Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time to impose puppet dictators in the Middle East

Seriously, has no-one ever considered solutions such as the above in the Middle East? Of course they did – that is how the British and French took over after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and that is how the Kingdoms of Jordan, Iraq, and Saud were raised. It is lack of attention to defiance and hatred that has led us all to the current situation – hate speech should have never been permitted in the new states of the Middle East.

My view on solving the Palestinian terror issue:
1. Gradually take over neighborhood by neighborhood.
2. Search every house for weapons. Take out all satellite and internet access.
3. Recruit local unarmed officers
4. Enforce local hidden security and actively seek to incarcerate resistance – political or militarily.
5. Put barriers between each neighborhood. Separate areas “freed” from the PA-Chaos, and areas under PA-Chaos.
6. Group several such occupied neighborhoods under a hierarchy of paid collaborators.
7. Create a local army of trusted collaborators with financial interest in keeping the peace. Do not let them excuse any bad behavior by attempts to please locals. The only goal is to keep order and cooperation.
8. Continue said plan until Gaza is taken over again and put under complete Israeli occupation and control.
9. Control the local media, and prevent outside influences. Create local television channels and control them. Create news paper outlets and control them.
10. Implant a local dictator to Gaza and then finally:
11. Seek world recognition of a sovereign state in Gaza to which Israel will pass the reigns of control gradually.

From there – once peace is kept and imposed though force, start implementing Bush’s ideals:
1. Slowly ease occupying measures
2. Provide amnesty to formerly resisting forces selectively.
3. On every step backwards into resistance and terrorism, re-impose totalitarian measures.

Once several generations have passed and Jihady philosophy is rooted out, once peace is kept and reassured – then, and only then – it would be the right time to implement Democracy. Such democracy should have the tools and measures to combat new attempts to Jihady take over.

I know this sounds harsh – but what has the humanitarian way brought us (Arabs, Americans and Israelis)?

A few notes:
1. Under no circumstances should there be resettlement of Jews within hostile Arab communities. Although Jewish communities existed for centuries prior to Zionism, including in Gaza, from the current state of affair (as well as the future one) we can deduct that never again could Arabs live peacefully with Jews. There is a threshold of hate that cannot be overcome.
2. Despite Note#1, Israel should continuously spread the word of cooperation between Arabs and Jews as a key to future coexistence. The interest of Arabs as peaceful neighbors should be emphasized again and again. The bright future that could be versus the nightmare that is the current state of affairs as a result of Jihadists and Terror.
3. It is time for visionary statehood philosophy to be imposed on the Palestinians as a replacement to the Jihady state of mind that has been allowed to persist.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Best commentary on the situation yet...

Read here

The apologizing mole man - a winner?!

Chief Hezbollah - Nasralla Bam Bam - is too scared to surface. He knows he is fair game for Israeli missiles and simply chooses to live the rest of his life underground. See - he won the war - therefore he can live the rest of his life under the ground. Go eat roots mole-man.

Well, it gets better: Mole man apologized on Lebanese broadcast for starting a war. He didn’t mean to. He really thought that murdering and kidnapping is not an action that starts a war. Especially not with Israelis whom should be accustomed to this type of behavior from their loving Arab neighbors.

Although I do not think Israel "won" this war, I certainly don’t believe the mole-man, mister bam bam did. I would love to see his photo 20 years from now - after not seeing the light of day for fear from meeting justice. I turn to sci-fi to imagine the complexion of his white-transparent skin and wild lice infested beard. I’m going to turn to Babylon 5 for a bunch of pictures to see which would match him most.

God bless, they are alive and well

Best wishes to the families of the fox news employees, former hostages.

All the worst wishes to their captors. I hope a missile will get you soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The world has not ended - yet

My wife asked me a week ago what do I think will happen on 8-22, will Iran start a war? Will the cease fire in Lebanon collapse? I answered to her that either a war starts or we win the lottery. I spent 5$ on tuesday's lotterry.

Sadly - I did not win the lottery... but neither has the world come to an end. I believe the latter is a good thing.

No real need to mention that it is high time the world powers (USA, Russia and China) start putting real pressure on Iran, Lebanon and Syria to end the madness.

By the way - has anyone noticed how two days after the decleration of the cease fire in Lebanon - the US media has decided that peace has broke out and there is no more need to cover the story? Anyone notice any news bits over the kidnapped foxnews reporters in Gaza? Just today their kidnappers released a video of them and an impossible demand hinting they are about to chop their heads "Zarkawi" style. Such lovely people the Palestinians. As far as I'm concerned, there are 5 hostages in terrorists hands which should be released under no terms for the situation in Lebanon and the Palestinian authority to move forward. That is 3 Israeli soldiers, and 2 foxnews reporters.

I said before that I think the pot is reaching a boiling point - I believe that this situation has not changed. We are now talking about 5 hostages, soon we will be talking about more, the only situation which has pacified a bit is the rockets flying into Israel from the north. The situation is still pretty much the same from the south. Rockets still rain in on southern Israeli towns.

Let's face it - being right in your ambitions, being just in your heart - is not a guarenty to achieving victory and implementing your ideals. I see the current Bush/Olmert set of actions and tactics as a disaster. Time to wake up - No democracy can take hold in an enviroment of Mafia rule. Terrorists are not political parties and when they pretend to be, they take over and act as thugs. The historical lesson of allowing Hitler to pretend to be anything other than a thug - something like a political leader - has brought great pain to the world. This lesson has to be learned and implmented when discussing the Middle East. Terrorists like Nasralla, Mashal(Hamas-Syria), and Hania (Hamas-PA), thugs like Assad and Ahmedinajad and coward wizals such as Fuad Seniora(Lebanon) should not be allowed to threaten the world. The only way to win this war against Radical Islam is to fight it - not to debate it at the UN.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Feel the peace as demanded by UN - are you scared yet?

I'll open by saying that I'll be away for a few days and won't be able to comment much about the disgusting situation that continues...

So in a very few words - I'm disgusted. All this carnage to release a person who murdered a family because they are Jewish; Samir Kuntar. Is this not despicable?! 1000 Lebanese lives, 150 Israelis, to release a murderer, and the UN did not even try to address the problem? The Israeli government accepted this? The Lebanese government declared they accept nothing except Israeli retreat – claming they will not do even the minimum required by them at the UN resolution.

Kofi Anan is an anti-Semite, and his organization is so very much concerned with humanitarian aid, but fails to mention how he cares about delivering such aid only to one side of the conflict. The side that started it all, and refused to end it by undoing its deeds, releasing the hostages. HOSTAGES! A sovereign state has taken hostages from another and refuses to abide by the Geneva Convention and allow the Red Cross to meet them. How messed up is the UN? Why did our country – the US – support this deal? Is it because the idiot in charge of Israel actually wanted this result? Actually wanted Israel to stop under the pressure and request of the UN – like a bully screaming “hold me” because he really is too scared to punch other kids?

Most of all, I must confess – I am confused. If there is a cease fire, then why did Olmert order the army to march forward? Why escalate? Everything here sounds backwards and awful. I do hope I just misunderstand the situation. Time will tell, I’ll be back next week to inject my view on this rapidly changing situation.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The French are coming! The French are coming!

What in the world is the interest of France as a buffering power between Israel and Hezbollah?! Is it a resurrection of the French empire ambitions? As noted before, there is an obvious risk of deterioration in relations between France and Israel. Hezbollah and Iran can orchestrate moves which would put Israeli and French soldiers in direct conflict, possibly forcing the sides to face each other in war.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where’s the outrage over the scores dead in Iraq?

If I hear one more time whining about a dead terrorist in Lebanon or a misfire in Iraq by Marines I’ll scream. (oops I'm screaming again - inside) Scores died. Scores – in the hands of Islamist. Arabs killing Arabs are just not a big cause for the bleeding hearts making a feast out of every casualty not killed by Arabs. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the Main Stream Media's fake posture. I’m sick of CAIR and other Muslim groups in the west who “care” so very much for Lebanese and Palestinians but do not care at all for the Iraqis.

To all the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Emeritus – stop pouring money into terrorist’s hands and start helping your civilian brothers in Iraq. Enough with this!

Humiliation is key

Often we hear about Muslim offended and humiliated. It is well known now that humiliation is a keyword in the Middle Eastern culture. Many things are driven by sense of humiliation such as Honor Killing, Blood Vendettas and utter defeat being portrayed as a glorious victory. It is not only important to shake off any sense of humiliation but it is also important to inflict supposed humiliation on your enemy. Hezbollah as the micro-cosmos of the Arab mentality shines when Humiliation is discussed. A unilateral withdrawal of Israel is portrayed as a glorious victory which shames the Jews. A demand to disarm is labeled as an attempt to humiliate Muslims. Anything other than a complete surrender to the demands of the terrorist is a humiliating term to a cease fire. Is this not barbaric backwardness? How about a claim to be victorious by having Nasralla not dead while the rest of Lebanon burns?

Looking at recent history one can notice that unless the Arabs are humiliated at war, they do not cease. Cases in point: The second intafada faded away only after a complete destruction of the elder leadership in Hamas and Fatah (Yasin and Arafat). Simply destroying the infrastructure or hurting the population does not constitute humiliating enough for Arabs to stop fighting. In 1948 the Arabs were defeated so badly – that it took them 19 years to attempt the next war to eliminate Israel. They were defeated and humiliated again in 67 – this time it took them 6 years to regroup from humiliation. Only in 77 when Egypt signed a peace treaty was the first acknowledgment from Arab leaders that they cannot win.

The unilateral withdrawals gave Arabs hope. Not for a better future, but for a better outcome of war. This hope has led them to forget how humiliated they have become in previous wars and the results were the second Intifada and the second Lebanon war. Any concessions to end the current situation which do not humiliate the Arabs – apparently will drive the next war. Humiliation is key.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Connecting the dots here at the US

A few recent news bits made little noise for very odd reasons. Follow the trail:
1. School bus attack dry run at Florida
2. Hollow shoe man dry run at Dallas airport
3. Hezbollah supporting outbursts here in Dearboristan
4. Disappearing 11 Egyptian students in NY
5. Seattle pogrom on Jewish center

Is a big scale attack on Jewish targets imminent in the US? Is it going to happen in Jihad capitol USA (Dearboristan)?

Update: (morning of Augest 10th)
The pot is definitely brewing. More signs of getting closer to boiling stages. These little bits of news I heard on the radio on the Laura Ingram show. They were read by some congressman taking over for her, quoting from the news wire:

1. 2 Arabs from Dearborn were caught in Ohio with dozens of phones, cash and flight related information. If they will be prosecuted for terror related charges they might still be out in 18 months.
2. 3 Egyptians caught of the missing 11, someone in AP decided to print that they are NOT held on terror charges and are not terror related
3. Big plot uncovered in Britain. The Muslims wanted to blow international flights. Many airports in Europe are shut down or in partial work pace.

My guess: More to come… remember that Iran is brewing something for the 22nd of this month.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The silly side of the Fauxtougraphers Brouhaha

Read here. I followed the post from LGF to get there.

A silly smile came over me when I saw the passion of the toys. The progranda war has become a laughing matter. But then I shook the smile off and faced the dark reality - sinisters\ and malace augmantation of reality is being done here to win some points and stear some hate against the Jews and against Israel.

The faux-tos are so fake, it would take a complete idiot to post them through his news wire service and pretend no directing hand was involved.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Why is Arab diplomacy ineffective?

The Arab League foreign ministers met today in Beirut. The Arabs should know by now that these meetings are meaningless and teathless. They do not however understand why it is such a waste of time. I'll inject my view on this: The Arabs, their leaders and their media find it too hard to take an honest look at reality and put some (at least some) of the blame on themselves. Their magic solution is always to blame the "other". The west, the jews, Israel, USA, Communisim, Nazism, Faschism, Christianity, Jesus, jews murdering Jesus, the water, the air and the sand. Everything but a hard look at them selves, anything but reality.

Their situation can only change once they start some healthy self critisizm. Once that happens, the rest of the world would be much better as well.

Some very smart words

Someone is thinking clearly and decided to elaborate on Lebanon's prime minister's ass kissing "thank you" to Hezbolla - here

Friday, August 04, 2006

My rhetoric question of the day

Why are Muslims around the world volunteering to murder JEWS? Pay attention to Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt. Pay attention to Belgium, Australia, Baltimore and Seattle. Why in the name of "protest" are Jews outside of Israel being targeted for murder?

Why is the UN silent on this? Why are CNN, AP, and AFP? EU? Anyone? HELLO?!

It seems that for some reason Jews, not Israelis, even if they are citizens of any country other than Israel are fair game.

Seriously - is this 1939 or 1943?!

Did anyone volunteer somewhere to murder Arabs in protest to something? Did anyone volunteer to murder Muslims? When did murder become a valid type of a protest? It is high time the civilized world denounce the barbarism which has taken over humanity in the last couple of decades.

Bam Bam responds to Israeli satire with anger

The Israeli satire show "Wonderfull country" made fun of Nasralla Bam Bam - cheif Hezbollah ass wipe (see previous posts) - by reducing his retoric of "beyond haifa... and beyond and beyond" in arabic to ridicul.

In Arabic, it sounds something like this: "Ba-ada Haifa, wa ba-ada Haifa, wa ba-ada ba-ada ba-ada Haifa... ba-ada... ba-ada... ba-ada"... and so on, and so forth - like a demented goat.

In his last speach he vowed not to use this expression any more. Do you think someone's feelings were hurt? Poor terrorist... let me wipe your tears with a spatula.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Very hard days

The barrage of rockets, the blitz, which had no other intention than to murder civilians has miraculously mainly scorched the earth, destroyed towns but hurt little amount of people on one blow.

The truth is that with every day passing, with 2 people dying a day, 100-s wounded, the industry shut down, and hundreds of thousands forced to live as fugitives in southern areas of Israel - the truth is that the civilian population in Israel is carrying a very heavy toll. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone in particular. I stated my opinion before – the extra care given to the cost the enemy pays is ridiculous.

The aggressor, the side that started this and refuses to end it must pay and pay and pay until a complete surrender – not until a “peace keeping force” arrives to guard the terrorist. By guarding the terrorists I believe everyone already understands that they will not fight them – they will PROTECT them from harm.

It is an easy solution in my mind, and I feel ashamed that the government of Israel cares more for the well being of the enemy’s civilians then its own. This is exactly the same case as in southern Israel were rockets are allowed to be fired at Sderot and Ashkelon. The enemy knows it is safe while it hides behind his own people. This equation has to change at some point.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reversed reporting

The AP does its best to pretend it is neutral while reporting on the situation between Israel and Lebanon. This is how the headline on Yahoo News reads right now:

Israel sends 8,000 troops into Lebanon
AP - 1 hour, 25 minutes ago

BOURJ AL-MULOUK, Lebanon - Israel pressed the first full day of a massive new ground attack, sending 8,000 troops into southern Lebanon on Wednesday and seizing five people it said were Hezbollah fighters in a dramatic airborne raid on a northeastern town. Hezbollah retaliated with its deepest strikes yet into Israel, firing a record number of more than 160 rockets.

Here's how it should have been reported:
Hezbollah fires record number of 160 rockets on Jewish civilians

Hezbollah continues its war against the Jewish people in Israel with more rockets than ever before. Israel retaliated today with a massive new ground attack, sending 8,000 troops into southern Lebanon and seizing five terroirsts in a dramatic airborne raid on northeasternn terorrist's stronghold.

Can't really expect much from AP - can I?