Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hamas attack UN aid trucks, UN Chief condemns Israel - a hypocrite, what a surprise?

Elder-of-Ziyon broke the news this morning (Israel time):
EXCLUSIVE: Hamas hijacks Jordanian aid truck for UNRWA
Jordan's Petra News Agency reports that Hamas hijacked Jordanian aid trucks after they crossed into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing on Tuesday.

The aid was to go to UNRWA. As the truck drivers started unloading the aid, Hamas gunmen opened fire on them and forced them to go to Hamas-run stores.

The Palestine Press Agency has many angry comments from readers about the episode.

(The first news flash about this occurred about 6 hours ago. Even so, this has not yet been reported in any English language media - not even Petra's English service. Here's Petra's Arabic original story.)_)

Then he asked for a response from UN officials at Gaza:
I emailed to the UNRWA:
Mr. Gunness:

This morning the Petra news agency of Jordan reported that one or more
aid trucks from Jordan, meant for UNRWA,were hijacked at gunpoint by
Hamas. Does UNRWA have any comment?

How many times has this happened, to any NGO aid?

Has UNRWA ever condemned Hamas for such actions?

His answer ignored the last two questions and pushed off the first:
We are looking into this and I hope to have a reply for you soon. Chris
Keep in mind that Ban Ki Moon is in Gaza as this is happening, and he is silent on a direct attack on aid for the UN!

Ynet's coverage of Ban's visit to Gaza and Sderot:
Ban calls Gaza situation 'heartbreaking'
I wanted to quote from there, but it was watered down. He said Israel should be investigated for it's attacks on UNRWA facilities. That tidbit does not appear in any English version of the events. It does appears in the Hebrew version of the article here:
UN Cheif in Gaza, 'Situation is Heart Breaking'(not auto translated - article is in Hebrew)
הוא סייר בבית הספר של האו"ם שנפגע מירי צה"ל ובשני מתחמי אונר"א שאף לעברם נורתה אש. מזכ"ל האו"ם כינה את תקיפת מוסדות הארגון "שערוריה" וקרא לפתוח בחקירה.

More "UN is anti-Israel" stories from today:
IAEA to probe Arab claim Israel used uranium ammo on Gaza

UN - Hypocrites? What a surprise...

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