Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama successfully put sticks in peace process wheels: Palis refuse talks until Israel surrender

Good news, Obama successfully prevented Oslo II within his presidency term, so Intifada III and the next wave of genocidal suicide attacks are postponed as well. As we've learned - any further 'land for peace', results in 'land for rockets and bloodshed'. Thanks, but no thanks. Keep the change, and the hope, and the hope'n'change.

Abbas aide: No talks without full settlement freeze
Nabil Shaath, aide to Palestinian president says Abbas will reject any US initiative to resume peace talks with Israel unless construction in settlements frozen in full without exceptions or 'loopholes'. Says Israeli commitment to establishing Palestinian state enough to bring Abbas back to negotiations table

Notice that the Fatah stooges are making excuses, they are shaking in their boots that if anything changes the status quo the Hamas goons will take over the west bank PA and throw them from the tallest buildings like they did in Gaza.

Ramatkal, Israeli chief of staff was target of Hezbollah plot utilizing Israeli Arab

Rawi Sultani - Israeli Arab, Traitor

Jews in Israel keep giving Arabs chances to show some loyalty, and keep getting slapped in their face. I'm a strong supporter of co-existence (because the alternative is unthinkable), and I keep getting disappointed.

I can only hope to hear some words of condemnation from responsible Israeli Arab leaders... not optimistic here. The Israeli Arab leadership has decided to voice extremism, there's every reason for them to share the blame for this.

Israeli-Arab indicted for Hizbullah plot to assassinate Ashkenazi
Hizbullah recruited an Israeli-Arab and ordered him to collect intelligence on IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi ahead of plans to assassinate him to avenge the death of the guerrilla group's military leader Imad Mughniyeh.

On Monday, an indictment was filed at the Petah Tikva District Court against Rawi Sultani, a 23-year-old Israeli-Arab from the town of Tira, alleging that he was recruited by Hizbullah in the summer of 2008 when he traveled to Morocco to attend a Balad Party summer camp.

The pan-Arab summer camp takes place every year in a different country, and was also attended by other Israeli-Arabs who are Balad activists.

During his stay at the camp, Sultani allegedly met Hizbullah operative Salman Harab, and provided him with information about Ashkenazi, particularly his routine at the Kfar Saba country club where the two occasionally worked out together.

The predominantly Arab town of Tira is just north of Kfar Saba, Ashkenazi's hometown.

Harab, a 26-year-old Lebanese Shi'ite Hizbullah operative, met personally with the group of Israeli Balad activists, introduced himself as a Hizubllah member, and gave them a lecture about the conflict and struggle against Israel, read the charge sheet.

Balad should be outlawed. (except that I think it might be right now a counter intelligent net to mark all supporters of Israel's enemy...)

U.S. commander: Afghan strategy needs change (and hope?)

My two cents: Could it be that the 96 hours rule and reading terrorists their Miranda rights, as well as threatening CIA ops with charges from the white house has anything to do with the deterioration? Naaa... it's Bush's fault, of course. Tying soldier's one hand behind his back while fighting has N O T H I N G to do with it. Shouldn't expect a man in uniform to voice this kind of criticism while in office. Anyways - just my two cents.

U.S. commander: Afghan strategy needs change

The 8-year-old war in Afghanistan can still be won, but only with a revised strategy, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces said on Monday, announcing the conclusion of a long-awaited review that could see him seek more troops.

Officials gave no indication in public as to whether U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, who commands a force of more than 100,000 troops, would ask for still more reinforcements to carry out his new strategy.

The review is expected to spell out a completely revised approach to conducting the war, which Barack Obama considers the main foreign policy priority of his young U.S. presidency.

"The situation in Afghanistan is serious, but success is achievable and demands a revised implementation strategy, commitment and resolve, and increased unity of effort," McChrystal said in a statement announcing the review was ready.

McChrystal has been working on the review since Obama put him in charge of the war in June. He sent the classified document to the U.S. military's Central Command (CentCom) responsible for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Military officials say it contains no firm targets for troop strength, but it could form the basis for a decision within weeks on future deployments -- a politically fraught calculation that could mark a turning point in Obama's presidency.

The report comes at a time when Afghanistan is stuck in political limbo, with the outcome as yet unclear from a presidential election on August 20. Authorities were due later on Monday to issue fresh results.


The 103,000 troops under McChrystal's command in Afghanistan, include 63,000 Americans, more than half of whom arrived this year as part of an escalation strategy begun under outgoing President George W. Bush and ramped up under Obama. The force is set to rise to 110,000 including 68,000 Americans by year's end.

Since taking command, McChrystal has adjusted the focus of Western forces from hunting down insurgents to trying to protect the Afghan population, borrowing in part from U.S. tactics in Iraq developed under CentCom commander General David Petraeus.

His review is expected to suggest concentrating forces in more heavily populated areas, and also stepping up efforts to train Afghan soldiers and police.

Speculation has swirled about whether McChrystal will conclude he needs still more troops, or whether U.S. commanders and political leaders would give them to him if he does.

The additional U.S. forces that have arrived so far have pushed out into formerly Taliban-held territory. Along with British troops, they have been taking by far the heaviest casualties of the war over the past two months.

Missing from the article, at some point the mission in Afghanistan switched from tiny forces assisting locals in fighting Taliban to yet another nation building, despite some experts claiming this would be a disaster, doesn't fit the terrain nor the primitive population of Afghanistan (even more primitive than Iraqis).

Friday, August 28, 2009

Had a tooth pulled, so looking for funny stuff on the web...

Ouch... ouch... ouch...

Anyways, this made laugh.

Yes you know exactly what it is.

I was once deemed not geeky enough for not being an expert on the nuances of intergalactic diplomacy. Must practice...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

USA's tax funds used to uproot Hebrew signs in west bank

Hope and change, finding new ways to show his disdain to Israel and Jews.

Palestinians uproot Hebrew road signs in West Bank
The US international aid agency says Palestinian authorities in the West Bank have started replacing Israeli-installed road signs bearing Hebrew script with new signs in just Arabic and English.

The move is in preparation for a future Palestinian state.

Howard Sumka, of USAID, says the American-funded project is expected to take up to four years and cost about $20 million.

How's that supposed to promote peace? A new state? By the way - who's maintaining and building these roads - the 'Palestinians'? - I'm assuming it's still the IDF. And later it will be US or EU funds. 'Palestinians' are never expected to pay for these things, so that they could divert all their funds to their only real goal - hoarding arms and promoting murder and mayhem.

How about spending USAID funds to change the text books already to stop preaching hate and distorting history? Naaa... that's racist - preaching a nation of terror and murder to stop being exactly that. Let's uproot Hebrew signs, much better. There - everything's fixed now. No more problems in the middle east, Hope'n'Change is a true miracle worker, isn't he?

They are welcome to reuse Michigan signs, because anywhere the 'Palestinains' dwell and contemplate their next terror attack has only one valid name in English:

(a sign leading to Hell, Michigan)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lebanon capitulates to Hezbollah - hello Garbagestan

Despite the fact that Hezbollah did not win in the election, they have one the coup - and the election apparently were meaningless.

I predicted Lebanon will officially become Garbagestan. Sunni leader Harriri is about to make it happen. Young Saad is shaming his father's memory.

Hariri: Hizbullah will join next gov't
Hizbullah will be part of the next Lebanese government "whether Israel likes it or not," Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Sa'ad Hariri was quoted as saying Wednesday.

"The national unity government will include the [ruling] March 14 alliance, and I also want to assure the Israeli enemy that Hizbullah will be in this government whether it likes it or not because Lebanon's interests require all parties be involved in this cabinet," AFP quoted Hariri as saying.

Speaking during a Ramadan meal on Tuesday night, Hariri reiterated his determination to "include all factions" in the government.

Hariri's comments followed a warning by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last month that Lebanon would be blamed for any strikes on Israel if it allowed the guerrilla group to join the government.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The real Muqa'ama: Sunnis chase away Hezbollah in south Lebanon

Who is occupying Lebanon, and who is resisting them? Hezbollah are often labeling them selves as 'the resistance' - al-muqa'ama.

IDF released a video filmed by intelligence scouts - where Sunni Arabs in Lebanon are confronting Hezbollah militia trying to store arms cache in their village. True and brave resistance - against the savages occupying south Lebanon: Hezbollah. Should be Hezbo-Iran, army of Iran - not army of god.

Auto translated at ynet:Documentation: Lebanese village residents expelled Hizbullah

It is likely that a better quality source can be found at IDF's official spokesman website.

Winners of dumbest protesters award: 4Play or 4get it,

Badly auto translated ynet Hebrew article: here, in Hebrew: here(fixed links)

This has to be a joke, but the report isn't hinting it as such. A bunch of young women in Tel Aviv went to the streets to demonstrate because 'Tel Aviv women are discriminated against between the sheets' - 'no foreplay, no sex' they screamed at the poor vegetable peddlers at the open market.

Did they go straight for the extra large cucumber stand? (just joking)

If anything, this proves how badly misguided the 'women liberation' movement has went. Most of these women are between 21 and 25... no foreplay at 21? What are you married for 40 years or something?

They do have a website, must you click here? If you must - then you should also click HERE.

Final note: If you click on the article, you'd find that these loons are subjecting little kids to their sexual exhibitionism. Very thoughtful... makes us all just want to please these ladies - lock them up in the asylum they escaped from.

Did they misunderstand the message of 'The world according to Garp'?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hamas murdering opponents in Gaza

Knock me over with a feather... just a reminder, the Palestinazi nation has voted for Hamas with a huge majority, and the 'polls' (what's a democratic poll in a gang land tribal nation?) - the 'polls' show most Arabs in PA still do support Hamas.

JPost: Hamas executing its rivals in Gaza
Two Israeli television stations on Monday night broadcast a video showing Hamas forces "executing" Gaza rebels linked to al-Qaida during an armed confrontation earlier this month.

The video of the August 15 clash shows what appear to be black-clad Hamas gunmen shooting at rebels pinned in a mosque courtyard in a fierce exchange of fire.

In two scenes, Hamas gunmen appeared to be executing captives by shooting them at close range.

At least 24 people were killed in the daylong standoff in Rafah. Hamas forces surrounded a stronghold of Jund Ansar Allah, an extremist group that claims to be inspired by al-Qaida and charges that the Hamas is too liberal.

In the video, bodies are seen falling to the ground during the firefight. In one scene, a group of Jund Ansar Allah captives stand motionless against a wall a few meters away.

Channel 10 and Channel 2 said the blurred, jumpy video was taken by cellphone from across the street. Channel 2 said Hamas rival Fatah distributed the video. Channel 10 also broadcast a recording of what it said was the Hamas military communication channel, ordering Hamas forces to "execute everyone."

There was no immediate comment from Hamas officials.

Obama's Banana Republic: The 'tax the rich' effect

Steadily changing the world's #1 country into a 3rd world banana republic:

Will Obama Impose a "Wealth Tax" to Avoid Default?

GMU economist Arnold Kling looks down the road and wonders how America is going to deal with its epic mountain of debt:

Other countries that have defaulted have not had the option of enacting wealth taxes. When you are in a banana republic with shaky government finances and you have a lot of wealth, you send that wealth over to the United States, where your government cannot get to it. That "safe haven" motive is what keeps the dollar so strong. Anyway, by the time the banana republic gets around to enacting a wealth tax, all the wealth has fled the country and there is nothing left to tax. So the banana republic defaults.

As the U.S. government's finances deteriorate, it will strengthen its hold on its citizens' wealth. My guess is that you will see tighter laws that restrict your ability to hide wealth overseas and much more enforcement of those laws.

In a followup post, Kling throws out some other possibilities, and weighs the odds

  • Muddle through; debt to GDP remains safe and stable. Odds: 10%.
  • Technology (perhaps nanotech) creates a GDP-boosting boom. Odds: 20%
  • Major policy change to reduce spending. Odds: 25%
  • Inflate away the debt. Odds: 15%
  • Hyperinflation. Odds: negligible.
  • Default. Odds: negligible.

It appears the numbers don't add up to 100%, though you get the point.

You might be annoyed with Kling for not being more decisive, though actually we wish more economists would lay out their thoughts this way. It's far more useful to toss out various ideas, and what they mean, than to try to sound strong and decisive ("The US MUST inflate like crazy!"), which make for good headlines on Bloomberg, but in the end don't offer too much value.

Side note: This is NOT an anti-Obama / hate Democrats blog. These are just too annoying news bits to ignore and they have global ripple effects.

I cheer for America, and hope for it to still be #1 4 years from now and onward.

Banana Republic: Obama to persecute CIA employees for following Bush's interrogation guidelines

I don't know how official this is, for now - the report is of "recommendations within the justice department". This administration is obsessed with releasing and comforting terrorists/jihadis/man made disasters makers - while persecuting those who protect this country under guidance from its leadership and council from its top lawyers. All in the name of - what exactly? To gather some more ACLU votes?

Justice Dept. Report: Reopen Alleged CIA Abuse Cases
The Justice Department's ethics office recommends pursuing alleged prisoner-abuse cases, which could expose CIA employees and contractors to prosecution for their treatment of terror suspects.

The Justice Department's ethics office has recommended to Attorney General Eric Holder that a number of alleged CIA prisoner-abuse cases that were closed under the Bush administration be reopened, FOX News confirms.

Holder considers the guidance as his department is set to make public a 2004 report by the CIA's inspector general detailing allegations of prisoner abuse.

Several details in the report have already been reported, including claims that interrogators threatened at least one prisoner with a gun and power drill and also conducted mock executions to scare detainees.

A source with knowledge of the Office of Professional Responsibility's recommendations suggested as many as 10 cases could be reopened.

The move would reverse the policy of the Bush administration and could expose CIA employees and agency contractors to criminal prosecution for the alleged mistreatment of terror suspects in the years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

In another development, President Obama signed off on setting up a special interrogation team that would be placed at the FBI but report directly to the White House-based National Security Council.

Though such work typically falls under the CIA, one senior U.S. official told FOX News that the CIA did not want to house the new initiative.

"They're glad to be out of the long-term detention business," the official said.

According to the Washington Post, the new unit would be named the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group and would be composed of experts in this field from the law enforcement and intelligence community. Obama was said to have approved creation of the unit late last week.

The Associated Press reported July 18 that such an endeavor was in the works. A government official said at the time that a special presidential task force on interrogation methods concluded the unit should be created, but was uncertain which agencies would have a role.

The unit's structure would depart significantly from such work under the Bush administration, when the CIA had the lead and sometimes exclusive role in questioning Al Qaeda suspects. The task force had not at that juncture in early summer reached a conclusion as to which agency should lead the unit or where it should be based, the official said.

One official, who spoke on grounds of anonymity because a final decision was still pending, said such a unit would not alter the administration's decision banning harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, that were authorized by the Bush administration, saying the task force was examining what other techniques could be used.

For his part, Holder is considering whether to appoint a special criminal prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration's interrogation practices, a controversial move that would run counter to Obama's wishes to leave the issue in the past.

But Holder reportedly reacted with disgust when he first read accounts of prisoner abuse earlier this year in a classified version of the IG report.

A federal judge has ordered the IG report made public Monday, in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Change - to a banana republic.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swedes double down on Antisemitism: 2nd article, Gov't defiant

I hear that some are going to boycott Ikea in response. Unlike Danish in Muslim world - Swedes aren't too intimidated by Israelis, for good reason - we don't randomly blow up people and burn flags at every whiff of being somehow offended.

We do hold grudges though. We don't believe in handing the other cheek. One more point, the outrage here is directed at the Swedish government for refusing to condemn, not for allowing something to be published. It's only the decent thing to do. I don't hate Swedish people or people of Swedish descent in response - I hope no one else does either. I am angry with them for allowing these antisemites to represent them. I can only hope that the media and government do not represent the majority of people in Sweden, while I do understand that these are the people who shape public opinion. So... I guess I'm not holding my hopes up for the Swedes.

Swedish daily publishes second article on 'IDF organ harvesting'
Family of Palestinian teen killed in 1992 tells Aftonbladet reporters IDF soldiers demanded NIS 5,000 to return his body and claimed stitches result of autopsy

Despite Israel's harsh protests, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a second article accusing the IDF of harvesting Palestinian organs.

In the article, published Sunday, Oisín Cantwell and Urban Andersson report from the northern West Bank village of Imatin, where 19-year-old Bilal Ahmad Ghanem was killed during a clash with Israeli soldiers in 1992.

Ghanem's family claims that his body was returned several days later, wrapped in hospital bandages. Aftonbladet published what is said was a photo of the body, which had a scar running from the neck down to the abdomen.

The biggest problem is that too many in this world are to susceptible to believing this kind of crap especially when Jews are accused. (Like Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, Novack - in short, all Hamas supporters/antisemites)

Funny Video, south Australians like ugly saleswomen - foxnews panel discueses

Beauty in the eye of the shopper...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hezbollah Readies for War as UN Peacekeepers Can Only Observe

And why can't they do a thing? Because security council refused to give them the power to do so at end of last war. Just goes to show that UN is not at all interested in sustainable cease fires nor peace - just to obstruct Israel and rescue its enemies who were at their last breath.

Found it in the financial website, Bloomberg:
Hezbollah Readies for War as UN Peacekeepers Can Only Observe
In a Lebanese village 10 miles west of the Israeli border, black-capped Hezbollah militiamen stand guard in front of a suspected weapons cache.

Even though they are unarmed, their presence deters United Nations peacekeepers from approaching the house in Khirbet Silim, preventing the UN troops from fulfilling their mission, which is to stop Hezbollah from rearming.

“The UN can’t just come around here and go into people’s houses,” said Rassan Salim, a municipal official in the village and a Hezbollah militia member. “Our weapons are to defend Lebanon.”

Hezbollah’s efforts to stockpile arms became obvious on July 14 when weapons hidden in a house in the village blew up, according to officials from the UN Interim Force in Lebanon. Four days later, peacekeepers looking for arms tried to raid the house the militiamen now guard, about a kilometer from the one that exploded. Villagers stoned the soldiers, injuring 14, and blocked the incursion.

Hezbollah, which has the backing of Iran and Syria, is rebuilding its force in the south, undaunted by its loss in Lebanon’s June elections, in which a pro-U.S. coalition won a parliamentary majority. The peacekeepers’ stay in south Lebanon expires on Aug. 31 and the UN Security Council must decide whether to extend it without change or authorize them to impose the weapons ban by force even without the support of the Lebanese army.

The 12,000 UN soldiers were sent to Lebanon after a 2006 war with Israel that began when Hezbollah, which the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist organization, captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.

Free of Hezbollah

After the fighting ended, the Security Council passed a resolution prohibiting “weapons or authority in Lebanon other than that of the Lebanese state.” The peacekeepers were deployed to keep south Lebanon free of Hezbollah’s militia and arms, a role they have to perform with the cooperation of the Lebanese army.

Outrageous negligence: First US fumbled case against would be terrorist, then lost deportation trial

Megahed continues to smile.

No - not the metal group: "Megadeath". This creep:

Judge rejects U.S. bid to deport Egyptian
An immigration judge on Friday rejected the federal government's attempt to deport an Egyptian immigrant who had been acquitted on charges of illegally possessing and transporting explosives.

The government has until Monday to decide whether to appeal, according Charles Kuck, the attorney for Youssef Megahed, a student at the University of South Florida. The government did not have an immediate comment after the judge's ruling.

Megahed has been detained for almost five months by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, in a politically explosive case that has pitted national security claims against charges of profiling and discrimination against Muslims.

Megahed came to the United States from Egypt in 1998 as a legal immigrant, when he was 12. His problems started two years ago when, as a university engineering student, he went on a road trip with a new friend, Ahmed Mohamed.

The men were pulled over for speeding near Charleston, South Carolina.

Police said a search of their vehicle turned up PVC pipe with potassium nitrate inside, along with a detonator cord that was inside one of Mohamed's bags.

The government said the materials were "low explosives." Mohamed said they were materials for homemade model rockets.

Megahed said he did not know that the materials were in the car.

Just like Ayers, who admitted to his terrorist actions but was let go on technicality, so does this guy - who had irrefutable evidence stacked against him - gets a free pass.

When will ACLU be tried for treason?

Another question, when will people wise up and stop donating their money to this fringe supporters of anyone who identifies self as enemy of the USA?

Detainees Shown CIA Officers' Photos

Justice Dept. Looking Into Whether Attorneys Broke Law at Guantanamo
The Justice Department recently questioned military defense attorneys at Guantanamo Bay about whether photographs of CIA personnel, including covert officers, were unlawfully provided to detainees charged with organizing the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

Investigators are looking into allegations that laws protecting classified information were breached when three lawyers showed their clients the photographs, the sources said. The lawyers were apparently attempting to identify CIA officers and contractors involved in the agency's interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects in facilities outside the United States, where the agency employed harsh techniques.

If detainees at the U.S. military prison in Cuba are tried, either in federal court or by a military commission, defense lawyers are expected to attempt to call CIA personnel to testify.

The photos were taken by researchers hired by the John Adams Project, a joint effort of the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, to support military counsel at Guantanamo Bay, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the inquiry. It was unclear whether the Justice Department is also examining those organizations.

Will ACLU buddies in this administration save these traitors from judgment just like they did for their pals from the black panthers?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

88% of Israelis believe Obama is anti-Israel

This headline cannot be spun no matter how hard one tries:
Poll: Only 12 percent of Israelis believe Obama supports Israel

Only 12 percent of Israelis believe U.S. President Barack Obama's policies are supportive of Israel, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The poll was conducted jointly by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Police and Survey Research and the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was conducted between August 9 and 15.

The poll also found that 64 per cent of Palestinians still feel Obama's policy is more supportive of Israel, while 40 per cent of Israelis think it is more support of the Palestinians.

Oh, it's just a poll... or is it?
The poll's margin of error was 3 per cent.

According to the poll, a majority of Israelis were unhappy with the results of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah conference which ended Saturday, according to a joint Palestinian-Israeli poll published Thursday.

So it could be that "only" 85% of Israelis believe their ears and eyes. On the other hand, it is possible that just 9% of Israelis cannot absorb reality very well.

In other news, hard lefty Israelis rejoice at Huffington Post today:
Partial Freeze On Israeli Settlements Reason To Be Optimisitc

Can't wait to block Jews from Jerusalem can't they? They're pissing their trousers with excitment at the prospect of 'right of return' unleashing 11 million Arabs into Israeli cities... peace now!

Oh, didn't you hear? Former head of IDF, and current minister of nothing said that 'peace now' is worse than a virus.

There's plenty of evidence to back that statement up. Still, media urge PM to scold him.

OUTRAGE! Swedish Government Backs Blood Libel, Distances from own Ambassador's condemnation

It's official, Swedish government is insane and antisemitic, the whole nation can go to hell. Their anti-Israel, pro-terrorist bias has been known for years - they just made their antisemitic stance official.

Image from here
Sweden: No Condemnation of 'Stolen Organs' Libel
The Swedish government distanced itself Thursday from an ambassador's condemnation of an article accusing Israeli troops of stealing Palestinian Authority Arabs' organs. The Swedish Foreign Ministry clarified that, unlike Ambassador to Israel Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, it does not view the article as “appalling.”

Bonnier's condemnation “was solely the judgment of the embassy, and designed for an Israeli audience,” the ministry said. “However, the Swedish government is committed to freedom of the press.”

A government spokesman confirmed that Sweden's government did not agree with ambassador Bonnier's response. Members of Sweden's Green Party went further, and said Bonnier should be called back to Sweden for having made statements opposing free speech.

Bonnier termed the article “shocking and appalling,” and said, “freedom of the press and freedom of expression are freedoms which carry a certain responsibility.”

Israeli officials condemned the article as well, and accused its writers of encouraging hate crimes. “This article has clear elements of medieval blood libels against Jews,” Foreign Ministry officials said.

The article, printed in the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, claims that the IDF has been removing organs from PA Arab youth killed in combat or terrorist operations since the early 1990s. The author of the article, Donald Bostrom, admitted Wednesday that he did not know whether or not the story was true.

The editor of Aftonbladet has rejected criticism of the article, and accused his opponents of “using centuries-old anti-Semitic images,” such as that of European blood libels, “in an apparent attempt to get an obviously topical issue off the table.” The editor, Jan Helin, said that “a strong propaganda machine” was behind the appalled reactions to the story.

Unbelievable Hypocracy: US criticizing Israel for entry visa policy

Israelis have to apply in advance for tourist visas, stand in lines, go to embassies get interviewed and then could still get rejected at airport. On my last entry I was held in a 'special' queue for 2 hours until someone put a signature on a rare document. For some reason, the US is lecturing Israel on not permitting everyone into Israel - to which I would politely and diplomatically say: Fark That Shit!

US rips Israel for PA visitors policy
The United States termed new Israeli visa restrictions on visitors to the Palestinian Authority "not acceptable" late Tuesday and has informed the government of its criticism.

Under the new policy, Israeli authorities have frequently begun stamping passports of tourists intending to visit areas in the West Bank with "Palestinian Authority only" stamps, restricting visitors' ability to enter Israel, or even to board returning flights from Ben-Gurion Airport.

"We have let the government of Israel know that these restrictions unfairly impact Palestinian and Arab American travelers and are not acceptable," the State Department spokesman's office said in a statement responding to a reporter's question earlier in the day.

"We have repeatedly told the government of Israel that the United States expects all American citizens to be treated equally, regardless of their national origin or other citizenship."

Americans of Palestinian heritage or connections have complained to US and Israeli authorities about the difficulties the policy imposes on traveling to the West Bank, in many cases to visit family or for business interests.

Israeli officials have defended the policy as necessary on security grounds, as a means of insuring that individuals who pose security risks aren't able to wander around Israel. In the past, some foreign terrorists were able to attack Israelis after first rendezvousing with contacts in Palestinian-controlled areas.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maccabi Haifa set to Play Salzburg today; Update 2-1 to Haifa

2-1 - I missed the Goal, internet stream fell... current link: here
1-1 - Zickler, Austrian crowd awakens
1-0, Goal scored by Israeli Arab player Muhamad Ghadir, Mabruk!

Live Stream Verified Working: on - Israel's Channel 2 Go Haifa!!!

Live stream: I hope the link on this site works well today. Right now the live stream is TVU plugin based: open window.

Boaz Sharabi - Pamela in English

One of my favorite songs in Hebrew, found it sung by original artist in English:

Hebrew version:

Abbas begging help from genocide regime in Sudan

What exactly in this story sounds odd? The leader of the 'nation' who invented modern day terror and still celebrates murder begs assistance from the worst Jihadi alive (which no western country has yet demanded be put in Jail, fought against, killed)

Abbas to ask Sudanese president to help soften Hamas on unity talks
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to arrive in Khartoum on Wednesday for talks with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

It will be Abbas's first meeting with Bashir since he was indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes last March.

PA officials said the two leaders would discuss bilateral relations and the general situation in the Middle East.

One official said that Abbas would ask the Sudanese president to use his influence with Hamas to persuade the movement to soften its position in talks aimed at ending the rift with Fatah. Sudan maintains strong relations with Hamas, whose leader, Khaled Mashaal, visited Khartoum last February.

Some of the weapons shipments sent to Hamas are believed to pass through Sudanese territory.

Meanwhile, Egyptian security officials visiting Ramallah met on Tuesday separately with Fatah and Hamas representatives as part of Cairo's efforts to persuade the two parties to resume unity talks.

The Egyptian delegation is headed by Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim, a senior official with the General Intelligence Service. He and his team held talks with top Fatah operatives Ahmed Qurei, Abu Maher Ghnaim and Azzam al-Ahmed before meeting a number of Hamas legislators.

The Hamas representatives who met with the Egyptians included Omar Abdel Razek, Mahmoud Rumahi Samirah Halaykeh and Abdel Rahman Zeidan.

Quick Swede Papers - find a way to turn this into a blood libel Jews sucking blood story again...

In other news, Swedes are probably convinced HBO's new vampire series is about Jews...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swedish Paper: Jews stealing and trading Arab kids body parts

First read it in Hebrew here: walla

Then found it in Jihad Watch: Swedish blood libel: Jews stealing organs from Palestinian children and selling them

It is apparent they are trying to rehash old antisemitic blood libels exploiting a recent horrible story of actual organ traders in New Jersey.

Sweden is very much farked up these days. Also consider:
Swedish Fashion Model Launches Osama Bin Laden Collection

We can have a gazillion stories here regarding Sweden, Antisemitism, Anti-Israel, Malmo, Islamic population replacement syndrome... I should walk around with a big folder with all Sweden related matters - because Liberals (including relatives) occasionally like to point out to me how great a utopia socialist Sweden is.

Donny Deutsch is a Farking Douche Bag

Seriously, this guy:

I 100% recommend reading the following:
Pro-American Movies a “Turn-Off”: Donny Deutsch

No wonder he has a section dedicated to him on News Busters.

Way after losing republican primaries, Huckabee turns out to be most pro Israel - right winger

Kind of makes one sorry he wasn't 'the one'.

Huckabee says two states in Holy Land 'unrealistic'
Former US presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Tuesday there is no room for a Palestinian state "in the middle of the Jewish homeland" and that Israel should be able to build settlements wherever it wants.

Huckabee's opposition to a Palestinian state puts him at odds with the accepted wisdom of both Democrats and Republicans - and to some degree even with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has come out in favor of a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Speaking to a small group of foreign reporters in Jerusalem, Huckabee, seen as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, said the international community should consider establishing a Palestinian state some place else.

"The question is should the Palestinians have a place to call their own? Yes, I have no problem with that. Should it be in the middle of the Jewish homeland? That's what I think has to be honestly assessed as virtually unrealistic," he said.

And now... a Fox News talk show host... who let's some people just babble- on and on and on...

Bi-Polar Obama - Onion

This is such a good satire... except that some of us are not sure it isn't real life, mascaraed as satire, to hide the true nature of Obama. Err... that last sentance should have made some heads explode.

White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase

Liberal/ Palestinian - behind Joker posters

Anything 'anti-Obama' is immediately flagged racist. Never considering the potential of it being just some idiot guy in his basement - it is all 'proof that conservatives are just racists'. Until reality kicks back. He's a liberal Chicago 20 year old from 'Palestinian' descent. He actually likes Obama - was just goofing around.

Oh Noes!

LA Times: Obama Joker artist unmasked: A fellow Chicagoan

H/T: News Busters.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Very Funny: Santa Cruz City Council Farmers Market - Villlage Idiot Speaks

Found on

Alice Cooper's Elected

Add your own political punch line after watching this video.

I think it's originally a Ramones song... very similar anyways.

Mubarak Praises Netanyahu in DC Visit

Mubarak said some astonishing things IMHO. A quick summery:
  • Praised and complemented Benjamine Netanyahu,
  • Was optimistic regarding peace process
  • Requested no one haste Arabs to make peace with Israel / to normalize relations that is. (whilst pressure on Israel is A-OK)
  • Shalit deal is nearly done, except for Israel wishing to deport the terrorists and Hamas insisting on return to west bank.
  • Visit to USA only now because before Mubarak was 'punishing' Bush for invading Iraq and being critical of Egypt's human rights record
Read it here (auto translated from hebrew): Mubarak to DC Jews: Too dangerous to attack Iran

Also read: Mubarak Comes to DC to setup son as heir. (ok, that's not what the article on LA Times says, that's my translation of the reported facts)

How easy it is to make Muslims burn US flag? Unbelievable story of Muslim hateful stupidity

As a person who had his share of airport holdups, pat downs, check ups - including diaper search through... this story irks me so much. Burning US flag for this?!

Actor's U.S. Airport Screen Roils India
Fans of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan burned a U.S. flag in protest Sunday after the actor said he was detained for questioning at a U.S. airport.

U.S. immigration officials denied he was formally held, but Indian film stars and political leaders condemned what they called "humiliating" treatment given to Mr. Khan, a Muslim who is well-loved in a largely Hindu country.

Mr. Khan said he was detained Friday by U.S. immigration officials at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey because his name matched with some names on a computer alert list. The actor is in the U.S. to promote a new film, "My Name is Khan," which is about racial profiling of Muslims after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The story made front pages in India. "SRK [Shah Rukh Khan] feels the heat of American paranoia," said The Times of India.

Airport security for people considered VIPs in India is a sensitive subject. Any perceived infringement of privacy or lack of respect is typically greeted with blanket outrage and front-page coverage. In July, Continental Airlines Inc. apologized to India's former president, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, for "misunderstanding and/or inconvenience" related to a security screening before he boarded a flight to New York in April.

Yea.. that US paranoia that Muslims too easily get pissed off, burn flags and massacre people at hotels...

Obama courting Pakistani Islamists?!

Some would call it bending over to please extremists.

US Courts Pakistan Islamists
After years of neglect and sometimes animosity, the US is courting Pakistan’s mainstream religious parties, who were American allies during the Soviety invasion of Afghanistan, seeking their cooperation on issues ranging from militancy in the tribal belt to the extension of the US diplomatic mission in Islamabad.

Richard Holbrooke, the US special envoy on Pakistan and Afghanistan, is scheduled to meet with leaders of the Jammat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI), the country’s two major Islamic parties, for the first time.

“The meeting will be held later today evening,” Shahid Shamsi, the central information secretary of Jammat Islami, told on Monday, August 17.

He said the party will be represented by its secretary general and former lawmaker Liaquat Baloch and deputy chief Syed Mohammad Kamal.

The JUI delegation will be headed by its leader and former opposition leader Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman.

US officials initially wanted the meeting with Holbrooke, currently on his fifth visit to Pakistan since his appointment some ten months ago, to be held in the embassy in Islamabad.

The proposal was turned down by the religious parties and the meeting is scheduled to be held at a local hotel.

Shamsi declined to specify the issues that will be discussed with Halbroke.

“Certainly, all the issues relating to current situation will come under discussion,” he said.

“We will present our fair and strong point of view on all issues.”

What could go wrong? (Sarc alert)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ronen Bergman: Hezbollah sleeper cells in South, Central America ready for action

He's a lefty journalist from Israel, but one I do respect. He does get things wrong sometimes. Still, I enjoyed two of his books immensely.

Ynet:Waiting for orders
Ronen Bergman
Hezbollah’s cells in Venezuela are part of the organization’s apparatus dedicated to attacks overseas. It is also known as the “Special Operations Command.”

For years, this apparatus operated overseas under Imad Mugniyah’s command and was responsible, among other things, for the bombing of Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires in March 1992 in the wake of group leader Abbas Musawi’s assassination. It was also responsible for the bombing of the Jewish community center in the city in July 1994.

Today, the apparatus is headed by the man who served as Mugniyah’s deputy, Talal Hamiyeh.

Based on in-depth research performed by Israeli and American intelligence arms, the cell that carried out the attacks in Argentina was one of dozens of sleeper cells deployed by Hizbullah and the al-Quds force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards worldwide, including in the United States and Europe. Some of these cells, which constitute Hezbollah’s apparatus for carrying out attacks overseas, have been disguised as community centers or charity organizations.

Continue Here>>>

Forget fiction spy novels, get the real deal:

Decades long ethnic cleansing of Jews in Yemen soon to be concluded

"Human Rights Watch" ass wipes seen lately producing a report on crimes of Jews in Yemen against those who have tried to murder them.

I've previously reported on the Jews dire situation in Yemen, and have had communications with interested parties regarding what is being done. I'm glad to see this issue advancing towards a positive ending (or shall we say, a bright new beginning).

Yemen's last Jews set to flee country
Israeli sources confirmed on Thursday Yemeni media reports that the overwhelming majority of the final remnant of Yemen's ancient Jewish community, numbering some 250 people, are looking to leave the country due to persecution and violence.

"About 120 of the Yemeni Jews want to move to Israel, 100 want to move to the US" - where there is a small Yemenite Jewish community - "and between 20 and 30 want to stay," the source said, citing information obtained from the community.

Some of the Jews wishing to leave are unable to do so because they are having trouble selling their property, the source said.

Saba, Yemen's official state news agency, reported Wednesday on a "mini-exodus" of Jews from the country "triggered by alleged harassment" and "fear of persecution."

The article quoted Rabbi Yahya Yaish, chief rabbi of the Ridah and Amran districts, who said that "all Jews in the area are preparing to leave for Israel within the next [few] days."

Yaish is the brother of Moshe Yaish al-Nahari, a community leader who was murdered in December by a local man who demanded that he convert to Islam. Nahari's three daughters moved to Israel shortly after his murder, while his three sons made aliya in recent days with the help of the Jewish Agency, according to reports in the Yemeni media. His killer was sentenced to death in June.

According to Saba, Yaish warned that "harassment has been stepped up against Jews in the districts of Amran and Kharef, with some of the Jews killed and others kidnapped."

Violent attacks and persecution have been a regular experience of Yemen's tiny Jewish community in recent years, against the backdrop of tensions and an anti-government insurrection in the northwestern part of the country, in the province of Saada, where a Muslim religious minority affiliated with Shi'ite Islam has been clashing with government forces since 2004.

Most Yemeni Jews lived in nearby Amran province before fleeing either to protected compounds in the capital city of Sana'a or to Israel or the US. Those who remain offer easy targets for zealots.

Countly Loads, John Denver and a Japanese Guy

Too Funny.

I'm sure the Japanese guy is very respected around home. No offense intended. Just wanted to share the video.

Pakistan: Pretty Please Kind Terrorists, Can't We All Just Get Along?

Nope. Stop groveling, it's embarrassing to everyone (did they learn that tactic from a certain leader of the US?).

Say goodbye to terrorism, Pak govt tells militants
Islamabad: Reeling under terror onslaught, the Pakistan government appealed to militants to surrender their arms and "say goodbye to terrorism" on the occasion of the country's 63rd Independence Day today.

Interior minister Rehman Malik said the cases of those who surrendered would be examined on an individual basis, with authorities deciding between "leniency" and prosecution.

"On August 14, my message for these terrorists is: let's start a new day, surrender your arms, come to the political or law enforcement authorities and say goodbye to terrorism," Malik told journalists after attending a ceremony at the Police Martyrs' Monument here.

Referring to the reported killing of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud in a US drone attack in South Waziristan Agency earlier this month, he said the government is close to collecting material evidence of his death.

"The evidence may be (video) footage or DNA test. Most of the work on collecting such evidence has been completed and we will inform the nation about this soon," he said.

Confusion has surrounded the fate of Mehsud, with the government and the Taliban making claims and counter-claims about his death. However, Malik said circumstantial evidence, ground realities and certain reports from South Waziristan indicate that Mehsud is dead.

Qatar and Oman play this 'diplomatic ties' game unfairly, and US still puts pressure on Israel

Look, when Israel gave in and signed Oslo - thus enabling the terrorists to build a launching base in Israel's back door - it got in return diplomatic relations with these remote Arab states. Not that at any point they stopped the hostilities.

When the Arabs declared war again in 2000, they canceled that gesture. Now Obama puts demands to Israel so that Qatar and Oman will do Israel a favor. Israel needs to put further irreversible concessions, so that the Arabs can perform more reversible gestures. Thanks but no thanks. This playbook was crooked from start, and the con is just being replayed.

J'lem not counting on Gulf states' gestures
US relays message that Oman, Qatar willing to resume ties with Israel in exchange for settlement freeze, but Jerusalem source skeptical, says change not likely in near future

The winds of change blowing in from the Gulf are being received coldly in Jerusalem. According to a message recently relayed from Washington, Qatar and Oman may be willing to renew relations with Israel if the latter freezes construction in West Bank settlements.

But as there has been no progress in talks with the US regarding its demand to halt construction, Israeli officials say these are premature promises, and that no significant change in ties should be expected in the near future.

The Gulf states have recently been under American pressure to offer gestures of normalizations to Israel in exchange for a settlement freeze, and thus have signaled they are willing to resume official ties with Israel as part of a regional peace deal.

Until recently, Qatar did have an Israeli delegation office, but its diplomats were expelled following Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, some seven months ago.

Ties with Oman, that once included an embassy, were cut following the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000.

While the two nations seem to be willing to bend in Israel's favor, Saudi Arabia continues to oppose all proposals of normalization with Israel. A top official in Jerusalem told Ynet on Friday that the Saudi stance was only boosted following declarations and decisions made in last week's Fatah congress in Bethlehem.

Qatar and Oman's willingness to renew ties with Israel hang on Israel's agreement to freeze settlement construction – a decision that is yet to be made in Israel.

Moderate sources in Jerusalem have suggested a three to six-month freeze of construction, while Americans demand it be halted for a minimum period of one year.

This issue is slated to be covered in the upcoming meeting between US Mideast envoy George Mitchell and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in London later this month.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians have rejected the notion of returning to the negotiating table with the Netanyahu government. The Americans are attempting to resume talks and present a broad regional initiative following the United Nation's General Assembly session on September 22 in New York.

"Both Jerusalem and Washington intend to reach mutual understandings. This is in the Israeli interest," a senior source in the Prime Minister's Office said. "But at this point, the golden formula has yet to be discovered and at the moment, there are no negotiations with the Americans, let alone with the Palestinians."

As of Friday the prime minister will be on a partial vacation at his home in Caesarea, and part of his office's staff will also be on vacation, meaning no progress should be expected.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fatah Confrence end with a bang, bloodshed may follow

I twitted this morning:
Fatah/Dhimmis crave for jailed murderers as leaders/peace partners

The one time I approve of giving Fatah weapons:

Now this:
All Fatah's Gaza leaders quit, citing massive vote fraud
Fatah appeared to be in turmoil on Thursday as a large number of its top representatives questioned the credibility of the elections that were held earlier this week for the faction's Central Committee.

Former Palestinian Authority prime minister Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) dropped a bombshell when he announced that the forgery in Iran's recent presidential election was nothing compared to what happened in Fatah.

Qurei, who failed to be reelected to the Central Committee, said that there was growing discontent in Fatah over the alleged fraud.

"There are many big question marks about the election, the way it was conducted and the way the votes were counted," Qurei told the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper. "There were behind-the-scenes arrangements that removed some names and added others to the [winning] list."

Pointing out that three of the candidates who were elected were former security commanders who used to work closely with Israel, Qurei asked: "Was it by coincidence that these men won?" He said that the election of these candidates - Jibril Rajoub, Muhammad Dahlan and Tawfik Tirawi - showed that "someone wants to see rubber stamps" among the Fatah leadership.

"This is a harsh and difficult phase and there are offers for a temporary state without Jerusalem and the refugees," Qurei said. "Apparently there are some people who have taken this into consideration."

It's a sad day when murderers and Jihadis can't just all get along. Maybe not so sad.

World Archaeological Congress Convenes in Ramallah, Promptly Excludes Israel

Because Biblical Archeological Artifacts have nothing to do with Israel, Judaism... Who's dumb idea was it to do a conference in Ramallah? Why not in the bottom of the sea? It's safer... and the fish are nicer.

Out of WAC: World Archaeological Congress Excludes Israel
The World Archaeological Congress (WAC), presently convening a conference of archaeologists from all over the world, has excluded Israel even though the conference is taking place in Ramallah.

The congress, entitled "Overcoming Structural Violence", did not invite the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) despite the fact that some of the topics being discussed at the conference deal with regions in Jerusalem where an archaeological excavation is being conducted exclusively by the IAA.

In a statement to the media the IAA said that "Instead of Archaeology, WAC is talking politics. In this way the organization is introducing the conflict into the professional side of archaeology. The IAA operates with complete transparency, according to the guidelines of Israeli law and meticulously maintains the highest professional standards in accordance with the most stringent rules and without bias. There can be no doubt that the organizers of the conference set out with the goal in mind of inserting political issues into the professional archaeological experience."

Dr. Uzi Dahari, Deputy Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, added, "An international archaeological congress does not act this way. The congress came to a region where there is a conflict and chooses to
present one side of the story. It is forbidden that such a thing should happen."

Dahari emphasized that it is professionally unethical for an international archaeological forum to tour sites without the knowledge of the archaeologists who are excavating them. "In addition, the congress uses the names of sites as they are referred to by one side only," he said. (The congress is referring to the Temple Mount in English as Haram al Sharif.)

"It would be best if the World Archaeological Congress would focus on archaeology and not on politics," Dahari said.

Indy disapproved...

Of course, he might be chasing aliens from outer space lately... so never mind what Indiana Jones is thinking.

Hamas: eager and ready to talk to Obama already

My gut feeling, the cow wants to give milk as much as the calf eager to drink it.

'Hamas ready for Obama's ME peace plan'
Hamas is prepared to deal "positively" with US President Barack Obama's Middle East peace plan, a top political aide to Ismail Haniyeh, the organization's prime minister, said Thursday.

"We have an initial readiness to accept it and deal with it positively, but we will also reject it if it doesn't include an American recognition of the Palestinian rights," Yousef Rizka told the Chinese Xinhua news agency.

"The plan should endorse Palestinian statehood with Jerusalem as its capital," Rizka was quoted as saying. "Hamas will take an in-depth study of the plan when it is made public."

According to various reports, Obama is soon set to unveil his plan for comprehensive Middle East peace, according to which the West will intensify sanctions against Hamas if it doesn't respond clearly to the initiative.

Rizka stressed that Hamas makes up its positions "mainly from the level of meeting the Palestinian rights."

He said that Hamas now accepts a two-state solution "but only in exchange for a long-term truce" with Israel.

"This is a firm position that we cannot give up," he said.

Meanwhile, a US envoy and Syria's foreign minister met Thursday as part of American efforts to achieve a "permanent and comprehensive peace in the region," a US Embassy official said.

Fred Hof, an assistant to George Mitchell, a former Senate Democratic leader who oversees US Mideast peacemaking efforts, met Walid Moallem shortly before ending a two-day visit to Damascus, the official said.

The embassy official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Syrian officials did not comment on Hof's visit.

Hof's visit, which included many military personnel, was also designed to address Syria's efforts to help stabilize Iraq, a State Department spokesman said before the trip. The US has long complained that Syria has allowed insurgents to cross its border into Iraq.

Sarc Alert: Whatever gave the Hamasholes the idea that Obama would be such a BFF?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The fruits of Oslo Peace Accord: 2009, Peace treaty partner says: Every Israeli Legitimate Target

Hurry Obama, pressure Israel to concede more land and abandon more security posts. Quick Hillary, condemn Israel for evicting Arab squatters in Jerusalem.

‘Peace partner’ declares every Israeli a military target
BETHLEHEM – Every Israeli is a legitimate military target, declared a senior delegate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization in an in-person interview.

“I don’t believe there are civilians in Israel. All of Israeli society is a military society, and therefore, a military target,” said Rashideh al-Mughrabi.

Mughrabi is a senior deputy to the Fatah congress that took place last week in Bethlehem at which hundreds of voting Fatah members discussed the future of their party and passed official resolutions outlining its major objectives. Mughrabi is one of six voting Fatah delegates from Lebanon.

She is the sister of Dalal al-Mughrabi, one of the most infamous anti-Israel terrorists in history. Dalal led an attack in March 1978 that killed 36 Israelis.

Rashideh said her only regret about her sister’s attack was that she herself could not participate.
“If I feel any sorrow it is because I wasn’t allowed to participate in the operation since Abu Jihad (a Fatah terrorist who planned the attack) decided that two sisters cannot participate in the same attack,” she said.
“When I heard of the operation, I felt very, very proud,” she said.

Mughrabi said for her the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is for every Israeli to pack up and leave.”

She said some Jews can stay in a Palestinian state, but “they cannot rule us as occupiers.”
US and Israeli policy considers Fatah to be moderate.

The really funny part, if you'd give her Israeli citizenship and allow her to settle anywhere in Israel, she'd gladly take it and collect social security all the while still proclaiming the evil jooooooos are occupying a home she never knew (but imagine it similar to the playboy mansion). Even funnier, her surname suggests her roots are from somewhere really far-far away...

Arab reporter calls for end of imposed 'Palestinian' refugee status, resettlement in Arab world

Hopefully, this clear thinking person will survive the wrath of his co-ethnic and religious group.

Major Arab reporter calls for Palestinian Arab resettlement

In a stunning series of four articles in Al-Hayat (London), columnist Daoud Al-Shiryan looks at the reality of how Jordan, Lebanon and Syria keeps Palestinian Arabs in misery. MEMRI translates much of them, here are some highlights:

Objecting to [refugee] resettlement is no different than objecting to peace. It is nothing but an unrealistic slogan. The Arabs have agreed to peace, although they realize that there cannot be peace without [refugee] resettlement. But they disregard this fact, viewing the refugee issue as a point of controversy, when it is [actually] a central and key issue in the peace process. The fear [of being accused of renouncing the nationalist] slogans [calling for] struggle, resistance, and casting Israel into the sea - slogans which emerged at the outset of the peace process with Israel - and the link that has been established between the issue [of resettlement] and ethnic and political problems in some [Arab] countries - have [all] become an obstacle to a realistic and honest approach to the issue.

I recommend again - read it all on Elder of Ziyon's excellent blog.

Camera reveals - Sixth Fatah Congress: The Myth of Moderation

My only question - who was delusional enough to think this would promote peace, so should be enabled by Israel.

Sixth Fatah Congress: The Myth of Moderation

The media has long promoted Fatah — in contrast to Hamas — as the party of Palestinian political moderates seeking peace with Israel, while glossing over evidence to the contrary. (See "Is Fatah Moderate?") An example of this was coverage by some media outlets of the Sixth Fatah General Congress, the first such conference in twenty years, which has just concluded.

The goal of the conference (Aug. 4-10), which drew some 2200 delegates from around the world, was to elect new leaders, reinvigorate its platform and revive Fatah's image as the leading party against its rival Hamas. The Congress demonstrated the deep Palestinian divide between Fatah and Hamas (hundreds of Gazan delegates were barred by the ruling Hamas party from attending the conference), as well as broad internal divisions among Fatah's own delegates who nearly came to blows at the conference. (As a result of numerous disputes, the conference was extended several times from its original three-day schedule).


Read it all!

Garp - One of my favorite movies ever

Can't get any more satirically critical of the feminist movement than this. Notice though that the trailer is so optimistic and "light headed", while the movie itself is so very dramatic and sad.

"I'm buying this house - it's been pre-disaster-ed". (Much like the state of the nation right now)

Report says US successfully countered Jihadi recruitment of Somalis in Minneapolis

I'm skeptic. But hopeful. I'm always skeptically hopeful. (there's was an awesome sketch in Hebrew about 12 years ago about the usage of the word 'skeptic')

Somali leader: Jihad recruiting slows
After 20 Twin Cities Somali men disappeared and then turned up in Somalia with a terrorist group, U.S. government scrutiny and parental vigilance have countered the problem, said Saeed Fahia, a Somali elder.

A prominent Minneapolis Somali community leader said Tuesday that he believes the recruitment of young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities to fight jihad in their homeland has slowed or stopped.

Speaking at a workshop to address the issue, Saeed Fahia, executive director of the Confederation of Somali Communities of Minnesota, said the radicalization of Somali youth here is "over." The combination of worldwide media and law enforcement scrutiny, coupled with greater vigilance by parents, has caused the recruiting pipeline here to dry up, he said.

"It's come to a halt. People felt this has gone too far," Fahia said. "And the thing is, parents are really alert. Many parents are saying, 'Where are my children? Who do they talk to?' You don't trust anybody.

Found the skeptic sketch, it's in Hebrew without subtitles, and most Hebrew speakers probably saw it... still:

So.... American Jews Finally Do Oppose Obama

I guess I should have given my Jewish friends more credit... except they haven't given me much reason lately.

Most US Jewish Obama backers oppose his Israel policies
American Jewish Democrats are breaking with the Obama administration over its policies in Israel, according to the results of a survey designed by a former pollster for president Bill Clinton.

The survey, initiated by pollster Dick Morris, found that the majority of respondents - some 58 percent - think President Obama is doing a good job promoting peace in the Middle East. But 55% said the president is "naive in thinking that the Palestinians would make peace" and that Palestinians "will just use the new land as a base to attack Israel like they did in Gaza."

Forty percent said they believe Obama is doing a good job in his effort to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The survey, conducted by Global Marketing Research Services from July 22 to 24, is based on responses from 500 American Jews who voted for Obama.

The poll was sponsored by the Traditional Values Coalition, an evangelical Christian group with 43,000 members. The findings have a margin of error of plus or minus four percent.

Among its findings: 92% of respondents have a favorable view of Israel, and 86% think it is important for Jews to have a country of their own.

Shawarma on Twitter

Well, I finally took the plunge and made an account:

I don't promise to keep it updated, but I did connect this blog through

Also, remember that I occasionally post on weaselzippers, which also twitts here:

Just trying to get the word around.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sharia Exchange Traded Fund: JVS
Just came to my attention:
Javelin Exchange Traded Shares:
JVS: ... correspond generally to the price and yield performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of Shari'ah compliant securities. The Fund employs a "passive" management--or indexing--investment approach designed to replicate the performance of the target index. The Fund will invest all or substantially all of its assets in the securities that make up the target index and in depositary receipts thereof.

Islamic Market ETF Hits Market: More to Come?

Yahoo Finance - JVS quote

My comment: It's a great opportunity to look under the hood and ask why each of the companies held by this ETF are considered "sharia compliant", and if and how it affects those who believe Sharia is creeping in the back door into western countries:

Top 10 Fund Holdings as of June 30, 2009
Name Symbol % of Fund

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spain financing and being active in fight against Jews in Jerusalem

Depraved antisemites.

The background story: A piece of land in Jerusalem is owned by Jews, squatters Arabs have settled there, high courts in Israel ruled their construction and dwelling there is illegal. Spain is paying for staged anti-Israeli propaganda attempts as well as activities to undermine Israel's sovereignty.

The Spanish Inquisition - Jest when you least expect them.

Spain helping to rebuild illegal homes in e. J'lem
The Spanish government is paying for 42 people to come here and help rebuild two Palestinian homes that Israel deemed illegal and tore down in Anata in northeast Jerusalem, according to the director of the organization in charge of the project.

Jeff Halper, the director of the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), which is holding its seventh annual summer "rebuilding camp," said volunteers from all over Europe, Latin America, Spain, the United States, South Africa, Asia, and Australia are currently in the country to rebuild two homes demolished in Anata.

"In particular, there are about 42 people from Spain in the camp, and the Spanish government is funding the camp again this year. They have paid for the 42 tickets of young people to come to the work camp, so that is pretty interesting that governments are starting to encourage people to come and resist the occupation," Halper told The Jerusalem Post.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry's agency for international development cooperation, Aecid, allocated some €80,000 in 2009 to ICAHD. In addition, it allocated €80,000 this year for Breaking the Silence, €100,000 for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and has promised to allocate €70,000 for Rabbis for Human Rights.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's spokesman Mark Regev slammed the involvement of European governments in the Anata project.

"Europe believes in peace and reconciliation, in a two-state solution with a non-violent path to that solution," he said. "It would indeed be strange if European money were going to an NGO headed by an individual who both rejects a two-state solution, and who justifies terrorism."

Regev was referring to past comments and writings by Halper, a veteran activist on the extreme Left.

One Israeli-based Spanish diplomat, who did not know the details of the camp, had no comment on the matter. He said that while there were discussions with Israel following Jerusalem Post revelations last month that Spain was helping to fund Breaking the Silence, Spain did not receive any formal request from Israel to stop funding that organization or any other NGO.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, who did not know about the ICAHD summer camp, said that Israel respected "all countries, especially democracies, and we expect them to respect us.

"Israel is a very strong democracy, with a democratic tradition - a strong one - with the rule of law and independence of the judicial branch. NGOs are entitled to have their agendas, but when they cross the line into domestic issues, into internal political issues, it is a dangerous line."

According to Halper, some 80 volunteers are helping rebuild the two homes, which were demolished for not having the necessary building permits. The homes belonged to the families of Younes Muhammad Abdalla Sbaih and Saleh Nimer Abed-Ajwad.

Halper said that 60 volunteers were sleeping at the site during the two-week "camp."

Over the past 10 years, ICAHD has rebuilt more than 160 homes throughout the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

It would seem that European nations are willingly financing radical groups around the world ... just like the old soviet union.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Huffington Post Odd Editorial Pick For Photo Representing Unemployment

Perhaps it is some odd kind of unemployment line, where well dressed up people are talking on cell phones and are holding a 'dish network' plastic bag. And for some odd reason an obvious Muslim woman is in the middle walking out of line. The photo they chose is extremely puzzling IMHO.

Terrorists suffer defeat where nations willing to fight them

Consider these 3 stories:
Sri Lanka says new rebel leader arrested
Sri Lanka says that a wanted arms smuggler who recently took over as the new leader of the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels has been arrested overseas.

Government information director Anusha Pelpita said that Selvarasa Pathmanathan was arrested Thursday in a foreign country which he refused to name

Sri Lanka is an amazing story where western powers continuously pressured government to stop fighting terror and some European nations even imposed sanctions against that poverty stricken nation. Israel stood by them though with arms and training support (although I saw reports of Israel stepping back too at the request of Euro-nations). In short - Sri Lanka pretty much kicked ass and took the rebellious terrorists down...

Thai PM: Tamil Tiger leader held
Thailand's prime minister said on Friday he had information the new head of the Tamil Tigers, the separatist group defeated by the Sri Lankan military after a 25-year war, had been arrested -- but not in Thailand.

A Sri Lankan military spokesman, Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, said late on Thursday that Selvarajah Pathmanathan, wanted on two Interpol warrants, had been arrested in the Thai capital, Bangkok. (Reuters)

It takes international cooperation to successfully curtail and arrest those whose only goal is to harm civilians.

Intel officials: Taliban leader Mehsud dead
Three Pakistani intelligence officials say that Pakistan's Taliban chief has been killed in a CIA missile strike and his body buried. But one of the three says no intelligence agent has actually seen the body.

The officials say Mehsud was killed in Wednesday's missile attack on the home of his father-in-law. They say his body has been buried in the village of Nardusai in South Waziristan, not far from the site of the missile strike. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Just don't call it "war on terror", nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with Taliban, nothing to do with terrorists...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Human Rights Watch: War Crimes of 'Militants' - Not Deliberate Pattern, Hamas 'aren't doing enough to halt war crimes'

Human Rights Watch: War Crimes of 'Militants' - Not Deliberate Pattern, Hamas 'aren't doing enough to halt war crimes'. Also: 'No evidence Hamas used human shields'.

News flash to the hypocrite mofo-s: If you can't find a pattern it's because your IQ is below 50, also - if you find a way to excuse Hamas - and do not find them directly responsible to the things they did directly; by drafting commands, funding, orchestrating - being in charge from A to Z - then you should rename your group to: Hamas Reptile Whores.

What do we expect from a Saudi funded "human rights" group who time and time again can't seem to find a single thing wrong in the Arab world, but on almost a daily basis produce false accusatory reports about Israel?! Mother Fucking Hypocrites.

HRW report: Hamas rocket fire on Israel a war crime (but Hamas isn't really to be blamed)
Human Rights Watch publishes new report on Islamist group's attacks on Israel since November '08; says Hamas violated international law by targeting civilian population in south, unnecessarily risking Palestinian civilians in Strip<

A new Humans Right Watch report determined Thursday that Hamas rocket fire on Israel's south constitutes a war crime.

The 25-page report documents rocket fire from the Gaza Strip towards Israel starting November 2008 – a period when three Israelis were killed and dozens of others injured as a result of projectiles.

The report states that the rocket fire caused extensive damage and forced people out of their homes. Contrary to international law, the fire was aimed at civilian population within a 25-mile radius, endangering some 800,000 Israelis.

During the same time period, several rockets fired at Israel landed on the Palestinian side of the security fence, killing two girls and injuring numerous other Palestinians.

Moreover, said the report, armed militants firing rockets from densely populated areas in the Strip were putting Palestinian civilians in harms way by risking Israeli counter-strikes, thus grossly breaching the rules of war.

The report further states that Hamas rocket fire on Israeli civilians is illegal, unjustified and constitutes a war crime.

As the ruling authority in the Gaza Strip, it added, Hamas must publicly renounce rocket fire on populated Israeli areas, and punish those responsible for it, including members of Hamas' own military wings.

According to internationally accepted Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), anyone who sanctions and/or initiates indiscriminate or direct attacks on civilian population is guilty of war crimes.

'Militants systematically breached rules of war'

The report focuses on events which occurred from November 2008 and on, which is when the Palestinian militant groups renewed their fire on southern Israel.

Human Rights Watch based its report on eyewitness reports, field reports and various media reports. The brief details many cases in which Israelis and Palestinians were killed or injured as a result of Hamas fire, but nevertheless, it states that it found no deliberate pattern by Hamas, to use civilians as human shields

Still, HRW did find that the Palestinian groups systematically breached the LOAC code by failing to take every possible precaution to avoid putting Gazans at risk.

Hamas' military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has claimed the attacks which resulted in three Israeli deaths.

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades claim they fired 820 rockets on Israel during Operation Cast Lead in early 2009.

The incessant, years-long rocket fire on Israel's south, concluded the report, has taken a serious psychological toll on the area's residents.

The rules of war prohibit launching attacks aimed solely at terrorizing civilian population.

YNet took the glass half full and chose to emphasize that Human Rights Watch finally did find something wrong in the daily terrorizing of Israelis. However I can't see it half full - because the report goes out of its way to provide excuses and cover to those whose only intent is to terrorize. They did not find Hamas and their leaders responsible - but 'militants' - meaning individual.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fatah Terrorists Conference News: Junior Terrorist Humiliated, Water Taken From Arab Neighborhoods

The USA sponsored terror group, holocaust denying, racist, Arab supremacist, criminals, mafia, liars, corrupt, thieves, and of course - proud murderers of Fatah are gathering at the formerly Christian city of Bethlehem. What could go wrong? Everything, and Israel can't be blamed (although that's all they do there - blame and contemplate Israel's destruction):

Dhimmy priest, next to armed Muslims funded and trained by the USA

Bethlehem residents have no water because of congress
Water supply divided between West Bank city's neighborhoods on weekly basis moved entirely to Fatah conference area; residents suffering from blocked roads as well. Meanwhile, Fatah officials split over absent Gaza delegates

The Fatah movement is attempting to present its first congress in 20 years being held in Bethlehem as a success. The organization is mostly trying to convey a sense of "business as usual" and in terms of the status of Gaza Strip and Fatah activists living in the Strip, who have been stopped by Hamas from traveling to the West Bank for the conference.

But those who are really suffering from heat are the West Bank city's residents, who are waiting for the conference to conclude Thursday.

A store owner on the city's main street says the Bethlehem's neighborhoods share the water flow – which is supplied every other week.

"This time the entire flow is directed to the conference area, and we are forced to manage without any water. Otherwise, we can buy containers for NIS 500 (about $129), which are enough for up to four days for an average family."

Without any running water and in light of the boosted presence of thousands of security officers, Bethlehem's residents are trying to go on with their lives. "Half of the city's streets are closed, and every time a senior official's convoy passes, the main road is closed," says the store owner.

The Palestinian added that the congress delegates have not left even one vacant hotel room. "But this is not the problem – we expected the hotel area to be busy and closed. The problem is with the senior officials who have rented villas and houses in areas far from the conference, and every time they move, the entire world has to stop. It harms people's life routine."

Security officers angry with Abbas

The conference is looking into a series of proposals on how to represent and elect Gaza activists for the Fatah institutions. According to one opinion, the movement must not play into the hands of Hamas, and the elections must be held during the current convention even if the Gaza activists cannot take part in the voting.

According to a second opinion, the institution members should be elected by the conference without the Gaza activists, and another conference should be held in the near future.

The third and prevailing opinion calls for electing the representatives with the quota of the Strip and allowing the absent delegates to elect their representatives when it is made possible.

This third proposal is the one expected to be accepted, and the committee is likely to elect 50 out of 80 members of the revolutionary council. The 15 members of the central committee will be elected in a similar way, and the other six will be elected by the Gaza delegates later on.

On another front, the Fatah leadership headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been trying to come up with a solution for the resentment among security officers seeking to run for roles in the movement's institutions, after Abbas said that only the organizations would be considered candidates.

"It's unthinkable that a soldier would be elected to the revolutionary council while the head of his organization won't," a senior member in one of the organizations told Ynet. Therefore, he said, Abbas' decision was "correct and appropriate."

The Fatah conference was expected Wednesday to try and find a solution for former al-Aqsa Brigades Commander Zakaria Zubeidi, who discovered Tuesday that he was not considered at delegate at the congress. The decision to remove Zubeidi from the list of delegates angered many al-Aqsa activists.