Friday, January 09, 2009

CNN Yanks anti Israel agit-prop, not nearly enough

This story was viral yesterday, I linked before to Fox-News's websites expose, today - here are Little Green Footballs' coverage and Hotair's:
LGF:A Staged Scene in a Gaza Hospital? - Update: CNN Yanks Video
Hotair:CNN stung by fake atrocity video?

CNN Yanks anti Israel agit-prop, not nearly enough - where's the retraction? apology? sense of journalistic responsibility?

CNN deliberately delivers the message the terrorists wish to deliver without any filter or criticism. Without a hint of doubt, however when it comes to Israeli spokes people - you would usually hear remarks like "Israeli sources claim", "unverified", "however Palestinian sources insist". The problem here is that whatever is presented by Arabs and in the name of Arabs is accepted as fact and broadcast through out the world as such. Whatever Israel officially says - is always under a cloud of doubt.

CNN inflicts damage upon Israel and Israelis image, but their behavior after the act is as horrific as the initial - refusal to retract and apologize only allows their viewers to continue believing that Israel is a villain worthy of condemnation. CNN is responsible for creating an atmosphere of hate against "evil joooooos", is it because CNN's decision makers and editors are antisemitic (in a subtle, nuanced way)?

Irresponsibility on display as CNN deliberately smears Israel with fake "atrocities":

In other news, I believe this guy should be an official spokes person for Israel, he stuck it well to the "Jew who goes to church" Alan Colmes, who thinks murdering Israeli Jews is not a just cause to fight the murderers: (Antisemitic Jew in my view)

H/T: gatewaypundit: Hamas Apologist Alan Colmes Defends the Jew Killers (Video)

Ultra-lefty loons have aligned themselves against Israel. There's no excuse. And CNN ought to place a visual retraction on their site and on the air, otherwise - Israel should ban entry or licenses to their reporters. I wouldn't say they are worst than Al-Jazeera - just in competition with them for the "most despicable network" award.

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