Friday, July 29, 2011

Israel's Defense Minister: Must Apologize to Turkey

And giving Czechoslovak to Hitler would prevent war. Showing weakness in face of aggressive international policies - usually ends badly. Yes, Israel needs Turkey - will Turkey however at helms of a clear Anti-Semite Hamas supporter be a friend to Israel regardless of how it rolls over and plays dead in his laps?

Barak: We must apologize for flotilla errors

Series of meetings with US administration officials reinforces defense minister's view that diplomatic crisis with Ankara must be resolved. 'I don't like it, but having reasonable relations with Turkey is not a bad thing,' he explains

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hamas terrorist bombard Israeli civilians at Ashkelon. Israelis focused on socialist demonstrations

Early morning sirens to traumatize the children.

Qassam explodes south of Ashkelon
Residents in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council woke up Thursday morning to siren alarm sounds. A Qassam rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel and exploded in an open area south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.

Meanwhile, Israelis are more focused on the "Me-Time" generation in Israel demanding socialist utopia. I'm seeing people I went to school with publishing on facebook their support for this - and I avoid offending them, since I don't live there anymore. I cannot with a conscious mind be both a supporter of a capitalist/freedom system, and support what the Israeli demonstrations stand for. Israelis are misguided and have no core values similarity to American capitalist conservatism. I support freedom and capitalism, not state-ism.

I don't know if Soros is behind the "revolution" calls, but it sure looks like it when idiots shout in Hebrew for "social justice" - concept totally foreign to Israel.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians are rubbing their hands with hopes to have Bibi fall (Hebrew link).

Interesting to note, how many of the protesters have in their lifetime gone abroad to India/Thailand/Greece/Europe/Vegas? I bet about %70. And they cry for more socialist benefits...

Yea, who am I to judge living afar. I'll just say that poor people around the world are starving for food, not traveling the globe as backpacker tourists. And living in any country's major metropolis is not cheap. Hong Kong is expensive, New York is expensive, good neighborhood in any state in the US are not cheap.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hamas going bankrupt? Not paying salaries?

It would seem a recent report by the Peres institute regarding Hamas' growing financial power was either exaggerated or misguided. Either that, or Hamas is keeping all its cash for rockets, and relying on EU, US and other PA donor funds to pay salaries to its people.

Hamas also faces financial crunch, hasn't paid salaries
PA prime minister Fayyad arrives in Cairo for emergency Arab League meeting over PA's own financial issues.

Hamas also seems to be facing a financial crisis and, like the Palestinian Authority, has not been able to pay full salaries to its civil servants in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas legislator Yahya Musa called on the Hamas government to “be frank with the people and tell them the truth about the financial situation

In other news, the parasite donor relying terrorist Palestinian entity is still marching on to declare a state in September. With the full dignity of bursting in tears while still telling lies at the UN...

Palestinian UN envoy bursts in tears while declaring his bankrupt and split government entity wants to be a full pledged state
PA envoy tells UNSC, "We can't keep waiting for Israel to negotiate"; Israeli envoy responds, "Palestinians cannot bypass talks," says "Palestinians are not united and are far from united for peace."

The Palestinians are ready to seek statehood recognition with Jerusalem as its capital, the Palestinian Authority envoy to the United Nations Riyad Mansour told the Security Council on Tuesday.

In a dress rehearsal for the expected vote over Palestinian statehood set to take place at the United Nations in September, Mansour told the council his people could not be held in waiting much longer.

“With international political and financial support this plan has reached its objectives as acknowledged by the international community,” he said. “We have completed our responsibilities and are ready to govern ourselves. “

He added: “We cannot keep waiting for Israel to negotiate with good faith.”

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor, speaking after Mansour, told the Security Council that security and recognition of Israel as a Jewish State are the two linchpin issues that must be acknowledged by Palestinians in order to reach a final agreement and two-state solution.

Prosor said that he supported a two-state solution, with a Palestinian state residing "alongside and not instead of the Jewish state." That Palestinian state, the ambassador added, must be demilitarized and supported by a strong education system, halting teachings of hatred and anti-Israeli sentiment.

The Israeli ambassador rejected any unilateral move by the Palestinians, including seeking state recognition at the UN General Assembly, and dismissed such efforts as an attempt to bypass negotiations with Israel. Prosor said such efforts would be futile for Palestinians, saying only bilateral negotiations presented a solution.

"To the Palestinians I also issue a call," Prosor said. "Take Israel’s outstretched hand. Seize the opportunities before us to advance down the real road toward peace – a road of solutions not resolutions; dialogue not monologue; and direct negotiations not unilateral declarations."

"Whether the Palestinians bring forward a resolution in the General Assembly or by invoking the 'Uniting for Peace' resolution it is clear that the Palestinians are not united and are far from united for peace," Prosor said.

The Israeli ambassador added, "There is much uncertainty about the future Palestinian government: its acceptance of the Quartet conditions, the peace process, control of its security forces, and many other questions. It will take at least a year until after the Palestinian elections next year before it is clear what Palestinian unity really means."

Prosor also commented on Iran and instability in the Middle East saying, "Last month’s panel of experts report made clear that Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons capabilities, in complete disregard of the will of the international community. New information shows Iran’s intention to install uranium centrifuges at its facility in Qom – a facility that was concealed for years from the IAEA. Such behavior does not just endanger the Middle East, or a specific group of countries. It endangers us all."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is America ready for an Anti-Semite lynch mob leading Cocaine dealer as a news Anchor?

Is Humanity Ready?

Yid with a Lid reminds us of this racist's good old days sparking anti-Jewish riots in New York. Hurray - society is collapsing into a bottomless abyss.

MSNBC's New Low: Hiring Murderous Al Sharpton As On-Air Host

When CNN hired Elliot Spitzer many complained that hiring the disgraced former governor was a new low in cable news. Allow me to submit to you that with the hiring of "Reverend" Al Sharpton to be their 6pm host, MSNBC has smashed through CNN's record and established a record for pulling a host out of the sewer that may never be topped. While CNN and others have hired people disgraced by political or sexual scandals, in hiring Sharpton MSNBC has contracted with a "Reverend" who bears false witness and a racial arsonist who is responsible for the deaths of at least nine innocent people.

Let's look at the Sharpton track record. Sharpton is the man who, in 1987, helped to make the Tawana Brawley false rape charge big news and to this day refuses to admit that it was proved a hoax.

A grand jury noted many problems with Brawley's story. Among these were that the rape kit results did not indicate sexual assault. Also, despite her claim of having been held captive for days, Brawley was not suffering from exposure, was well-nourished, and appeared to have brushed her teeth recently. Despite her clothing being charred, there were no burns on her body. Although a shoe she was wearing was cut through, Brawley had no injuries to her foot. The racial epithets written on her were upside down, which led to suspicion that Brawley had written the words. Testimony from her schoolmates indicated she had attended a local party during the time of her supposed abduction. One witness claimed to have observed Brawley's climbing into the garbage bag which she claimed to be her prison.


Read it all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you know that Obama is pro-Israel and his predecessors aren't?

A washed laundry list by a blogger on Huffington Post wants to enlighten us:

The Most Anti-Israel President Ever?
Our Republican friends will do their darndest to convince us that the answer is Barack Obama. President Obama is not perfect, but let's compare him to his predecessors rather than to perfection.

George W. Bush (43) pressured Israel to allow Hamas to participate in Gaza elections despite the objections of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, thus granting Hamas a diplomatic coup and a legitimacy it otherwise could never have attained.

Bush failed to stop North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons. Instead of making Iran a top priority, he eviscerated Iran's two natural enemies, Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving Iran free to focus on its quest for nuclear weapons. Bush, who never met a military action he didn't like, not only did not attack Iran, but he rejected Israeli requests for aid for an Israeli raid on Iran's main nuclear complex. Bush also violated security agreements with Israel in which the U.S. promised to preserve Israel's qualitative military edge over Arab armies.

George Bush (41) opposed loan guarantees because of Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza. He also opposed new "settlements" in the West Bank or East Jerusalem. Bush complained that he was "one lonely little guy" up against thousands of lobbyists on the Hill. Those "lobbyists" were volunteers exercising their rights as American citizens. People like you and me.


President Obama has surrounded himself with staunchly pro-Israel advisors, including Dan Shapiro, Dennis Ross, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Rahm Emanuel.


We're going to hear again and again about how President Obama is supposedly not strong on Israel from Republicans who value partisan gain more than strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. Our nation is united in its support for Israel. By using Israel as a wedge issue to create the illusion of policy differences between the parties on Israel, these Republicans only strengthen enemies of the US and Israel.

History proves that President Obama is a good friend of Israel.

For that we should all be thankful.

I guess if you suffer from severe amnesia, you won't remember Obama humiliating Netanyahu at first white house meeting, Biden's drama queen crisis while visiting Israel, Obama's list of demands at first entering office which halted negotiations with Arabs, Obama's flip-flop on Jerusalem and then that statement right before Netanyahu speech to congress regarding 67 borders and Jerusalem. Geee... Thanks Obama! I already forgot that whole paragraph I just wrote after reading Huffington Post and now again I believe Obama is Israel's friend!

Side note: Rahm, Hillary Clinton and Biden are examples of pro-Israel influences?! Really?! Strong amnesia, very strong.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Very last post regarding horrific massacre in Norway: A Picture 2 days before the shooting

These misinformed useful idiots still did not and cannot deserve the horror. There can be no justification to murdering civilians, it's simply an irony that it seems these people have never had any sympathy for Israelis in the same situation.

Article auto translated to English from Hebrew.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sick Horror Unravels in Norway: 80 Kids Murdered in Camp

Regardless of the motive, this is just sickening.

Police: Shooting suspect has anti-Muslim views
Police say a Norwegian man arrested after a massacre of at least 80 summer campers at an island retreat is a right-winger with anti-Muslim views, but they don't know whether that was a factor in the attacks.

National police chief Sveinung Sponheim told public broadcaster NRK that the suspected gunman's Internet postings "suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but if that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen."

Earlier speculation of Muslim Jihadism are now redirected to still speculations of some "Right Wing Lunacy" - what-ever that'll entail. I know of no rational or justification for such vomit inducing barbarism.

Video: Islamic law in Australia, violence against women and polygamy

H/T: Jihad Watch

It appears rule of law infringes on a Muslim's right to beat his woman to a pulp. Of course the Muslim man is the victim of "mean western culture" here.

Terror hits Oslo (updated 3) - death toll at 30

Still no reports on who's responsible.

Oslo explosion: dozens injured, buildings damaged after Norway city blast

A massive explosion rocked central Oslo on Friday, injuring dozens of people and severely damaging government buildings including the Prime Minister’s office.

I'm sure Israelis who have been unfairly criticized by Norway for response to terror have a lot of cynicism and sarcasm to express... I'll hold on until more details emerge.

Horror footage, here.

Update I: Car Bomb?
Update II: Muslim threats to Norway

Update III: Death toll at 30 (Ynet)

If you want to know what Israelis and Jews think about this, visit comments at YNet's article. Israelis and Jews aren't shy about outrage over Norway's treatment of Jewish victims of terror, and that their anti Israel security stance did not immune them. Very similar to how the Nazis first came for the Jews and the world was silent until...

All that aside, any senseless terror attack, any mass murder of innocent civilians is abhorrent, worth condemning, and I feel for the wounded and the families of the victims.

Murder is murder, I hope some day the Europeans will get it - there's no difference between today's mass murder in Oslo to what Israelis have been going through, there can't be any excuse or justification to barbarity.

Clock is ticking for Syrian regime: More protests, more deaths

Tick, tock - Are Bashar the murderer's days numbered?

Protests erupt across Syria after Friday prayers; five killed in Homs overnight
At least five civilians were killed overnight as tanks attacked districts in the Syrian city of Homs during a crackdown on protests against President Bashar Assad, residents said on Friday.

Homs, a city of 165 km (100 miles) north of Damascus, is the latest focus of a military campaign to crush four months or demonstrations against Assad's autocratic rule.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Islamic Movement planting fake graves in Jerusalem to claim Muslim land

It's as if they have some doctrine to tell them to act deceitfully, hmmm.... now what's that word Taqiya again?

Land authority accuses Islamic Movement of planting fake graves in Jerusalem

Israel Lands Administration accuses Sheik Raed Salah's Islamic Movement of planting 500 fake tombstones in Jerusalem's Mamilla cemetery, with goal of taking over the land • Inspectors find no evidence of actual graves underneath tombstones.
Daniel Siryoti

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Palestinian's dirty pollution, Palestinians hurt environment

Why do Palestinians hate mother earth? (sarc)

Palestinian sewage polluting Israel's environment

Industrial plants in Palestinian Authority controlled areas streaming massive amounts of heavy industrial waste into Israel • Wastewater seeps below ground level polluting ground water and springs, harming the quantity and quality of drinking water.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gaza bound floating moonbats preempted in sea

And when they don't carry arms, or wielding metal rods, or taking Israeli soldiers hostage, or throwing human beings off deck - they are unharmed as well.

Israeli sources are saying no humanitarian cargo was found on the boat. Just the moonbats.

Navy stops French flotilla ship (ynet)

Hollow, see-through heads of pro Hamas moonbats from France.
Activists aboard Gaza-bound Dignite al Karama refuse Navy's request to divert course to Ashdod Port or Egypt. IDF chief green-lights ship's takeover, Navy informs vessel to prepare for boarding; activists surrender peacefully

Monday, July 18, 2011

Video: The Truth About the West Bank

Israel's deputy minister of Foreign Affairs provides historic facts regarding the so called "occupied territories".

Finally! Zoabi suspended. Only temporarily?

She belongs behind bars for providing aid and comfort to an enemy terrorist entity, for attending a violent international incident where Israeli soldiers were taken hostage and thrown off a boat's deck. She's a terrorist in every way.

MK Zoabi suspended from Knesset debates

Balad MK removed from Knesset until end of annual session following her participation in last year's Gaza flotilla; to be banned from speaking at Knesset, attending debates. Ethics Committee: 'Participation in flotilla does not fall within an MK's legitimate freedom of action'

Hezbollah attempted to assassinate Israeli consul in Turkey

Turkish intelligence is denying, but this is definitely not beyond belief. 8 were hurt and no one took responsibility.

Report: Hezbollah tried to kill Israeli consul

Shiite group, not PKK, was behind Istanbul terror attack last May, Italian newspaper reports. Working on behalf of Iran, group tried to assassinate Consul Moshe Kimchi

Friday, July 15, 2011

Glenn Beck in Israel saying: Jordan is Palestine

Yep, he loves Israel, despises its foes.

Glenn Beck: Jordan is Palestine

Did he quit TV so he can grow a goatee?
Israelis should subvert the system and contact Americans directly via social networking • Encourages Israelis to be 'speak the truth' and tell it like it is • Opposes Palestinian state within Israel's borders

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gaza now bombards Israeli civilians on a daily basis again

Time to rain fire on those who beg to be pummeled.

Rocket hits western Negev

Projectile fired from northern Gaza lands in Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council causing no harm

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video: Arab MK who participated in flotilla of terrorists gets booted from Knesset after violent outburst

Also in the great video, Netanyahu taunting his political rivals.

Awesomeness ensues!

Around the 2 minute mark she stomps and kicks Knesset guards. But I suggest watching the whole thing (with English subtitles) - because the whole exchange is just brilliantly amusing.

Zoabi's continued membership in Knesset is an ongoing disgrace enforced by Israel's lefty high courts. For Azmi Bishara it took solid proof of him working with Hezbollah, her working with Hamas somehow isn't triggering a thing. Terroristic bitch.

Arab MK Zoabi in Violent Rage at PM’s Speech
MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) flew into an uncontrollable rage Wednesday during a Knesset speech by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu was answering Opposition members regarding a bill that regulates housing issues.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netanyahu: Free Gaza? Free it from Hamas

May I suggest assisting freeing it from Hamas - and then not giving it back to the terrorists from Fatah? That's right, occupation is not the problem, it's the solution.

PM to Greek president: If you want to free Gaza, free it from Hamas(Israel Hayom/Today)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets Greek President Karolos Papoulias in Israel, thanks him for stopping the flotilla and sending aid during the Carmel fires • Papoulias asks for advice over his country's economic crisis.

Warm ties between Israel and Greece were further strengthened Monday as a delegation headed by Greek President Karolos Papoulias received a hearty Israeli welcome. Papoulias spent much of the day in meetings with Israeli government officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin and Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni.

The resounding refrain from the Israelis was gratitude for Greece's assistance in obstructing the recent Gaza-bound flotilla, as well as for Greece’s role in helping to battle Israel's Carmel forest fire last December.

“We have a deep friendship with Greece,” Netanyahu said after meeting with Papoulias. “We will continue to strengthen that friendship, both in economics as well as in tourism.”

Netanyahu also took advantage of his time with Papoulias to discuss the Gaza Strip, where he noted that the economic growth rate is 25 percent and that all food items can enter freely. “Those who want to free Gaza should work to free it from Hamas' rule, which brutalizes the peace activists there,” he said.


US Marines participate in counter terrorism training in Israel

There's been a long lasting cooperation between USA's and Israel's armed forces. This is but a reminder of what has been in place for decades.

Video: Israel Teaches US Marines Counter Terror

The IDF has released a video of U.S. marines learning from Israelis. “We are learning new techniques. I love it. We want to come back,” says one marine. The video below shows Israelis teaching the Americans how to use the new made-in-Israel Tabor rifle.

... and the video has been pulled to private. Huh.

Here's an article from 2007 laying out the plans for now-a-days training being conducted.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Video: Israel uncovers Goliath's dig

Fox news calls it :"Bible Bad Guys Unearth". Archeological excavations in Israel is very cool.

Video: Glenn Beck's speech to Knesset

A true friend of Israel, despite how the left in America and ADL is treating him.

I think Glenn might be wrong about "people are people just want to watch TV and be left alone". The demonstrations in the streets, the violence and the polls all show that the Arab people are very much engaged and wishing for war and annihilation of Jews. It's not the leaders alone. Other than that - Glenn's very precise in his observations.

Egypt breaches diplomatic immunity of Kosher food truck to Israeli embassy

Da-Joooos plotted evil things with their self supplied Kosher food.

Obviously, Egypt does it's best to hurt relationship - including the continued arrest of US/Israel civilian under preposterous "spying" charges.

Egypt detains kosher food delivery to Israeli embassy (ynet)

Springtime... hate is deep rooted in Egypt
Taba Border guards violate diplomatic protocol, search car delivering food to Israeli diplomats in Cairo

Israel's tense relations with Egypt were strained further recently, after Egyptian border guards stationed at the Taba Border detained vehicles transporting kosher food to the Israeli diplomatic staff stationed at the Cairo embassy, Ynet learned Sunday.

The vehicles underwent an extensive security check, which included stripping them from their cargo, before they were allowed to cross into Egypt.

In the past, Israeli vehicles carrying food transports were allowed through the Taba crossing immediately, since as diplomatic vehicles, they enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Jerusalem was irked by the act, calling it a violation of diplomatic protocol.

Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Yitzhak Levanon filed an official complaint with Cairo's Foreign Ministry.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flotilla, Fly-Tilla, Fail-Tilla

Fail-Tilla, frick you - anti-Semite terrorists in training.

Despite making lists of anti-Semite loonies who might fly into Israel and letting the airlines know who they are, 120 made it to Ben Gurion and detained at jail until deportation. And frankly? Who gives a flying frick about them? Their entire PR campaign of anti-Semitism is merely mentioned around the web for comic relief. Which is how the Flotilla was treated up to the moment they pulled the metal rods and started throwing Israeli soldiers off the deck. At that point, they became "humanitarians", victims of Israeli brutality, and the ladder the Turkish extremist leadership used to climb off bilateral friendship.

Today they failed, watch out next year. They might send in yet more terrorists through air-planes like they did in the 70-s. Air-Travel security is no laughing matter. Kozo Okamato in today's Orwellian form of news reportage would be described as a humanitarian peace activist.

That being said, and now in jest, here's a bunch of other publicity stunts these ass-holes might come up with:

* Fart-tilla, fart their way to moon, stay there, please.

* Walk-tilla, oh - wait, Assad did that, and it did not help him divert attention from murdering Syrian civilians

* Tard-tila, mmm - wait again, that's their every-day state of mind

* Bungy-jumping-tilla, gosh I hope this cord fails.

* Phone-prank-tilla, Bart Simpson style.

* Buy-a-ticket-to-Egypt-enter-legally-through-Rafah-tilla, I like the jingle of that one-word code. Try that knuckleheads.

* Shut-the-frick-up-tilla, my preferred treatment of the ...tilla crowd

* Get-a-life-tilla, as in, you have non

Friday, July 08, 2011

Inner-City tension at major metropolis as illegal foreign immigrants occupy 97% of school

You probably thought I was referring to Los-Angeles? Nope. Tel-Aviv has major issues with waves of illegals from south America, Africa, eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Tel Aviv School now 97% Foreign (Israel National News)

Israel is slowly trying to expel workers, the international left is raising concern "for the children".
The local elementary school in the Hatikva neighborhood, “HaYarden,” is now home to almost exclusively non-Jewis children of infiltrators and foreign workers. Israeli Jewish children are forced to leave their neighborhood in order to get the Israeli-Jiewsh traidition and Zionist oriented education that is the public school curriculum throughout the country, Tel Aviv City Council member Shlomo Maslawi related Thursday in an interview with Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service.

Maslawi expressed protest on behalf of local Jewish Israeli parents, who have found that the school closest to their homes is no longer suitable for their children, who speak native Hebrew and would like a Jewish and Zionist education.

The parents have been abandoned to their own devices in their efforts to restore the local school's Israeli character, he reported. “The government and the city and Minister Eli Yishai all started this struggle with us, but media pressure silenced them,” he explained. “The state of Israel is not lifting a finger today, even Eli Yishai, who at first spoke out, has grown quiet.”

The current situation hurts local Israeli parents and children alike, Maslawi said. The parents are forced to travel out of their way in order to bring their children to and from school, he said, and the children find themselves outside their natural social circles, learning with children from other neighborhoods instead of forming bonds with their own neighbors.

The foreign non-Jewish children, who by next year will make up 97% of the school's 400 students, are the children of illegal entrants who crossed the Egyptian border into Israel, or of foreign workers, some legal and some who have remained in the country after their work permits expired. Thousands of non-Jewish foreign workers and illegal entrants have been allowed to remain in the country after arguing, with help from a massive Israeli media campaign, that their children are born in Israel and would suffer if they were forced to return to their home countries.

The city's policies are only making the situation worse, Maslawi said. “We have been fighting the city for two years with no success. I told the mayor, 'You're encouraging them, so they're going to keep coming here en masse.'”
City Responds
The Tel Aviv municipality said in response:
"Putting aside serious criticism of the government of Israel, which does nothing to close the borders and abandons residents to cope alone with the severe problems resulting from waves of illegal immigration, the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo sees itself as responsible to ensure the education and welfare of all children within the borders of the city. Primarily for moral and humanitarian reasons, and also to keep the children from being left on the streets, which could create even more severe problems.

"Together with this, and with sympathy for the true crisis facing residents of the area, the children of southern Tel Aviv have been given the opportunity to enroll in schools in the region other than HaYarden. In addition, in order that this not be done at the expense of local children, many resources have been invested in additional municipal services in these neighborhoods and in providing schools in the southern part of the city with enrichment programs, nutritious meals and a long school day. The burden has also been lessened by assigning some children of foreign workers and work-seekers to schools throughout the city, including in the northern and central neighborhoods."

Dozens of pro-Hamas anti-Semites arrive at Israeli air-port, riot, detained

Dozens out of 400 planned. Hitchen's questions to the flotilla useful idiots are as applicable to these fly-tilla moonbats.

Gaza fly-in gains momentum

Security forces gear for potential disruptions at BG Airport after relatively quiet morning. Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists arrive in Israel despite foreign airlines' efforts to follow passenger blacklist; detained by police

The Hebrew version of the article on YNet has videos of pro Hamas demonstrations at airport.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hezbollah operating on USA's southern border

Why bother at the border when they thrive in broad day light in Dearborn Michigan?

LulzSec doc drop: Arizona Officials Say Hezbollah Operating in Mexico

A document drop by LulzSec has revealed an ominous bulletin from police officials in Tucson, Arizona. In short, law enforcement is advised to be on the lookout for Hezbollah terrorists operating in the traditional smuggling corridors on our (wide-open) southern border with Mexico.

Made up of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina; Foz do Iguazu, Brazil; and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the area in South America known as the Tri-Border area (TBA), has long been considered a safe haven for organized crime and Islamic terrorist networks, including Hezbollah. As of 2002, the population of the TBA reached 630,000 of which approximately 25,000 were Arab or of Arab descent. Illegal activity in the region includes counterfeiting, money laundering, and the easy acquisition of false documents. The recent arrest of Moussa Ali Hamdan [arrested in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, for conspiring to provide material support to Hezbollah] confirms Hezbollah’s continued presence in the region.


Read it all.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

UN Flotilla report: Blockade Legal, Raid Legal, Turkey involved with IHH, Israel used excessive force

The report is still not out officially, but Israeli sources are leaking details. It doesn't matter what Israel does - it is always excessive. It's as if that particular conclusion is predetermined regardless of facts for any incident where Israelis are attacked and are retaliating. Still - if current reports are true - it is a complete vindication - for those who still needed an official stamp.

Sources: Flotilla report says blockade legal

Excessive retaliation to this...
Palmer report on 2010 flotilla, delayed over disagreements between Turkey, Israel, says IDF used excess force in raid but authorizes Gaza blockade. Report also accuses Turkey of ties with IHH, involvement in flotilla

Terrorists enjoying a life of luxury in Gaze?

Mercedes, HDTV-s and jacuzzi tabs while bombarding Israeli civilians. A sane world would demand to place a blockade on Gaza, not somehow relieve a non existing humanitarian crisis where people seem to live off of bankrupt EU and US enjoying a life of luxury.

Jacuzzis and Mercedes! Oh the humanity! All the while - not a light of day, not a visit by Red Cross to abducted Gilad Shalit.

Gaza in Lap of Luxury: Israeli Aid Includes Daily Shipment of Mercedes, HDTV’s and Jacuzzis

Despite their claims of suffering impoverished conditions due to alleged humanitarian aid blockades imposed by Israel — Palestinians actually seem to be living high on the hog, enjoying a laundry list of luxury goods delivered directly to them by Israel. According to an UnDhimmi report, Israel has increased its delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. In addition to basic necessities the “aid” even reportedly includes daily shipments of Mercedes, high definition televisions, jacuzzi tubs,and frost-free refrigerators. Israeli officials cite the country’s humanitarian aid policies for the reported 15% increase in Gaza’s GDP.

Israel, while under a constant barrage of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, still seems to take the term “high-road” to the next level.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gaza terrorists preempted in Gaza before shooting rockets

460 rockets were fired on Israel year-to-date. I'd say, stop sending them truckloads of cash from Israel, EU and US.

IAF Strike Stops Rocket Attack
Two terrorists were killed and a third injured Tuesday in an IDF strike in central Gaza according to local medical officials, the PA-run Ma'an news agency reports..
The dead and injured man were evacuated from the village of Al-Masdar to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Hospital. The medics who responded told Ma'an the injured man was in serious condition.

Israel's Reshet-Bet reported IAF warplanes had fired a missile at a group of terrorists attempting to fire a 'projectile' into Israel.
The IDF confirmed it had confirmed a hit on a squad of terrorists who were preparing to launch a rocket into Israel.

In a separate incident, terrorists fired at an IDF vehicle performing routine activity near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip and lightly injured the driver, also causing damage to the vehicle.

"The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers and will continue to operate with strength and determination against any organization which uses terror against the State of Israel," the IDF spokesperson said.

"The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip," they added.


Obama to recruit usefull idiot Jews to deflect criticism of his anti-Israel policies for 2012 campaign

Just like Hamas and Iran who gather "Neturei Karta" and communists with fourth generation Jewish blood but no Jewishness to them to echo their own anti-Zionist hate-speech. Now Obama will try to utilize Democrat ideological Jews to deflect criticism. In my opinion, this has started from before the days of his election, and he proudly proclaimed then that he was pro-Israel because Rahm is Jewish. Much like "J-Street", the pro-Hamas Soros funded anti "Jewish Lobby" - lobby, uses it's "jewishness" as an excuse to deliver Soros and Obama extreme left agenda.

Obama 2012: Campaign Assembles Team of Influential Jewish Surrogates to Fight Criticism of Israel Policy

Is President Obama fearful that the tide of Jewish support might finally be turning for him in 2012? Obama, who received nearly 78 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008 has suffered backlash among Jewish supporters after airing some of his more egregious stances on Israel — namely his call for Israel to “return” to its “1967 borders.”

Obama, who conservatives believe has never been a friend of Israel, is preparing his campaign’s counterattack to criticisms on his Israel policy. Reportedly, Obama has enlisted a team of influential Jewish surrogates — who have, despite Obama’s spotted track record with Israel, remained loyal to the administration – to help fight his conservative critics. In addition to rallying support among voters and donors, the Jewish supporters on Obama’s team will reportedly publish Op-Ed pieces in various publications that “represent the White House’s viewpoint.”

The initiative will be spearheaded by Obama senior adviser David Axelrod

Monday, July 04, 2011

CBS News misleading America regarding pro Hamas terrorists flotilla, calling them non-violent

Pro-Nazi "humanitarianism". Except they were anything but non-violent, and CBS is misleading its two and a half remaining geriatric viewers who forgot how to change the channel.

CBS Paints Anti-Israel Flotilla Activists As Nonviolent, Fails to Note Violent Coup By Hamas

Non-Violent humanitarian in action!
After showing behind anchor Russ Mitchell an image of the sign "To Gaza with Love" from one of the flotilla boats planning to challenge Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, Saturday’s CBS Evening News showed a report highlighting the allegedly nonviolent intentions of American activists on board one of the ships - named "The Audacity of Hope" - without noting that, during last year’s anti-Israel flotilla trip, some activists attacked Israeli troops as they attempted to board. CBS correspondent Barry Peterson merely recounted that Israeli troops killed some of the activists without explaining why:

Last year, boats ran the blockade. Israeli commandos stormed one ship, killing nine. This time, politics was enough to have Greece ban any boats leaving in a new flotilla. Israel and Greece do more than half a billion dollars in trade, and Israel is planning a natural gas pipeline to Greece. The American activists knew getting to Gaza was a long shot, but still practiced to resist Israeli soldiers who might have boarded their ship.

A clip was shown of this year’s activists sitting on the floor in a circle as if practicing to nonviolently resist Israeli troops.

And, as Peterson informed viewers that the terrorist group Hamas’s control of Gaza was Israel's motivation behind the blockade, he incorrectly claimed that the blockade was imposed after Hamas won elections when, in reality, the blockade was imposed a year and a half after the elections after Hamas staged a violent coup against Fatah in Gaza in June 2007. The CBS correspondent also failed to explicitly state that the blockade’s purpose is to prevent the shipment of weapons to Hamas. Peterson: "The Israelis blockaded Gaza in 2007 after the terrorist group Hamas won elections, and Israel maintains tight control of its checkpoints as Egypt does from its side."


Friday, July 01, 2011

Syria continues to murder own civilians

Senseless blood bath by a ruthless monster and his tiny Hitler-like mustache.

'24 Dead' As Fresh Violence Erupts In Syria

Syrian forces allegedly killed 24 protesters on Friday as hundreds of thousands took to the streets for fresh anti-government protests.

As if Greece doesn't have enough trouble: US flotilla ship disembarked illegally, stopped

Try and test the patience of people dealing with anarchists burning police vehicles at Athens... I'm pretty sure they'll be properly treated in Greek prisons.

Greece is right to forbid ships departing their port into an illegal blockade busting mission.

Audacity of floating anti-Semitism, by Hamas supporting, mostly communists in the USA.

Greece Stops US Flotilla Ship After it Leaves Port
Organizers behind the US flotilla ship 'Audacity of Hope' said Geek authorities stopped the boat shortly after it left port, Reuters reported Friday.

The Audacity had reportedly left port 15-20 minutes before it was stopped, but was still in Greek territorial waters. Organizers had earlier said the boat would not disembark until early next week.

Following the incident Minister C. Papoutsis of the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection released a statement saying his government had decided to prohibit the departure of ships flying either Greek or foreign flags "to the maritime area" of Gaza.

"By orders of the Hellenic Coast Guard Head Quarters to all local Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, all appropriate measures are to be taken for the implementation of the said decision," the statement said.

The statement continued "broader maritime area of eastern Mediterranean will be continuously monitored by electronic means for tracking, where applicable, the movements of the ships allegedly participating" in the Gaza flotilla.