Monday, June 30, 2008

French elite converge to besmirch the state of Israel to protect their comrade’s job

Just what did those “head in their asses” elitists think to themselves when they signed a petition stating “Israel murdered Al-Dura”? That no-one will read who signed it?!

The article about the petition and about those who signed it is very revealing and I strongly recommend reading every word of it:
The Weekly Standard
Being a French journalist means never having to say you're sorry.

by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

I started reading it on Jihad Watch, but it was necessary to switch to the original to read it all.

The following excerpts are pass the point where Jihad-Watch stopped, but I think those are the most important ones:

Similarly, there was the seasoned reporter from Le Figaro who thought Charles Enderlin, quite simply, was the best reporter operating in the Near East today. "These people, the ones attacking him, they're extreme rightists, yes? You can't take anything they say seriously." I conceded that the hoax wasn't proven, but that the shots had in all likelihood come from the Palestinian side. Esther Schapira  . . .  There was a sniff. "Pas très sérieuse, non?"

"Well, actually," I said, Schapira had just received the 2007 Europa Prize for her documentary on the murder of Theo van Gogh and been nominated for the 2008 Banff Television Awards. There was a small noise of well-bred surprise. All the same, nothing he'd heard until now had remotely convinced him or was likely to change his mind.

Then there was someone who insisted so vehemently on not being quoted or described in any way that I won't even reveal this person's sex. "Look, this whole thing has been a nightmare for Charles. He's received hate mail, his wife has been threatened, he's about to have a nervous breakdown. You want the truth? I don't give a flying monkey about the case. I signed for Charles. In all honesty, I think he edited his film on deadline and was careless, and afterwards he didn't want to admit he'd screwed up. A one-minute film, and it snowballed from there. Don't put in anything that might identify me, I don't want him to think I don't believe 100 percent in what he says, he'd be devastated."

This, at least, was bluntly honest. Jean-Yves Camus, the political scientist and expert on radical Islam, with whom I'd worked at, was another unrepentant signatory, one who didn't mind being quoted. "Do I think Charles Enderlin lost a good opportunity to own up to a mistake early in the day, and spare himself this anguish? Of course. You know how we work in a hurry? Guy sends him pictures from Gaza, tells him the Israelis shot the kid, he believes him-I mean, even the Israeli Defense Forces spokesman believed it! But you can't own up one, two years after the fact. It's too late, it would mean you abdicate. It's a nice job Charles has, he's nearing retirement age. I don't think he wanted to rock the boat. You know Charles, he's always been status-conscious; he likes being the France 2 man in Israel. Plus, these people behind their computers, they're not real journalists, are they? You can't come from your day job and blog at night and imagine you've become a reporter. It doesn't don't work like that. There are standards."

Still, I asked, why sign a text adamantly asserting the dangerous notion that Muhammad al-Dura had been shot by the Israelis if you don't believe it?

"I was asked to. It was to support Charles. Did you know his wife is Danielle Kriegel? Daughter of Annie Kriegel [a great anti-Communist academic, now dead], sister of Blandine [a philosopher and a former Chirac aide at the Elysée palace], sister-in-law of Alexandre Adler [Blandine's husband, who writes about geostrategy and politics in most French quality newspapers, perennial guest on highbrow talk-shows]."

The french elite jumps in - in an attempt to distort history - all to protect some other elitists job security and stance as philosophers and media celebs.

I can't believe Charles' home has not been egged yet, but now it seems there 300 more "heads-in-their-asses" who beg to have egg on theirs.

The French will someday have to hone up to their role in inciting against Jews and Israel in such a way which snowballed into numerous murders and terror attacks and could have jump started the era of Islamic terrorism we face all around the world today. Their comrade for whom they risked their name in signature is a loathsome ass hole. Sue Me! I'll never set foot in France anyways!

P.S. The families of Daniel Pearl and many other victims of terror whose murder was tied by the terrorists to Al-Dura ought to sue France 2 and Ederline for all they've got. Then we'll see who signs a petition to silence bloggers in the name of "French Honor". (oxymoron)

Friday, June 27, 2008

MSM won't tell us about CAIR's Al-Qaeda militia man who pleaded guilty

Now how's this not news worthy of a front page expose on a major Paper and news TV shows?
frontpagemag:CAIR's Mum on Al-Qaeda Guilty Plea

Earlier this month Christopher Paul stood before a federal judge in Columbus, Ohio and pled guilty to receiving training in Al-Qaeda terror camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, fighting with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Bosnia, and passing that training on to other Muslims in the US and Europe with the intent to kill Americans at home and abroad as part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors to avoid conviction on even more charges.

Since then, however, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been curiously silent on Paul’s guilty plea, with no press releases, media interviews or angry editorials on the matter for nearly three weeks. And any mention of Christopher Paul and his Columbus Al-Qaeda co-conpirators has been tellingly scrubbed from CAIR’s website.

Do continue reading...

MSM continues to coddle with the Islamic Terrorists press relation office known as CAIR. I admit it's been a while since I've seen a CAIR bubble head spreading his disinformation on the O'Reilly factor - but as documented before he was too nice to them too often. Liars should be shouted down and humiliated when all they do is attempt to silence public opinion regarding Muslim terrorists and advocate against policing and combating their terrorist friends here and abroad.

Here's what I had to say about O'Reilly and CAIR in 2007:
O'Reilly and CAIR - what gives?

O'Reilly giving the vile terror public relation group a stage

It's not that difficult to find recent associations between CAIR and terrorists:
Bedier Reaches New Low on USF Plea
On June 13th, Egyptian national and former University of South Florida graduate student Ahmed Mohamed agreed to plead guilty to terrorism charges and is facing a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Mohamed, along with fellow student Youssef Megahed, was stopped by police in South Carolina last August. Police found in their possession explosives and a laptop which hosted an instructional video for terrorists. An analysis of the laptop shows that the 12-minute video, which showed how to use remote control toys to detonate explosives, had been uploaded to YouTube in July 2007 and viewed hundreds of times.

Then CAIR-Tampa spokesman Ahmed Bedier defended Mohamed and Megahed:

Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization for Muslims, said family members have told him they think the materials were leftover fireworks Megahed kept in his trunk since July 4.

"Both of them are really naïve kids," Bedier said.

Do continue reading...

CAIR should be taken apart already and their current and former members and spokes persons be interrogated thoroughly and have all legal measures be taken against each and every one of them. This is still an active, still legal, public relations of terrorists working and advocating all across the US.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I guess we all know what kind of a deal Israel's government got for the population around Gaza

Gaza rockets strikes Israel, in violation of week-old truce

It's a "truce", as in - Israel will not shoot back at people standing in broad daylight bombarding Israeli civilians. I still fail to see why in the world would such a truce be in any way shape or form in favor of anyone residing within Israeli borders.

It's as if one kid is continuously kicking the bigger kid in the nuts, and after each kick says - truce. The bigger kid here is apparently mentally retarded because he just stands there with purple growing doing nothing.

Gaza's Hamas rulers say they won't police the truce by confronting other militant groups that break it.

Continuing the lefty legacy of the Oslo accord, there are no consequences for breached agreements. Not that there should be any agreements with murderous terrorists to begin with.

I'm still waiting for Israel's 60 birthday present to unravel...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Britain's odd ally - Iran

The British news papers today want us all to know that Iran is an important ally of Britain in its fight against drug trafficking and the west shouldn't punish Iran for perusing its program to seek nukes eradicate the Jews:
West 'not doing enough to stop drug trafficking'
Iran warns of 'drug tsunami' if UN cash for patrols is cut

My guess is we are seeing here the fruits of a disinformation campaign Iran launched in response to new sanctions established against an Iranian bank. Iran pretty much threatens the world that in response to shipment of weapons and huge bribes it has received from the west for over 15 years in order to combat drug trafficking, they would drop their masks and boast their success in allowing and enabling drug trafficking.

Antonio Maria Costa, the director of the UN's drugs and crime office, said: "We should definitely assist Iran in this respect." He said a "heroin tsunami" could hit Europe if drug action by Iran was weakened.

Anyone surprised to find a UN employee carrying out Iran's propaganda and threats to western media?

But a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office in London insisted last night that enhanced co-operation with Iran's anti-drugs effort was not conditional on Tehran accepting the West's deal. "We are keen to increase co-operation on counter-narcotics," she said.

Just to understand what this program does, it funnels UN money and British arms to Iran - an enemy of the west by all standards. The oversight of what is done with that is so limited that British night vision goggles and other high tech equipment were found in south Lebanon during the 2006 war.
Britain has given funds through the UN to help Iran fight the anti-drugs war. London has also made exceptions to its arms embargo against Iran to donate flak jackets and night-vision gear for Iranian border forces.

The right hand knows not what its left is doing.

This program is so ridiculous that it actually ignores Iran and their tentacles activity in drug production and trafficking as is well visible from the fields of Lebanese opium as well as Syrian. The drug smugglers and dealers in Israel are pretty much on Iran's payroll and usually their role as spies overshadows their commitment to disperse their poisonous merchandise.
The US does not give cash to the UN to support Iran's anti-drug efforts. Unilateral American sanctions are in force

Thank heavens there's one nation in the world that sticks to its commitment to combat Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Speaking the language of morons to describe Muslim against Jews crimes in france

I read about this last week in Ynet, saw it again in its English version today on Jihad Watch, here's the link to Reuters reporting on Haaretz website:

Jewish teen brutally beaten in apparent anti-Semitic attack in Paris

The anonymous person who wrote and edited this piece refuses to tell us the religion of those "north Africans".

Here's the part that takes the cake:
Two police sources said the attack took place right after a skirmish between two groups of youths, one Jewish and the other of North African origin. They said it was unclear whether Haddad had taken part in the confrontation.

They said such skirmishes were a regular feature in the multi-confessional Buttes Chaumont neighbourhood in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Err.. Aren't most of the Jews in France of north African descent as well? Why identify the one group as Jewish and the other by geographic relationship?

It's a regular feature. It's the Jew's fault. It's not a cultural and religious fault of the assailants but a gang war and the Jews are somehow also as thuggish. Is that what Reuters wants to tell us? Those two paragraphs which express the Police's view of things (inspector Clouseau anyone?) show how immediately there's an attempt to disregard what is obvious. A teenager was almost murdered in the streets of Paris because he wore a Yarmulke. I know Reuters have to fill in a full page article about it - but adding those two paragraphs is infuriating.

Here's how the article ends:
A 23-year-old French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was found naked, tortured and covered in burns near Paris on February 13, 2006, after being held captive for three weeks. He died on the way to the hospital.

The crime shocked France and raised fears of surging anti-Semitism among French Muslims.

In February of this year, another Jewish teenager was tortured in the same town in which Halimi was killed, in yet another anti-Semitic attack.

Notice how the second case bares no name. In the second case no one is shocked anymore. So now it is the norm in France to fear for your life if you wear a yarmulke. What dark period in history does this remind you of?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain's energy reversal

Let's face it, most right wingers are less than enthusiastic about their candidate. Some would probably simply not go and vote - leaving the electoral arena to be decided between extreme and crazy left wingers and those who don't really care about politics, left, right or wrong. Those last minute - "oh - who should I vote for" folks need something to rally around.

I can only assume that looking at the poll numbers just days after Hillary forfeited, McCain's campaign got alarmed and someone very close to him pressured him to find something and quick.

Enter the energy crisis. If there ever was a reason not to vote for McCain - it was his stance against drilling, his continuous left winger opinions against any relief to the little guy's pain at the pump. I mentioned before how his interview at Bill O'Reilly struck a painful chord when this exact issue was discussed.

In the last couple of days - a stunning and well needed reversal has taken place:
McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors
McCain: Drill Here, Drill Now

In my opinion, there is only one right way to flip-flop: Admit it and explain why you were against something and why you changed your mind. Don't make any excuses, don't try to evade the issue with empty words - tell it like it is: You were wrong, you were convinced otherwise!

For that matter, McCain, congress, president Bush, were all wrong to do absolutely nothing as the crisis grew into its current proportion. At this stage it is the right time to do EVERYTHING. It is the right time to question the ungratefulness of the US's middle east "allies". It is time to ask why did the US invest in Iraq's infrastructure? Why every international entity loves taking money from the US but is somehow hesitant to show any glimpse of support.

McCain would like to picture himself as a "conservative" and an "environmentalist" who cares about the economy and is pragmatic enough to finally allow the US to produce it's own energy instead of enriching our enemies. I say - good, and there are a few more steps that could be done and I'm sure those would be well received.

All the while the Obama camp keeps making awful mistakes which are largely ignored by the MSM. I'm sure that whole "you can't have alex" video is going to backfire. Leftists usually call the rightists "fear-mongers"... Cognitive dissonance not predicted here, as a true believer syndrome engulfs the liberal mind. Obama's cheerleaders at that horrible magazine "Rolling Stoners" bring out their worst when they try to ridicule a war hero's ordeal as he was tortured while in captivity. Truly disgraceful.

Ha ha - funny - NOT!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama's creative backtracking gets more offensive by the minute

Through Weazel Zippers:Adviser denies Obama showed naivete on Jerusalem

Obama's advisers probably think we're stupid. I guess they are used to that on the left, since so many still believe there was a vast right wing conspiracy to stain a chubby intern dress with seamen...

Obama said:
Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided

But then he was told that:
The comment angered Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem, captured by Israel in 1967, as the capital of a future state. "He has closed all doors to peace," Saeb Erekat, an aide to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said after the June 4 speech.

So now his adviser says for him:
Daniel Kurtzer, who advises Obama on the Middle East, said Tuesday at the Israel Policy Forum that Obama's comment stemmed from "a picture in his mind of Jerusalem before 1967 with barbed wires and minefields and demilitarized zones."

"So he used a word to represent what he did not want to see again, and then realized afterwards that that word is a code word in the Middle East," Kurtzer said.

Such stunning creativity... a picture in his mind. And to put a nice hat on this muddy puddle we get this gem:
Kurtzer said it was unfortunate that so much time was being spent dwelling on one word of a 30-minute speech, "but it does not indicate any kind of naivete about foreign affairs."

Of course not. You have to be the dumbest and most naive person alive not to understand what is said here. He knows nothing about Israel and thought it would win him some points to be ultra-pro-Israeli. Then he figured his base is actually on the other side and is trying to distance himself from the debate by placing sock puppets to talk for him. But what emerges from this flip-flop is that Obama is actually in favor of dividing Jerusalem and would rather the Jews and Arabs not bother him with that question while he is campaigning.

As a side not, not a bad piece of journalism from Reuters here...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking forward to Ronen Bergman's book in English.

A year ago I got a book in Hebrew called “The point of no return” as a gift and read through it very quickly. I found it to be informative and captivating. The book revealed many previously unknown details about the espionage battle between Israel and Iran.

The book covers through first person accounts historical events, including assassinations of terror leaders, the Iranian Islamic revolution and the rescue operation of the Iranian Jews. The book covers Israel’s arms trade with Iran and it reveals that later these arms are used against Israel in the battle field of Lebanon. The author collected unique and exclusive details about the inner works of Israeli intelligence and its battle with Iran from the late 70-s to the very recent 2006 Lebanon war.

Read interview with the author, Ronen Bergman:"The point of no return".

The book narrates Iranian ambitions and activities leading from the revolution up-to its current state of nearly acquiring nuclear weapons capability, the point of no-return.

While browsing through Amazon, I found an upcoming release of a new book by the same author, this time in English. I’m thrilled that this book or a variation of it is finally coming out in English. I intend on reading it and I highly recommend it as a resource for an in depth research of the Iranian threat. I hope this book will allow curious minds to further their understanding.

Click to pre-order:

The Secret War with Iran

The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against the World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Power

EU is scum - no other word for it

EU denies agreement on Iran sanctions

Some thought that sense has finally struck the Europeans this morning. Hotair reported the EU is finally deciding on some action... Rest assure, they really - really want to trade with the perpetrators of the next holocaust.

The swiss for that matter are known for their so called "neutrality". They traded and aided the Nazis - so what can you expect when they push forward with a deal with Iran. What's another 6 million Jews eradicated for that calm and peaceful nation - obviously no concern. Europeans are still for some reason quite comfortable criticizing Israel with made up accusations.

Europeans seem to have conveniently forgotten their role in the Holocaust - How else can you explain Austria's - of all nations - ongoing trade and more gas deals with Iran. Just economics? Not so sure.

It is often said in the news that what prevents further sanctions against Iran is Russia's and China's refusal to break ties. It is clearly visible that Europeans are as much to blame for allowing Iran to gain Nukes and continue its support of terrorists around the world. While the Europeans are glued to the TV sets watching their Euro-08 soccer tournament - it might the best of times to raise this issue again.

Europeans - Your governments continue to trade with the world's top terror supporting regime. There have been numerous assassinations by Iranian agents on your soil against Iranian exiles. You share common guilt regarding the holocaust and are obliged by human decency to raise an outcry and demand your traitorous EU to take actions now. Your "cheap" gas comes at the high cost of continuous human suffering and human rights abuses within Iran.

My dumb question of the day: How come Europeans could mobilize so easily to protest high oil prices, to protest "evil bush", to protest war on Al-Qaeda, even to protest to rename "Israel Square" in Copenhagen to "Palestine Square", but they can't muster a few guys to stand with signs in front of Brussels' ivy tower and protest this ongoing travesty?

It is hard for Israel to demand Europe stop trading with Iran when for some reason Israel keeps doing so through Turkey. Pistachios? At least the shenanigans of the 80-s are over... I hope.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ah... the weather. It sucks, doesn't it?

It's not like there isn't any other news to cover, it's not like there weren't any terror actions reported today, see "" for a daily tally. I just feel like talking about the weather. I'm not talking about: "how's the weather", "oh fine, nice to see you, how-do-you-do?" kinda thing... no, I'm talking about the spring havoc - the floods and tornadoes.

I was born in Israel, and the most I knew about tornadoes was from the movie "The wizard of Oz". Little did I know how often they occur in the US. After moving to Colorado I got my first glimpse of that awesome power of nature. Thunder storm clouds over our house - which was sitting at a top of a hill overlooking a valley right in front of the rockies - gave us a daily show during spring/summer time. I watched funnel clouds forming to the east of Highlands Ranch and my wife took photos of a tornado cloud which passed our home at Castle Rock. As long as your house doesn't move, it's an exciting and breathtaking experience. Michigan is flat - and very gray... when the storms come - barely see anything. We do have some interesting photos though (should I post some? maybe later)

This year's weather has been quite a story. Just recently a tornado hit a boyscout camp in Iowa and 4 kids have died. Such a heart breaking story. The extreme weather continues and floods sweep the mid-west.

The American red-cross says: "Residents in Central United States Urged to Register with Safe and Well".

So the weather sucks. And this feels like a tiny rerun of Katrina for the Mid-West. Somehow I felt it is more of an important issue right now than that whole political shmegegi.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Violent hypocrisy at its “best”

Car theft in Israel is an epidemic which is mainly perpetrated by Arabs from Judea; they are often referred to as “Palestinians”. The police are helpless and Israeli society has accepted this situation quietly. The insurance companies will pay and “there’s nothing to do about it”. If someone actually tries to resist, by chasing the thieves into the Palestinian Authority and trying to get his property back he risks his life, and his family sometimes has to pay ransom just to get him back. Other incidents include carjacking, rape and murder of female car owners. In one incident, an owner of a car got a call on a Friday night asking her to come and pay to get her car back, it was stolen minutes ago from her house. When she came, she was raped and murdered.

Car thieves in Israel and their supporting society, including families, garage and a sovereign fiction called the Palestinian Authority are held to very little account. Car thieves spend a year or two in prison, the PA is using stolen cars as police vehicles and their high rankers take the luxury stolen vehicles for personal transportation.

Last night, two Israeli teens broke into a car at an Arab village at the PA. They were lynched by the Arab mob. The article in Hebrew quotes the mob members saying proudly how they beat the living day light of those kids and cites all sorts of vengeful comments as to why. Here’s a sample:

“For the first time since 67 I feel like a man. I finally managed to extract all of my rage and frustration about what they do to our land, property and our people”.

That’s right – the teens were targeted because they were Jewish, not because they were (unsuccessful) car thieves.

The same guy who started the riot eventually gave the kids back to Israeli authorities and again took pride in what he told the IDF officers who accepted the kids:

“I told him, here take your two dogs and take care of them. You are the occupier and you are obliged to guard my safety and my property.”

“The officers thanked me for giving them up alive”.

Yea, thanks dude, at least you stopped short of murder… this time.

The Israeli media are using this story to bash Israeli settlers politically – another shameless activism on the side of the leftist media. Didn’t check how international media has reported about it yet…

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jawa Report: AFP Helping Terrorists

With regards to a Snapped Shot post, Jawa Report says the following:
Hamas not only invites an AFP reporter to come along with them as they perpetrate acts of terror they also stage photos for him and let him use bright lights so the pictures of the terror organization attacking Israeli civilians will come out better. When a reporter has foreknowledge of a terrorist attack, and instead of reporting it to authorities rides along with the terrorists as they perpetrate acts of terror they have crossed the line.

AFP reporter Mohammed Abed is either a terrorist or the criminal enabler of terrorists.

Well, I agree... and I don't think foxnews should be spared from identical condemnation for their reporter's standing by while Hamas shoot rockets at Israelis either.

Olmert and Detroit's Kilpatrick - will it end the same?

The two crooks and liars will hopefully soon enough reach the trash bin of history for their escapades.

Today, Kilpatrick's lawyer quit saying "I can't represent that lying scum bug anymore, I should probably already be disbarred, but I don't want to sit in Jail with him". Well, he used a more diplomatic speech to say that:
"I felt that my effectiveness had been compromised," McCargo said of the revelation. "I felt that going forward I would always be looking over my shoulder as to whether or not I was putting myself into a conflicted position with my client."

As for the still sitting crook of a mayor of Detroit:

Kilpatrick and Beatty later testified under oath during the whistle-blower trial that they did not have an affair.


The Free Press later revealed that Kilpatrick and Beatty lied on the stand.

As some may recall, those text messages were both revolting and revealing. So.... perjury? Can we expect some jail time soon? Isn't this case slightly more obvious than Martha Stuart's obstruction of justice? Or Scooter Libbey?

For some reason, in Israel, the media has almost forgotten that the prime minister, Olmert is still under investigation for receiving envelopes full of cash as well as other perks from individuals. To what purpose? No one knows. It actually doesn't matter. I truly hope Mr. Zero goes away soon. I don't know why the witness came forward a month ago, but from what I can understand he gave a testimony to the court and something should happen. It is unbelievable how nothing had happened. Next week the knesset will vote on the Likud's proposal to remove current government and go to a new elections. Perhaps when Mr.Zero is no longer an acting prime minister the police and the department of justice in Israel would stop procrastinating and move forward and advance a case against Mr. Sleaze.

Two sleazy high ranking politicians on far away edges of this planet, for both I'd be happy if they were not in any position of power anymore.

Monday, June 09, 2008

El Baradei - Really - Really wants Arabs to have nukes, perhaps use them on Israel too

El Baradei - Really - Really wants Arabs to have nukes, perhaps use them on Israel too. How else can you explain this man's weak rhetoric regarding Iran and Syria's efforts to gain nukes, all the while complaining that Israel's bombing of Syrian sites is the real problem. What's his job again? "watchdog"?! More like the antisemite in duty. He serves the UN well and both are a reflection of each other:
"With unilateral military actions, countries are undermining international agreements, and we are at a historic turning point," said ElBaradei.
"We only heard of the Israeli action from the television. No-one gave us any information or informed us of their suspicions," he said.

"We were only given access to pictures of the building and its destruction at the same time as the US Congress. That is unacceptable," ElBaradei said.

Err... you weren't given any info beforehand because you are a spy for the forces of evil. Talk about gall.

My stupid question of the day: Who pays his salary and whatever for? What's the use of him and his IAEA?

So why is Israel delaying payment to PA?

The news agencies would like us all to know that the poor derelict Arabs of the Palestinian Authority did not get their terrorist comp salaries:
Asked whether he thought the delay was deliberate, Fayyad said: "Much has been said on this topic. Anonymous Israeli officials have linked it to the letter I sent to the European Union about the Israeli request for closer ties."

A few things on the matter:
1. How is this little trolls' business what relationship does Israel have with Europe? On any case, I doubt Israel knows or cares what this insignificant nobody did or does. He has no power, except to sign the checks for his fellow free loaders.

2. It is amazing that every little bureaucratic nothing is reported as major news, if a little thorn in the behind of a Palestinian aches - there would always be a journalist and an editor to blow it up into a propaganda attack against Israel.

3. For some reason, the US backed terror group formally in control of the PA - is still delivering salaries to Hamas members at Gaza. Those who fire rockets at Israelis are paid with those funds. Which leads me to number 4:

4. Fatah and Hamas have announced "talk to reconcile", which is a euphemism to - quietly give control to Hamas over the PA. Surrender if you will, to Iran's proxy. Under such circumstances it is possible that Olmert's "do nothing" government might actually do something, although not talk publicly about it. Scaredy-cats.

5. Another recent development is the daily bombardment of "Kibbutz-Nirim". Some members of this Kibbutz are far lefty loons who advocate murder of Israeli soldiers as a means to liberate Palestine. Yet their friends at Gaza return them odd favors by murdering them at the factories and the fields. The majority of the votes from the Kibbutz went to far left parties like labor, Meretz and Kadima. The Israeli labor party is closely related to the Kibbutz and thus when their political base is bombarded there is a higher chance of action. Is this it? Is this the reaction to the bombardment, maybe on a minor scale.

I'm still waiting for Israel's 60th birthday present to unwrap and for this awful government to go away.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bomb Iran? Not on Bush's watch

First, Olmert tried to convince and returned without even a joint press conference with Bush.

Then Mofaz, an Israeli minister and former general of the army made an explicit threat. More then hinting, it's coming - do something or we will bomb Iran.

And now Bush's spokeswoman expresses in the open what was told to the Israeli envoy behind closed doors: NO!

One can only imagine the type of talks happening behind closed doors between Israel and the US government right now. Or to extrapolate: The conversations which thus far had been behind closed doors regarding what should be done with Iran, has reached such a dead end that high ranking officials have decided to publicly unveil the disagreements. It sounds more and more like a crisis in the Israeli-US relations.

When Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear facilities in the 80-s it was condemned by many including the US. There are those who say that the arrest of the Israeli spy Jonathan Polard was related to the bombing. It is said that Polard provided secretive maps which Israel used in that strike. What's clear is that the intense relationship between the US and Israel in the early 80-s was influenced by both incidents.

And now we are witnessing a rewind of a similar tape. After 8 years of close relationship on the surface, some strife over a critical and similar issue begins to show. It could all be a show, a bad cop/good cop kind of a thing. It could also be something worse.

Goodbye retirement funds

I'm not going to comment on the stock market on this forum, just inappropriate. But I will link to a couple of things:

Investors be aware:
Melon sells for more than $6,000

Anybody else thinking that they want to start a densuke watermelon farm:)

While I look at the titles of CAPS blogs over to the right I see: oil, housing, recession, pharm pics, and a self portrait of Deej. Then over here in the news of the world, I see people buying watermelons for $6,000! I think I was born in the wrong era.

.....ev"erything else is BS"

another post of the video will be coming......

from "madcowmoney"

Awesomeness does happen.

Another is an analysis I 100% agree with, and my wife does acknowledge that I told her the same opinion a month ago, when it wasn't published anywhere:
Raise Taxes on Gasoline. A link was posted earlier today on an LGF comment, thanks shawarma-wife for insisting I read it, initially I skipped it...

I know republicans don't like taxes being raised, but the only way to ween from the petrol-addiction the world suffers from is to make it too expensive to purchase.

To conclude, again:
Dancing, everything else is BS

Prosecutors, start getting serious on Jury selection! Another Muslim terrorist, murderer of Jews goes free.

Seattle Hearts Jews Murderer

We've been through the same mess as seen today in Seattle back when a jury in Texas couldn't convict Al Arian - the head butcher of Islamic Jihad. One out of 12 is all it takes, and there seems to be that one on every such case.

The bright point to keep in mind is that we are looking at a mistrial and not an acquittal. The juries did not agree, it only takes 1, again. We actually don't know how many it took this time. Those poor victims will have to go there again - the Juries knew that - they just couldn't care less I guess.

I was looking on the web for trial results of a similar case which happened in LAX at an El Al stand, the only thing I could find was a note of a trial still at process - where the murderer claims he did so out of insanity. The link is here, search for the name "Hesham Mohamed Ali Hadayet". Surprise, just like shorty Jihaidist from Seattle - for reasons of insanity. That note was from 2007. Talk about injustice, he murdered on 2002, and for all we know is still on trial.

I agree with Debbie Schlussel, I would like to know the names of those juries and would be happy if a journalist would trace them and ask them the proper question: How can you live with yourself?

I bet Hitler couldn't get convicted by the likes of those juries.

More questions I'd like to get answers for: Who is defending this scumbag? Who is paying for that? What do the local Muslim community bubble heads say? (I'd actually forgo that last one)

Strong supporters of Bush and McCain like to remind us that "there hasn't been a terror attack on the US since 2001". Well, I'll link again in the same article to the list from 2007 of sudden Jihad. The picture is clear, and I don't feel very protected considering the amount of such attacks and the results of the judicial processes that follow.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quick note about that Obama-AIPAC speech

Wasn't that a lovely I support Israel and stand up to all it's enemies speech? Wasn't it?

Well, my small, tiny issue which I'm not going to spend many words on is: How much trust can you put in the words of a politician in a campaign when they stand in such contrast to his prior activities? Turning 180 degrees now, may suspiciously become 360 the day after entering office. Also, the crowd surrounding him is still, well, suspicious - shall we say?

The really, really, really, really... and one more time... really good thing about this is that his campaign advisers rejected extreme far left advice to "reject the Jewish lobby". So I guess there is some hope.

Update: The quickest 360, a real show of character

Obama's undivided Jerusalem backtrack
June 5 2008
That prediction didn't take much time to be proven right. When he strays an iota away from empty speech, he immediately reverses. What an empty shell and obvious lack of any principles.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The worst president ever endorses Obama

Can Obama denounce him too?

The peanut farming, Hammas hugging, Israel bashing, national secrets blabber mouth, worst president ever, worst ex-president, friend of enemies of the US, dishonored Noble prize winning... and the list goes on... well, Jimmy the Dhimmi endorses Obama.

So next time Jimmy says something about Israel or the Joooooooos, people should ask Obama, would you distance yourself from that lunatic? Would you stand next to him on the podium?

My cat is set to resign. My cat's campaign says report is 100% incorrect.

I found a hard time giving a title to this, and that's what I came up with. Content warning, I go from seriousness to extreme silliness here.

It is blatantly apparent that Obama's cheer leaders in the media find no shame in reporting false rumors as news as they try to accelerate Clinton's departure.

Weazel Zeapers quoted AP, but I saw it on every media outlet this morning, eventually some corrected. Still, the caption CNN gave to this is somewhat interesting, because by claiming "not ready to concede" they imply - she will. By implying that they advocate. By advocating - they once again fail their journalistic integrity test.

Thus hence forth my cat, my turtle and my twitty bird would like to set the record straight:

Mrs. Whiskers, our beloved household cat is "absolutely not" prepared to concede the race for the house's first pet.

Now - although Mrs. Whiskers has mathematically lost, it is still trying to convince the super delegates (the neighbors dogs) that as a cat, it is more electable than our sleepy dog with its shoddy background of sniffing other dogs behind and picking up poop with its mouth.

I would like to comment, that as the main character in meet the parents said, my cat cannot actually flush the toilet, because it does not have opposing thumbs. In addition, AP reports that later today my cat might concede that I actually don't own any pets.

If that somehow relates to real life people, I do apologize.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Some comic relief - from Sultan Knish

Sultan Knish From NY to IsraelThe Sultan Reveals the Story Behind the Story

It was worth linking just for the book cover.

Happy Jerusalem Day... please celebrate elsewhere

Today Israel marks Jerusalem unification day. You wouldn't know it if it weren't on the calendar because no Israeli website would let you know it. It seems Israelis today are shy about restoring Jewish presence in the Holy city after the only true ethnic cleansing to occur in 1948 - the eradication of Jewish quarter in Jerusalem and turning Jewish grave stones into urinaries for Jordanian troops.

Don't expect too many "congratulations" cards from friendly governments as well, as today is the day to condemn Israel construction on own sovereign land. Thanks Condi, UN and the rest of the bunch for taking Arab propaganda at face value and de-facto re-visioning history. Unlucky for you are historic facts and undeniable archeologic evidence. Not to mention enough people still alive today to have witnessed the Jewish presence prior to butchery, murder, and forced deportation of Jews out of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is Jewish!

10 good reasons to vote for Obama… well, not really

1. You believe in hope, change and unicorns.
2. Gazillion gaffes don’t amount to one big goof ball.
3. The dots to Wright (hate whites), Aires(weatherman terrorist, hate and bomb America), Rashid Khalidi (Palestinian terrorist), are un-connect-able. It’s just all friendly good feelings kind of a relationship.
4. His grandmother – who raised him - apparently is racist (his words – she’s family like Wright so he can’t disown her), so we owe him.
5. Because Hollywood bubble heads say so.
6. Because he quit his church, but not because it’s a church of hate and racism.
7. Because someone really has to talk to Iran. They’re begging for more talks.
8. Because OJ is innocent. (think about it – 90% of black vote – regardless of what the man says or does)
9. Because winning a war is not our strategy. Voting for Obama is our way of saying screw you Iraqis – you should be ruled by Al-Qaeda, and we know it won’t come to bite us back in the you know where.
10. Because our eyes were enlightened by the likes of Daily Kos, Huffington post and others to the prospect of overcoming the Jewish lobby. We don’t need the Jewish vote anymore.

Actually, I can't imagine a better body of evidence against voting for Obama than to open little-green-footballs, and clicking on the Barak-Obama tag. Every post regarding him is a new revelation of un-elect-ability. If only the MSM would start noticing. (yea, dream on)