Sunday, January 18, 2009

The No Truce-Truce, and EU lies to Israel - offering EU membership

I don't like blogging in the weekend. I just can't help it right now, where should I start?

Israel proclaimed a unilateral truce on Saturday, like it was promised on Friday.

Israeli civilians continue to be bombarded on Sunday, the international media fails to report it.

EU Leaders first go and pander to Egypt, then travel for a parade of irrelevance in Olmert's offices.

Then Ynet puts a headline mentioning that the EU is offering Israel a membership. The headline is in Hebrew only, and either Ynet is lying, being lied to by Olmert, or Berluscony is lying.
Auto translated here:Prime Minister European leaders: Want to leave Gaza as soon as possible
Olmert hosted heads of states who wish to stabilize the truce in Gaza, asked further assistance so that Hamas will not regain strength. Sarkozi: "We will guard for your safety, you can count on us". Berluscony: "In the future, Israel could join the European Union"

Pure BS. I guess that these kind of false headlines are bound to appear everyday up until the election, because every day that Israel doesn't take Hamas out and Israeli civilians absorb rockets in their homes - is a day that EU supported left wing parties are loosing votes.

Some had thought that Israel ceased fire in horrified anticipation of Obama's policies - it seems that the EU leaders are a bit horrified at the moment of the prospects that Bibi returns.


  1. What is the EU but an organization of white countries?
    I wouldn't be surprised if Israel is offered membership in such a group.
    No arab or black countries need apply.
    North America would have had a similar group if Mexico was a white country.
    So much racism still exists in this world.

  2. max - I have no idea where you're coming from - or going to with that statement. Except that I suspect you believe that Israel is a "white racist country".

    Please be advised that Israel has many black Jews, colored Mediterranean Jews, and Arab christian and muslims with full citizenship. Also, I'm really buffled by your notion of "white north America". Do you hate white people? Do you realize what Europe looks like these days? Have taken a peek to Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, London? Seriously - what cloud are you on?

    There is racism in the world - but I have doubts regarding your views here.

    EU will never accept nor offer membership to Israel - and Israel would never accept it. There are numerous reasons, I won't list them out here.

    There's more to life than white people/not white people conflicts - I hope some day you can see beyond that.