Friday, December 28, 2012

Abbas theatens to quit, Israeli former FM: Please Quit! We can't wait!

Sometimes you have to take a step back and consider how the Palestinians act as pure comedy.

Lieberman on Abbas' Threat: Please Quit, We Can't Wait

Abbas hugging murderer Amna Muna in Turkey, she lured a Jewish boy on the internet to have him murdered - because he was a dirty Jew, was freed by Hammas' Shalit kidnapping deal, was visited in Turkey by Abbas
Lieberman welcomes Abbas' threat to step down. 'We're pleased he recognizes the way forward.'
Yisrael Beiteinu head Avigdor Lieberman, until recently the Foreign Minister, reacted with joy Friday as Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas threatened to quit if negotiations do not resume. Abbas has refused to negotiate in absence of several Israeli concessions, including a complete freeze on construction east of the 1949 armistice line.

According to Lieberman, Israel "can't wait" for Abbas to follow through on his threat.

"We congratulate Abu Mazen [Abbas] for reaching the correct conclusion, that only his leave from the PA leadership will allow the diplomatic process to resume," Lieberman said.

"We anxiously await the official announcement from the Muqata regarding his retirement," he added. "There are many alternatives among the Palestinians with whom we could hold a diplomatic dialog."

"It's Abbas' remaining [as leader] that will ultimately bring Hamas and other radicals to power in Judea and Samaria," he warned.
Abbas told Haaretz that if negotiations do not resume after the elections, "I will take the phone and call (Prime Minister Binyamin) Netanyahu. I'll tell him...Sit in the chair here instead of me, take the keys, and you will be responsible for the Palestinian Authority."

Abbas has demanded a construction freeze that would include a ban on natural growth in major Israeli towns that it has previously been assumed would remain Israeli under a diplomatic agreement. He also has required that Israel free PA resident terrorists, allow the PA to arm its police force more heavily, and agree in principle to his major territorial demands. At the same time, he has refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state or to end incitement to terrorism, and continues to support the "right of return" for millions of people descended from Arabs who fled pre-state Israel to move to Israel.

Abbas' term in office expired in early 2009, but he has declined to hold new elections, arguing that PA residents should vote for a new leader only after Hamas-led Gaza reunites with the Fatah-led PA in Judea and Samaria.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Truce?! Gaza infiltrator attempts stabbing family, blocked by hero Mom

I was hoping for at least a week of rest from this shit. I'm sure the families living around Gaza were hoping as well.

Gaza man shot dead by IDF troops in Eshkol

They blow up so young, who would have thought these children would grow up to be murderers?
Man infiltrates Israeli border, attacks resident of southern border town before being shot dead; army probes possible terror attack

An IDF force has shot dead an assailant who broke into a home in the southern town of Sdei Avraham on Monday and stabbed a female resident. The woman was lightly hurt in the attack.

A preliminary investigation by the army found that the trespasser was a Gaza resident who infiltrated Israel's border. The security services initially reported the incident was criminal in nature but later postulated the attack was nationalistically driven.

According to the IDF, he was shot down by Kfir Brigade soldiers when he tried to assail the troops who ordered him to stop.

According to Deputy Inspector General Peretz Amar of the Negev police, the Gaza man broke into the home at 4 am and attacked the woman, who was at the house with her children. She fought back, making him flee. The woman was lightly hurt in the her face and shoulder when he wielded his knife

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Australians make a PSA advising Israelis how to hilariously get rid of Hamas terrorist

Of course, I'm taking the following theme song to Darwin awards out of context, but it is hilarious, and I do wish most of it on Hamasholes (as should any other decent human being).

What if...

A bus explodes in Israel, Gaza celebrates. A missile hits Rishon L'Zion residential building, Gazastan boast victory. Turkey's FM sheds tears in Gaza hospital - you know - where they hide their long range missiles, where they fire them from at Jerusalem. Egypt's Morsi was reported yesterday to have said that a cease fire will have happened yesterday, yet he didn't say that. He said "Israelli aggression". Israel is surrounded and led by its enemies - all support continued murder and terrorizing Jews in Israel.

Well, what if Israel had done a small bit of what it is accused of?
  • If Israel were to target civilians, Gaza would evaporate. 
  • If Israel was a terrorist state, then why aren't the Arabs in Israel, Judea, Summeria terrorized? Why do Gaza civilians feel relatevily safe while bombs descend on terrorists next door?
  • If Israel were ever to perform ethnic cleansing, then how come it is plagued with hostile Arabs?
  • If Israel was the aggressor, then how-come it had to develop and deploy a super expensive rocket defense system? What exactly about sending missiles at Israeli civilians not making the Arabs the aggressors?

The maddening part of it all - is that these are all simply logical statements, easy to comprehend by level headed individuals. However, Israel and Jews are dealing with a deranged world, unhinged media, and Nazi-like Turkey and Egypt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Collection of posters: Israel under attack

Found these on facebook, shared by friends and relatives.

Hamas under brutal attack by Israeli aggressor

Gaza hospital directory

Gaza rockets: what would Obama do?

Gaza: Kids in the winter

Gaza: Hamas humanitarism

Gaza: Moms

Gaza: Why innocent die in Gaza?

Gaza: weather forecast

Gaza: What would Cameron do?

Gaza: harmless projectiles

Gaza: BBC is anti-Israel

Gaza: What would Merkel do?

Gaza: Over my home

Gaza: Imagine if New York...

Gaza: war crimes

Compare and contrast, Israelis love their children, Hamas parades dead


(Hamas has once again apparently been caught faking an image of a dead Palestinian child--this time using a child likely killed by its own rocket fire and claiming that an Israeli attack was responsible)

'nough said.

Madness: Israel delays ground op further (link dump)

It seems like Israel is continuously pressured to make the wrong decisions at its citizen's lives and livelihood expense. Gaza disengagement was a mistake, a deadly one - and it is time to correct that mistake once and for good.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Report: Israel eliminated 4 heads of Islamic Jihad in media building

Somewhere, an MSM "journalist" is shedding a tear for his friends next door.

4 Islamic Jihad operatives hit by IDF airstrike

Four Islamic Jihad top operatives were hit by the IDF in the Gaza Strip, when an IAF plane fired at a media building in Gaza, where the operatives were stating. Foreign press representatives were apparently also in the building during the strike.

Is a cease fire imposed on Israel on unfavorable terms?

Consider the headlines:

Meanwhile, bombing continues, and IDF reserves recruits are waiting for command. Many Israelis feel that if the intention is not to take Gaza back and eliminate terror threat for good, a ground invasion will be a waste of IDF soldiers' blood. People don't believe the world will let Israel properly defend itself.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Narrative and reporting based on fairy tales

So the IDF is insisting they are doing their best to minimize harm to Arab civilians in Gaza, IDF tweeted:
VIDEO: Terrorists put an underground launch site next to a mosque. We targeted the site. The mosque was unharmed. …


The Jihadi scum in Gaza is insisting their real goal is to kill civilian Jews and terrorize them, not shy about using human shields:

And I guess the real question is how do CNN and BBC manage to miss that tidbit and insist on painting Israel is blood-thirsty murderers and the Gaza Jihadi scum as victims?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Video: IDF answers why war now? Fajr-5 threatens 3.5 mil civilians, also - armed UAV-s

Would you mind making a pancake mashed potatoes out of Gaza already?

IDF strikes Hamas UAV warehouse in Gaza

Next in line - Lebanon, again. And again - without IDF in the field occupying potential terrorist lands and subduing their murderous desires, we will see a repeat. The world is allowing Iran to create this terror launching bases on the backs of a willing Arab population.

Gaza fired rocket at Jerusalem

Official tweet:

From IDFSpokesperson tweet: Confirmed: A rocket fired from Gaza struck outside Jerusalem, Israel's capital city. #IsraelUnderFire

I've said this before: When you want to shoot, shoot, don't talk. Ground operation should have started on day 1, not talked about endlessly. Gaza should not have been abandoned to terrorist rule, and the only fix is to take it back and not return it. Egypt's peace treaty is already null of content, its only valid sign of existence is Egypt mostly holding back its tanks from Sinai. It would take about a day for that reality to change. Israel shouldn't just put in troops into Gaza, but properly prepare for Egyptian forces on its southern border. In short - prepare to take Sinai back. Just this no-body's opinion, far away in Michigan, who still has a lot of family and friends back in Israel.

Obama urges Egypt to pressure Gaza to cease attacking civilians, Egypt sends PM as human shield to express solidarity, president Morsi threatens war on Israel

Surprise, the Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood in charge in Egypt - are aligned with the Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood who took charge in Gaza.

Bonus, when they fail to murder Jews, they murder Arabs in Gaza. Blood thirsty animals.

* Gaza rocket fire continues during Egypt PM's visit

Imagine Hamas's fire crackers hitting your kitchen. Hey kids, snack time?

* Egypt's PM in Gaza denounces Israel's attacks as 'aggression'

Show of solidarity, no pressure to stop targeting civilians.

* Morsi aims to incite violence against Israel
* Obama presses Egypt to help rein in Hamas as Gaza conflict escalates
And finally, the talks Obama had with Morsi weren't about stopping Hamas, they are actually about Morsi's real current intentions:
Obama works to avert Israel-Egypt break as Gaza violence persists

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 2: Rockets on Tel Aviv, Russia condemns response as disproportional, Israeli civilian casualties

I wonder, did Georgia bomb Moscow? No - then STFU. Enough's enough - it's time to flatten Gaza.

Rocket Falls Near Tel Aviv, IDF Massing Armor

Rocket "fell into sea near Bat Yam," hurt no one. IDF massing ground forces near Gaza. Minister: Gaza is in for unprecedented attack.

Rockets fired at Tel Aviv area for first time since Gulf War
Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid escalation

... Russia strongly condemned Israel's "disproportionate" use of force in air strikes on the Gaza Strip while calling on Palestinian terrorists to halt firing rockets at the Jewish state.
Exactly how is a nation supposed to respond to such attacks? Any options besides turning Gaza to a pancake?

* 3 killed by rocket fire in Kiryat Malachi

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sure sounds like Egypt wants to test their American funded, trained and equipped military against Israel

In any other words, these "freedom seekers" from Egypt are saying - since you Jews are protecting your selves against missiles of Jihad - we will end the defunct peace agreement and initiate war.

All hale Arab Spring - for freedom and democracy - right...

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Warns Israel: We Will No Longer Tolerate Attacks on Palestinians

Egypt’s Islamist Freedom and Justice Party, formerly headed by President Mohamed Morsi, said on Wednesday Egypt would no longer stand by as Israel attacked Palestinians after air strikes killed a Hamas leader.

Israel declares war

I don't remember Israel IDF spokesperson ever going with a statement like this, it's usually after a couple of hours of operation, this time - Israel first declares then acts.

IDF Begins Widespread Campaign on Terror Targets in the Gaza Strip

Butt buddies, soon to join Muhammad in hell...
In the past hour, the IDF targeted Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelon of the Hamas’ command and was directly responsible for executing terror attacks against the State of Israel in the past number of years.

The purpose of this operation was to severely impair the command and control chain of the Hamas leadership, as well as its terrorist infrastructure. This was a surgical operation in cooperation with the Israeli Security Agency, that was implemented on the basis of concrete intelligence and using advanced capabilities.

Expect CNN to do their best to help the enemies of civilization again and report on Israeli military actions in the war arena...

Israel resumes swatting flies in Gaza: Hamas 2nd in command taken out

So long murderous Jihadi scum.

Hamas military leader Ahmed Jaabari assassinated in IAF airstrike

Bombing in Gaza City kills a second man traveling in the car with the head of Hamas’s military wing

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tomorrow's headline: Israel kills poor Arabs of Gaza, today's missing headline: Gaza terrorist shell civilians indiscriminately for a week.

I don't know how many times, and for how long this has to be said: Take Gaza back, kill the terrorist, stay there to prevent future terror. Yes, it is that simple, and fuck those who would object. It's not their lives and livelihood on the line, not their children traumatized.

Southern War Continues, Netivot Factory Hit

A Grad rocket fired by Gaza Arab terrorists exploded next to a factory in the industrial zone of Netivot Monday afternoon.

The war in southern Israel is still raging. On Monday afternoon, a Grad rocket fired by Gaza Arab terrorists exploded next to a factory in the industrial zone of Netivot. Six people suffered from shock as a result of the attack. Witnesses said that there was a great deal of damage to the structure.

This was the second attack on the city Monday; earlier, a rocket fired at the city exploded in a residential neighborhood. That rocket caused a great deal of damage, gutting a shop near where the rocket exploded. Twenty six people were treated by medical personnel after going into shock, with some needing extensive treatment at a trauma center.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the owner of the damaged store said that the rocket hit near the back of his business, in a courtyard used by residents of a housing complex. “I was told by residents of the building about the damage to my shop. I couldn't believe the extent of the damage when I saw what had happened,” he said. “All my stock is destroyed, and the power in the area is out.”

That attack occurred only hours after a ceasefire supposedly went into effect

Friday, November 09, 2012

Obama 2nd term begins with removing Hamas funder from terror list to appease DNC's Muslim terrorist base

I want to say "un-fricken-believable", but following recent election day - not only believable, but expected and predictable. Hamas has a man in the white house. We're fucked - big time.

Chicago Man Convicted in Israel of Aiding Hamas Removed From U.S. Terrorist Watch-List

... the administration made a bold step Wednesday — the day after President Obama won his re-election bid – of removing a convicted Hamas operative (and Chicago resident) from its designated terrorist list.

59-year old Muhammad Salah, who spent nearly five years in an Israeli prison for funding the terrorist outfit, was taken off the list by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. The terrorist designation prohibited Salah from obtaining employment or allegedly to make simple purchases without seeking permission from proper authorities

Monday, November 05, 2012

Popcorn time: Pallywood sends little blond Arab girls to annoy soldiers

Someone give the 'bakalaka street' screaming brat her pacifier. Note in the video how the moms are pushing the kids on the soldiers, and then the screaming 'qagalaqagqa' blond pulls the guy's gun.

Just another day of Arabs working to improve understanding among nations. Look how amused the soldiers are when she yells "IRQAQAQA VAFNEWNQAQA SDKEFQAQA ASLQALAQA QQAQAQAQAQAQA LAQALQALQAQQAQA QAQAQ BALAQAQAQA".

Absurd morons.

Pallywood: Crying Blond Arab Girl Resurfaces
Arabs in Judea and Samaria have brought soldier-baiting for propaganda to the degree of art, video shows.

A video that has been uploaded to Youtube shows how Arabs in Judea and Samaria abuse their own children and manipulate unwitting Israeli soldiers in order to manufacture photographs that can be used for propaganda purposes.

The case in point is a situation that appears to have been masterfully directed by an unknown propagandist, starring a girl who was successfully used for the same purpose three months earlier.

In August, Arab propagandists produced photos of a soldier manhandling a crying Arab girl – an excellent illustration of the theme propagated by Israel's enemies, regarding Israel's allegedly evil military occupation of Judea and Samaria.

The girl was blond and light-skinned to boot – making the photos more touching for many westerners, as she appeared to be "one of their own."

The new video shows the girl in a similar situation, but this time it is plain to see what really goes on in these "photo ops."

The girl was obviously instructed to "get in the faces" of the soldiers, and spent a considerable amount of time cursing them, shouting herself hoarse and hitting them on occasion as well. At the same time, adults all around her were taping the occurrences, waiting for a soldier to lose his nerve.

The staging of scenes for Israel-baiting is such a common Arab tactic in the Palestinian Authority that the industry has come to be known as "Pallywood."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another round of bombarding Israeli civilians by the Hamasholes

It's a broken record by now: Take Gaza back, eliminate the terrorists, don't return it. There you go.

Fresh rocket, mortar barrage brings total to 72; 5 hurt

Hamas claims responsibility for rockets; IAF strikes terrorist squads, killing 4 Hamas members; southern municipalities cancel school; Iron Dome successfully intercepts eight Grad rockets fired at South.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Man arrested for holding up a Tel Aviv shawarma stand

I don't think a news item ever matched the title of this blog so perfectly. Apparently, he didn't want their stinking money, just Tahini sauce. Drool inducing photo of some generic Shawarma place included. (note to Israelis, in the US you usually put a mug shot, but staring at a Shawarma this morning is fun)

Your shawarma or your life

A 33-year-old Kfar Saba resident was arrested Monday morning after he threatened restaurant workers in Tel Aviv at gunpoint, demanding to be served shawarma.

Shawarma is a dish of grilled meat, usually turkey or lamb, shaved off a large block kept rotating on a spit and served in a pita or wrap.

A short time after the suspect fled the scene, police received a report of a man who matched the description of the restaurant robber also threatening the owners of the nightclub HaOman 17.

The suspect was finally arrested at a checkpoint set up at the entrance to Kfar Saba. He was set to go before the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for a remand hearing.
Note, the checkpoint wasn't there for the Shawarma robber. Nope, one of Kfar Saba's entrances leads to the wild lands of Palestinian Authority and settlements.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stupid: Lebanese want to sue TV show 'Homeland' for portraying their country as homeland of terrorists

You know... except for being controlled by a recognized terror group Hezbollah, and having a car bomb explode today, and occasional political assassination, and abductions, and terrorists all around - completely false.

These are the same morons who tried all sorts of non-sense regarding Israelis producing Humus.

* TV show 'Homeland' irks Lebanese, Israelis

Err... no it doesn't irk Israelis, that's a made up narrative the AP created, perhaps to make the Lebanese government appear less stupid?

* Car bomb rips through Beirut; casualties expected

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More rockets on Israeli civilians, folly of unilateral withdrawal continues

Here's a solution: take it back, punish the terrorists.

IAF Strikes in Gaza After Rocket Barrage on Sderot

IAF aircraft strike a terror activity center in northern Gaza, several hours after terrorists fire on Sderot.

If only real life had a "CTRL+Z"....

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gazastan continues to commit war crimes and terrorize Jewish civilians via rockets

The things that don't make headlines anymore. Sickening.

Rocket Strikes Ashkelon Area

A rocket fired from Gaza crashed into southern Israel on Monday night, without causing casualties or damage, an Israeli military spokesman said.

"The rocket landed in the Ashkelon area without causing any casualties or damage," the spokesman told AFP.

The attack comes after a similar incident on Monday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama on Israelly plea regarding Iranian nuke threat: “I am going to block out any noise that’s out there"

This bastard finally shows us who he really is, and how much he cares whether or not Iran nukes the Jews in Israel.

Obama Downgrades U.S.-Israel Alliance


Responding to a question about Israel’s request that he explain his “red lines” on the Iranian nuclear program, Obama said, “I am going to block out any noise that’s out there.” He continued, saying that despite the “noise,” he is “in close consultation with the Israelis” because “they’re one of our closest allies in the region.”


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Israeli GI Jane killed one of terrorists in Friday terror attack

This is the main headline of Israel's free daily print newspaper - Israel Hayon. Female soldier killed one of the terrorists. If you dig through the following link, you will find similar message:

Israeli soldier, Netanel Yahalomi, killed by terrorists in gunfight at Egyptian border; three terrorists killed


The three terrorists, who were planning a major attack along the border, were subsequently killed by IDF troops from the male-female Caracal Battalion. Two other terrorists fled back into the Sinai, and were still being hunted by Egyptian security authorities on Saturday night.


Friday, September 21, 2012

While IDF gave humanitarian aid to African refugee infiltrators, filthy Egyptian terrorists attacked, killing 1 soldier

Peace treaties signed with Arab Muslims are worthless, Arafat did us all a favor revealing his true nature in 2000, preventing Israel from falling into yet another disastrous forfeit of land for nothing but more war.

Inquiry: Terrorists exploited infiltrators

Soldier killed in terror attack on Egypt border identified as Netanel Yahalomi, 20, of religious community of Nof Ayalon. Initial inquiry reveals terrorists opened fire on security post as several soldiers left to offer water to African infiltrators

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama succeeded in his agenda: Burning embassies, dead ambassador to Libya

An excellent parallel to Carter's failed policies in Iran by Is this 1979?

This situation reminds me how Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama fails. Well, he didn't fail - he succeeded in implementing his policies, bringing down cooperating Kadaffi, friendly Mubarak - to give rise to Al-Qeada's ideological parent groups where there was some semblance of stability. Obama's success is America's failure and a danger to the world.

I followed the reports of the attacks on Israeli and American sites, and I can tell you that the YouTube clip in Arabic apparently includes some extra valuable propaganda put in specifically to incite hate: They claim it was created by an Israeli Jew, funded by Jews and all sorts of other crap meant to incite hate against Jews, Israel and Hollywood. Can one be any more transparent in his anti-Jews propaganda?

U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a rocket attack on their car, a Libyan official said, as they were rushed from a consular building stormed by militants denouncing a U.S.-made film insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

This is a report of Foxnews: Filmmaker Sam Bacile in hiding after anti-Muslim film sparks violence in which American diplomat was killed
Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam's flaws to the world. "Islam is a cancer, period," he said repeatedly, his solemn voice thickly accented. The two-hour movie, "Innocence of Muslims," cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.
Like I mentioned above, I don't believe a word of it. Who is this guy? Anyone heard of him? What is this report of "100 Jewish donors"?! This smells of "elder of ziyon" type conspiracy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Government Islamophobes to monitor Mosques after manufacturing explosives

When will the hate and persecution of poor innocent preachers of hate and persecution end.

Some countries get to act in an "Islamphobe" manner without being called out on it...

See no extremism, hear no extremism.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cockroaches beg for a stomping: Rockets on Israel on first day of school

Meet Jewish shoe sole, god-damn cockroaches.
Two More Kassam Hit Sderot Area, IDF Guns Silent
Gaza terrorists fired two more Kassam rockets at the Sderot school as children were returning home from their first day at school.

Terrorists Begin School Year with Rocket Attack

Gaza terrorists fired a Kassam rocket on the Sderot area minutes after students arrived at their classes for the first day of school.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hezbollah Holds Large Exercise With 10k Troops, Intending to Capture Israeli Northern Territories - Galilee

The shitheads from Hezbollah - who have hid in underground caves and booby trapped the villages of Lebanon in last round of needless demolition of Lebanon for the glory of a child murderer in Israeli jail, believe that they have a strategy where they can capture territories in Israel. Are they planning on digging to the core of earth and occupy Galilee from under the crust? Are they practicing propaganda for their own public? What makes these shit-heads think that their operatives can crawl on the outer layer of Earth's crust and not be decimated. I'm not one to be in favor of war - but seriously, Hezbollah - please do send your troops in open field. See what happens. I'm sure your prayers to your pedophile prophet will shield your brainless drones from Israeli bullets. Do you want them to wear a cape too?

Report: Hezbollah exercise includes 10,000 operatives

Egyptian paper says Shiite terror group held three-day military-style maneuvers supervised by Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah, Iranian Revolutionary Guards' officials

The Egyptian government-backed newspaper Al-Gomhuria reported Thursday that Hezbollah held an unprecedentedly large military-style exercise this week, which included over 10,000 of its operatives.

According to the report, the drill was personally supervised by Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

The maneuvers spanned three days and were also supervised by "top officials" from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the paper reported.

According to the report, the drill "simulated actual fighting and defending of strategic villages, as well as contingencies to raiding and occupying areas in the Israeli Upper Galilee – something Nasrallah has called for in the past."

The newspaper said that the majority of the exercise took place at the Beqaa Valley, which it hedged may be the scene for any potential battle between Israel and Hezbollah; as the area is both dominated by the Shiite organization and includes key weapon delivery routes.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Video: Masks off, Hezbollah claims Iranian nukes to 'finish Israel off'

This particular ass hole is from Lebanon, I'm thinking he's a prime target for ... ehm... a silent vacation somewhere where the sun doesn't shine under the city of Tel-Aviv.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Thwarted: Terrorists from Egypt fire rockets, infiltrate Israel with stolen military armored vehicle after slaughter of Egyptian soldiers

It's a complicated picture of what happened today, a single headline doesn't do it justice. It's amazing that even after Egypt was taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, other Jihadi groups still slaughter Egyptian military for the sake of terrorizing Israelis.

Although today's attack ended without Israeli casualties, it is still a terror attack signaling yet another deterioration, and escalation of the situation.

IAF thwarts terror attack at Egypt border

Arab media outlets say armed gunmen from global jihadist movement attacked Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai; hijacked armored vehicle and infiltrated into Israel. IAF hit target; no Israeli casualties reported

WTF? Reuters puts the words terrorists in quoation. Because - in some parallel universe, these aren't terrorists?!
Israel says "group of terrorists" attack Egypt border post

Other related headlines of same story:
Terrorists Kill 20 Egyptian Soldiers on Border
Terrorists attack Egypt base killing 15, infiltrate Israel
Armed men attack Egyptian military base in Sinai, stealing 2 armored vehicles and ramming through Kerem Shalom Crossing; one vehicle explodes, the 2nd hit by IAF strike, at least 3 terrorists killed; no Israelis hurt.
Two days ago Israel issued an alert for a terror attack from Egypt, this morning, Israel took out a 22 year old described as a leader of a global jihad group. In the evening hours, the attack came.
Israel says terror groups are planning to abduct Israelis from the Sinai peninsula

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not news anymore? Gaza terrorists injure Jewish person via rockets - barely reported anywhere

Are we just to accept death and injury at the hands of the Gaza Muslims - while the world will only report and condemn when Jews react?

Woman Lightly Injured in Sabbath Rocket Attack

An Israeli woman suffered physical injuries after terrorists fired four rockets on the city of Sderot during Shabbat.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama's spokeskid refuses to answer which city is Israel's capital

"Their position hadn't changed" he says, the position that they support Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? That he traveled to Egypt to carry a speech to the Arab world, and refused to visit Israel? That Obama's first call in office was to Abbas? That he humiliated Netanyahu in White House visit? What position hadn't changed?

Found on The Blaze.

PS. LA-Times, isn't high time you release that video of Obama praising Jew basher Rasihd Khalidi?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Video: Disgusting anti-semetic violent animals show their true nature on Egyptian candid camera, Update: restored video

Update: WTF? Youtube removed content! Here's a link directly to memri:


It only takes so little to provoke violence, just tell an Egyptian you're an Israeli - you'll meet his fist and the floor soon enough. So - fricken - amusing, everybody cheer! applause! laugh! Ha-ha-ha, he smacked the lady around - but only because he thought she was Israeli - so it's OK, everybody - see how hilarious it is.

Well what can we expect from a nation that has repeatedly attacked and violated foreign female reporters. Animals. This peace - is on its dying days.

Check it out all the way to the end of the clip. Where the other "actor" is smacking a guy yelling at him "you're a Jew!". The female here learned her lesson running to the corner yelling "it's a prank". Well - what a bunch of despicable hateful lowlifes.

Choice quote: "You brought me someone who looks like a Jew!"

Well - I'm pretty sure I know what an Egyptian looks like now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Terrorist in Bulgaria carried fake Michigan ID

What are the chances the Shiite community in Michigan who continuously contribute to Hezbollah in Lebanon have individuals who acted to manufacture the ID?

Footage of suspected suicide bomber in attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

Bulgarian FM says it is a 'mistake' to blame certain countries, groups before an investigation is completed, after Netanyahu says attack has Iran's fingerprints; Wounded land in Israel.


The Bulgarian police said that footage from airport security cameras captured the suspect roaming the airport for at least one hour, the Bulgarian news agency Novinite reported. According to the report he was a long-haired Caucasian in sportswear.

The body suspected as belonging to the terrorist had a U.S. driver's license issued in Michigan – apparently fake.


What if it wasn't fake and this was actually an Arab American from Michigan? Not beyond belief!

Note that Bulgaria joins Germany, Cyprus, India, Thailand and other places who have witnessed Iran's involvement in international terror and plots within their countries - but refuse to take any action against, and refuse to actually point the finger despite irrefutable evidence.

Yesterday I twitted, could there really be a connection between Syria assassination of top officials, and this terror attack on civilians. Well - at least one web site has put it out as a fact, this was a direct order from Iranian officials in meetings in response to Syrian regime collapse. I my self, don't know that for a fact or trust that source, but it is not beyond belief.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terrorists murder Israelis touring Bulgaria

Just minutes away from Olympic games, where a moment of silence in remembrance of Munich massacre was denied, Arab Muslims target Jews worldwide yet again.

Bus explosion targets Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

A bus carrying mostly Israeli youth in a Bulgaria exploded near an airport Wednesday, killing 7 people, according to local media reports, and wounding at least 20, police say. Witnesses told Israeli media that the huge blast occurred soon after someone boarded the vehicle.

The incident took place in the Black Sea resort city of Burgas, some 250 miles east of the capital, Sofia. Images shown on Israeli media showed smoke billowing from the scene.

Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov told Haaretz that explosives were placed in the back of the bus.

The attack comes on the anniversary of a 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that killed 85 people. Just this morning, relatives of the victims implored the Argentine government to pressure Iran to turn over seven suspects accused in that attack.

Bulgaria, an eastern European nation, is a popular tourist destination for Israelis.

Although it was not yet certain what caused the blast, Israeli tourists have been targeted in attacks before before, namely in India, Thailand and Azerbaijan. Israel foe Iran is suspected of being behind these assaults

Read more:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ahmedinejad thinks Zioinsts picked Obama and Americans had no choice... #zoinistpickedobama

This is insanity, and I don't presume this twitter hash tag to pick up... however, I had an urgent need to tweet my astonishment with some zing.

Ahmadinejad: "American people lack freedom of choice; it is the Zionists that decide who will become the (U.S.) president according to their needs"

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Tuesday rejected U.S. claims about freedom, democracy and human rights, saying American leaders are exercising the worst form of suppression against their people in a country ruled by Zionist capitalists.

"Today the ugliest form of suppression is ruling the U.S. where you see that a group of Zionist capitalists are ruling over 300 million Americans from behind the scenes," Ahmadinejad said, addressing an international conference on Islamic awakening.

The president said freedom has no meaning in the U.S. since the Zionist lobby brings its favorite candidates to power in order to protect its interests.

Ahmadinejad described the occupying regime of Israel as the base of the global hegemony, emphasizing that all revolutionary movements must be geared against the Zionist regime.

“This regime is the base of domineering powers and as long as the hegemonic system and the Zionist regime are in existence, nations would not see a peaceful day,” President Ahmadinejad told the opening of the 1st International Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening

I quickly tweeted:
#zoinistpickedobama because?!!!?! he's black - that's why Zionists picked him, 'cause that's why America picked him. Ahmedinajad is a loon

#zoinistpickedobama with credentials like growing in Indonesian madrasa and rev Wright, Zoinists must have been really dumb picking OBama

Re:Ahmadinejad saying Zionists pick Obama, I need Obama like I need a hamroid. #zoinistpickedobama

I'll also add the following:
  • It sounds like things uttered at an OWS rally...
  • I'm pretty sure I heard rev Wright actually say those things too
  • Obama is a choice of Zionists - almost as much as Ahmadinejad is our choice for Iran
  • Is he lamenting the fact that Ron Paul isn't the candidate (I'm giving this monkey too much credit here)