Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes, I'm a HUGE nerd

In addition to being a Dr Sues fan, as a teen I played a lot of "Quest" games. Go ahead, waste a couple of days of your life and feel the nerdiness.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are today's conservative liberals? Where does that place today's "liberals"?

Consider that today's conservatives stand for human rights and justice in the world arena and liberals fall in love with Ahmedinajad, wouldn't you agree that today's conservatives are much more liberals than today's liberal?

The plot thickens, conservatives now stand for racial equality by removing affirmative action while liberals march to free black criminals in Louisiana. Conservatives stand for freedom of speech on campuses and a broader exchange of ideas while liberals call for limitations on "islamophobic speech" as a hate crime. Seeking to limit one's right to talk about Islam and Muhammad is the most non-liberal thing to do.

Conservatives seek to protect women's rights in the middle east, liberals seek to maintain status quo as "our culture is depraved while their's is noble". Besides, "who are we the imperialists to tell the oppressed how they should behave..."

Conservatives seek to protect Jews from anti-semites and raven Nazi and Muslim lunatics. Liberals fight for Nazi and Muslim right to march in Jewish neighborhoods and raise money to bomb Jews abroad.

What is a liberal today? How do you call overt anti-semitism mixed with a fondness to limits of speech? How do you call support for expansionist dictators? Today's left is a mixture of revolutionary, anarchist, Nazi and Jihadi, anti patriotic, anti troops, anti law enforcement, anti white, anti justice, liars. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of excuses lefties come up with to justify each other's perversion of ideas. If only they stood up and said about one thing - this is inexcusable, we do not stand for that. Can't hope for much, can we?

Was I too harsh here?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The nut in the hat

Ahhh Med Mad Dinajad

I understand the intentions of Lee Bollinger and I do respect the University's freedom to make such choices. However I feel Bollinger knew well ahead that this would not be an exchange of ideas, his statement would be disregarded and all in all it would be another stage to let the moonbats of the US fall in love with another brutal thug.

My view - the Iranian clown should not be given entrance to any country - but while given entrance to New York, he should be humiliated and ridiculed wherever he goes. That is what Bollinger did, but not before stirring unnecessary controversy.

Perhaps he should have used visual aids while making his statements - that could have helped. Meanwhile, Ahh Med Mad Med Dinajad gets record ratings and the "Lesbian Jewish Moonbats" are "Falling in Love".... Feh! (Feh=I'm vomiting here Feh...)

Feh2: End result? The moonbats are criticizing Bollinger "questioning and insulting this great man" and the audience is laughing and applauding the new Hitler...

Feh3: I'm not watching this crap. I'm reading about it and it is as disgraceful as I expected. The students who applaud this man are offending far too many people out there - the room should have only be filled with Iranian exiles, we would have seen what kind of cheers he would have gotten then.

Questions I would ask Iran's fake leader

While you have acknowledged your financial and military support for the Shea "resistance" in Lebanon known as Hezbollah, and have hosted their leader's family and given them prizes, you are surely aware of statements Nasrallah made regarding collecting all the Jews in Israel so that they can be wiped off at once, shouldn't you and your friends sit in Jail for war crimes given the indiscriminate deliberate bombardment of civilian population during the 2006 war between Iranian Lebanon and Israel?!

How dare you spread your lies here while your little devils are still holding Israeli soldiers hostages, and your own country holds Canadian and American civilian hostage?!

Why should anyone believe you are talking about peace when every two days you are holding military parades calling the US the big Satan and calling for its destruction?

When will your country pay for the bombings in Argentine during the 90-s? For the hostage taking in 1979? For the Beirut bombings in the 80-s?

Isn't it true you are really a powerless puppet to a regime controlled by religious fanatics?

Did you or did you not participate in holding American hostages in 1979?

Do you really believe that a nation threatening Jews with genocide should sit in the UN?

If you are not an anti-Semite, what is an anti-Semite?

How exactly are you different from Hitler?

Who do you think you are fooling? I know who you're fooling. But Dilbert is not relevant and never really was.

Dilbert - a moonbat.

I'm boycotting Dilbert and there's nothing in the world which could change my mind. I guess that for Scott Adams, to become rich from drawing cartoons is a good enough excuse to encourage Ahmedinajad and suicide bombers against Israelis - because the poor Palestinians are "kept poor". I'm not sure which is more offending - the belittling of the Holocaust or the disingenuous clarifications which at the same time claimed to "not hate Israel" yet cheer for terrorists. Screw Scott Adams and his alter ego - Dilbert, he is off my office wall, off my calender and the one book I do have is going to the basement.

Adams writes: "Still, the bulk of my sympathies are with whatever group suffers the most, regardless of how much of the problem is their own damned fault. To feel otherwise would be inhuman. Sometimes it feels as if the Palestinians are only one Gandhi away from fixing their problems. But he’d need to be bulletproof."

Hmmm... dear moonbat - answer this, who suffers more - the children who are targeted for slaughter on a daily basis by Islamofaciest racists from the Arab villages across Israel, Judea, Sumeria and Gaza or those who are fed by the UN, get electricity for free from Israel while having it being paid by Europeans, and while surrounded by armed Jewish soldiers are not being targeted for murder?

Gandhi - and the Palestinians - how far apart both are. Non violent protest to chase away a colonialist empire, vs. genocidal murderers wishing to eliminate the Jewish race starting with their neighbors. Gandhi - begging the Muslims and Hindus to stop rioting and almost dying on a hunger strike, Palestinians - murdering Jews senselessly since the 19th century while REFUSING TO ACCEPT THEIR OWN STATE!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yom Kipur on high tensions

It seems like many in Israel are going into this weekend of fasting and disengagement from technology with a high level of alert towards what might happen. Unlike in 1973, many are all too aware of the Syrian threats. The "customary" closure of Judea and Sumeria over holidays seems to have more to it this time. I hope for a quite weekend for all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Protestors march for the rights of blacks to beat the living daylight out of whites?!

I do remember when the civil rights activists where about justice and equality between races - not a march of anti-white/pro-black racists. I'm sick of Sharpton and he's cohorts of racists.

There's nothing right about this story - the beating - the nooses - and the Sharpton. The Sharpton is a symptom of where pro-rights activities turned to something parallel to KKK marches.

Awaiting the French Humpty Dumpty to fall

What would happen if it turned out that high ranking French officials took part in the cover up of one of the worst blood libel in recent history?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So which is the party of the KKK? The "View" liberal has it all wrong...

I don't watch "the view". So here's how it panned out.

Now - correct me if I'm wrong but West Virginia senator Byrd - IS KKK?! And he's a Democrat! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was the democrats who opposed rights to blacks in the south... now the gall of the liberals to continuously accuse conservatives of being KKK!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ron Paul supporter spotted in Ann Arbor

Sorry - forgot to take pictures.

The dude was driving a clunky old car, and had two huge stickers on its back. The first: "Linux... something something bla bla bla" (couldn't focus due the fact the second one practically rendered me blind while driving)... The second: "Ron Paul for president". Both black on white, both seemed like they were home printed.

The dude itself - derelict haircut, unshaved, chubby, mustached, about 50.

I suspected that Ron Paul has captured that demographic. You know - ex-hippy - awakening from a daze of marijuana - probably a virgin - conspiracy theorist - Linux nerd.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Here's how valid European criticism of Israel's and the US's treatment of Muslims is

Using protesters for punching bags. That's how Europeans treat peacefull demonstrators, how should Israel treat rioting ones?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

North Koria responds to Israeli/Syrian tensions?! Huh?!

I don't know what happened last week when supposedly Israel invaded Syrian air space - I do not trust any of the reports but I'm extremely suspicious now that North Koria has stepped in and both condemned and THREATENED Israel. Huh?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day the rest of us began to realize what Islam is all about

It would be an understatement to say that the day before so many of us were naive. I believe the majority of people out there thought that the current state of affairs in Israel and the terror attacks on US embassies was a passing thing, but that peace was an achievable goal with the majority of peace loving Muslims. Bridges could be built, dialogs could be established.

But have we all awakened? Look around you and you could easily identify many who are still under the impression that the war on terror could be ended with a concession here and there, pandering to Muslims here, peace in Israel and lots of funds to third world countries - because it's all about poverty and the ills of capitalism.

While I would have hoped for more to open their eyes to reality, it does seem that most prescribe to the naive realm. Those are the mainstream zombies of the western world - still asleep or in denial. At the extreme left of course there are nut-bags and deliberate liars hoping to create chaos and produce anarchy. All of whom are sympathizers and cheer leaders for the Jihad in hopes of bringing an end to western civilization in the false hope of bringing a utopia thereafter.

9/11 is the unofficial "Islam is Murder" day. You might not accept it - but you think it. Today - too many have died for the glory of the religion of butchery. One should think hard today about the ramifications of political correctness and self censorship. "If words can kill"... well - staying silent, in my view, is what has brought this disaster. I hope that year after year the self righteousness of hypocrites and PC guards would erode until finally at some point in the future an honest discourse would prevail when it comes to Islam and Jihad and the role of American Muslims in this society.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Boob culture. Some MTV anyone? No thanks.

I watch too much TV.

You may stop reading here... Really.

I flipped between the channels yesterday and stopped on MTV for a few seconds. I believe it was the 13th minutes of the music awards I peeped into. Everything seemed stupid and all participants seemed uncomfortable. I switched and watched a really funny show on FUSE instead. Not always a fan of FUSE either - but "Whitest Kids u'know" was too funny to pass. I believe that I also switched the channel as soon as Konye started singing - this nation of Islam icon is too much for my taste. No need to waste my time on racists such as him.

I've read some headlines about the Britney thing on MTV so I watched it online... First and foremost I was disgusted by the "stripper" theme and the pole dancers at each table. That's entertainment for people who wish to consume music? For kids? MTV has been a trash bin for a while and that specific presentation I guess was no exception to the "Real World" culture they try to impose. Everyone's a pimp, drug dealer, whore or stripper right? Is it symbolic now that Britney is a "single mom" that she performs as a stripper too? Not that she hadn't stripped for free before without the public's real interest.

That doesn't excuse the gloating from TMZ, labeling her as "The fat lady has sung". Focusing on the measurements of her body instead of her ridiculous antics is a symptom of a culture obsessed with expectations from women to remain childish and as teens forever. Is it the expectation to still be a schoolgirl from the media that drives her obvious insanity? The sooner this woman grows up the better for her. Nothing's wrong with keeping your clothes on every now and then... be a mom to your kids already.

And then I followed to this link. Well - what can I say? She sucked on her "stripper" show on MTV because she was laughed at for being a crappy Mom? Maybe a few more live jokes on her on stage can slap her back into reality. (Don't keep your fingers crossed)

Will a social explosion follow the "revelation" of Neo-Nazis in Israel?

Absorbing a mass of immigrants is a difficult issue for any country. Absorbing an amount equal to sixth of the current population - while many of them arriving under false pretense makes it even more difficult. The new immigrants from Russia have had to endure difficulties such civil rights discrimination, notably the basic right to marriage. Many Russian descendants have no formal way to marry within Israel and are forced to travel to Cypress to do so.

Add to all of that the fact that a fringe of the immigrants from Russia did not consider themselves Jewish but rather "pure" Russians. Not only pure, but superior. White supremacist ideology - now a prevalent theme in Russia has been exported and had found roots with few disgruntled youths.

Fast forward to the last weeks - the capture of a violent Neo-Nazi gang has become world wide news - and the snow ball is still rolling. There are now daily reports of anti-semitic violence perpetrated by Russian descendants. I doubt it reveals a change of pace of such actions but rather a change of attitudes expressed by the media.

In my humble opinion this could regrettably lead to further clashes between those who feel Anti-Semites have invaded their domain and those who feel that anti-Russian racism is preventing their proper integration and is the reason for their isolation. I'm not taking either extreme sides. I would prefer some issues would have been dealt with sooner; The right to marry, and acceptance of non Jewish immigrants who have still been allowed to immigrate.

One thing is sure, although those who prescribe to Nazism are too few to count, their actions can cause open wounds in the Israeli society to bleed hard. The likely case is that in a few weeks this situation will be forgotten and disregarded. I doubt it would be helpful for any side when young Jews of Russian origin would be called Nazis and be beaten by adolescent Jewish gangs. An item that might not be known by many is that those things did happen - although not reported. Between 1992 to 1995 there have been several such clashes.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The "Israeli Soccer Fans Defamed Muhammad" Jihad

I guess we can go all day with a list of trumped up grievances. Today the "Muslim Brotherhood" party in Israel - the Islamist Party, have called for action against a Maccabi-Tel Aviv Soccer club because it's fans cursed Muhammad on a flight from Turkey. Do you get that? Those fans - like many other soccer fans - sang stupid and offensive songs on a flight - and it deserves the attention and action of fringe Islamists.

The Ohio Cartoon Jihad?!

check out Central Ohioans Against Terrorism

and then have some fun with these cartoons.

Memoirs of "Weekend at Berney's"

It would appear that even 200 years from now the corps of Mass Murderer Osama would produce more of his sitcom episodes. The SOB is like a superstar in the Middle East - where the only idol they would worship is a Mass Murdering one.

His is pure Islam. Pure puke.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gates of Vienna: That Racist Swedish Flag

Gates of Vienna: That Racist Swedish Flag

I just swallowed a bit of vomit in my mouth. Wearing a shirt with your own national flag on it is RACIST?!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Was Condi the puppeteer to the expulsion of Jews from Gaza?

That's what YNetNews say a new book published today claims.

Here's a weird point from that Amazon page: It suggest buying "The Israeli Lobby", an Anti-Semite propaganda book published today. Already has 9 reviews (quick readers - right?), 4.5 stars too... Wow - that book probably promises to make you a million dollars in 3 days or your money back - right?

Israel bans Muslim Prayer. Wait, no - It's HAMAS!

I followed this link from LGF. It's not ironic - it should be the example to which to point out everytime Israel or the US are accused of anything anti-Islamic.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Mr. Brown is out of town.

Well - not really.

Mr.Brown is the PM of England. Was he elected? No. Did the public give him a mandate to commence a new strategy in Iraq (surrender)? No. Did I hear a pip about it from the BBC? When are the election Mr. Brown? Mr. Brown - get out of town...

I prefer Dr. Suess's Mr. Brown much better.