Tuesday, January 06, 2009

UN Arab schools are hit, but who's the war criminal?

Here's a headline, carefully crafted by AP propagandists:
Palestinians say 2nd UN school hit by airstrike
Palestinian medical officials say at least three people are dead in an Israeli airstrike near a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip.

It is the second deadly Israeli airstrike to hit a UN school in the past few hours.

Palestinian health official Said Joudeh says three people were killed and four wounded in the airstrike in the northern Gaza town of Jebaliya.

He says the school was turned into a shelter for people displaced by an Israeli offensive against the Hamas militant group.

More than 500 people have been killed, including dozens of civilians.

Israel isn't commenting on the latest airstrikes. But it has accused Hamas of using schools, mosques and residential areas for cover.

Hmmm... obviously this is war time, and children aren't going to school - so no children would be found there. The report wouldn't comment on who was hit in these schools, only mentions that Israel "has accused Hamas of using schools, mosques and residential areas for cover".

What does it mean "cover"? Just lay there or fire bombs from the schools?
Here's a video from 2007: Mortar Bombs shot from UN School

Found here.

We also know that the Arab men - have fled home, leaving the wife and kids to guard their living room rockets, and go into hiding "huddled 40 in a room"... Sounds like either extreme cowardice or simply going to gather some terrorists together to fight... but hey - that wouldn't serve the propaganda cause, would it?

If terrorists are hiding within civilian structures, and are conducting warfare from there, that is an obvious war crime. Fighting them back is not a war crime, it is an obligation of every nation. As this surprised Al-Jazeera reporter found out:

So what do you think? Innocent civilians finding a shelter in a school? Bad ol' pussycat trying to hurt twitty bird?

In another report, a Hebrew one - at least 20 die "seeking shelter" in a UN school in Jebalya.

The latest report, from ynetnews reports 40 Arabs dead: Report: Dozens dead in IDF strikes. Every Hamas terrorist is transformed into a civilian...

Why can't Arabs face reality - you want the bloodshed to end in Gaza? Call on Hamas to surrender. Let the terrorists accept exile far away from Israel. If you truly care for human life, and not just for one side's well being. War is not a football or soccer game. You don't win or lose by points. A victory is when one side gets to dictate the conditions upon which hostilities will end. A cease fire is a commitment to continue fighting and killing more when an opportune moment arrives. Israel has no choice but to win. (whereas Hamas and antisemites around the world are deluding themselves to believe that the second holocaust they contemplate is within their reach)

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