Friday, January 09, 2009

Euro Parliament Members: Hamas Brutality Insane, Holds Gazan Civilians Hostage

Only source is in Hebrew, so here's the autotranslate link:
European delegation: "Hamas brutality crazy"
The Hebrew source:

Members of a delegation of representatives of European Parliament visited Sderot Okiblo reviews the situation on the ground. "Hamas is holding the Palestinians as hostages"

Members of a delegation, "European Friends of Israel" toured yesterday (Thursday) in Sderot. The delegation included 13 members of parliament from different countries in Europe and the European Parliament. During the tour the delegation members heard briefings Mktzini IDF Omanshi Foreign Ministry regarding the situation in the region.

Here's the site of this group:
EFI - European Friends of Israel
EFI has an initial membership of some 1,000 members of parliament from all of Europe’s mainstream political parties, making it one of the largest pan European parliamentary groups of its kind.

An interesting article on their site:
Why Israel had to carry out such an operation?

Like I tried in a post yesterday, there's room for some comfort. Not all Europeans hate Israel and Jews. If only they had a bit more influence on their Media...

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