Friday, January 09, 2009

Youtube shills for Hamas terrorists - hides video showing usage of kids as human shields

Weasel Zippers found a revealing video, which I linked to here.

Well, you-tube's thought police didn't want many in the west to know about how Hamas is treating Arab children. Dragging them in the streets to protect themselves from being shot.

To the pro-jihadi thought police pencil pushers at you-tuber: the video clip you were hiding is alive and well at liveleak!

To all, watch it and then email to protest Youtube's actions.

The clip, on live-leak:

More than just that clip, again on live-leak:

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  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Let us pray for the safety of Palestinian civilians who held hostages by Hamas and the safety of Israeli soldiers. May this campaign end swiftly and may Hamas be annihilated. May moderate Muslims emerge victorious in the struggle for Gaza!