Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Israel's Unilatiral Cease Fire's First Casualties

Crickets around the world chirp in protest of Arabs' assault, sit-ins in protest of Dead soldier not being dead enough:

JPost:IDF soldier killed by powerful roadside bomb on Gaza border

An IDF non-commissioned officer was killed on Tuesday morning when a roadside bomb planted by Gaza operatives along Israel's border with the Strip detonated under the army vehicle he was traveling in.

Another officer was seriously wounded and two soldiers were lightly hurt in the incident near the Kissufim crossing, the army said.

The casualties were evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba.

The family of the fatality requested that neither his name nor his photo be published.[SM: Probably an Arab serving in the IDF]

Following the incident, the IDF fired at several targets inside Gaza and IDF soldiers briefly crossed the border in search of the attackers.

IAF helicopters hovered in the air firing machine gun bursts, Palestinian witnesses said. An IAF jet set off a loud sonic boom over Gaza City not long afterward, possibly as a warning.

In other related news, the "glorious victory" leaders of Hamas are still hiding under a rock - cease fire or not, they are marked for elimination...

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