Thursday, January 08, 2009

Useless UNIFIL (EU pussies): 3 Rockets From Lebanon at Retirement home in North Israel

An elderly home in Naharia:

Sanitized Image with no blood shown - although 25 elderly were hurt (from

Could it be that Iran is pushing Israel into a prolonged war in two fronts, Gaza and Lebanon, to get piece and quite while they finalize their Atomic Bomb?

JPost:'Lebanon liable for Nahariya attack'
Two people were lightly wounded on Thursday morning when terrorists in Lebanon fired three Katyusha rockets at the Nahariya area in northern Israel. The IDF returned fire.

One of the rockets went through the roof of a Nahariya retirement home and exploded in the kitchen as about 25 elderly residents were eating breakfast in the adjacent dining hall. One resident suffered a broken leg and another sustained bruises, both apparently from slipping on the floor after emergency sprinklers came on.

"The rocket went through the roof, hurling the water heaters into the air. It went through upstairs bedrooms and then into the kitchen. There was a massive blast," said Henry Carmelli, the home's manager.

In December of 2008, UNIFIL soldiers were alerted by farmers that they found rocket launchers setup and ready to fire at Israel. The rockets still had Persian writings on it and clear identifications that they came from Iran.

I don't understand why people try to excuse this launch and say it's fired by "Palestinians" and not Hezbollah. It was fired from an area where the UN made assurances to Israel that it will work to prevent rockets attacks from. Only that the UN soldiers had no authority to do a thing on the ground. Were too scared to move at nights, and never entered any village. Basically - their only mission was to observe Israel from the mountains of Lebanon, and similar to 2006 war with Lebanon, they would collaborate in the future with the terrorists and would publish on websites locations of Israel troops and motion.

Wars should end with clear cut results, not with international troops sitting at the other side of the Israeli border. I hope this lesson would have sunk in for current war at Gaza.

More from the article:
"Nothing happens in Lebanon without a green light from Hizbullah," a defense official said. "Even if it was a Palestinian group who fired the rockets, Hizbullah would have to at least have turned a blind eye to allow the rocket fire."


A Lebanese government official said the country was trying to determine who launched the rockets. The official also said Lebanon is committed to a UN-brokered truce that ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

They'll try to determine and do what? Fight terrorism?! That'll be news.

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