Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foxnews: Spider-Man / ObamaComic book Sold Out Nationwide

Fox-News:Spider-Man Comic Starring Obama Sells Out in Record Numbers Nationwide

Obama-Man, Obama-Man, does whatever a spider can.

Marvel Comics says it plans to print a second and third round of its latest "Spider-Man" comic book after the issue, which features President-elect Barack Obama, sold out in record numbers Wednesday -- just hours after hitting stands. The company expects it to be the industry's best-selling comic in over a decade.

Smart move by Marvel? I don't know. Will the other half of the nation, the other half that aren't happy with the election results and the constant Bush bashing punish the publishers and the related movies in the future?

I noticed that during WW-II the comic books identified villains with real world enemies - specifically Nazis. Did the comic book industry identify any real world enemy lately? One that has set bombs in London, Spain, and crashed plains into buildings in NY? Obama-Man to fight... what? a "Bush villain"? Didn't buy this book - don't care, just raising a generic question that comes to mind here.

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