Friday, August 31, 2007

The "swedish art riots"?

I just added a permanent link from this site to "the Gates of Vienna" blog, who are currently on top of this story, so check it out.

More Israeli Labor party follies

Having an insane Minister of education is not enough, how about a member of parliament taking part in a convention organized by the UN's "Palestine" comity and hosted by the EU. I bet that MP Nadia Helu didn't even attend - just took the trip to Europe on taxpayer's expense.

She claimed she "did notice it was unbalanced". Unbalanced? It's an annual carnival of Israel bashing which has only one goal - to de-legitimize Israel in the international arena.

What does it take to become a top politician in that party? Obviously lack of shame is a requirement but how about personal depravity? It's a known theme in Israeli politics that to become a Parliament member politicians often "grease" the party voters with political jobs and outright bribes. The Labor party of Israel in particular is famed for "securing seats" to "minorities". Keywords for a "winner take all" technique in which the very top of the party places his nominees on certain positions on the list of potential PM-s.

I have no idea who PM Helu is - first time I've heard of her is in today's post in an online news website, but I'm staring at her picture right now with disgust. Is she really stupid? Is she cynical or simply another insane person bent on destroying the country that pays her salary and defends her children and family?

Precursors to chaos

1. Mubarak has disappeared for several weeks.
2. French PM warns Iran from impending American attacks
3. Iraq signs oil deals with Syria and Iran behind the US’s back
4. Musharaf commits to stepping down
5. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel receive massive boosts to Military aid from the US
6. Tensions in Lebanon rise and the political system heads towards clashes when the Syrian puppet president steps down in a month.
7. Syria is being rearmed by Russia with Iranian funds and redeploys troops in an aggressive alignment while threatening Israel with “legitimate acts of resistance”. (You know what that means: murder and terror)

And those items are only from the main stream news sites. Needless to say that on the fringe, where credibility is always questionable, Lebanon is marked as an extreme pressure point that might take down the entire Middle East – while the US is stepping up to possibly intervene. (Do you trust “debka-file”?)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What do you call a person wishing Jews be nuked out? Journalist of course!

It's no surprise that a "moderate" Arab journalist would lick his lips with delight as he envisions millions of Jews murdered at once by Iranian nukes. He probably expressed the wishes of 89% of Arabs and Muslims worldwide and 95% of all the ambassadors to the UN. Heck - the Germans nearly did it - why not the Muslims? My only question is - how soon will CNN hire him. Watch out for whitewashing by AP, AFP, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC...

For some reason, the link was missing...
London-Based Arab Editor: I'll Dance in Trafalgar Square When Iran Nukes Israel

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My stomach fluids are rising and are thrown into a storm - not by watching the horrid Anti-Semite station (I refuse to do so), but just reading and listening to reviews of it. CAMERA posted a clip from MSNBC summarizing the CNN - "We hate the Jews" festival:


Six thousand miles from Israel's settlements, in the heart of Manhattan, defiance of international law comes dressed in diamonds. (Amanpour August 2007, CNN)

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's the "embrace Islam" week on CNN and PBS

I deliberately chose not to watch CNN's anti western, Jewish and Christian propaganda piece. As I read through the blogs of those who did watch, I think I spared myself a good chunk of grief. Question: Why should a news station take it upon itself to build bridges to Islam while vilifying Judaism and Christianity? I would shed no tears when Amanpour returns to her homeland for good and deals with her "rights" and "freedom" there.

A few noticed another piece of propaganda on PBS this week. Mainly because no one watches them but also because it is the norm there. They broadcasted a fake "history" piece about the harmony between Jews, Christians and Muslim under Muslim rule in Spain. Painting the Dhimmi status in bright colors and downplaying its horrors - just pay your discriminatory Jizya tax, let them kidnap your children and build mosques on top of your places of worship. Harmony indeed. Muslim butchers are described as legendary liberators and local Visigoth kings are described as tyrants whose rule must be ended. "And the Jews rejoiced". I watched for 22 minutes, after which I put on some classic music and meditated to wash the filth away. PBS - always first to promote lies in support of Muslim rule.

Debbie Schlussel - who is a must read on a daily basis - referred readers to this blog post. It is very strongly worded - but I strongly recommend it as well.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Forcing Arab Israeli kids to study Kuran in Israeli Schools

A Criminal - that's what the current "minister of education" in Israel is. Sure - turn 20% of you're population into Saudi serving zombies. That'll bring peace.

The most insane member of government ever, after referring to the creation of Israel as a disaster in books to Arab school now wishes to force them all to learn the Muslim religion. Who let this "stupider than Forest Gump" person get a PHD - and then be a minister?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Under the ground - mole man - Iranian agent - Lebanese terrorist Nasralla promises "surprises". What is he - a birthday clown?

The Shiites of Lebanon continue to march to the beat of the demented mole-man, the she-male, traitor of Lebanon. What's with the "surprises" promises? Is this a cultural thing? Perhaps it's a dinosaur toy in a balloon.

It would appear that the devastated villages of south Lebanon would not deter the moleman from chasing more adventures. Did someone not get a toy in his happy meal and set a life goal to avenge with "surprises"?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Iraq and Iran to collaborate on oil production?

Isn't the US trying to tighten the economic ban on Iran? So why is Iraq - the country that the US is feeding, funding and policing - abuses those funds to ease the Iranian pains?

In my opinion this should be the very last straw. The Shiites of Iraq - whom we've been told would welcome us after the liberation from Saddam - have taken Iranian arms and terrorized US troops and Iraqi civilians. Now they want to take US funds - which we should have not put there to begin with - and use them to build Iranian refineries. Absolutely infuriating.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Subsidizing your own murder

So Israel is about to establish a Palestinian state in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The scarecrow Olmert already promised it to Abbas the mass murderer in Jericho. But the “good news” doesn’t end just there! The US and Israel defrosted assets and opened the faucets of funds to the PA. This is great, peace in our time - oh brother. Well guess what?

Today these funds went to pay a full year of salaries to 3500 Hamas terrorists employed by the PA in Gaza. That’s right – our tax money just paid Hamas terrorists’ catch-up salaries for a year.

Israel and the US pay to Terrorists - why and what on earth for? Perhaps it’s to subsidize their rockets? Israel and the US gave thousands of rifles – supposedly to the “Moderate” terrorists, but it all went directly to Hamas in Gaza. I can’t scratch my head hard enough to make sense out of “Olmert the scarecrow”’s thought process.

Monday, August 06, 2007

How Borat gets married - even if he is a professor...

The humorist scene where Borat tries to abduct Pamela Anderson to make her marry him might make some smile - but if your daughter was a professor in Gaza you would probably cry.

Ridiculous reporting: Man viciously attacked by Panda

Wow – really?! Hold the press… I just read at some idiotic news site that a zoo worker in China was “viciously” attacked by a Panda bear. Well... It’s a bear right? So how could he have done it “viciously”? I’m really tired with the dumb stories about “cute Pandas” in China. I think those are planted stories which were designed to sooth the world’s public opinion of China. As long as everybody is talking about the latest fart a Panda bear made – no one is talking about human rights.

Maybe Israel should adopt a national bear? The Palestinian-Rat-Bear viciously attacked a zoo worker. Now that’s a headline worth printing.