Thursday, March 31, 2011

Al Qaeda linked Libyan rebels claim Israeli weapons used by Kadafi

The article is in Hebrew, I might find a proper version later - meanwhile, here's the auto-translate link.

The report comes from Al-Jazeera TV, so it is reasonable to believe that this propaganda video is available out there.

BTW, an amazingly idiotic claim. It is interesting that Kadafi and the rebels are probably both equipped to a certain degree by every other arms manufacturer in the world except Israel, but including the US, Russia, China and Iran ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turd Sandwaitch in Libya, talk about incoherent mess: Jon Stewart rips Obama admin

A little jab there to Palin, who for some reason - although being born and raised in an English speaking nation - kinda speaks with my awkward accent... I believe she wanted to say "skirmish", sounded more like "squirm-ish". Anyways - we are talking about operation Turd Sandwich here - and the non Hero of the day is the worst president of all times - the chosen one himself - president "I love my self" Obama:
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
America at Not-War - Obama Defends Military Action in Libya
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Watch all 3 segments.... Sure, there's a lot more that could be said regarding Obama's incoherence and hypocrisy - but it is one of the most prominent lefty voices out there - what would you expect?

Exit Question: Is Stewart simply here trying to humiliate Palin again - or is this a manifestation of his sincere disappointment with the opposing party failure to properly articulate criticism of current party in power?

Israeli grocery store sued to restore employment of Arabs after sexual molestation, theft, violence, and celebration of murders at Itamar

The Israeli governmental socialist agency for equality in the work force is suing a popular grocery store chain for discrimination. These employees place is in jail, not being protected by the government.

Original article is in Hebrew, auto-translated here.

Update: It was probably better translated by its original author at
Court asked to intervene after 21 Israeli Arabs laid off without warning

My quick translation:
Complaint: grocery store branch fired its Arab employees

21 Arab employees in the Modi'in branch of the grocery store chain "almost free" complained to agency of equal opportunity at workplace because they were fired. The chain: the employees acted violently


The lawyer in charge of the suit said the chain's claims of violence were insufficient and there's a suspicion of discrimination.


The chain responded: "The chain was forced to fire these employees due to their violent actions, including threats on the branch's manager, his deputies and the rest of the employees there as well as the customers while disrupting managerial hierarchy.


The dismissed employees conducted physical threats against employees, suppliers and by standers, sexual harassment, theft, sabotage and more. The straw that broke the camel's back without a doubt was the bragging after the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar. Some of the things said by these employees caused to severe distress and worry for personal safety of peer employees.


The chain still employes about 496 Arab employees which is about 23% of the entire workforce.

How fun to be forced to employ these kind of terror supporting sexual molesting violent scumbags.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wafa Sultan tells the truth on O'Reilly's show

And today some guy came on to say "not true!". Well, saying so - doesn't change the fact that the law is practiced in the Middle East. Even if you personally disagree with the way others understand it. Not True? True enough to actually be implemented.

Wow O'Reilly, really?! You didn't know about Muhammad's treatment of women and how the Quran and Hadith sanction mistreatment of women? Why hasn't he taken the time to read about it after reporting on it for so long?

If UN recognize Palestinian state, Israel will annex land, restrict Arab ports access

Meaning, if the UN will sponsor a non-peace "solution", and dictate Judenfrei land of Israel sections including Jerusalem, given that this is in opposite to the entire Oslo accord, Israel will also withdraw from Oslo accord and maintain its own self interests.

Two articles give the full picture:
* Israel threatens unilateral steps if UN recognizes Palestinian state (Haaretz)
* If Palestinians declare state, Israel weighing annexation' (JPost)

Interesting nugget found towards the end of Haaretz article is that Netanyahu has already decided not to present a new peace plan in a complete reversal to previous American and Israeli statements. I guess Israel figured out any further attempts to appease Obama and his Nazi Arab "Palestinian" friends is futile.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Durbin (D-Dhimmi) met with un-indicted co-conspirators to terrorism, now promotes "Islamophibia" melodrama in senate

Infiltration. Notice that the people this senator befriends have explicitly raised money to promote suicide attacks against Jews. The Democratic party has been hijacked by corrupt, anti-Semitic, pro-Communist, anarchist agenda. How the heck do American Jews keep voting for these people? In what way do they hold the same values and goals as normal folks?

IPT reports: Durbin's Flawed Hearing
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., in an attempt to address what he claims is an increase in anti-Muslim bigotry, is relying on questionable statistics and a witness with a record of opposing virtually all law enforcement attempts to deal with Islamist-inspired terrorism.

In a statement, Durbin said his hearing Tuesday on the state of Muslim civil rights in America comes "in response to a spike in anti-Muslim bigotry in the last year including Quran burnings, restrictions on mosque construction, hate crimes, hate speech, and other forms of discrimination."

While hate crime data for 2010 has not yet been released, FBI reports in recent years show no spike in anti-Muslim attacks. Those statistics show 107 anti-Islamic incidents reported in 2009, compared to 156 anti-Muslim crimes in 2006. In both reports, race related crimes dominated, and religiously-targeted attacks involved Jews as victims about nine times more often than Muslims in 2009 and more than five times more in 2006.

Durbin does not appear prepared to challenge them. After making critical statements about the organization, the three-term senator has embraced the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and visited a Chicago-area mosque whose leaders have been cited in federal court records as part of support front groups for Hamas, the U.S.-designated Islamic terrorist group that leads the government in Gaza.

A key witness, Farhana Khera, leads a group which claims there is widespread abuse of Muslims by law enforcement. "We have very serious concerns about FBI surveillance tactics that are used," she said in the wake of a series of arrests in terror plots involving sting operations and informants. In an April 13, 2010, article titled "Americans Should Be Free to Pray without FBI Snooping," Khera accused the FBI of "planting informants" in "American Muslim congregations." Without providing any evidence, she claimed "FBI agent provocateurs" had infiltrated mosques "without evidence of wrongdoing" in places as far out as New York, Florida and Southern California.

Read more at:

Obama's goals for the military: Gay Magazines, re-education to accomodate Homosexuals

Look, I have nothing to note here pro or against one's sexual tendencies, I just don't understand why the army is where you need to push this kind of agenda. On whose behalf exactly?!

New magazine aimed at gay troops


Military Subjected to Indoctrination on Homosexuality

Does every workplace in the future needs to be a San-Fransisco gay orgy festival?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Libyan Quagmire?! No national interest, could last months, Libya yes-Syria no

Coalition of idiots, through the headlines via Drudge:

* Defense Secretary: Libya Did Not Pose Threat to U.S., Was Not 'Vital National Interest' to Intervene

* U.S. Won't Intervene in Syria as Assad Differs From Qaddafi, Clinton Says

* US officials: Libyan operation could last months

Syria, who operate to destabilize Iraq while US troops are on the ground, who seek nuclear weapons, who sponsor terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, who assassinate and imprison Lebanese leaders - THAT one, he's different - and the US shouldn't overthrow. Amazing. The worst presidency in the history of the US is causing the worst travesty in international geopolitical shift ever.

You really needn't convince me... Operation 'Odyssey Dawn'- Lots of Noise, But Little Purpose

I called it a coalition of idiots. I stand by that definition.

Operation 'Odyssey Dawn'- Lots of Noise, But Little Purpose
David Eshel
A former British air force commander said a clear objective in Libya is needed before launching airstrikes. Now the strikes are on and may produce the "Biggest Show in Town" but unfortunately, little more. But what is the objective of Operation 'Odyssey Dawn'? Does it include a regime change, or physical removal of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi personally? If so, what of his seven sons – are they to be targeted too? As far as we know, UNSC Resolution 1973 calls for the "halt in the fighting and to achieve a ceasefire". It does not explicitly call for the removal of Col Muammar Gaddafi or a even a regime change. In fact, it specifies clearly that no ground action is permitted: It "authorizes member states to "take all necessary means to protect civilians", but crucially excludes any "foreign occupation force" moving into the territory of Qaddafi's Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in most sweeping terms. So what 'necessary means' can the operation take to achieve to protect civilians? Without getting 'boots on the ground' very little can be achieved in any military action. Even hitting high-profile targets will become difficult, when hidden, or well camouflaged in urban environment., without 'eyes on the ground'. So what is the purpose behind all this noise?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Shabat Shalon, Gaza innocent benevolent charity workers blast Jewish home across border

Scum of the earth!

2 Kassam rockets fall in Negev damaging property
Rocket lands on home in Eshkol Regional Council causing damage but no injuries; Barak says Iron Drome anti-rocket system to be deployed within days, cautions system is not a 100% solution.

A Kassam rocket exploded in Eshkol Regional Council area late Friday night, causing damage to one house but no injuries.

A second Kassam had fell in an open area

I'm sure AP and Reuters would still be confused whether this would qualify as terrorism, just as Betselem are still not sure if this is a war crime.

Obama gaining love and appreciation from the Muslim world... in your dreams

So I guess the reach-around and bending over didn't help much did it? What a fricken surprise.

Found through Drudge.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Glenn Beck Show: The anti Israel global conspiracy

He might not be right about everything, but it's frightening to see proof of the people surrounding Obama and where they lead the Middle East and Israel.

H/T: Right Scoop

Lefties Betselem to Israel: Stop retaliating to mortar fire - you're endangering Arab lives!

Unbelievable Chutzpa!

Article in Hebrew, auto translated to English.

About a million Jewish people under rocket fire and terror attacks, but don't shoot back - because a made up international law would always protect Arabs, and never be applied to Jewish Israeli civilians.

Jessica Montell, an enemy of Jews. Betselem's leader is a despicable excuse for a human being.

Israel to put Iron Dome to active use on Sunday

Didn't they say it's cost prohibitive? Will Israel spend 1 Million dollars a week to allow Hamas fire rockets at Israel without punishment?

Iron Dome - Criticism: Here.

Hebrew article auto translated: here

Israel's non response: Bombing empty buildings

Free mosquito fumigation? I'm actually not criticizing right now. The cockroach terrorists are hiding. Israel will take care of them when the best opportunity will arise. For all my criticism of Olmert at the time, he managed to lull them into believing they are free to walk about - up to the moment he took 300 of them with one bomb... Well, that being said - I want to hear more about financial punishment for recent upheaval. Hamas is collecting pay in cash from PA coffers through Israel, US and the EU - this has to end and end now.

IDF bombs Hamas post following rocket fire
Palestinians report army attacked building, military post belonging to Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas' military wing; several Palestinians injured. Palestinians also report IAF strikes in Jabel Ris, Sajaiyeh

“Conspiracy” – Why are Arabs escalating terror attacks against Jewish Israeli civilians?

The followings are guesses, but every guess has a factual root
1. Hamas is upset with Fatah’s attempt to reconcile. See this link
2. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood wants a war in Gaza to bolster their position as wanting to end peace agreement and enter war with Israel, meaning - this is what qualifies as an "election campaign" in the new Arab world.
3. Hamas headquarters in Syria receiving commands to divert attention from massacres committed within Syria against uprising
4. Iranian global strategy to ignite the middle east
5. Soros lead global lefty scheme to ignite war which will force Obama and NATO to activate forces against Israel to protect Gaza civilians much as it has in Libya
6. Qatari Muslim Brotherhood headquarters orchestrating Arab world havoc and advocates it through Al-Jazeera

Follow links for more details. Whatever the reason is – Israel is its final target.

Gaza Arabs Bombard Jewish Civillians in Major City in Israel, Syria Butchers It's Citizen

The moment Israel will respond, the UN will condemn Israel. Heck, the corrupt and ludicrous UNHRC will condemn Israel regardless.

Rocket explodes in Ashdod
Altogether five rockets fired from Gaza Strip in further escalation of violence in south. One rocket apparently lands in open spaces in city, alarm sounded. A number of residents suffer shock

Meanwhile, In Syria: Syrian activists: Death toll in anti-gov't protests 100
Opposition figures say Hezbollah members working alongside Syrian security forces to quell Deraa riots; local hospital says bodies of 25 protestors brought in, 'all with gunshot wounds'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terrorists again strike same target, lives saved by alert civilian hero

Much like in the case of "Shawarma Mayor" food stand, where the terrorists attacked twice, they targeted the same kiosk as in 1993. There is no doubt the "brains" behind this operation was looking at an arranged intelligence collection of targets. And thinking of it now, Itamar attack was no coincidence either. This is an "intelligence" operation by the most insidious villains on earth.

Bomb Exploded at ‘Blast of a Kiosk’
Wednesday’s terrorist bomb attack in Jerusalem detonated next to the “Blast of a Kiosk,” re-named after a 1993 suicide bombing that destroyed it.

The kiosk owner’s brother-in-law saved dozens Wednesday by keeping them away as he called police to report a suspicious object. It blew up in the middle of the conversation.

Kiosk owner Shimshon Moshe said that he asked his brother-in-law to take his place a short time before the explosion, which killed a 59-year-old woman and seriously wounded two others, including the brother-in-law.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that Moshe's brother-in-law noticed a suspicious bag at a nearby public telephone and warned people to keep their distance as he telephoned police to report the suspicious object. It contained a four-pound bomb and exploded in the middle of the conversation.

Opinion: Israeli civilians under attack, expect UN condemnation of Israel

Jews stand alone these days. You don't need much proof to be presented anymore. The global hostility Obama initiated against Israel, resulted in Germany, France and the UK abandoning Israel at the UNSC and allowed a barrage of pro-Hamas propaganda blitz on British TV and cinema. Not one world leader steps up to condemn slitting the throat of a Jewish baby by an Arab terrorist. Not one voice in the UN condemns ongoing bombardment of Jewish population around Gaza. Yet for some odd reason, a coalition of idiots sends planes to protect Al-Qaueda in Libya. What the heck is going on here?

(Picture from today's bombardment of bus stop, from Eye On The World)
Bolstered by successful revolutions in Yemen and Egypt, Hamas' bosses at the Muslim brotherhood, in cooperation with their new Persian Shiite financiers in Iran, have pushed for a new onslaught of murders and bombing against Jewish civilian population in Israel. Yet the world is silent. Worse, the world is still putting pressure on Israel without any relation to the strategic earthquake it is going through and the risks of genocide it might incur if it lets its guards down.

Israel has to retaliate. Israel must defend from murderers actions. Yet any such action will result in Arabs dying. Those might be terrorists in civilian clothes, or the civilians who support them and let the terrorists hide behind. Israel will surely retaliate, and Arabs will surely die. And the punch line is that only then will we see and hear the world powers convene to denounce "violence on both sides" and take actions against Israel and only Israel.

Israeli leadership faces tough choices, do they step into this political trap and allow all hell to break loose, or do you allow Jewish blood to be shed without reaction - until "better international conditions emerge". This was the choice made in the early 2000-s. Israel let it happen, let the bombings continue until Bush was convinced Israel has the right to retaliate without being denounced by the UN.

And then came Obama and turned Israel strategic position on its head. Israel is alone, and whatever it does it will suffer consequences. Can Israel wait 2 more years? Which is the worse option to be taken? What are the Iranians, Muslim brotherhood and international Leftist groups planning here? It's not just a murder here and there, some bombardment, some bombs. No - there is a plan and before Israel retaliates it needs to identify what it is and counter it in any way possible - including exposing the conspiracy for what it is.

Hamas renews bus bombing: 20 injured in Jerusalem

Time to fight terrorists with everything you got.

4 seriously injured in central Je'lem bus explosion
MDA says none dead, over 20 injured Police estimate that package at exploded next to Egged bus 74 outside Binyanei Ha'uma in central Jerusalem; Netanyahu delaying departure to Moscow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gazastan bombards Ashdod and Be'er Sheva, Intl media start report with Arab casualties

It started with Israel's retaliation all over again...

Grad rocket lands near Ashdod; sirens heard throughout city
No reports of damage, injuries; 9 Palestinians, 4 civilians killed in IDF attacks on terrorists in Gaza Strip; PM "expresses regret" for innocent loss of life; Hamas threatens strong response.

Early reports of rocket landing in Be'er Sheva - one injured.

Time to undo the disengagement - engage the terrorists, and take them out.

BBC, in competition with Al-Jazeera:

Hamas reveals: We want war so we can call in UN and NATO to protect us like in Libya

Isn't it great how the president no longer seeks congress approval before he starts war? Constitution, what constitution - the one in the shredder?

Haniyeh asks UN Security Council to protect Gaza as it does Libya
Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh has called on the United Nations Security Council to protect the Palestinian people the same way it is protecting Libya. He has also asked Egypt to open the Rafah border crossing following "Israel's crimes."

The Paesltinians also reported that a military unit member who was injured during an IDF attack on Gaza has died. This raises the number of terrorists killed in the attack to four.

Chris Mathews fumes at Right's support for Israel, enjoys a good-ol antisemitic joke on MSNBC


From The Right Scoop (click for Video):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: This coalition between the Right and Israel, the evangelical right in the United States, is not founded on personal friendships or anything like that, or even values. It’s founded on some sort of weird, rightwing thing. You just high five each other there at the Western Wall and then that’s done, they’re trip.

DAVID CORN, MOTHER JONES: But there is a theological component which Gene was referring to…

MATTHEWS: Explain.

CORN: …Which is there’s a certain brand of evangelical Christians who believe in Revelations, that Armageddon is coming, and that will happen in Israel basically.

MATTHEWS: If they hold the West Bank.

CORN: If they hold, well there’s a lot of different components to that, but that’s why they like Israel. That’s why they want Israel to be strong. It’s not because…

MATTHEWS: It’s not personal.

CORN: Right. It’s not because they like Jews or Israelis.

MATTHEWS: [Laughs hysterically]

Netflix subscribers, Must watch this video for free: Media Malpractice

Relevant as always, must watch, for free! Spread the word around:

Media Malpractice
(the link will force you to login, then search for Media Malpractice, sorry - I can't just link there)

On IMDB: here

How I hope the nation doesn't get duped again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gazastan begging for a punishment; Shoot 2 rockets towards Ashkelon, day after 50 mortars on farmers

Filthy Jihadists

Grad rocket lands in Ashkelon; 2 treated for shock
Rocket alert system rings out across Ashkelon as rocket from Gaza slams into southern part of the city; bomb squad officers searching for location of impact; no physical injuries or damages reported.

Questions regarding Obama's adventure in Libya

1. If you aren't working to depose Qadaffi, why exactly are you bombing?

2. Did you request congress to declare war?

3. Did you get funding from congress?

4. Isn't it hypocritical to open a war, any war - after how the Democrats demonized the GOP over Iraq?

5. Why is the commander and chief going on vacation in Rio the day he opens war?

6. If the goal was to protect civilians, why did Obama wait so long when congress was begging to enforce no-fly zones 3 weeks ago?

7. Bomb Libya? - yes, Iran - no? Why not protect Iranian protesters?

8. Where are all of the protesters calling Bush a Hitler and screaming 'no blood for oil'? Support the troops bring them home? All of the other crappy hateful rhetoric?

9. Who are the rebels in Libya? Who is their leader? What is their ideology? Where did they get their guns from?

10. What are the goals of bombardment? What qualifies as winning here? What would end the mission?

Talk about pound sand...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim, Israel's Halloween

Just keep your St. Patrick leprechaun costume on for a few extra days... (yea I know you don't put on costumes, just wear Green). Perhaps the only thing in common between the two holidays is the tradition of binging. Did I say tradition? It's a Mitzva! You HAVE to get drunk on this Jewish holiday - I know quite a few people who would consider switching religion if they'd know this religion commands you to get drunk...

Want to dress up like Haman? Like Ahmedinajad (same thing)? Consider this costume, it's not for sale... it's a leprechaun character in some bad-bad movie...

Interesting that the Mullahs in Iran are now rewriting history, claiming that Purim is a holiday commemorating a massacre of Persians by Jews, where this holiday's scriptures explicitly state to celebrate being saved from Persians massacring Jews. But hey - the Muslims in Iran have a lot of massacring to hide. Massacres of non-Shiite-Muslims in Persia that is. What did the Shiites do to rid Persia of its original religion, Zoroastrianism? Persia is under a Shiite occupation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

French FM wants to recognize Palestinian state - FrontPageMag interview: The meaning of statehood without peace agreement

The good old PLO phases plan in action, and France wants to facilitate. This is what happens when a hostile regime to Israel in the white house signals to the world that Israel is alone.

France says EU recognition of Palestinian state a 'possibility'(Haaretz)
France says EU recognition of Palestinian state a 'possibility'
French FM says his country has no plans to recognize Palestinian state alone, and that it must be done with the entire EU.
By Haaretz Service Tags: Israel news Palestinians

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Tuesday that European Union recognition of a Palestinian state could be a "possibility that should be kept in mind," according to AFP.

"There's no point recognizing the Palestinian state on our own. It must be done together," AFP quoted Juppe as saying about recognition by EU countries.

What would it mean?
If the Palestinians Declare a State Unilaterally(FrontPageMag)
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Kenneth Levin, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a Princeton-trained historian, and a commentator on Israeli politics. He is the author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege.
FP: Kenneth Levin, welcome to Frontpage Interview.
I would like to talk to you today about the Palestinian Authority’s efforts of seeking recognition as an independent state via the UN and on a nation by nation basis.
The PA has pursued United Nations Security Council condemnation of Israeli settlements, is threatening to go now to the General Assembly with an anti-settlement resolution, and is threatening as well to seek recognition from the UN of Palestinian statehood along the pre-1967 cease-fire lines. It has also sought and received such recognition from various nations around the world, particularly in South America but elsewhere as well.
What is your understanding of this PA strategy?
Levin: Thanks Jamie.
It has always been the goal of the Palestinian leadership to gain recognition, and territory, without acknowledging Israel’s right to exist as the national homeland of the Jewish people and without giving up Palestinian pursuit of additional claims against Israel; its goal, ultimately, is Israel’s dissolution.
At the time of the initiation of the Oslo accords, on the evening of the famous signing and handshake on the White House lawn in September, 1993, Yasir Arafat appeared on Jordanian television and explained to his constituency and his wider Arab audience that they should understand Oslo as the first phase of his 1974 plan. In 1974, he had elaborated a plan according to which the Palestinians would take any land they could acquire by negotiations and use that land as a base from which they would pursue Israel’s annihilation. Arafat repeated this understanding of Oslo many times thereafter.
When Arafat, Prime Minister Ehud Barak and President Clinton held their talks at Camp David in 2000, Arafat rejected all the concessions offered by Barak and Clinton and refused to put forward counter-proposals. He was unwilling to agree to any accord, whatever the territorial and other concessions made by Israel, because an “end-of-conflict” agreement was demanded from him in return and he was not interested in ending the conflict and foregoing future, additional Palestinian demands.
Around the same time, Arafat spoke of declaring a state unilaterally, as a way, again, of establishing “Palestine” without signing away future claims against Israel. President Clinton made clear that the U.S. would not support such a unilateral move and, not least because of U.S. pressure, European states conveyed the same message.


Read it all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Abbas' loyalitst, US trained and funded security officers arrested in murder of Jewish family

So says WND, I have seen a headline on ynet before of the arrests - not the details or that they are the ones charged with the crime:
U.S.-trained forces arrested in brutal slaying
Two members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' official security forces were arrested in conjunction with this past weekend's bloody massacre in which five family members were brutally stabbed to death inside their home in the Jewish village of Itamar, WND has learned.

The names of the apprehended suspects will be released to the Israeli media within hours but were revealed to WND by security officials working on the murder.

Two cousins are now in Israeli custody and are suspected in the slayings. Ahmed Awad is an officer in Abbas' Preventative Security Services in the northern West Bank city of Nablis. Iyad Awad is an officer in Abbas' General Intelligence services in Ramallah.

Both the Preventative and General Intelligence services of Fatah are armed, trained and funded by the U.S.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama stumbling into conflict with Israel as presidential campaign looms

The supposed freeze that was already explicitly said to be over - is now officially broken after following the slaughter of Jewish children by Arabs, Israel proclaimed new construction to be taken.

Faster than anyone has condemned the murders, Obama rushes to proclaim his condemnation of Israel: Israel's approval of new West Bank homes counters peace efforts, illegitimate

I'm trying not to predict the future here, but raise questions regarding the result of what is sure to be yet another low in Obama's relationship with Israel.

Will Obama try to keep the obvious hostility under low flame as the rest of the world seems to be melting down? To me this sounds unlikely - as we've seen him personally condemn Israel after the UN veto. He made it clear he reluctantly put the veto.

If a new Israel-US crisis emerges during the presidential campaign, and Obama sweeps with him the Democratic party in an Anti-Israel wave, AND HE WINS - not because of the Israel issue - What will that mean to the future of Israel-US relationship? Consider it a possibility as Obama is still with a 47% approval rating. Don't ask me why he might win - I've found him detestable from before he was elected.

I blame Obama for Israel's current isolation. He put the wheels in motion and drove the current non-existing peace process to the ditch it stands in now. He revoked prior administration's commitments to Israel without holding any public debate in the US regarding this policy shift. Obama wants Israel to take unilateral non-revoke-able steps which will put Israel existence in danger in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Lucky for Israel - all is not grim. Some would say - a new energy producing power is emerging. A power to be respected and treated fairly for once in the global diplomatic arena. For that I think, several current world leaders would have to go. That day is not that far. I hope.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Horrifying images from the scene of children murdered by Arabs released by family

Here's the link, obvious content warning advised.

Photos from scene of murdered Jewish children by Arab "hero", more photos: here

To emphasize the monstrosity of Arabs here, Gaza Rejoices!

Despicable! Not that it's needed, but one more link: Three Year Old Stabbed in the Heart, Baby's Throat Slashed

Jewish Federations organizes relief for victims in Japan, Israel sending rescue team

Help the victims.

The Jewish Federations of North America has opened an emergency relief fund to provide aid and support to the victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck Japan earlier today, and to help those in other potential disaster zones such as Hawaii and the U.S. mainland’s West Coast.

Donations can be made to the Japan, Hawaii and the Pacific Relief Fund online, by texting RELIEF to 51818, or through our national mailbox at The Jewish Federations of North America, Wall Street Station, PO Box 148, New York, NY 10268. JFNA is also working with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee to support relief efforts.

Israel sends teams:
Israeli search and rescue team leaves for Japan today
A civilian Israeli search and rescue team was to leave for Japan on Sunday morning to help victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami that struck the island nation on Friday.

World leaders who condemned building houses for Jews, silent when Arabs slit throat of baby; Bibi complains

Most news sites, pushed this terror attack to tiny subtitles hidden somewhere at bottom of front page or in inner pages. The headlines did best to hide the story as well, it's not "army claims 5 Israelis dead" or "army claims terror attack". There's a dead baby, a slaughtered family, and candies in Gaza to celebrate. Why not report it?!

Israel mulling publication of shocking attack photos(ynet)

(normal photo of the victims, from walla)
Officials at the Prime Minister's Office are mulling the option of releasing shocking photographs of the terror attack aftermath in Itamar to the foreign media.

The perpetrators of the massacre in the West Bank community entered a family home late Friday and slit the throats of three children and their parents while they were sleeping.


Bibi: Why are Israel critics silent?
In a televised speech Saturday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his condolences and encouragement to relatives of the victims and to Judea and Samaria settlers.

"Don't let your spirits drop," the prime minister said, while stressing that security forces will make every effort to nab the perpetrators of the attack.

Netanyahu also demanded that the international community condemn the brutal killing.

"I noticed that some of the states that rushed to the Security Council to condemn Israel, the Jewish State, for planning to build a home somewhere, are slow in issuing a harsh condemnation over the murder of Jewish babies," he said.

"There' is no justification whatsoever, no excuse and no forgiveness for the murder of babies," the PM said.

Religion of inhumane monstrosity.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jewish family of 5 including baby and toddler stabbed to death, suspecting Arab terrorism

What kind of a monster slaughters babies and toddlers?!

Family of five found stabbed to death in Itamar settlement
Five family members were found dead in their residence in the West Bank Itamar settlement Friday overnight. A number of settlement residents had reported gun shots coming from the house as well, an Army spokesperson said.

A Magen David Adom that arrived at the scene at 1:00 a.m. determined the couple, an 11-year old child, a 3-year-old toddler, and a baby dead.

Police have set out in search of the suspect in the Itamar settlement, as well as in the surrounding villages of Awarta, Beit Pouriq, and Beir Mouksaifa.

Initial reports said that an armed terroist entered the settlement and stabbed to death the couple and their children.

Earlier today, Arabs opened gunfire on civilian Jewish vehicles. Racist murderers.

Arabs are instigating a new wave of murders, justified by the international left and their unbelievable never-ending hypocrisy. Go ahead Obama and Merkel, condemn Jews building their homes in the UNSC, that made things better - didn't it?

Today: Horrible natural disaster in Japan, Lefties blame global warming and lack of wealth distribution, Arabs bombard Jewish Israeli civilians


* Wave of Destruction in Japan From Massive Quake, Tsunami
* The Left Blames Earthquake, Tsunami on Global Warming
* Qassam hits Negev, does damage

The reason I bring item #3 in this post, is to emphasize that not a day goes by where the Arabs don't try to murder Jews, hateful violent racists that they are. No matter what happens in the world - the depraved culture of murder continues. They can't do anything positive for humanity it seems. Israel on the other hand is rushing to offer aid, as do other nations:

* Aid offers pour in after Japan quake

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hmmm... Obama changes course on Iranian Nukes, willing to let it happen?

Well, two things:

1. Is it a change of course - or was it the policy to begin with. Abandoning Israel to the whims of the nut-jobs at Iran?

2. It is the headline on Debka. Need I say more? DEBKA.

I won't provide a link (google it, you'll find it) because I think DEBKA is not a news source, rather a hyperventilating analysis source which for some reason never gives you a link or footnotes. A mysterious "our sources say" tries to gain some credibility by pretending to be something it is not. They base their analysis on openly available sources we can all reach, they just represent it as news rather than what it is. Speculation.

Now to the content of it: The claim is that Obama has let down Israel and Saudi-Arabia by accepting existence of Nuclear bombs in the hands of the Mullahs - rather than try to stop it or fight against it.

In other "good news", Turkey is about to provide Iran with the necessary high-def satellite imagery of Israel so their missiles won't miss. Fantastic how the US is still funding Turkey's military buildup and it is still considered an ally and a NATO member. Just fricken-fantastic.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Onslaught of anti-Israel propaganda in UK TV and Cinema

Colin Firth, did you not read the script or are you an Anti-Israel activist?

First, the article about the TV series is in Hebrew, but you may read the auto-translation if you like.

Here's the trailer for "The Promise", where Jews are reported to be portrayed as blood-thirsty monsters:

Second, Colin Firth apparently agreed to participate in a movie that blatantly distorts history to portray Jews and Zionists as terrorists, an extreme anti-Zionist agitprop. Though the article say the script might have changed since it was reviewed, it is clear that all participants chose to take part while the script was written as it was:

Script Review Says Best Actor Nominee Colin Firth’s Next Project is Anti-Zionist
Directed by Michael Winterbottom, (Wonderland, The Road to Guantánamo), and partly backed by British taxpayers via the UK Film Council, The Promised Land presents a revisionist history of Palestine during World War II–one in which the British favor the Jews over the Arabs, the Jews repay British kindness with cruelty, and Arab violence against civilians and support for the Third Reich are airbrushed out of the picture.

The story centers around the real-life romance between two unlikely lovers, Shoshana Borochov and Thomas Wilkin. Borochov was the daughter of Dov Ber Borochov, a left-wing Zionist who saw the creation of Israel as part of the proletarian struggle. Wilkin was a British police officer responsible for tracking down members of the Jewish underground, particularly the infamous “Stern Gang.”

Before he was murdered during his arrest in 1942, Avraham “Yair” Stern had led a sensational and violent campaign to oppose British rule. His organization, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel” (Lehi, in the Hebrew acronym) broke away from other Zionist groups and targeted British officials and police. He was regarded as an outlaw by many Jewish leaders, including the leaders of other Zionist underground organizations in Palestine.

At the time, the Holocaust was accelerating in Europe, while the British refused to allow the tide of Jewish refugees into Palestine. Though Palestine’s Arab leaders had revolted against British rule in the late 1930s, and soon took an active role in Hitler’s war effort, the British–after crushing the Arab rebellion–attempted (in vain) to appease Arab opinion with the White Paper of 1939, which severely restricted Jewish immigration.

The Promised Land ignores much of that context. Instead, it portrays the Jewish underground as a fascist, even pro-Nazi movement. The screenplay–a draft of which I have read–calls for graphic scenes of Arab suffering at the hands of Jewish terrorists and British officers. Jewish victims are largely off-screen, mentioned in the abstract–if at all. The film even suggests, falsely, that Jews provoked Arabs to commit the Hebron massacre of 1929 by not hiring Arab workers, absolving Palestinian Arab leaders who incited the pogrom.


That is certainly how Israeli actress Mili Avital felt upon reading the screenplay. As she related to an Israeli newspaper last year, she had been approached to participate in the film, but refused after reading the screenplay: “…it was so anti-Zionist that I closed it after 20 pages. I read it and there were tears in my eyes…it pains me to read how [Winterbottom] describes the beginning of Zionism from such an extreme point of view.”


Israel to let construction materials into Gaza while terrorists shell Israeli civilians?

I smell a foreign hand pressuring Israel to commit suicide.

Israel to Assist in Housing Projects for Gazans (INN)
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Wednesday reported initial Israeli agreement to facilitate completion of two large housing projects in Gaza, Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported.
UNRWA said its delegation received the commitment in a meeting Tuesday with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Major-General Eitan Dangot.

UNRWA media adviser Adnan abu Hasneh told KUNA that Maj.-Gen. Dangot relayed the promise to the delegation, and added that he hoped construction material would be brought into Gaza "quickly" to complete the projects "with all due haste." Abu Hasneh quoted the officer as saying the two projects, one in Khan Younis and the other in Rafiah, would receive "priority."

The projects came to a halt four years ago, after Hamas took over Gaza and Israel imposed a closure on the area. The closure includes a ban on importation of construction material that could also be used for terrorist purposes. This includes cement, steel, and gravel.

According to KUNA, the homes are intended to house "thousands of families whose homes had been destroyed during the Israeli attacks prior to pullout from Gaza."

The first project, Tal El-Sultan in west Rafiah, is financed by Saudi Arabia. Phase One, costing $52 million, includes 752 housing units, a school, and a health care facility. UNRWA would cover the cost of the Phase Two, which would see construction of another 850 housing units.

"There was also a promise to facilitate UNRWA work on the second project in western Khan Younis, executed with Japanese funding, which would see construction of 439 housing units. The cost of this project is some USD 13.5 million," the UNRWA media adviser said.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi was quoted as saying, "We welcome these promises, and hope they would be translated into real progress on the ground and that we would see real action to facilitate and speed up execution and completion of these projects."

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

NPR Senior VP: Anti-Semite, Pro-Palestinian, likes the term "National Palestinian Radio"

The Zionists control the media he says?! Shut this corruption of public funds down already!

I guess one could say that Betsy Liley of NPR's Institutional Giving is more straight forward, but doofus Schiller here is nodding and smiling to every anti-Semitic comment he hears. Was he setup? Sure it's a sting but not a setup. This guy is as biased and hateful as they come and he definitely represents his organization well.

Via PowerLine

International Women Day: Women of the IDF

Statement made by the IDF department who published this video:

To honor women's service in the IDF in celebration of International Women's Day, the following is a collection of some of the interesting and noteworthy roles women are taking on throughout their service. Women have served in the IDF since its inception, and in Israeli defense organizations before the creation of the State of Israel (exceptional women such as Hannah Senesh and Sarah Aaronsohn, for example). Each year, 1,500 female combat soldiers are drafted into the IDF, a number which has remained consistent in recent years. Female soldiers also play crucial roles in command and control, commanding positions, and many others.

I guess it's an important video to show to my girls when they reach the right age to choose to go to college here in Michigan or go back to Israel and serve first. (only a few years ahead...)

Contrast service in the military TO SAVE LIFE, with the depraved society they serve to protect from; Women in Gaza:
Mrs. Dadhouh is, of course, proud of her sons:

I do not regret that three of my children are martyrs; we all must have the Certificate [of martyrdom], and be ready to continue on this path for Palestine and for the redemption of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque....Palestinian women are willing to sacrifice and give all that they possess for Jerusalem and to walk on the path of the martyrs.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Egypt: A positive development, amid sea of negatives

I'll just link to one positive, you can read all the negatives within the headlines of the items I shared via google reader: here.

Work resumes at free trade zones with Egypt
Israeli officials say business almost back to normal in factories in Egyptian QIZs after one month of closure prompted by revolt against Mubarak regime

Also another "positive", if you want to call it that: 5 Reasons why the Talibanization of the Middle East may not be a Bad Thing

Expert: Damascus will cooperate just enough to keep IAEA at bay

Mister tiny mustache laughs at the UN's weak and toothless agency.

IAEA chief sees possible progress in Syria probe (Ynet)
UN nuclear watchdog chief says reached agreement with Syria on inspection of facility where yellowcake made as by-product. Expert: Damascus will cooperate just enough to keep IAEA at bay

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog said on Monday he saw possible movement in a probe into allegations of covert atomic activities in Syria, but once again criticized Iran for lack of cooperation.

Western powers fear Iran may be seeking to develop nuclear weapons capability, while US intelligence reports have said Dair Alzour, a Syrian desert complex bombed by Israel in 2007, was a nascent North Korean-designed nuclear reactor intended to produce bomb material.

Israel trying to pass law to combat boycotts

I'm just wary of Israelis' complete lack of respect for freedom of speech. Examples: here, here and here.

To the article:
Bill to punish anti-Israel boycotters passes first Knesset hurdle(Haaretz)
The Knesset plenum on Monday approved in its first reading a "boycott law," which would levy harsh punitive fines on Israelis who call for academic or economic boycotts against Israeli institutions.

The controversial bill was put forth by 24 Knesset members, including Kadima party whip Dalia Itzik, coalition chairman Zeev Elkin (Likud ) and committee chairman David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu ).

The bill was supported by 32 members of Knesset, while 12 MKs opposed.

The draft law also calls for imposing sanctions against foreign nationals and organizations that call for anti-Israel boycotts, as well as against states that pass legislation giving such boycotts the force of law.

Elkin said prior to the vote that while in the United States it is considered illegal to boycott Israel - punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $1 million - the Israeli legal system cannot punish an Israeli who urges an American company to boycott his own country.

"This is an important and reasonable bill that will enable us to continue to ask the U.S. to take legal action against its citizens who boycott Israel," Elkin said.

Kadima faction chairwoman Dalia Itzik voted against the bill, and said that "it has nothing to do with the left or the right, for or against Arabs. MK Elkin, this is not what the poet intended. As a private civilian, do you want to put me in jail? You have taken the bill too far."

The Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs and Industry, Trade and Labor are fiercely opposed to the bill, on the grounds that it will not achieve its stated purpose of curbing boycotts and will only hamper efforts to cope with boycotts and the delegitimization of Israel on an international level.

Representatives of these ministries told the committee that the law would violate the right to freedom of expression and could damage Israel's relations with the European Union and the Foreign Ministry's freedom of action.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pink Floyd's Waters: I'm not an anti-Semite, I simply support boycotting Jewish state until it disappears

Discordant chord.

He don't need no education. If you find yourself in need to explain at the end of your screed 'but I'm not an anti-Semite', perhaps you ought to review your entire statement.

There are far worse offenders of most human rights out there, most of them are actually those who BSD-bastards are supporting - Muslim Arabs. But hey, let's pick on the Jews, it's trendy and no longer taboo.

Roger Waters voices support for Israel boycott
Roger Waters, founding member, vocalist and bassist of the iconic rock band 'Pink Floyd' has voiced his support for a cultural boycott of Israel.

The British musician performed in Israel in 2005, ignoring calls from Palestinian rights advocates to cancel. While in Israel, Waters visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem. He was taken to the controversial separation fence in the West Bank, which he called "an appalling edifice to behold."

Waters said he was extremely affected by his tour of the West Bank, scrawling "We don’t need no thought control", lyrics from one of Pink Floyd's most popular songs, on the wall, and cancelling his performance in Tel Aviv. Instead, the British star held the concert in Neve Shalom, a cooperative village founded by Jews and Arabs.

In the letter Waters wrote announcing his support of a cultural boycott of Israel, he said that in his "view, the abhorrent and draconian control that Israel wields over the besieged Palestinians in Gaza, and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, coupled with its denial of the rights of refugees to return to their homes in Israel, demands that fair minded people around the world support the Palestinians in their civil, nonviolent resistance."

He concluded the letter, saying that he is joining the campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, until it satisfies three basic human rights he claims are demanded by international law.

He called on Israel to end the occupation of the West Bank and dismantle the separation fence, recognize the rights of Arab citizens of Israel and granting them full equality and allow all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

Waters stressed in his letter that he is not anti-Semitic, and his solidarity with the Palestinians stems from his belief that all people deserve basic human rights.


Human rights excluded by BDS supporters:
1. Women rights
2. Non Muslim rights in Muslim countries
3. Right of Jews to live without being murdered (remove fence?)
4. Rights of Arabs deemed 'refugees' 60 years ago living without rights in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan

That's what you get when you skip 'education' mister.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rebels torch Egypt's Security Forces HQ, Israel natural gas electric supply completely cut off

Who knows who exactly torched the head quarters, or what they took before. Israel's energy crisis is reported to be a result of a malfunction combined with Egyptian line cut off.

* Egyptians torch HQ of reviled state security forces (JPost)

* Israel cut off from natural gas supply due to technical problem (Haaretz)

Meanwhile, Obama calls on Israel to embrace the collapse of moderate leaders and peace. Be hopeful dang it.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Obama pressuring Netanyahu to make "dramatic" statements regarding single sided concessions for peace

The anti-Israel, pro-Terrorists regime says that Israel has to initiate a move due to the Mideast Turmoil, "before it's too late" or something.

I liked one specific comment in the Hebrew page for the article:
Mideast in turmoil: Israel needs to make concessions, Mideast isn't in turmoil, Israel needs to make concessions

Officials: US wants dramatic statements (YNet)

While Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly prepares to present new peace initiative, officials in Jerusalem fear Obama Administration to demand clear reference to 1967 borders

When the F#$@#$@$ will the Arabs be demanded to do anything for peace besides spreading hate and initiating murder?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Israel seeking yet another interim Palestinian pact? WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA!

More concessions for nothing, just to fulfill other nation's goals of appearing to have positively contributed to the situation... bad idea.

Israel may seek interim agreement with Palestinians
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a diplomatic initiative that will seek an interim agreement with the Palestinians rather than one that resolves all core issues, an Israeli government official said Tuesday.

The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue, said that the latest instability in the region, including the departure of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, has caused Netanyahu to try to move the stalled process forward.

"Of course, Israel would prefer final status peace agreement, but that has become all but impossible because of the Palestinian refusal to negotiate," the government official said. "We are looking at options for steps forward that will help lead to a two-state solution and move the process forward."