Sunday, January 25, 2009

EU split between antisemitic nations to few recently recovered spine nations

The automatic condemners of Israel demand ... you guessed it - condemnation. A few surprising nations leaders in the EU argue against.

Many good nuggets of info found in the following article, so read it all.
Israel National News: EU Leaders Debate whether to Condemn Israel for UN Bombings
Israel’s bombing of United Nations buildings during Operation ‘Cast Lead’ has sparked a debate among European Union foreign ministers on whether to condemn the Jewish State.

Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, and Sweden are demanding an international inquiry into alleged violations of international law by both Israel and the Hamas terror group. Yet Germany, Italy, Holland, and Rumania are reluctant to challenge Israel for fear of sabotaging the EU’s push for Israel to open the Gaza crossings, according to diplomatic sources.

Dhimmi side: Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece and Sweeden.
Recently discovered spine: Germany, Italy, Holland and Romanian.

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