compare to the "crime" of arresting terrorists...

Click on this crap only if you must:
In English
In Hebrew

Boy those Jewish anti-Semites in Haaretz work hard to spread their propaganda in so many languages at once.

"Objectively" reporting on a "documentary" of the horrors Israeli soldiers supposedly did as if it were facts...

There are 2 allegations of torture while the title makes it sound like one would find about 100! There are about 10 claims that service in army will scar female soldiers for life. Propaganda to demoralize the troops in war, anyone? The director of this documentary proclaims her intentions: to use girls who serve in the army in order to portray her own bad impression of how badly mistreated the Palestinians are and how bad it is for young soldiers. Guess what? It's all whine, whine, whine. "Oh boy, I took revenge", "Oh boy, I washed bodies" - that allegation was flat out denied by an army spokesman who said that the soldier lied that washing bodies was ever a job given to soldiers like her. One "scarred for life witness" refused to be interviewed for this anti Israeli propaganda... Some of the girls are traumatized but at least one is an obvious liar admitting her far left agenda.

Checking on the writer, named "Dalia Karpel" reveals something not so surprising. She is very popular with the ISM - Communists, pro Terror, Anti-Semite, fake "peace activists". Haaretz and Walla are willing propaganda distributes against Jews and against Israel. The Jewish Gables has been found!

If you want to read the type of propaganda she espouses - search her name in Google...
Here's exhibit A, B, and C

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Derelict Murderers, absolves self of murdering own children - it's always the JOOOOOS fault.

In this yet another boring misrepresentation of facts by BBC... I found the following gem:

"The majority of Palestinians would not believe the court if they said the killing was fake," says Dr Eyad Sarraj, the head of the Gaza Community Health Programme. "They would see it as some sort of conspiracy."

"All Palestinians see the Israelis as guilty in this. Even if Muhammad al-Durrah was killed by a Palestinian bullet, if it hadn't been for the Israeli occupation in Gaza he would be still alive today."

Even If...
What kind of animal murders its own children to blame it's neighbor?!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BAGAZ, Mazuz, Bai ki mun, AP, Reuters, Adalla: HATE Jews in Sderot

BAGATZ - that's what the initials of the Israeli Supreme court spells out and reads like in Hebrew. Mazuz - the legal counselor of the Israeli government. Both found common language on debating against cutting or reducing Israel's aid to Gaza in the form of electricity and fuel.

All of the above simply do not care that Gaza keeps bombing Jews in Sderot. The don't care that Jewish residents have their personal safety at peril, their finances at risk, and their electricity frequently cut off by those derelict murderers from Gaza.

Somehow they all believe it is the legal responsibility of the state of Israel to keep the light on in Al-Qaeda's kitchen. The latest headlines in YNet and Walla/Haaretz scream: Israel should explain how cutting off electricity and fuel does not constitute collective punishment. Why try to explain this? Why in the world is it the responsibility of Israel to care for the well being of its enemies? What kind of a backwards world do we live in?


Pat Robertson to endorse Giuliani

Next Jessi Jackson would endorsing Hillary Clinton... right.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who's issuing death threats at the analyst who posted a negative report about Citibank? Saudis?

As it is well known, some Saudi royalties have a large stake in Citi-Bank, the bank they bought at bargain prices when it nearly collapsed in the early 90-s. They are shaking in their sand tents right now as the value of the bank is falling and they found who to blame. The messenger.

It's not like they didn't see it coming.

Now - no one is saying who is issuing the death threats, but a certain "not so peaceful" culture might raise a biased suspicion.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Derelict murderers use own children's school to shoot rockets at Jews

And the UN rushes to investigate and condemn Arab aggression... wait... no they didn't, wouldn't.

The following article is in Hebrew, but there is a video inside it (when browsed with IE).

BTW: Is this an UNRAW school? Was this funded by the UN with US tax money?

SNL sketch on democratic debate, no way... could this farce be real?!

Taken straight out of

The amazingly deaf league of candidates. No question can steer them away from talking about something completely different.

Why the heck are these kind of questions (AND ANSWERS) afloat in a presidential primary? Are they completely insane?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Derelict murderers demand a state NOW!

They demand a deadline to a final surrender by Israel.

I say, they should get a state - just as soon as they stop trying to murder all the Jews. Oh wait - that would infringe on their religion, wouldn't it? The religion of "peace" (once they slaughter everyone else and place their own people under a fascist regime).

BTW, a demand usually comes with an "or else" statement, why didn't AP/Yahoo put that part in the headline? Give in to our demands or we will... what? Throw flowers at the Jews? Stop bombing them? Stop desecrating their holy sites? Stop spreading blood libel against them? Stop handing candies to Arab children when Americans are murdered in New York? OR WHAT?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Michigan - not so welcoming to Jews, not so surprised.

The latest affair in Michigan State University shines a bright light on the issue. There is no middle ground in Michigan. There are the Anti-Semites Arab sympathizers on the left, and the right wing Neo-Nazis on the right. That's it. When election time comes, the only reason politicians come to Michigan is to pander to Shea, Hezbollah supporters in Dearborn. With a doomed economy, corrupt and bankrupt government and such extremes scaring the living daylight of Jewish students across this state, is it any wonder that the deeply rooted Jewish community in Michigan is dwindling?

5 Reasons to HATE Google!

5 Reasons to HATE Google!
  1. Google earth – free satellite tool for terrorists
  2. Taking advantage of a monopoly status to crush petty competitors.
  3. You-Tube – owned by Google – promoters of Jihad, suppressors of anti-Jihad.
  4. Bans anti-lefty ads.
  5. Promotes anti-Semites on its ever-changing “fun” logo, while ignores American holidays.

1 reason not to hate Google:

  • This blog is hosted on, which is owned by Google.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How far left is the Israeli media? Even a cynic as I am amazed!

YNET - The Hebrew online news site of the leading Israeli news paper shows now a big title written in bold white over red titled "Terrorists in Beit-Shemesh", the subtitle tells about violence perpetrated by ultra orthodox Jews in that town against their own.

The Anti-Semites would really enjoy this had they been able to read Hebrew. A Jewish terrorist was spotted. Clicking on the headline leads to an op-ed which uses no such words. "Cape-Fear" is it's label, and probably rightly so as it describes mob like violence against religious people by their own. But Terrorists?! This is no act of naivety, lefties gone wild.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rerun of failed terror cases

Since the evidence is clear and massive, as it was in the case of Sami El Arian, the questions are not:

Are they terrorists?
Are they guilty?
Is it wrong or immoral?

The only question is - Can a jury find a terrorist guilty if the victims are Jews in Israel?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is this horrendous butchery in Pakistan the opening shot of a civil war?

How strong/weak is the current regime? How many soldiers are still being held hostage in northern Pakistan - and why in the world doesn't Musharaf ASK the US to assist there?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WWIII clock is ticking

I guess I didn't pay attention to the details since this is "old news". The Russians, not content with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to shame their nation for eternity have apparently formed an alliance with Iran and other countries around the Baltic sea.

The times-online tries to hide the facts by placing it within a mislabeled article. Putin did a lot more than promise nuclear energy to Iran - he formed a military alliance and that should have been the title to begin with.

What's more outrageous - Syria with nukes or UN covering up?!

Grrrr... Infuriating

The UN is not just corrupt! It is CRIMINAL.

Why do the French hate their elected president so?

Or do they? Perhaps it is just the media that is spreading vicious rumors and blames him for being "a mossad agent". While previously the French media yawned and simply did not report of their own politicians personal lives, their mistresses, their wives, their overt corruption - it is on the attack when it comes to Nicolas Sarkozy. Why? Isn't it obvious?

The current elites at the helms of the media at France are remnants of the Chirac era. Now that their beloved adulterer and panderer to Arabs is under several corruption investigations, now that Sarkozy is aligning with the US and with Israel against the Jihadis and against Iran - now they reveal their claws and fangs. I'm just waiting for them to begin using slurs while they report - not to mention racial ones.

As requested, here are a few links I managed to harvest in a half an hour:
Rumors of Sarkozy being a Mossad agent - this has been maliciously redistributed by Iranian news sources over the last month and several anti-Semite blogs have picked on to this story and further developed it in their imagination...

For the scandalous coverage of the Sarkozy couple problem, it is plastered over the front pages of French and Swiss news papers, in particular: Le Parisian.

Israeli news paper Maariv - their online version and their reported Or Heler have been "reporting" (translating/plagiarizing) directly from the Parisian papers for months:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

All of the Maariv articles are reporting from the news papers in France in Hebrew. All of which show unprecedented invasion of privacy in the French politics. It is only ironic (moronic too) that 60 minutes stooped to the same level of questions.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore joins other famous people in accepting Nobel prize

... People such as Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat... you know.

The most unimportant prize in the world. It should be renamed to the "irony reward".

What secret arm keeps trying to appoint Hamas operatives to government positions here in the US?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yearning for Ann in Ann Arbor

A few questions I'm asking my self right now:
  • Was Ann Coulter manipulated and then made to look like an Anti Semite?
  • Was she just being honest about her beliefs while Deutsch was pretending to take offense?
  • How far will the left take this in an attempt to divide Jews and Republicans?

Post note
Was she high? Who offers a member of another religion to join him in Church on television?! Oh brother.

The not so cold anymore war

The Muqata: Electromagnetic Terror Attack against Israel

Turks begging for trouble

They are "infuriated" that US congress decided to label the genocide the Ottoman empire committed upon Armenians as genocide, and called for their ambassador to return for a limited time back home.

They are also threatening to invade Iraq - while US forces are there - to combat the Kurds. Does anyone remember how they chose not to let the US use Turkey as a base for attacks against Saddam Hussein? Great "ally" they turned out to be.

Turkey is apparently bent on choosing to confront the US, this probably has something to do with the fact that radical Muslims are at the helms.

Changing their constitution to revert the equality of women is just a phase in a grander scheme. Turkey has always been an example to the western world that democratic values are compatible with Muslim population. Winds of change?

The Turks seem to cuddle with Bashar Assad and Mahmud Ahmedinajad. They aren't only reverting their political system to resemble Iran - they are aligning themselves with the US's most prominent enemies.

If anything - they should be begging for forgiveness and better relations - but the "proud Muslims" seem to be irrationally devoted to destroying their ties to the west.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Johannesburg and Detroit should be declared twin cities

They have so much in common.

I followed Gates of Vienna (link on the right), to "Death of Johannesburg" blog, linked here. It's not about race - it's about the collapse of law and order, with the added value of extreme demographic changes.

Warning - some comments on that blog are from racists. I do not condone it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

The State of Israel formally acuses France 2 of blood libel

From Ynet

This letter, sent from the prime minister's office in response to requests to deny journalism certificate from France 2 officials affirms the state of Israel's position that France 2 had took actions to defame Israel through a vicious blood libel. Let's see who in the west would care to comment about that.

Well - it appears that while an official in the prime minister office might be able to grow some balls, the prime minister and his stuff are still missing theirs. Haaretz reports that "officials in the prime minister's office claim the letter was not approved by the office". What a schmuck that PM.

Several weeks later, Assad claims Israel attacked "Empty Buildings"

The plot thickens.

First - they claimed to chase the Israeli airplanes away. Now the head serpent claims that only empty buildings were attacked. Back when Israel bombed an Islamic Jihad training camp a few years ago, the Syrians were quick to claim that Israel targeted an "abandoned camp". They were even in a hurry to show photos. Well - Well, it takes them 4 weeks to come up with an official lie this time, and without photos. Does anyone need any bigger indications that it was a HUGE blow to Assad?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes, I'm a HUGE nerd

In addition to being a Dr Sues fan, as a teen I played a lot of "Quest" games. Go ahead, waste a couple of days of your life and feel the nerdiness.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are today's conservative liberals? Where does that place today's "liberals"?

Consider that today's conservatives stand for human rights and justice in the world arena and liberals fall in love with Ahmedinajad, wouldn't you agree that today's conservatives are much more liberals than today's liberal?

The plot thickens, conservatives now stand for racial equality by removing affirmative action while liberals march to free black criminals in Louisiana. Conservatives stand for freedom of speech on campuses and a broader exchange of ideas while liberals call for limitations on "islamophobic speech" as a hate crime. Seeking to limit one's right to talk about Islam and Muhammad is the most non-liberal thing to do.

Conservatives seek to protect women's rights in the middle east, liberals seek to maintain status quo as "our culture is depraved while their's is noble". Besides, "who are we the imperialists to tell the oppressed how they should behave..."

Conservatives seek to protect Jews from anti-semites and raven Nazi and Muslim lunatics. Liberals fight for Nazi and Muslim right to march in Jewish neighborhoods and raise money to bomb Jews abroad.

What is a liberal today? How do you call overt anti-semitism mixed with a fondness to limits of speech? How do you call support for expansionist dictators? Today's left is a mixture of revolutionary, anarchist, Nazi and Jihadi, anti patriotic, anti troops, anti law enforcement, anti white, anti justice, liars. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of excuses lefties come up with to justify each other's perversion of ideas. If only they stood up and said about one thing - this is inexcusable, we do not stand for that. Can't hope for much, can we?

Was I too harsh here?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The nut in the hat

Ahhh Med Mad Dinajad

I understand the intentions of Lee Bollinger and I do respect the University's freedom to make such choices. However I feel Bollinger knew well ahead that this would not be an exchange of ideas, his statement would be disregarded and all in all it would be another stage to let the moonbats of the US fall in love with another brutal thug.

My view - the Iranian clown should not be given entrance to any country - but while given entrance to New York, he should be humiliated and ridiculed wherever he goes. That is what Bollinger did, but not before stirring unnecessary controversy.

Perhaps he should have used visual aids while making his statements - that could have helped. Meanwhile, Ahh Med Mad Med Dinajad gets record ratings and the "Lesbian Jewish Moonbats" are "Falling in Love".... Feh! (Feh=I'm vomiting here Feh...)

Feh2: End result? The moonbats are criticizing Bollinger "questioning and insulting this great man" and the audience is laughing and applauding the new Hitler...

Feh3: I'm not watching this crap. I'm reading about it and it is as disgraceful as I expected. The students who applaud this man are offending far too many people out there - the room should have only be filled with Iranian exiles, we would have seen what kind of cheers he would have gotten then.

Questions I would ask Iran's fake leader

While you have acknowledged your financial and military support for the Shea "resistance" in Lebanon known as Hezbollah, and have hosted their leader's family and given them prizes, you are surely aware of statements Nasrallah made regarding collecting all the Jews in Israel so that they can be wiped off at once, shouldn't you and your friends sit in Jail for war crimes given the indiscriminate deliberate bombardment of civilian population during the 2006 war between Iranian Lebanon and Israel?!

How dare you spread your lies here while your little devils are still holding Israeli soldiers hostages, and your own country holds Canadian and American civilian hostage?!

Why should anyone believe you are talking about peace when every two days you are holding military parades calling the US the big Satan and calling for its destruction?

When will your country pay for the bombings in Argentine during the 90-s? For the hostage taking in 1979? For the Beirut bombings in the 80-s?

Isn't it true you are really a powerless puppet to a regime controlled by religious fanatics?

Did you or did you not participate in holding American hostages in 1979?

Do you really believe that a nation threatening Jews with genocide should sit in the UN?

If you are not an anti-Semite, what is an anti-Semite?

How exactly are you different from Hitler?

Who do you think you are fooling? I know who you're fooling. But Dilbert is not relevant and never really was.

Dilbert - a moonbat.

I'm boycotting Dilbert and there's nothing in the world which could change my mind. I guess that for Scott Adams, to become rich from drawing cartoons is a good enough excuse to encourage Ahmedinajad and suicide bombers against Israelis - because the poor Palestinians are "kept poor". I'm not sure which is more offending - the belittling of the Holocaust or the disingenuous clarifications which at the same time claimed to "not hate Israel" yet cheer for terrorists. Screw Scott Adams and his alter ego - Dilbert, he is off my office wall, off my calender and the one book I do have is going to the basement.

Adams writes: "Still, the bulk of my sympathies are with whatever group suffers the most, regardless of how much of the problem is their own damned fault. To feel otherwise would be inhuman. Sometimes it feels as if the Palestinians are only one Gandhi away from fixing their problems. But he’d need to be bulletproof."

Hmmm... dear moonbat - answer this, who suffers more - the children who are targeted for slaughter on a daily basis by Islamofaciest racists from the Arab villages across Israel, Judea, Sumeria and Gaza or those who are fed by the UN, get electricity for free from Israel while having it being paid by Europeans, and while surrounded by armed Jewish soldiers are not being targeted for murder?

Gandhi - and the Palestinians - how far apart both are. Non violent protest to chase away a colonialist empire, vs. genocidal murderers wishing to eliminate the Jewish race starting with their neighbors. Gandhi - begging the Muslims and Hindus to stop rioting and almost dying on a hunger strike, Palestinians - murdering Jews senselessly since the 19th century while REFUSING TO ACCEPT THEIR OWN STATE!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yom Kipur on high tensions

It seems like many in Israel are going into this weekend of fasting and disengagement from technology with a high level of alert towards what might happen. Unlike in 1973, many are all too aware of the Syrian threats. The "customary" closure of Judea and Sumeria over holidays seems to have more to it this time. I hope for a quite weekend for all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Protestors march for the rights of blacks to beat the living daylight out of whites?!

I do remember when the civil rights activists where about justice and equality between races - not a march of anti-white/pro-black racists. I'm sick of Sharpton and he's cohorts of racists.

There's nothing right about this story - the beating - the nooses - and the Sharpton. The Sharpton is a symptom of where pro-rights activities turned to something parallel to KKK marches.

Awaiting the French Humpty Dumpty to fall

What would happen if it turned out that high ranking French officials took part in the cover up of one of the worst blood libel in recent history?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So which is the party of the KKK? The "View" liberal has it all wrong...

I don't watch "the view". So here's how it panned out.

Now - correct me if I'm wrong but West Virginia senator Byrd - IS KKK?! And he's a Democrat! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was the democrats who opposed rights to blacks in the south... now the gall of the liberals to continuously accuse conservatives of being KKK!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ron Paul supporter spotted in Ann Arbor

Sorry - forgot to take pictures.

The dude was driving a clunky old car, and had two huge stickers on its back. The first: "Linux... something something bla bla bla" (couldn't focus due the fact the second one practically rendered me blind while driving)... The second: "Ron Paul for president". Both black on white, both seemed like they were home printed.

The dude itself - derelict haircut, unshaved, chubby, mustached, about 50.

I suspected that Ron Paul has captured that demographic. You know - ex-hippy - awakening from a daze of marijuana - probably a virgin - conspiracy theorist - Linux nerd.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Here's how valid European criticism of Israel's and the US's treatment of Muslims is

Using protesters for punching bags. That's how Europeans treat peacefull demonstrators, how should Israel treat rioting ones?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

North Koria responds to Israeli/Syrian tensions?! Huh?!

I don't know what happened last week when supposedly Israel invaded Syrian air space - I do not trust any of the reports but I'm extremely suspicious now that North Koria has stepped in and both condemned and THREATENED Israel. Huh?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day the rest of us began to realize what Islam is all about

It would be an understatement to say that the day before so many of us were naive. I believe the majority of people out there thought that the current state of affairs in Israel and the terror attacks on US embassies was a passing thing, but that peace was an achievable goal with the majority of peace loving Muslims. Bridges could be built, dialogs could be established.

But have we all awakened? Look around you and you could easily identify many who are still under the impression that the war on terror could be ended with a concession here and there, pandering to Muslims here, peace in Israel and lots of funds to third world countries - because it's all about poverty and the ills of capitalism.

While I would have hoped for more to open their eyes to reality, it does seem that most prescribe to the naive realm. Those are the mainstream zombies of the western world - still asleep or in denial. At the extreme left of course there are nut-bags and deliberate liars hoping to create chaos and produce anarchy. All of whom are sympathizers and cheer leaders for the Jihad in hopes of bringing an end to western civilization in the false hope of bringing a utopia thereafter.

9/11 is the unofficial "Islam is Murder" day. You might not accept it - but you think it. Today - too many have died for the glory of the religion of butchery. One should think hard today about the ramifications of political correctness and self censorship. "If words can kill"... well - staying silent, in my view, is what has brought this disaster. I hope that year after year the self righteousness of hypocrites and PC guards would erode until finally at some point in the future an honest discourse would prevail when it comes to Islam and Jihad and the role of American Muslims in this society.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Boob culture. Some MTV anyone? No thanks.

I watch too much TV.

You may stop reading here... Really.

I flipped between the channels yesterday and stopped on MTV for a few seconds. I believe it was the 13th minutes of the music awards I peeped into. Everything seemed stupid and all participants seemed uncomfortable. I switched and watched a really funny show on FUSE instead. Not always a fan of FUSE either - but "Whitest Kids u'know" was too funny to pass. I believe that I also switched the channel as soon as Konye started singing - this nation of Islam icon is too much for my taste. No need to waste my time on racists such as him.

I've read some headlines about the Britney thing on MTV so I watched it online... First and foremost I was disgusted by the "stripper" theme and the pole dancers at each table. That's entertainment for people who wish to consume music? For kids? MTV has been a trash bin for a while and that specific presentation I guess was no exception to the "Real World" culture they try to impose. Everyone's a pimp, drug dealer, whore or stripper right? Is it symbolic now that Britney is a "single mom" that she performs as a stripper too? Not that she hadn't stripped for free before without the public's real interest.

That doesn't excuse the gloating from TMZ, labeling her as "The fat lady has sung". Focusing on the measurements of her body instead of her ridiculous antics is a symptom of a culture obsessed with expectations from women to remain childish and as teens forever. Is it the expectation to still be a schoolgirl from the media that drives her obvious insanity? The sooner this woman grows up the better for her. Nothing's wrong with keeping your clothes on every now and then... be a mom to your kids already.

And then I followed to this link. Well - what can I say? She sucked on her "stripper" show on MTV because she was laughed at for being a crappy Mom? Maybe a few more live jokes on her on stage can slap her back into reality. (Don't keep your fingers crossed)

Will a social explosion follow the "revelation" of Neo-Nazis in Israel?

Absorbing a mass of immigrants is a difficult issue for any country. Absorbing an amount equal to sixth of the current population - while many of them arriving under false pretense makes it even more difficult. The new immigrants from Russia have had to endure difficulties such civil rights discrimination, notably the basic right to marriage. Many Russian descendants have no formal way to marry within Israel and are forced to travel to Cypress to do so.

Add to all of that the fact that a fringe of the immigrants from Russia did not consider themselves Jewish but rather "pure" Russians. Not only pure, but superior. White supremacist ideology - now a prevalent theme in Russia has been exported and had found roots with few disgruntled youths.

Fast forward to the last weeks - the capture of a violent Neo-Nazi gang has become world wide news - and the snow ball is still rolling. There are now daily reports of anti-semitic violence perpetrated by Russian descendants. I doubt it reveals a change of pace of such actions but rather a change of attitudes expressed by the media.

In my humble opinion this could regrettably lead to further clashes between those who feel Anti-Semites have invaded their domain and those who feel that anti-Russian racism is preventing their proper integration and is the reason for their isolation. I'm not taking either extreme sides. I would prefer some issues would have been dealt with sooner; The right to marry, and acceptance of non Jewish immigrants who have still been allowed to immigrate.

One thing is sure, although those who prescribe to Nazism are too few to count, their actions can cause open wounds in the Israeli society to bleed hard. The likely case is that in a few weeks this situation will be forgotten and disregarded. I doubt it would be helpful for any side when young Jews of Russian origin would be called Nazis and be beaten by adolescent Jewish gangs. An item that might not be known by many is that those things did happen - although not reported. Between 1992 to 1995 there have been several such clashes.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The "Israeli Soccer Fans Defamed Muhammad" Jihad

I guess we can go all day with a list of trumped up grievances. Today the "Muslim Brotherhood" party in Israel - the Islamist Party, have called for action against a Maccabi-Tel Aviv Soccer club because it's fans cursed Muhammad on a flight from Turkey. Do you get that? Those fans - like many other soccer fans - sang stupid and offensive songs on a flight - and it deserves the attention and action of fringe Islamists.

The Ohio Cartoon Jihad?!

check out Central Ohioans Against Terrorism

and then have some fun with these cartoons.

Memoirs of "Weekend at Berney's"

It would appear that even 200 years from now the corps of Mass Murderer Osama would produce more of his sitcom episodes. The SOB is like a superstar in the Middle East - where the only idol they would worship is a Mass Murdering one.

His is pure Islam. Pure puke.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gates of Vienna: That Racist Swedish Flag

Gates of Vienna: That Racist Swedish Flag

I just swallowed a bit of vomit in my mouth. Wearing a shirt with your own national flag on it is RACIST?!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Was Condi the puppeteer to the expulsion of Jews from Gaza?

That's what YNetNews say a new book published today claims.

Here's a weird point from that Amazon page: It suggest buying "The Israeli Lobby", an Anti-Semite propaganda book published today. Already has 9 reviews (quick readers - right?), 4.5 stars too... Wow - that book probably promises to make you a million dollars in 3 days or your money back - right?

Israel bans Muslim Prayer. Wait, no - It's HAMAS!

I followed this link from LGF. It's not ironic - it should be the example to which to point out everytime Israel or the US are accused of anything anti-Islamic.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Mr. Brown is out of town.

Well - not really.

Mr.Brown is the PM of England. Was he elected? No. Did the public give him a mandate to commence a new strategy in Iraq (surrender)? No. Did I hear a pip about it from the BBC? When are the election Mr. Brown? Mr. Brown - get out of town...

I prefer Dr. Suess's Mr. Brown much better.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The "swedish art riots"?

I just added a permanent link from this site to "the Gates of Vienna" blog, who are currently on top of this story, so check it out.

More Israeli Labor party follies

Having an insane Minister of education is not enough, how about a member of parliament taking part in a convention organized by the UN's "Palestine" comity and hosted by the EU. I bet that MP Nadia Helu didn't even attend - just took the trip to Europe on taxpayer's expense.

She claimed she "did notice it was unbalanced". Unbalanced? It's an annual carnival of Israel bashing which has only one goal - to de-legitimize Israel in the international arena.

What does it take to become a top politician in that party? Obviously lack of shame is a requirement but how about personal depravity? It's a known theme in Israeli politics that to become a Parliament member politicians often "grease" the party voters with political jobs and outright bribes. The Labor party of Israel in particular is famed for "securing seats" to "minorities". Keywords for a "winner take all" technique in which the very top of the party places his nominees on certain positions on the list of potential PM-s.

I have no idea who PM Helu is - first time I've heard of her is in today's post in an online news website, but I'm staring at her picture right now with disgust. Is she really stupid? Is she cynical or simply another insane person bent on destroying the country that pays her salary and defends her children and family?

Precursors to chaos

1. Mubarak has disappeared for several weeks.
2. French PM warns Iran from impending American attacks
3. Iraq signs oil deals with Syria and Iran behind the US’s back
4. Musharaf commits to stepping down
5. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel receive massive boosts to Military aid from the US
6. Tensions in Lebanon rise and the political system heads towards clashes when the Syrian puppet president steps down in a month.
7. Syria is being rearmed by Russia with Iranian funds and redeploys troops in an aggressive alignment while threatening Israel with “legitimate acts of resistance”. (You know what that means: murder and terror)

And those items are only from the main stream news sites. Needless to say that on the fringe, where credibility is always questionable, Lebanon is marked as an extreme pressure point that might take down the entire Middle East – while the US is stepping up to possibly intervene. (Do you trust “debka-file”?)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What do you call a person wishing Jews be nuked out? Journalist of course!

It's no surprise that a "moderate" Arab journalist would lick his lips with delight as he envisions millions of Jews murdered at once by Iranian nukes. He probably expressed the wishes of 89% of Arabs and Muslims worldwide and 95% of all the ambassadors to the UN. Heck - the Germans nearly did it - why not the Muslims? My only question is - how soon will CNN hire him. Watch out for whitewashing by AP, AFP, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC...

For some reason, the link was missing...
London-Based Arab Editor: I'll Dance in Trafalgar Square When Iran Nukes Israel

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My stomach fluids are rising and are thrown into a storm - not by watching the horrid Anti-Semite station (I refuse to do so), but just reading and listening to reviews of it. CAMERA posted a clip from MSNBC summarizing the CNN - "We hate the Jews" festival:


Six thousand miles from Israel's settlements, in the heart of Manhattan, defiance of international law comes dressed in diamonds. (Amanpour August 2007, CNN)

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's the "embrace Islam" week on CNN and PBS

I deliberately chose not to watch CNN's anti western, Jewish and Christian propaganda piece. As I read through the blogs of those who did watch, I think I spared myself a good chunk of grief. Question: Why should a news station take it upon itself to build bridges to Islam while vilifying Judaism and Christianity? I would shed no tears when Amanpour returns to her homeland for good and deals with her "rights" and "freedom" there.

A few noticed another piece of propaganda on PBS this week. Mainly because no one watches them but also because it is the norm there. They broadcasted a fake "history" piece about the harmony between Jews, Christians and Muslim under Muslim rule in Spain. Painting the Dhimmi status in bright colors and downplaying its horrors - just pay your discriminatory Jizya tax, let them kidnap your children and build mosques on top of your places of worship. Harmony indeed. Muslim butchers are described as legendary liberators and local Visigoth kings are described as tyrants whose rule must be ended. "And the Jews rejoiced". I watched for 22 minutes, after which I put on some classic music and meditated to wash the filth away. PBS - always first to promote lies in support of Muslim rule.

Debbie Schlussel - who is a must read on a daily basis - referred readers to this blog post. It is very strongly worded - but I strongly recommend it as well.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Forcing Arab Israeli kids to study Kuran in Israeli Schools

A Criminal - that's what the current "minister of education" in Israel is. Sure - turn 20% of you're population into Saudi serving zombies. That'll bring peace.

The most insane member of government ever, after referring to the creation of Israel as a disaster in books to Arab school now wishes to force them all to learn the Muslim religion. Who let this "stupider than Forest Gump" person get a PHD - and then be a minister?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Under the ground - mole man - Iranian agent - Lebanese terrorist Nasralla promises "surprises". What is he - a birthday clown?

The Shiites of Lebanon continue to march to the beat of the demented mole-man, the she-male, traitor of Lebanon. What's with the "surprises" promises? Is this a cultural thing? Perhaps it's a dinosaur toy in a balloon.

It would appear that the devastated villages of south Lebanon would not deter the moleman from chasing more adventures. Did someone not get a toy in his happy meal and set a life goal to avenge with "surprises"?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Iraq and Iran to collaborate on oil production?

Isn't the US trying to tighten the economic ban on Iran? So why is Iraq - the country that the US is feeding, funding and policing - abuses those funds to ease the Iranian pains?

In my opinion this should be the very last straw. The Shiites of Iraq - whom we've been told would welcome us after the liberation from Saddam - have taken Iranian arms and terrorized US troops and Iraqi civilians. Now they want to take US funds - which we should have not put there to begin with - and use them to build Iranian refineries. Absolutely infuriating.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Subsidizing your own murder

So Israel is about to establish a Palestinian state in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The scarecrow Olmert already promised it to Abbas the mass murderer in Jericho. But the “good news” doesn’t end just there! The US and Israel defrosted assets and opened the faucets of funds to the PA. This is great, peace in our time - oh brother. Well guess what?

Today these funds went to pay a full year of salaries to 3500 Hamas terrorists employed by the PA in Gaza. That’s right – our tax money just paid Hamas terrorists’ catch-up salaries for a year.

Israel and the US pay to Terrorists - why and what on earth for? Perhaps it’s to subsidize their rockets? Israel and the US gave thousands of rifles – supposedly to the “Moderate” terrorists, but it all went directly to Hamas in Gaza. I can’t scratch my head hard enough to make sense out of “Olmert the scarecrow”’s thought process.

Monday, August 06, 2007

How Borat gets married - even if he is a professor...

The humorist scene where Borat tries to abduct Pamela Anderson to make her marry him might make some smile - but if your daughter was a professor in Gaza you would probably cry.

Ridiculous reporting: Man viciously attacked by Panda

Wow – really?! Hold the press… I just read at some idiotic news site that a zoo worker in China was “viciously” attacked by a Panda bear. Well... It’s a bear right? So how could he have done it “viciously”? I’m really tired with the dumb stories about “cute Pandas” in China. I think those are planted stories which were designed to sooth the world’s public opinion of China. As long as everybody is talking about the latest fart a Panda bear made – no one is talking about human rights.

Maybe Israel should adopt a national bear? The Palestinian-Rat-Bear viciously attacked a zoo worker. Now that’s a headline worth printing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new Dreyfus affair? Pace yourself

How can the situation with the Koran desecration trial be labeled mildly when it is only a Jew that is singled out for a "hate crime" - in a place where there were numerous actual hate crimes against Jews that were not prosecuted nor investigated. The new antisemitism raises it's ugly face in Manhattan of all places.

Just a quick reminder, the head of the Islamic Jihad could not be convicted by a jury in Florida despite the fact that a recording of him calling for the murder of Jews was presented. Will a jury in NYC convict a Jew and send him to jail for something that stupid? So murdering Jews is OK - but touching the book that calls for the genocide of Jews is not?

Also, what if he had dunked the Mein Kampf - would that be a hate crime against Nazis? What if it were a picture of Hitler? What if our new Dreyfus would have been physically abused by said "victims" of this hate crime before it happened?

Now let's think about congregations of Islamists in Universities (ISM) were it was recorded that Jews were physically threatened and harmed for being Jewish. Nowhere did I hear of any prosecution of a hate crime - not even aggravated assault. It's open season on Jewish students - YEEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Outrage! Leave politics out of the criminal court!

Gore Jr pleads guilty, but advised by judge to rethink it...

Just as long as he doesn't dunk a paper copy of Koran in the public toilet. Free handout copy in a public toilet - how can that count as criminal mischief? No damages to private property what-so-ever - did I miss something?

Who would call for an end to a true occupation?

Does anyone really care for such terms except when they are referring to the existence of Israel? How about grabbing some land from Lebanon by Syria. Any wimp from the main stream media about it?

BTW, by far the most ludicrous and funniest slogan used by Arabs these days is that Israel rapes the land and humiliates the women of Palestine. That's right - no one rapes the Arab women - only "the land", therefor the women are humiliated...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Anti-Semite vs. “Islamophobe”

The newly invented keyword is off handed into the air these days to discredit critics of said “religious of peace” and its members. “Islamophobia” as it is attributed to some requires a close look so that the ideas behind those who are in fact “Anti-Semites” and those who are smeared as “Islamophobes” can be properly understood, distinguished and disassociated.

I will start with the better known creature – for historical reasons – the Anti-Semite. The following can be identified in Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Jews are behind all evils
2. Jews stole everybody’s money / own too much money / influence through their money
3. Jews are taking over/controlling the government/ controlling the media
4. Jews ought to die – all of them. If one dies – no problem, if one kills – major outrage.
5. There is no lie outrageous enough that would disqualify it from being told as truth when it comes to Jews
6. Israel/ Zionism/ Jews are true Nazis – the Nazis did not commit any real genocide – it is a shame the Nazis did not finish the job.

An objective thinker could easily observe the illogic and actual evil of the 6 blatant symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech. It is evil because it is based on lies and the end goal of such speech is genocidal in nature.

How would you identify speech by a person smeared with “Islamophobia”?

I. He mentions some Muslims in a negative manner or a narrative which conflicts with apologists of Muslim violence.
II. He objects to beheading, forced conversions, rape, murder and indoctrination in the name of Islam
III. He objects to preferential treatment to Muslims and Islam
IV. He justifies self defense from Jihad
V. He discusses Jihad, Suna, and the Quran while not being Muslim
VI. Reports about Anti-Semitism spewed by Muslims.

Are these in anyway expressions of hate? Are lies being told? Is there a desire to see bloodshed when someone speaks in what is described as “Islamophobic” way?

To illuminate how so called “Islamohpobes” do not do so to spread hate I observe the reports made by so called “Islamophobes” and compare them one to one with the symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Some Muslims do perform evil such as the genocide in Darfur. (and others)
2. There are Muslims who do have a lot of money possessed through oil. The Saudis use petro-dollars to buy influence which is a recorded and proven fact when it comes to AP, Reuters, American Colleges, and Bribes to EU.
3. There is major Muslim oriented control over western media as could be seen with regards to reporting of the 2006 Hezbollah war with Israel. There is much tainted coverage which is documented by online websites (LGF and others).
4. Sorry – no one says all Muslims or Arabs should die – no genocide in anyone's vision! People do point out they should stop suicide bombers, stop bombarding civilians and do call for harsh measures against such barbarity – which to some sound like incitement to kill “Muslims”. No – kill terrorists! That is said over and over with every possible justification – if a person, Muslim or not, tries to kill you, disable him first.
5. So called “Islamophobes” refer the readers to the source be it the Quran or major news outlet. These are not occasions of “Cherry Picking” or making a small group of “mislead” be seen as the majority because polls continuously show that a scary majority of Muslims do practice and believe in Jihad. So when it comes to lies it those who deny the violence inherent in Islam that do so.
6. I am not making this up – Arabs and Muslims are VERY sympathetic to Nazis and neo-Nazis are very sympathetic to Palestinian Terror. Don’t believe? Google it. It is fascinating how Arab Muslims can associate the Nazi symbols with evil as they attribute it to Jews while still be so charmed by it. “Protocols of Zion” and “Mein Kampf” are big hits in the Arab world, yet Jewish symbols are mixed with Nazi ones when it comes to caricatures and op-eds .

To the point, the major differences between “Islamophobia” and “Anti-Semitism” in my view are:

A. Anti-Semitism is based on lies, smearing someone as “Islamophobe” is an attempt to silence an inconvenient truth.
B. The end goal of Anti-Semitism is Genocidal. So called “Islamophobes” are reacting to physical acts of aggression and seek nothing but a cessation of such violence.
C. Anti-Semites often smile when they talk about dead Jews or killing a Jew, no such emotion is expressed when Arabs die. There is only a sense of relief when a murderous terrorist is caught or dies in the effort catch him.

One last thing... How many "Islamophobes" went on a rampage to damage Muslim cemeteries and to butcher in a local helpless community of Muslims? Can the same be said for Anti-Semites?

The price of good will to Arabs

Last week Israel released 256 terrorists, pardoned "most wanted" terrorists and assured their safety and allowed a small army of terrorists to enter from Jordan. All of these steps were a reaction to the defeat of one terror group to another in Gaza. Peace in our time? Think again.

As a well anticipated thank you, the Palestinian Authority is actively pursuing a new venue to harass Israelis - They have sent letters demanding the world's soccer union to boycott and punish Israel for "deliberately destroying Palestinian soccer".

Meanwhile - the enemies of Israel within the government have decided they want to breed the next terrorists from within the citizens and teach Arab children within the Israeli school system that Israel is a "catastrophe". Yes - 60 years of prosperity for Israeli Arabs and freedom - far beyond freedoms enjoyed in the Arab world - is apparently a catastrophe.

I'm sure of only one thing - the real catastrophe is the current government there.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What's wrong with Arab Muslims? All in a picture.

This picture was taken from the insanely left Israeli news site walla (the internet front of Haaretz). It was supposed to be a puff peace about how Gaza residents go to beach.

It is extremely amusing how women in bathing suits will not be allowed to enter the beach or swim in the sea while their horses would. Would you take leisure at a beach where horses take a dump but women are not allowed to enjoy the sun?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can Britain finally identify the problem?

read here. Oh, I forgot - they did find the problem - they decided to boycott the Jews.

Not disgusted yet? How about some "honor murder" in the name of the marvelously imported - soon to take over religion of peace?

Pay attention how they disguise the religion and avoid the term murder all through out the article.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Let's boost up the moderates in PA" - by granting amnesty to murderers of school children

Even if Israel would have allowed Naif Hawatme to enter for only 3 weeks and not permanently , it is still the utmost betrayal in the trust of the Jewish people in the government of Israel and the puppetiring of Condolisa Rice.

The man should have been taken out years ago - regardless of where he resides. The mastermind, financier and leader of a group which slaughtered the children at the school in Ma'alot is the lowliest of animals - canine species are far superior to him and calling him a dog is demeaning to the best friend of mankind.

The theater of absurd that is taking place these days in Israel is too disgusting and self destructive to devote a second of thought to. YOU DO NOT MAKE PEACE WITH TERRORIST - OSLO WAS JUST THE WARNING SHOT! CUT THE CRAP!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Palestinian Shame Comes to light

Who could've guessed it right? That the mass murdering lying maniac whom the Arabs of Israel idolized as a leader of a liberation group - liberating a made up nation of "Palestinians" - would turn out to have died of AIDS? Well MANY MANY DID! I did! And now Ahmed Jibril - his comrade and rival - reveals the truth.

Those rumors about his cause of death have more details than just the cause. If anyone would be willing to tell - we might learn if he was gay and had sexual relations with his body guards and Romanian male prostitutes, if he was a Pedophile who raped children in Lebanon - if he was a communist KGB agent working for the Egyptian Intelligence. We have much more to learn... These are all rumors denied over the years but worth looking into again.

Now that we know what he died of - might we raise a loud voice to inquire how he got it? How come his wife didn't get it? How come she left him as soon as her daughter was born? Why will she and her daughter not return and why is she still being paid by French and Arab sources to keep silent?

As to the murderous derelict Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and continue to excuse slaughter in the name of phony liberation - As to the millions of Anti Semite Lefty Loons who support them - it is high time to take a hard long look in the mirror. I'm not building my hopes up for those who for years chose to ignore basic logic, basic human compassion, facts and history, and have rejoiced in the death and mayhem that they have let perpetuate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Syria invaded Lebanon - AP, NYTimes and the rest are mute

read here

Although I hold the utmost respect for Michell Malkin, I rarely consider "" to be a source of geopolitic analysis but they got it almost completely correct this time.

Well - Assad wouldn't picture it as a coup - and that's the point they got wrong. He would describe it as an invited intervention to restore "peace" and let the "true people of Lebanon" regain control. That would just mean - same old - same old - for Lebanon; Hezbollah in control with assistance of some Syrian loyalists (or as I would call them: traitors of Lebanon).

With all hopes for a better future for the land of cedar, we have to consider the fact that Christians are fleeing. They have been fleeing for years and they were the only hope for a sane country. The ethnic group which was once the hands down majority could now be accounted for almost less than a third of the population... (are there any real studies on changes in demography in Lebanon or is it now a taboo?)

How depraved are the media moguls to be mute in the face of the impending explosion?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mastermind of 2nd ShawarmaMayor slaughter sentenced

Today, the mastermind of the second homicide bombing on Shawarma-Mayor was sentenced. Hope he dies of AIDS too like his idol Arafat. For some reason, his "political" association is missing from today's reports. Initially he was attributed to Islamic Jihad but no mention of that in today's articles. I add that to another article explaining how yesterday in Jenin, IDF soldiers had killed 2 armed terrorists who were loosely affiliated with both Fatah and Islamic Jihad. Fatah as we now know is the terror group financed by both Israel the US, while Islamic Jihad is financed by Iran. However, they both seem to be strolling the streets hand in hand. In a more serious note: they accept your money - but get directions from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Which brings me back to the sentencing today. The mastermind of the terror act was first affiliated with Islamic Jihad, but was also affiliated with Fatah - that is - he got his money from the Palestinian Authority/ Israel / US - and he is a prime candidate for future releases of terrorists in the name "Peace".

Friday, June 29, 2007

UK - nothing to do with Islam?

1 car, 2 cars, 3 cars ... who knows how many were set to demolish lives today in the name of "not Islam". Here's a challenge, try to count the number of commentators on the news more worried about "backlash against Muslims" than lives to be murdered by "not really Muslims". How morally inverse is it to be worried about non existing hate crimes in the face of the most horrid crimes of hate?

LGF had a great post earlier today linking to MEMRI about why Muslims won't shake hands with Jews, But hey - Israeli Academy and health services are the ones to be singled out and boycott right? Britain had bater wake up and kick aside their far lefty moguls controlling Parliament and BBC.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Attention to Google, and bloggers - you may be sued if you lie or support liers

Pure and simple

IMHO this is a good thing - when malice and harm can be proven, when inaction in face of obvious smear and defamation is apparent - there could be a price to be paid. My only concern is that if Blogger.Com were to be sued they would conduct a witch hunt similar to the one conducted at were the operators let antisemitism, Jihadism and many other evil to be publicized, while any criticism or even mentioning of Islam and Arabs is immediately removed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Does Al-Jazeera finance suicide bombers?

(would you really be surprised?)

Yousuf Al Qardawi - some of you might recognize him as one of Al-Jazeera's top preacher. He is known to be a leader of the Muslim brotherhood but he also heads some charity groups which collect donations from all across the Middle East. Those donations were recently delivered to their final destination - Hamas in the west bank. A recent gag order was removed in Israeli courts which unveils how the financial cronies of Hamas in Jerusalem and Jenin were busted. The last word of the article in Ynet merely mentions that the thread of financing terror reaches Al-Qardawi, but in my opinion - that should have been the major headline.

The following article is in Hebrew

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nazi Micky Mouse murders its prisoner of war /brothers

The Hamas occupation of the Gaza strip brings with it some of the most disgusting displays of Barbarism including murdering prisoners of war in the streets. Those people - who surrendered - who are their Arab brothers - who are Muslims - are paraded and murdered while they are helpless. Now let's see what do the Arabs prefer: Israel's 'occupation' or their own self inflicted barbarism.

Rumors surrounding what they intend to do with their captured brothers suggest they might build concentration camps on the ruins of the Jewish settlements.

Now let's hear the bleeding hearts from the left proclaim that Hamas won a "legitimate democratic election" (tm). These are exactly the same "democratic" moves the Nazis took when they seized control in the 1930-s.

It would appear that the abduction of the Israeli soldier last year was a move intended to cause the Israeli government to second guess itself and hesitate to take any step while Hamas takes over and bombards Israeli towns.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About Gaza: It's called an Islamic revolution

... and it's on its way to Lebanon too thanks to Iran and Syria. I wonder if the Egyptian regime members are soiling their pants as we speak - as they were the enablers and they are next on Iran's list.

Top Frog Stinker to be interrogated

Do you think it's a coincidence that on the same day that Jack Chirac is facing criminal investigation the French media goes on strike?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Former Head of Jewish Agency and Israeli Minister to pull a Carter

read here

This fake Jew holds a French passport and generally recommends Israel be dismembered and the Jews to leave. For years he's been walking with a Yarmulke while claiming he doesn't belong in any religious framework. This case is similar to the case of Azmy Bishara in the sense that he quit the parliament unexpectedly and without explanation during his tenure. I suspected back then that he was caught with bribes and was extorted to quit. I can't really guess what causes a man to do such a thing - but now that he pulled a Carter, I call for whoever can to investigate his finance. Is it possible that the Saudis bought the former head of the Jewish Agency? The agency whose only concern is to cause Jews to immigrate to Israel?

Carter, Bishara and Burg - tools (literaly) in the chess game played by Ahmedinajad.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Amnesty International, hating Jews in the name of Human Rights

Pay attention to the languages they publish at - I count 3, including Arabic. It is very revealing as this antisemite fake human rights group mourns the Israeli victory 40 years ago.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Insanity in the UK

Just how many "boycotts" are proposed by UK's workers unions? I counted 4:
1. Journalists
2. Academic professors
3. Doctors (still trying to decide)
4. Public servants (still trying to decide)

There is backlash, however it is sometimes more insulting than condemning such boycotts. Take the British Ambassador in Tel Aviv (Not in the capitol - Jerusalem), he said he condemns it, but that such actions are expected were occupation exists. Although this is not the precise quote - it still reveals how far has the public opinion gone in the UK to promote such insanity.

Is it even worth mentioning that the British are not trying to boycott ANYONE ELSE? Really - there aren't any other problems in the world, no human rights violations, slavery and barbarism, no real apartheid(Saudis) - none. Insane Britz on the loose.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Palestinian Propaganda at

What's in a title? Propaganda at - brought to you by AP.
How sleazy is it to use a photo of an Israeli car that was hit by a Hamas Rocket and killed an Israeli citizen and label it as if "car damaged by an airstrike in Gaza" - meaning - those damn Jews killed the poor Arabs.


Friday, May 25, 2007

My naive question of the day

Shouldn't terrorists, their supportive government and financiers from Iran and Saudi Arabia be prosecuted in world courts for war crimes?

Specifically - all member of the PA government throughout the Oslo Accord to the 2000 terror war? Specifically - current members of government? Specifically - UNRAW. You know - that UN special needs group for all Arabs from Israel who continue to claim they are refugees simply by being born in a "refugee camp" - slums that should have been dismembered. The UN bares direct responsibility to Kasam rockets by force feeding terrorists' families, absolving them from all sins of terror with free food.

How come the world body is still concerned with feeding the families of war criminals who purposely bombard civilian dwellings while does nothing to alleviate the pains of the victims of those war crimes?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why do people vacate in Nazi-Egypt?!

read here

Now tell me - why in the world do young westerners, not to mention Jewish Israeli Youth (JIY?!) spend a dollar to vacate among those hate mongering Nazis?

Monday, May 21, 2007


I would generally not link to a "the view" segment, only comment my dismay of it but... I'm following on this link to youtube and feel a necessity to write it down: Barbra is sick and tired of Rosie's crap. She tries to silence her and contradict her. Rosie pretends at some moments to be the offended kindergarten child playing with her papers until she snaps and calls Elisabeth and Fox news names. To sum it up: AWESOME! Finally Walters had enough and lets it show.

Why Olmert won't end the terror from Gaza

It is very simple to end the barrage of rockets coming out of Gaza. It is as "easy" as it was to reduce the amount of suicide bombing coming out of the west bank. But Olmert won't - and why? Because that would be admitting that deporting Jews out of Gaza was foolish and useless. That would be admitting that he is a complete failure as his party and the entire left wing agenda. Occupation - suppression - and settlement apparently ARE the only answer to terror. The left would like everyone to confuse "right" from "wrong" claiming the left voice is the sane voice. It is the "lefty" think squad that brought the disaster on the region. Even at it's highest - the Intifada of 1987 was not as catastrophic as the current state of affairs.

What have we learned? What should the Israelis have learned? Any retreat - tactical/ strategic/ ideological/ appeasing/ peace brokered - any - is met with terror. Start counting them: 1956 giving back Sinai without a peace treaty, 1986 retreating from Beirut (which led to the Intifada - as the terror gang was allowed to survive and relocate to Tunisia), Oslo I-II and the rest of its sequels. Disengagement, rearrangement and pure derangement. Face the facts - the only thing to have reduced terror was trying to subdue its base - not appease its insane false claims.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beyond outrageous, this is murder!

Read here

To be murdered by your Muslim doctor because you are a Jew here in the US. un-freaken-believable! Why isn't this terrorist tried in criminal court? Why is he still practicing?!

You can add that to a doctor from Gaza, a member of the "humanitarian" - pro terrorist "Doctors without borders" who got caught a month ago plotting political assassination of Jews in Israel. (it was released to the press only today)

And now look back at Jerry-Zucker's "sands of passion" - where the family would rather see their Dad die than to let him get a kidney from a Jew. Still find it absurd? Look back at the "doctors" of England calling for boycott of Israel's medical community - still find my headline to that too harsh?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can the scarecrow Olmert not react when Gaza shells bombs a school in Israel?

Airhead, bubble-head - good for nothing - no leader what-so-ever - Olmert is faced with a dilemma. He made a commitment of non-reaction to any atrocity committed by PA against Israelis from Gaza. I don't know to whom did he make such commitment and why - but the fact is that he did. Now that there are 25 wounded and an Elementry school was bombed with missiles - can he really continue to do nothing?

New soap for daytime TV

Check it out:

We know its a satire, but when Nazi-Hamas-Mickey-Mouse said it, no one was laughing.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sicko-s from France murder Israeli Arab for racist reasons

But hold the press - is this not terrorism? A few things I can tell to distinguish between this case and the numerous cases of murders and attempts in PA:

1. No terror group stands behind them, no religious leaders behind them, no TV to hail them, no 200 million "anti-Arabs" to encourage, no celebrations anywhere, no excuses of the "they did it to us first" kind. NONE! Go figure - could this really be the "once in 3 years" lone crazy Jew incident?

2. The suspects are in custody and will be prosecuted. The motive is still under investigation and could very well turn out to be criminally related - but let's not defame the murder victim or his family - could be.

You see - in a humane society, not to mention a western one, murderers pay the penalty. Do you hear that Arabs? Murderers pay the penalty! Get human already! Murders do not get to govern a pseudo state, they are not allowed to roam the streets parading their weapons - this only brings chaos and civil war. Case in point - your hell of a home called Gaza strip.

Despite what I wrote above - this whole story smells fishy. I wonder what drives 2 brothers from France to move to Tel-Aviv and murder a man they believe is a Muslim. Aren't there enough of them in France? Who or what pushed them to that. Really fishy. They were walking in the middle of a busy road at 4pm? Immediately confessed? Police assumes racially motivated crime; maybe they were really just insane or was there a pattern of racially charged behavior? If it were racially motivated - how come it is made to sound so spontaneous, aren't such actions planned (like in v-tech)? Worse - if they had intended to murder human beings for being Arabs - why just one and why do their best to get caught the same day? To top it, they murdered the man in their apartment on their sofa and left him there to walk like drunks in the middle of the road the same day.

What really stinks about this whole story is that when a Jew is murdered in Israel - the cause is immediately attributed to criminal intent. Only when the verdict is heard, months later - do the public get to hear that the murderer was an Arab from the PA who deliberately sought to murder a Jew. But here? Stop the press, we found the Jewish Terrorist.

I guess that for the scoop any sensational lying headline would do for How often do they get to print that a Jew murdered an Arab for racially charged motivation in Israel? Why - it's the Pulitzer prize to them - is it not?

Update: Now Ynet are using the occasion to parade a list of Jewish murderers through out the years. I will point out again that the math suggests that there are very few, and the background of each case does not lend much to a broader conspiracy. But really, do Arabs in Israel feel life threatened from Jews or is it just a facade the press would like us to believe?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How Iraq was lost

A few dumb moves can turn any swift victory, such as the overthrow of Saddam and his capture, into a political and tactical no end street:

1. Everyone acknowledges now that there weren’t enough troops at the first weeks to secure the streets.
2. A rush to transfer authority back to Iraqis (with some constitutional experiments along the way)
3. Allowing “Sharia” to be declared as the constitution. Allowing a “freed” country to suppress non-Muslim minorities.
4. A rush to rebuild Iraq on the US’s expense
5. Handing over cities to Sunny leaders – who turn out to be Al-Qaeda
6. Allowing free press in a hostile land – which provides now several enemy sponsored propaganda outlets.
7. Not securing the borders, not punishing Iraq’s neighbors from the very start for their support of insurgency. Yes – since Syria and Iran intervened they should have been invaded.
8. Holding Elections which allow terrorist supporters and Iranian agents to be elected.
9. Not intervening to cancel the elections once Anti-America, pro-Iranians won the elections. Not doing much after the Iranian agent prime minister spits in your face.
10. Not taking sides, not punishing, and not separating between Shiites and Sunnis.
11. Not protecting Christians.
12. Continuing to pay the bill.
13. Coming up with useless stupid slogans such as “stay the course”.

No I’m not a defeatist liberal. I’m stating the obvious. The troops are there to battle Al-Qaeda, which is there, and they should continue to do so. It is the silk glove treatment that was given to Arabs in Iraq, Syria, and the Persian Shiites of Iran that lead everyone to the current disaster.

The USA is blamed for “Occupation”. Why not impose occupation then? Why not impose a friendly government? You can’t be “half pregnant” – you can’t be “half occupier”. The battle to remove Saddam was a victory – it was the policy of “spreading freedom” that failed. The Arab Muslims have proven the world they do not deserve freedom and self rule because they support terror – on themselves as well as on anyone else.

Let it be clear, the US is involved in Iraq to protect America from Al-Qaeda - not to help the Iraqis. With all due respect (and non exists there) - Iraqis cheer for murderers and hate the US.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Viva La Sarkozy

Finally some sane news from the country of the "Youth" Intifada. There is much to fix and improve in the country where everything wrong had happened in the last decade. Good luck!

Even Bill Bill O'Reilly has officially declared: end the boycott. Who knows, maybe soon fries can be be redeclare as French.

For now, let's go Full Frog Crazy:

Friday, May 04, 2007

Breaking news: Peace in our time

What - you don't believe it? Then you must be an extremist - or 11 years late.

British Doctors for Jewish Genocide

read here

If you think you are mislead by my headline, then consider their cause for boycott and what would happen if it would succeed. They protest the fact the Israelis defend themselves against terror and label such attempts as "war crime". The facts will not confuse them because they are blinded by antisemitism. Their end result? To isolate the Israeli medical community and weaken the Jews in Israel to a point of submission.

Such boycott attempts are now recurring theme in all types of British groups, from substitute teachers, to professors, to doctors and journalists. All of this is done in the name of social solidarity with the nation that invented modern day Islamic terror.

Let their own British journalists be kidnapped and murdered in Gaza, they don't care. The true villain in their eyes are those who refuse conversion to Islam and refuse Dhimmi status under repressive regimes. Something smells like rotten skunk cadaver in the kingdom of England.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Parliamentary Democracy in Action

The Israeli political system is in turmoil. There is a massive push by the media, political groups and politicians to force a resignation and new election. The funny part is that the lefty groups believe that in some way this will help them, when the polls show that the population has shifted far more to the right due the last 7 years of terror. Olmert was elected only because he was associated with Sharon, who earned the trust of the people by his strategic brilliance and political patience. Though his many – many faults, Sharon has superb achievements when it comes to defeating terrorism in the long run. This allowed him and Olmert to be excused for the worst maneuver in history – deportation of Jews out of Gaze (at least the worst since the unification of Nazi Germany with Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Croatia, then Poland, then Europe).

Now the masks are off and the public in Israel has had enough. This only goes to show the power of free speech, the power of a democracy. It is not the first time that the political system is steaming after a war; see how the public reacted to the Yom Kipur war. Also, there was a new election right after the final collapse of the Oslo accord in 2000. When a Prime Minister in Israel fails the public, he is due to be brushed off.

The Arabs are celebrating as if this is somehow proof of their “Devine victory”. I still maintain that there was no victory on any side. On the Iranian/Shiite/ Hezbollah side there was no victory since there was no achievement while there was massive devastation. Their only goal is the destruction of Israel, of which they are incapable. They showed they can harass the civilian population on all sides (including Christians and Sunnis in Lebanon), and bring devastation and poverty on their own. If the Arab mentality would not be so inclined to blindness when it comes to self criticism, their masses should have called for the removal of the tyrannical Mafia which took hold over the Shiites by the power of Iran. If anything, when Arabs look at the news coming out of Israel, they should envy. Only in Democracies failed leaders are tossed out of the circle of influence. Only in Israel, as opposed to the rest of the Middle East, a voice of self criticism is heard.