Thursday, January 29, 2009

French Socialism: Economy Bad? Shut down the country

Protect jobs - by shutting down transport, schools and services around the country. America - look closely, because this is what's heading our ways with the crap sandwich.

Sarkozy to ride out French strike but jolts ahead
A nationwide strike by French unions over the economic crisis is a warning shot fired across the bows of President Nicolas Sarkozy rather than a torpedo aimed at sinking his government, analysts say.

However, the global downturn is creating undercurrents of tension in France that are already forcing the centre-right administration to temper its reformist ambitions and could yet threaten political stability.

Joining forces for the first time since Sarkozy took office in 2007, the country's eight main unions are demanding more action to protect jobs and wages during the expected recession.

The protests hit transport, schools and services around the country, and unionists threatened further stoppages in the weeks ahead if the government does not respond to its demands.

Demands. I don't think Americans have ever experienced a nation-wide strike to appreciate how painful it is on the citizens. Coming from Israel, which experiences similar strikes every few months - I can tell you that it's always the little guy that suffers. Narrow interests are dictated - equal opportunity and innovation are suppressed.

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