Sunday, May 27, 2007

Palestinian Propaganda at

What's in a title? Propaganda at - brought to you by AP.
How sleazy is it to use a photo of an Israeli car that was hit by a Hamas Rocket and killed an Israeli citizen and label it as if "car damaged by an airstrike in Gaza" - meaning - those damn Jews killed the poor Arabs.


Friday, May 25, 2007

My naive question of the day

Shouldn't terrorists, their supportive government and financiers from Iran and Saudi Arabia be prosecuted in world courts for war crimes?

Specifically - all member of the PA government throughout the Oslo Accord to the 2000 terror war? Specifically - current members of government? Specifically - UNRAW. You know - that UN special needs group for all Arabs from Israel who continue to claim they are refugees simply by being born in a "refugee camp" - slums that should have been dismembered. The UN bares direct responsibility to Kasam rockets by force feeding terrorists' families, absolving them from all sins of terror with free food.

How come the world body is still concerned with feeding the families of war criminals who purposely bombard civilian dwellings while does nothing to alleviate the pains of the victims of those war crimes?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why do people vacate in Nazi-Egypt?!

read here

Now tell me - why in the world do young westerners, not to mention Jewish Israeli Youth (JIY?!) spend a dollar to vacate among those hate mongering Nazis?

Monday, May 21, 2007


I would generally not link to a "the view" segment, only comment my dismay of it but... I'm following on this link to youtube and feel a necessity to write it down: Barbra is sick and tired of Rosie's crap. She tries to silence her and contradict her. Rosie pretends at some moments to be the offended kindergarten child playing with her papers until she snaps and calls Elisabeth and Fox news names. To sum it up: AWESOME! Finally Walters had enough and lets it show.

Why Olmert won't end the terror from Gaza

It is very simple to end the barrage of rockets coming out of Gaza. It is as "easy" as it was to reduce the amount of suicide bombing coming out of the west bank. But Olmert won't - and why? Because that would be admitting that deporting Jews out of Gaza was foolish and useless. That would be admitting that he is a complete failure as his party and the entire left wing agenda. Occupation - suppression - and settlement apparently ARE the only answer to terror. The left would like everyone to confuse "right" from "wrong" claiming the left voice is the sane voice. It is the "lefty" think squad that brought the disaster on the region. Even at it's highest - the Intifada of 1987 was not as catastrophic as the current state of affairs.

What have we learned? What should the Israelis have learned? Any retreat - tactical/ strategic/ ideological/ appeasing/ peace brokered - any - is met with terror. Start counting them: 1956 giving back Sinai without a peace treaty, 1986 retreating from Beirut (which led to the Intifada - as the terror gang was allowed to survive and relocate to Tunisia), Oslo I-II and the rest of its sequels. Disengagement, rearrangement and pure derangement. Face the facts - the only thing to have reduced terror was trying to subdue its base - not appease its insane false claims.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beyond outrageous, this is murder!

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To be murdered by your Muslim doctor because you are a Jew here in the US. un-freaken-believable! Why isn't this terrorist tried in criminal court? Why is he still practicing?!

You can add that to a doctor from Gaza, a member of the "humanitarian" - pro terrorist "Doctors without borders" who got caught a month ago plotting political assassination of Jews in Israel. (it was released to the press only today)

And now look back at Jerry-Zucker's "sands of passion" - where the family would rather see their Dad die than to let him get a kidney from a Jew. Still find it absurd? Look back at the "doctors" of England calling for boycott of Israel's medical community - still find my headline to that too harsh?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can the scarecrow Olmert not react when Gaza shells bombs a school in Israel?

Airhead, bubble-head - good for nothing - no leader what-so-ever - Olmert is faced with a dilemma. He made a commitment of non-reaction to any atrocity committed by PA against Israelis from Gaza. I don't know to whom did he make such commitment and why - but the fact is that he did. Now that there are 25 wounded and an Elementry school was bombed with missiles - can he really continue to do nothing?

New soap for daytime TV

Check it out:

We know its a satire, but when Nazi-Hamas-Mickey-Mouse said it, no one was laughing.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sicko-s from France murder Israeli Arab for racist reasons

But hold the press - is this not terrorism? A few things I can tell to distinguish between this case and the numerous cases of murders and attempts in PA:

1. No terror group stands behind them, no religious leaders behind them, no TV to hail them, no 200 million "anti-Arabs" to encourage, no celebrations anywhere, no excuses of the "they did it to us first" kind. NONE! Go figure - could this really be the "once in 3 years" lone crazy Jew incident?

2. The suspects are in custody and will be prosecuted. The motive is still under investigation and could very well turn out to be criminally related - but let's not defame the murder victim or his family - could be.

You see - in a humane society, not to mention a western one, murderers pay the penalty. Do you hear that Arabs? Murderers pay the penalty! Get human already! Murders do not get to govern a pseudo state, they are not allowed to roam the streets parading their weapons - this only brings chaos and civil war. Case in point - your hell of a home called Gaza strip.

Despite what I wrote above - this whole story smells fishy. I wonder what drives 2 brothers from France to move to Tel-Aviv and murder a man they believe is a Muslim. Aren't there enough of them in France? Who or what pushed them to that. Really fishy. They were walking in the middle of a busy road at 4pm? Immediately confessed? Police assumes racially motivated crime; maybe they were really just insane or was there a pattern of racially charged behavior? If it were racially motivated - how come it is made to sound so spontaneous, aren't such actions planned (like in v-tech)? Worse - if they had intended to murder human beings for being Arabs - why just one and why do their best to get caught the same day? To top it, they murdered the man in their apartment on their sofa and left him there to walk like drunks in the middle of the road the same day.

What really stinks about this whole story is that when a Jew is murdered in Israel - the cause is immediately attributed to criminal intent. Only when the verdict is heard, months later - do the public get to hear that the murderer was an Arab from the PA who deliberately sought to murder a Jew. But here? Stop the press, we found the Jewish Terrorist.

I guess that for the scoop any sensational lying headline would do for How often do they get to print that a Jew murdered an Arab for racially charged motivation in Israel? Why - it's the Pulitzer prize to them - is it not?

Update: Now Ynet are using the occasion to parade a list of Jewish murderers through out the years. I will point out again that the math suggests that there are very few, and the background of each case does not lend much to a broader conspiracy. But really, do Arabs in Israel feel life threatened from Jews or is it just a facade the press would like us to believe?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How Iraq was lost

A few dumb moves can turn any swift victory, such as the overthrow of Saddam and his capture, into a political and tactical no end street:

1. Everyone acknowledges now that there weren’t enough troops at the first weeks to secure the streets.
2. A rush to transfer authority back to Iraqis (with some constitutional experiments along the way)
3. Allowing “Sharia” to be declared as the constitution. Allowing a “freed” country to suppress non-Muslim minorities.
4. A rush to rebuild Iraq on the US’s expense
5. Handing over cities to Sunny leaders – who turn out to be Al-Qaeda
6. Allowing free press in a hostile land – which provides now several enemy sponsored propaganda outlets.
7. Not securing the borders, not punishing Iraq’s neighbors from the very start for their support of insurgency. Yes – since Syria and Iran intervened they should have been invaded.
8. Holding Elections which allow terrorist supporters and Iranian agents to be elected.
9. Not intervening to cancel the elections once Anti-America, pro-Iranians won the elections. Not doing much after the Iranian agent prime minister spits in your face.
10. Not taking sides, not punishing, and not separating between Shiites and Sunnis.
11. Not protecting Christians.
12. Continuing to pay the bill.
13. Coming up with useless stupid slogans such as “stay the course”.

No I’m not a defeatist liberal. I’m stating the obvious. The troops are there to battle Al-Qaeda, which is there, and they should continue to do so. It is the silk glove treatment that was given to Arabs in Iraq, Syria, and the Persian Shiites of Iran that lead everyone to the current disaster.

The USA is blamed for “Occupation”. Why not impose occupation then? Why not impose a friendly government? You can’t be “half pregnant” – you can’t be “half occupier”. The battle to remove Saddam was a victory – it was the policy of “spreading freedom” that failed. The Arab Muslims have proven the world they do not deserve freedom and self rule because they support terror – on themselves as well as on anyone else.

Let it be clear, the US is involved in Iraq to protect America from Al-Qaeda - not to help the Iraqis. With all due respect (and non exists there) - Iraqis cheer for murderers and hate the US.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Viva La Sarkozy

Finally some sane news from the country of the "Youth" Intifada. There is much to fix and improve in the country where everything wrong had happened in the last decade. Good luck!

Even Bill Bill O'Reilly has officially declared: end the boycott. Who knows, maybe soon fries can be be redeclare as French.

For now, let's go Full Frog Crazy:

Friday, May 04, 2007

Breaking news: Peace in our time

What - you don't believe it? Then you must be an extremist - or 11 years late.

British Doctors for Jewish Genocide

read here

If you think you are mislead by my headline, then consider their cause for boycott and what would happen if it would succeed. They protest the fact the Israelis defend themselves against terror and label such attempts as "war crime". The facts will not confuse them because they are blinded by antisemitism. Their end result? To isolate the Israeli medical community and weaken the Jews in Israel to a point of submission.

Such boycott attempts are now recurring theme in all types of British groups, from substitute teachers, to professors, to doctors and journalists. All of this is done in the name of social solidarity with the nation that invented modern day Islamic terror.

Let their own British journalists be kidnapped and murdered in Gaza, they don't care. The true villain in their eyes are those who refuse conversion to Islam and refuse Dhimmi status under repressive regimes. Something smells like rotten skunk cadaver in the kingdom of England.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Parliamentary Democracy in Action

The Israeli political system is in turmoil. There is a massive push by the media, political groups and politicians to force a resignation and new election. The funny part is that the lefty groups believe that in some way this will help them, when the polls show that the population has shifted far more to the right due the last 7 years of terror. Olmert was elected only because he was associated with Sharon, who earned the trust of the people by his strategic brilliance and political patience. Though his many – many faults, Sharon has superb achievements when it comes to defeating terrorism in the long run. This allowed him and Olmert to be excused for the worst maneuver in history – deportation of Jews out of Gaze (at least the worst since the unification of Nazi Germany with Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Croatia, then Poland, then Europe).

Now the masks are off and the public in Israel has had enough. This only goes to show the power of free speech, the power of a democracy. It is not the first time that the political system is steaming after a war; see how the public reacted to the Yom Kipur war. Also, there was a new election right after the final collapse of the Oslo accord in 2000. When a Prime Minister in Israel fails the public, he is due to be brushed off.

The Arabs are celebrating as if this is somehow proof of their “Devine victory”. I still maintain that there was no victory on any side. On the Iranian/Shiite/ Hezbollah side there was no victory since there was no achievement while there was massive devastation. Their only goal is the destruction of Israel, of which they are incapable. They showed they can harass the civilian population on all sides (including Christians and Sunnis in Lebanon), and bring devastation and poverty on their own. If the Arab mentality would not be so inclined to blindness when it comes to self criticism, their masses should have called for the removal of the tyrannical Mafia which took hold over the Shiites by the power of Iran. If anything, when Arabs look at the news coming out of Israel, they should envy. Only in Democracies failed leaders are tossed out of the circle of influence. Only in Israel, as opposed to the rest of the Middle East, a voice of self criticism is heard.