Monday, January 12, 2009

Euro Human Rights Hypocrisy: abstained on vote condemning Israel at UN HRC

Who cares what another antisemitic blind arm of the UN says or does. The only thing that should receive attention is how the European Union Members act within these settings. While proclaiming to be the end-all,be-all of international law and justice, while preaching others - they do not act against abuses of their beloved "peace" organization - the UN and the Human Rights Council. One day they'll wake up - a day too late, and all the dumb zombie movies like "28 days later" will seem like a walk in the park compared to the Islamic theocracy they will have imposed on themselves.

UN Human Rights Council votes to condemn Israel on Gaza op, EU members abstain
The top UN rights body has approved a resolution condemning Israel's military offensive in Gaza saying it has "resulted in massive violations of human rights of the Palestinian people."

On Monday, the Human Rights Council's 47 members voted 33 in favor and 1 against the resolution that also accuses Israel of systematically destroying Palestinian infrastructure and of targeting civilians and medical facilities.

European Union countries abstained and Canada voted against the resolution.

The resolution approved in Geneva Monday urges an end to the rocket attacks but mentions neither Hamas nor violations of Israeli civilians' rights.

I have a war crime I'd like to discuss with the hypocrite EU leaders:
Cnn, 1999:Serbs report civilian deaths in NATO bridge attack

Another "source", always changing and never reliable, Wikipedia:
1999 NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, civilian casualties
Human Rights Watch reported between 489 and 528 civilians were killed in the ninety separate incidents in Operation Allied Force. Albanian refugees were among the victims. Almost two thirds (303 to 352) of the total registered civilian deaths occurred in twelve incidents where ten or more civilian deaths were confirmed. Almost half of the incidents resulted from attacks during daylight hours, when civilians could have been expected to be on the roads and bridges or in public buildings
(HRW - unreliable, antisemitic, but good enough source for this)

NATO spokesman at the time:
There is always a cost to defeat an evil," he said. "It never comes free, unfortunately. But the cost of failure to defeat a great evil is far higher." He insisted NATO planes had bombed only "legitimate designated military targets" and if more civilians had died it was because NATO had been forced into military action

I can add so many links and info about that war - in which no member of NATO was attacked by the Serbs. Whereas now, Israel was/is being bombed by Hamas. Israel response is with great attempts to avoid civilian casualties and Hamas' documented use of human shields is in an attempt to maximize civilian casualties on their side.

EU nations - shame, shame, and shame again.

More, separate, and recent UN anti Israel abuses:
gatewaypundit: Outrage After UN General Assembly President Alleges Jews Are Like Nazis (Video)

Power line:UN Accuses Israel, Apparently Falsely
Hot air:UN spokesman: IDF admitted there were no mortars fired from shelled UN school
Not only hasn’t the IDF made this admission to anyone else that I can find, but Israel’s ambassador to Austria insisted just yesterday that there was a Hamas weapons depot under the school.

Then again, would a UN spokesman lie this blatantly? Errr, let me rephrase: Would a UN spokesman lie this blatantly on the record, as a named source?

Being and acting like Dhimmis - won't save Europe, only dig their grave faster.

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