Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jon Stewart maligns Israel as cartoonist jailing villains

It only takes 2 seconds and a slide, but the guy is doing great work for the Anti-Semites out there.

In a rant about Obama skipping French anti-Terror rally, Stewart tries to lampoon those who did attend, and while criticism of Russia, Turkey and Saudi is based in well known and established facts, Stewart placed Israel in the same shameful raw, the comment is made around the 5th minute of the video:

Try to find this article - and mostly you'd find Arab propaganda blogs. The only one non Arab source I found was a "Haaretz" article. Haaretz doesn't actually bother to get the full story and practically republishes activists claims verbatim:

The art of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
... Sabaneh, 34, from the Jenin district in the West Bank, was arrested by Israel on February 16 and held for the first two weeks in solitary confinement. He was not given access to a lawyer and only saw a Shin Bet interrogator, according to Qaddoura Faris, president of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Association, whose lawyers oversee the case. After a March 28 sentence charged Sabaneh with five months in jail and a NIS 10,000 fine for meeting “enemy elements” during a four-day trip to Jordan in February, Faris said that Sabaneh is not connected with any political movement and “in a real court he would not have been found guilty, but because it was a military court, it is very easy to find anyone guilty.”

Sabaneh's attorney Jawad Bolous explained that when his client was in Jordan, he had agreed to pick up cash from a stranger who owed his brother money. Later, feeling uncomfortable about crossing the border with cash, Sabaneh called his brother and got an address of someone else whom his brother said he could leave the money with. Sabaneh did not know either man and “not having had access to a lawyer [after his arrest] was very damaging to the whole process,” Bolous said, calling the indictment, with no evidence presented, “ridiculous.”

IDF sources said that Sabaneh’s sentence was based on evidence. Asked what the evidence was, the sources said that such information could not be revealed. Evidence is often secret in sensitive cases, they said. They declined to comment further.

Gathering from the story told by the activists, he went to Jordan and was moving around money that wasn't his. He did meet with suspicious people but claims he didn't know who they were. Then the author of the article goes to discredit any response from IDF sources. Suggesting perhaps that Israel doesn't have real security concerns and just jails people - while its military court is invalid.

So all of the anti-Israel outlets spread one sided claims, without qualifying the claims of those who actually incarcerated the man. After serving his sentence he was released, and his publication were never stopped by Israel. But forget context or truth, or providing both sides of a story - let's just paint Israel as one of the dark places where freedom of expression doesn't exist. Right.

I have a solution for Arabs who don't want to be jailed by Israel: Stop supporting terror, work for peace, counter those who encourage terror - and make your leaders sign a peace treaty with Israel, or at the very least negotiate with some mandate for concessions.