Sunday, September 24, 2006

France - the new army of Allah!?

Ooh I hate to be right on such disastruas developments. I said before that the French intrest in Lebanon dubios - it turns out to be much worse. They have protected Hizbollah leader Friday during a shamefull boasting of power by a terror group. The French and Israeli plane were almost in a state of war fare.

I WARNED AGAINST THIS! Who is the idiot who called upon world powers to defend terror groups and fight against Israel?! The current stage can be one of two things:

1. Either this is a sure visible precursor to World War III (Guess which side the French are on?)

2. The situation in Lebanon will somehow miraculasly pacify... Germany, France and Russia will not be dragged into a direct military conflict with Israel (in the name of Iranian oil)

Icky - Yacky situation....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spoken Pope

They’re angry and violent again… for being told that being angry and violent is evil. The Muslims think it is within their rights to tell believers and leaders of other religions what to do and say. All the while they take constant and deliberate offense from being criticized. Catholics on the other hand are known to stand firm behind the leader of their religion and not bow to intimidations.

This is exactly the same situation as was with the Danish cartoons. The Islamists were looking for an excuse to prove to all non Muslims that Islam followers do behave violently.

A small note: When the Vatican expressed condemnations to terror acts it listed out exactly which instances it meant while deliberately ignoring violent acts against Jews in Israel. When the state of Israel protested the response was even harsher, the Vatican responded by saying: “neither you nor no one else has a right to tell the holly Pope what he should and should not say”. This incident caused great stress in the relations between Catholics and Jews, and between the Vatican and the state of Israel.

Perhaps all the hypocrites who say “the Pope should have said this”, “should have done that”, “should not have said”, “should have apologized more censure”, they should consider the catholic stance on the divinity of the Pope and respect the fact that for Catholics, the Pope is always right and others who might criticize are considered hostile and irrelevant.

Observing the two religions one fails to see resemblance. The Catholics who take offense from criticism of their Pope do not go to the streets to burn and murder. The Pope was criticized for speaking while the Muslims are criticized for doing true evil: Murdering in the name of god.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keeping face by an anti-semite phony rights group

Amnesty international has published a report on their opinion that Hezbollah did commit war crimes. For some reason it took them longer to reach such conclusion than to conclude immediately, spontaneously and incorrectly that Israel has committed war crimes.

A very good piece on the subject of their bias was written by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Read here.

The mere fact is that this is not the first time they do this; they cling to every bogus claim of victim hood by Taquiyya committing Jihadists. They are quick to accuse Jews and Israel of horrific crimes, then after years of such behavior, and after dozens of one sided reports they wash their hands by a single short and very quietly published paper admitting that what Arabs are doing to Jews is without a doubt a war crime. Only after 9/11 did we see them go after the US with similar impertinence while trying to tag every measure taken to defend Americans as violations of human rights. Violation of the rights of the terrorists.

They are Anti-Semite by their actions. Their bias and zeal to indict Jews first cannot be interpreted by anything but Anti-Semitism however much they will deny it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The double edge sword of CAIR activism

Jews have known this for a while – if you are active in politics and are trying to better your reputation with the general community – you draw more attention to yourself. For Jews in Europe pre-WW II that meant every anti Semite lie has been exploited up to the point of committing a genocide against the Jews. For CAIR it means that every deceitful attempt to whitewash Islamic connection to terrorism, and the entire history and nature of Islam which they are trying to hide has come to the attention of the world global community. The negative attention the Muslims are getting, unlike the negative attention the Jews got, is well deserved. The truth about Islam (unlike the lies about Jews) surface above CAIR’s lies and spin.

While in the few first months after 9-11 we kept hearing about “the religion of peace”, and “not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims”, it has become apparent for most of us that we are discussing the religion of hate, the religion of Jihad, and that almost all modern day terrorists and terror acts are by Muslim. In addition to that we learned that while many hoped that the general Muslim community opposes Jihady terrorists, those hopes were easy to disillusion by reading the polls and listening to Muslims within western countries. Most of the Muslim population supports terror against Jews, against Britain, against Spain, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Russia and even against other Muslims of different sectors. The deafening silence of the Western Muslim leadership with regards to the thousands of terror attacks tells us less than the vigorous struggle they put to assist captured terrorists in Guantanamo and Israeli prisons.

The double edge sword of CAIR activism has raised negative attention to the Muslim community rather than improve relationships. The reason for that is simple. One can find too often denunciation of terror fighting measures and false claims of Muslim victim hood than condemnations of Muslim Terror. The mere use of the term “Muslim Terror” is strongly condemned by them. Jews in Europe who were trying to fight Anti Semitism were pointing to true victim hood and true lies regarding Jews. There was no Jewish movement attempting to murder infidels, there was and isn’t no Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. The thoughts and actions of Muslims in the west are too obvious to ignore or brush off by the lame attempts of CAIR to claim victim hood.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The UN forces farce

Micah Haleprn has posted today a very interesting piece: here.

I have noted before what I think of the UN forces and the extremely odd French involvement. From which they retracted, then committed again, then retracted then... well they are French - the only direction the French army can move is backwards.

It is no surprise to hear the news of how UNIFIL helped Hezbollah during the war, it helped them before with the kidnapping in 2000. It is no surprise they state they are about to betray their mission and do none of its commitment - only to serve as protectors of a terror group named Hezbollah. F@#@ (place expletive here) UN!

Morning news: Labour sais 'Blair Out'

Excellent analysis by Melanie Phillips.

Couldn't agree with her more... as I noted before, I look in fear of what will happen after Balir actually leaves.

Broadcasting propaganda for the enemy

The Israeli channel 10 broadcast live on Israeli television and over the internet a well thought of and polished propaganda movie made by the Hezbollah to advocate their righteousness and to glorify their terrorist warriors. With sad and gloomy faces sat the news anchors and discussed topics with parents of slain soldiers and former Israeli negotiator. The Israeli channel paid the Leanness channel for their propaganda material and broadcasted it in Arabic to Israel. The money, no doubt goes strait to the hands of Hezbollah.

The only small rays of light which could be seen from this ordeal are the clear words said by a parent of one formerly snatched and slain soldier. Back in 2000 – Israel should have maid them pay harsh, both Lebanon and Hezbollah. That would have taught them never to do this again. The lessons of the 2000 kidnapping – the military lessons should have been taken. Clearly – that has not happened, as they kidnapped again just two months ago.

For Israel – not losing nor winning a war – and then falling into a political chaos can persuade their enemies that war does pay nicely for them and therefore it should be continued. As I have said before – wars in the Middle East must be won. Cut and clear. Stalemate will only bring further hardship sooner rather than later.