Thursday, January 31, 2008

CNN hates the JOOOOOS

Here's some more proof

Syrian school bus

Hey... at least it's yellow - right?

A must read!

Muslims Against Sharia SLAMS reform Jewish Dhimmis

Worth every word, but especially the questioner at the end, how to recognize a moderate Muslim.

Here's another great post on that blog.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The green party presidency, good riddance

While almost fainting from cold medicine on a hotel bed, away from home... I listened the most bizarre thing on almost every channel available. The supposed republican president of the United States proclaimed desire to fight global warming. He also wants to establish a new state called Palestine. Or maybe it was just my meds?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Expert finds blame not in Islam - for once he could be right

Danial Pipes discussing a McGill University professor's new book

Very good read and an established point of view. If only more were willing to try to find the faults of the Middle East within that region and not blame it on the West and "Colonialism". I agree, the nature of Arabs - tribalism, not just their religion is part of what sets them back. Instead of a full book though, I call it as I see it - savages.

The book does not discuss the religion, but I will. The religion and the Arab mentality complement each other. The evilness and savagery of both has no parallel. I'll elaborate - so that these words not echo as if they come out of ignorance.

All of the following are bleak signs of savagery by modern standards: Genocidal hate to the "others", polygamy and honor murders as a checks and balance system for prosperity through fertility, a mentality of us against them regardless of who is at fault, blood vengeance, shahada (martyr through murder), ashura (hit yourself in the streets to let blood spill), taqiya (deception), public slaughter of animals, abduction - beheading - raping and force conversions, murder of apostates, temporary marriage (religiously justified prostitution)... and believe it or not - there's always more. Savage behavior knows no boundaries.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The gall or the stupidity?

Iranian/ Hezbollah agent posts a comment on this site trying to divert traffic (what traffic? My 3 readers are astonished!) to his propaganda iranian website/fake blog. Proclaiming anti-terrorism goals simply to mention the Iranian/ Hezbollah mantra that Terrorism isn't terrorism, Jewish self government is terrorism. His comment was on the post on BBC4 SPITS ON BRITISH TERROR VICTIMS!

I'l quote:

Terrorism does not make a difference among people. All groups and tribes should be united in the fighting terrorism and uprooted this bad omen phenomenon by cooperation of the government.

Do not cut paste to that website (in Iran) unless you wish your computer be hacked by Iran.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kus Emo (not Kassam) hits Israel - no electric power in Sderot, Lefty courts prevents darkening Gaza

First, I'd like to protest the adaptation of nick names Arabs impose on the Israeli media. Kassam Rockets. How about just saying rockets, must the propaganda value be emphasized by media outlets? Here's a suggestion play with the name - Kus Emo Rockets. I'm sure Arabs understand that pejorative term pretty well.

Second, Israeli supreme courts are in full frenzy to prevent Israel from having any means of deterrent against the blood thirsty vampires of Gaza. The Muslim scumbags bombard an Israeli city and takes away their electricity, Israel can't even turn off the light in Hitler's bunker thanks to the crazy lefty courts.

Third, What kind of a government abandons it's borders and allows a terrorist buildup feet away from working farms - then awakens one day surprised when a sniper in cold blood murders a farming volunteer from south America?! Keep those monkeys in their cage and take away their weapons for good. Oslo was a mistake, Rabin said it would be reversed if failed - It's high time the incredibly stupid left fulfill one commitment to the Israeli population and not the terrorist Arab gangs. Take over Gaza, take out the Murderers, NEVER GIVE IT BACK TO THOSE SCUM BAGS AGAIN!

The courts have allowed "reduction" in fuel and some trade sanctions, however the power station in Ashkelon continues to supply the fourth Reich in Gaza with electricity despite the fact that the monkey Nazis continue to bomb Ashkelon. Israel can't and doesn't turn off the light in Hitler's bunker because of the insane liberals who impose imaginary international laws against the safety of Israeli Jews.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Islam can take them, keep them, make them disappear...

Micheal Jackson (pedophile), Kat Stevens, Britney, OJ... keep them. Please. (I made up the OJ part, but - take him, please)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Burn Hollywood - Burn?

Just ask Alan Smithee

Poor Hollywood execs, their big "Golden Globe Party" will turn out to be a tiny unattended readout of winners. Can't say I'm really sad for them as that specific award has been tarred beyond repair by honoring a homicide bombing promoting film.

Burn in Hell - Golden Globe.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello my 3 readers. I'm back from the sandy beaches.

Did my best to steer away from news these days. Didn't conquer my temptation there. So what happened here? Obama won Iowa, Hillary won New Hampshere, Hackabe and Mckain for the GOP... Iranians try to sink US ships, crashing US Jets near Iranian border, Rockets on Israel from Gaza, Rockets on Israel from Lebanon, "peace" process visit from president Bush in Israel, Israeli news papers fight over Obama (where the ultra lefty "rape Israel" Haaretz calls Maariv Racists for disliking Obama)... sheesh

We didn't start the fire.

It was sunny and nice on Daytona beach. Back to planet earth in Michigan.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Feel like crap song of the day...

First, if you can read Hebrew, here's the perfect way to ruin your day ( or a month):
a book about the Iranian Bomb...

I read it. Good book. Crappy afterthoughts.

Then... let someone put a dent in your car, it just did it for me. Grrrrr...

Now - let the music take you down even further: