Friday, January 23, 2009

New York Times in bed with Liberals, Literally

I don't care if it's true or not. I don't care at all about Caroline's personal life. I just enjoy the headline.

newser from Gawker (a known lying rumor mill source):Times Bars Note on Caroline's Rumored Affair With Publisher
The New York Times will report almost anything newsworthy—except a rumored affair between its publisher and Caroline Kennedy, Gawker reports. When a reader commented on the paper’s City Room blog wondering if the Times would address the gossip surrounding the two, the comment was deleted with the explanation that “We don’t report stuff like this, regardless of people involved.” Uh, sure.

“It’s very relevant that someone who wants one of the highest political offices in the state is in a romantic relationship with the publisher of the most influential newspaper in the state,” said the deleted post.

Reminder, NYT - could soon be gone...

Also, #4 hit at newser today: Matthews Takes Record for Hot Air at Chilly Inauguration
Let's be honest about it. These—these people watch this network out here," Matthews opined. “MSNBC is the ‘it’ network for the Obama masses? That’s news to me,” Shafer writes, adding that Keith Olbermann wasn't having any of it either, and "approached his colleague like a teetotaler trying to talk down a drunk."

I wonder who but Mathews could be drunk 364 days a year and keep his job... (even if no alcohol is involved)

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