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Friends in MI continue asking me questions, most still baffled and uninformed by MSM

My friends in Michigan continue asking me questions. Although all my friends support Israel and oppose terrorists, most are still baffled and uninformed by Main Stream Media.

Open market in Sderot

Questions I'm being asked:
1. What is Hamas?
Hamas is an ofshoot of the Muslim brotherhood who oppose PLO as being too secular. Their goal is to replace Israel with an Islmaic Sharia state, and kill all the Jews around the world. Their next goal is to conquer the world. Just like these two:

(only not cute and funny)

Hamas were initially supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Lately they have let themselves be directed and funded by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Hamas has taken responsibility for hundreds of rockets and bus bombings as well as one on one murders of Jews by single riflemen. Hamas supporters proudly proclaim their desire to slaughter all the Jews in the world.

More about Hamas: About.com terrorism Issues

2. All I'm seeing on TV are dead Arab children, and Arab spokespeople proclaiming massacre and "end to occupation" - what's really going on?
In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from Gaza and left it to be rules by the Palestinain Authority. A quasi state ruled and run by the "former" terror group PLO. Hamas won the PA election, and then conducted a violent military coup against the PLO in Gaza, in which they murdered and tortured Arab supporters of PLO. Since 2000, Israeli civilians around Gaza have been under a barrage of rockets directed and intended to hurt and intimidate Jewish civilians.

Israel for some reason had had a truce with Hamas for 6 months, which was broken by Hamas throughout these 6 months, and since Hamas has declared the cease fire over - it had launched about 60 rockets a day into major Israeli cities.

Israel began a campaign which initially focused on precise bombs targeting terrorists and their rockets. It then launched a ground offensive to subdue the terrorists and contain them. Terrorists have been hiding behind Arab women and children and have paraded their casualties to proclaim victimhood. All the while, they have yet to stop deliberately firing at Israeli civilians.

3. Why don't Arabs oppose terror?
1. Arabs continue to delude themselves they are:
A. Intitled to control all of the land of Israel
B. They are the victims of everything and every one.
C. They can defeat Israel and kill all the Jews.

2. Arabs see no moral fault in murdering Jews, it is in their religion.
3. The UN and EU continue to discourage Israel regardless of the situation, by that they give Arabs support and comfort.
4. Because no one in the Arab world is willing to condemn it. (openly at least)
5. Because they argue to redefine the word terror. It only applies when Arabs are killed. Jews building a home on a hill is terror as far as they are concerned.
6. Academia across the western world supports whatever preposterous lie they come up with and help them rewrite history to support their "narrative", while doing so they justify war crimes and terror with a backwards "David and Goliath" fairy tail.

4. Can't Israel just make one more 24 hours truce, and then if fired on retaliate? Won't the world support Israel then?
Every time Israel dose a thing to protect own population they are called to stop, however no-one ever calls on Arabs to stop murdering Jews. Israel has stopped many times, only to absorb more. The "international opinion" is build and constructed by antisemitic propagandists who care not for a truce, nor lives - only to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. Supposedly friendly western countries can't bring themselves to support Israel regardless of the situation and are always more worried of the Arab and Muslim street backlash at them. Europe has let in a massive wave of Muslim immigration since the 70-s, and are now flooded with riots and demonstrations supporting terror - these put more pressure on western governments.

Even if Israel unilaterally instates a truce (again), it will not change international diplomatic pressure or opinion. There comes a time when you have to protect your civilian population regardless of international hypocrisy.

5. How's your family in Israel doing? (To credit my friends, that's usually the first question)
My family are doing fine right now. Most live in the north, and non live in the south which is absorbing the rockets. My sister is an officer in the army in a support unit and she is not in harms way right now. My family were under rockets threat during the 2006 war with Hezbollah. Families from Ashdod to Be'er Sheva are in great duress. These rockets that are fired at their homes, schools, hospitals and kindergartens are real and dangerous. It is often referred to as a miracle - that so few are physically damaged in comparison to how many are always hurt on the other side. I'm a realist - the reason for that is because Arabs don't aim, they wish to terrify. Israel aims to kill terrorists - who do die from Israeli bombings, only that they usually hide behind their family members who regretfully also suffer. More tragically, the Arab children will forever be doomed to live in a hateful and militant society always striving for war and murder. No bomb can fix that.

6. Which TV news channel do you suggest we watch to be up to date?
I used to suggest Fox-News, although CNN are more up to the minute. The problems with CNN-s are too numerous to count, but basically you will find some news emerging every now and then through the barrage of one sided anti-Israeli propaganda.

Many Fox-news anchors and reporters are truly fair, honest, and report in detail. However, in an attempt to keep balance - they do whitewash historical reviews of the situation. Yesterday's 7pm show which is a daily review of all the news of the day had a segment which managed to cover the history of the conflict without mentioning a single terror attack. There were many other things wrong with it too, but I don't have the video. (there used to be a web service to record and cut scenes from regular channels, unfortunately it was shut off by copyright lawyers)

7. I think Livni is hot. I'll DO HER. She's tough, I like that... (one friend, a bit sick I might add)

Don't worry bud - I won't tell the rest of the world who you are... I however, strongly disagree - and hope she does not become the next prime minister.

8. Is it all just to pump up the price of oil?
Yes, but not only. Please click here: Figuring out Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran's strategy to initiate this war.

9. Who pushed Israel to let Arabs rule Gaza and West-Bank?
Israel was always under pressure to give land for peace, give concessions, withdraw, hold-back, not retaliate, bite it's tongue. The history is as long as Israel's existence.

There are two periods of concessions which have led us directly to this point. The first is the Oslo accord, also known as "the peace process", where Clinton was pressuring Israel to continue concessions to Arafat's PLO. The second one was the "disengagement", where George W Bush pressured Israel and Ariel Sharon made it look like an Israeli decision, to withdraw completely from Gaza and leave it to PLO rule without any treaty or agreement signed. Following that horrible decision, Bush pressured for an election in the PA, which had given Hamas a legitimate claim as a representative of the Arabs of Israel's PA. Europeans and Russia played an active role as well. Ehud Barak's withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 has emboldened Arab ambitions to achieve any gains by force. Barak's moves were supported by Clinton, though I don't know if any pressure had to be put.

AIPAC - that lovely "Jewish Lobby" group, put pressure on Israeli leaders to accept agreements. AIPAC was used more as a lobby tool against Israel then as a lobbyist to influence in favor of Israel in DC.

10. How can we help? (to those who didn't ask, but should have)
You can write to your Senators and Congressman expressing your wishes for a statement of support for Israel and condemnation to Hamas. You can ask for stopping financing the UN and it's various tentacles which continue to feed and educate terrorists. You can write to local and national TV stations. You can contribute to groups aiding victims of terror. If you are a religious person, your prayers are truly appreciated as well. Do what you can to be knowledgeable so that you can counter arguments from those who support groups like Hamas. You can book a vacation in Israel and see how things are in person. There are many great reasons to visit Israel if you can afford it.

You can simply care to be informed and not let the biased media mislead you or the people you know.

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