Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not news anymore? Gaza terrorists injure Jewish person via rockets - barely reported anywhere

Are we just to accept death and injury at the hands of the Gaza Muslims - while the world will only report and condemn when Jews react?

Woman Lightly Injured in Sabbath Rocket Attack

An Israeli woman suffered physical injuries after terrorists fired four rockets on the city of Sderot during Shabbat.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama's spokeskid refuses to answer which city is Israel's capital

"Their position hadn't changed" he says, the position that they support Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? That he traveled to Egypt to carry a speech to the Arab world, and refused to visit Israel? That Obama's first call in office was to Abbas? That he humiliated Netanyahu in White House visit? What position hadn't changed?

Found on The Blaze.

PS. LA-Times, isn't high time you release that video of Obama praising Jew basher Rasihd Khalidi?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Video: Disgusting anti-semetic violent animals show their true nature on Egyptian candid camera, Update: restored video

Update: WTF? Youtube removed content! Here's a link directly to memri:


It only takes so little to provoke violence, just tell an Egyptian you're an Israeli - you'll meet his fist and the floor soon enough. So - fricken - amusing, everybody cheer! applause! laugh! Ha-ha-ha, he smacked the lady around - but only because he thought she was Israeli - so it's OK, everybody - see how hilarious it is.

Well what can we expect from a nation that has repeatedly attacked and violated foreign female reporters. Animals. This peace - is on its dying days.

Check it out all the way to the end of the clip. Where the other "actor" is smacking a guy yelling at him "you're a Jew!". The female here learned her lesson running to the corner yelling "it's a prank". Well - what a bunch of despicable hateful lowlifes.

Choice quote: "You brought me someone who looks like a Jew!"

Well - I'm pretty sure I know what an Egyptian looks like now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Terrorist in Bulgaria carried fake Michigan ID

What are the chances the Shiite community in Michigan who continuously contribute to Hezbollah in Lebanon have individuals who acted to manufacture the ID?

Footage of suspected suicide bomber in attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

Bulgarian FM says it is a 'mistake' to blame certain countries, groups before an investigation is completed, after Netanyahu says attack has Iran's fingerprints; Wounded land in Israel.


The Bulgarian police said that footage from airport security cameras captured the suspect roaming the airport for at least one hour, the Bulgarian news agency Novinite reported. According to the report he was a long-haired Caucasian in sportswear.

The body suspected as belonging to the terrorist had a U.S. driver's license issued in Michigan – apparently fake.


What if it wasn't fake and this was actually an Arab American from Michigan? Not beyond belief!

Note that Bulgaria joins Germany, Cyprus, India, Thailand and other places who have witnessed Iran's involvement in international terror and plots within their countries - but refuse to take any action against, and refuse to actually point the finger despite irrefutable evidence.

Yesterday I twitted, could there really be a connection between Syria assassination of top officials, and this terror attack on civilians. Well - at least one web site has put it out as a fact, this was a direct order from Iranian officials in meetings in response to Syrian regime collapse. I my self, don't know that for a fact or trust that source, but it is not beyond belief.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terrorists murder Israelis touring Bulgaria

Just minutes away from Olympic games, where a moment of silence in remembrance of Munich massacre was denied, Arab Muslims target Jews worldwide yet again.

Bus explosion targets Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

A bus carrying mostly Israeli youth in a Bulgaria exploded near an airport Wednesday, killing 7 people, according to local media reports, and wounding at least 20, police say. Witnesses told Israeli media that the huge blast occurred soon after someone boarded the vehicle.

The incident took place in the Black Sea resort city of Burgas, some 250 miles east of the capital, Sofia. Images shown on Israeli media showed smoke billowing from the scene.

Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov told Haaretz that explosives were placed in the back of the bus.

The attack comes on the anniversary of a 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that killed 85 people. Just this morning, relatives of the victims implored the Argentine government to pressure Iran to turn over seven suspects accused in that attack.

Bulgaria, an eastern European nation, is a popular tourist destination for Israelis.

Although it was not yet certain what caused the blast, Israeli tourists have been targeted in attacks before before, namely in India, Thailand and Azerbaijan. Israel foe Iran is suspected of being behind these assaults

Read more:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ahmedinejad thinks Zioinsts picked Obama and Americans had no choice... #zoinistpickedobama

This is insanity, and I don't presume this twitter hash tag to pick up... however, I had an urgent need to tweet my astonishment with some zing.

Ahmadinejad: "American people lack freedom of choice; it is the Zionists that decide who will become the (U.S.) president according to their needs"

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Tuesday rejected U.S. claims about freedom, democracy and human rights, saying American leaders are exercising the worst form of suppression against their people in a country ruled by Zionist capitalists.

"Today the ugliest form of suppression is ruling the U.S. where you see that a group of Zionist capitalists are ruling over 300 million Americans from behind the scenes," Ahmadinejad said, addressing an international conference on Islamic awakening.

The president said freedom has no meaning in the U.S. since the Zionist lobby brings its favorite candidates to power in order to protect its interests.

Ahmadinejad described the occupying regime of Israel as the base of the global hegemony, emphasizing that all revolutionary movements must be geared against the Zionist regime.

“This regime is the base of domineering powers and as long as the hegemonic system and the Zionist regime are in existence, nations would not see a peaceful day,” President Ahmadinejad told the opening of the 1st International Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening

I quickly tweeted:
#zoinistpickedobama because?!!!?! he's black - that's why Zionists picked him, 'cause that's why America picked him. Ahmedinajad is a loon

#zoinistpickedobama with credentials like growing in Indonesian madrasa and rev Wright, Zoinists must have been really dumb picking OBama

Re:Ahmadinejad saying Zionists pick Obama, I need Obama like I need a hamroid. #zoinistpickedobama

I'll also add the following:
  • It sounds like things uttered at an OWS rally...
  • I'm pretty sure I heard rev Wright actually say those things too
  • Obama is a choice of Zionists - almost as much as Ahmadinejad is our choice for Iran
  • Is he lamenting the fact that Ron Paul isn't the candidate (I'm giving this monkey too much credit here)