Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new Dreyfus affair? Pace yourself

How can the situation with the Koran desecration trial be labeled mildly when it is only a Jew that is singled out for a "hate crime" - in a place where there were numerous actual hate crimes against Jews that were not prosecuted nor investigated. The new antisemitism raises it's ugly face in Manhattan of all places.

Just a quick reminder, the head of the Islamic Jihad could not be convicted by a jury in Florida despite the fact that a recording of him calling for the murder of Jews was presented. Will a jury in NYC convict a Jew and send him to jail for something that stupid? So murdering Jews is OK - but touching the book that calls for the genocide of Jews is not?

Also, what if he had dunked the Mein Kampf - would that be a hate crime against Nazis? What if it were a picture of Hitler? What if our new Dreyfus would have been physically abused by said "victims" of this hate crime before it happened?

Now let's think about congregations of Islamists in Universities (ISM) were it was recorded that Jews were physically threatened and harmed for being Jewish. Nowhere did I hear of any prosecution of a hate crime - not even aggravated assault. It's open season on Jewish students - YEEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Outrage! Leave politics out of the criminal court!

Gore Jr pleads guilty, but advised by judge to rethink it...

Just as long as he doesn't dunk a paper copy of Koran in the public toilet. Free handout copy in a public toilet - how can that count as criminal mischief? No damages to private property what-so-ever - did I miss something?

Who would call for an end to a true occupation?

Does anyone really care for such terms except when they are referring to the existence of Israel? How about grabbing some land from Lebanon by Syria. Any wimp from the main stream media about it?

BTW, by far the most ludicrous and funniest slogan used by Arabs these days is that Israel rapes the land and humiliates the women of Palestine. That's right - no one rapes the Arab women - only "the land", therefor the women are humiliated...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Anti-Semite vs. “Islamophobe”

The newly invented keyword is off handed into the air these days to discredit critics of said “religious of peace” and its members. “Islamophobia” as it is attributed to some requires a close look so that the ideas behind those who are in fact “Anti-Semites” and those who are smeared as “Islamophobes” can be properly understood, distinguished and disassociated.

I will start with the better known creature – for historical reasons – the Anti-Semite. The following can be identified in Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Jews are behind all evils
2. Jews stole everybody’s money / own too much money / influence through their money
3. Jews are taking over/controlling the government/ controlling the media
4. Jews ought to die – all of them. If one dies – no problem, if one kills – major outrage.
5. There is no lie outrageous enough that would disqualify it from being told as truth when it comes to Jews
6. Israel/ Zionism/ Jews are true Nazis – the Nazis did not commit any real genocide – it is a shame the Nazis did not finish the job.

An objective thinker could easily observe the illogic and actual evil of the 6 blatant symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech. It is evil because it is based on lies and the end goal of such speech is genocidal in nature.

How would you identify speech by a person smeared with “Islamophobia”?

I. He mentions some Muslims in a negative manner or a narrative which conflicts with apologists of Muslim violence.
II. He objects to beheading, forced conversions, rape, murder and indoctrination in the name of Islam
III. He objects to preferential treatment to Muslims and Islam
IV. He justifies self defense from Jihad
V. He discusses Jihad, Suna, and the Quran while not being Muslim
VI. Reports about Anti-Semitism spewed by Muslims.

Are these in anyway expressions of hate? Are lies being told? Is there a desire to see bloodshed when someone speaks in what is described as “Islamophobic” way?

To illuminate how so called “Islamohpobes” do not do so to spread hate I observe the reports made by so called “Islamophobes” and compare them one to one with the symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Some Muslims do perform evil such as the genocide in Darfur. (and others)
2. There are Muslims who do have a lot of money possessed through oil. The Saudis use petro-dollars to buy influence which is a recorded and proven fact when it comes to AP, Reuters, American Colleges, and Bribes to EU.
3. There is major Muslim oriented control over western media as could be seen with regards to reporting of the 2006 Hezbollah war with Israel. There is much tainted coverage which is documented by online websites (LGF and others).
4. Sorry – no one says all Muslims or Arabs should die – no genocide in anyone's vision! People do point out they should stop suicide bombers, stop bombarding civilians and do call for harsh measures against such barbarity – which to some sound like incitement to kill “Muslims”. No – kill terrorists! That is said over and over with every possible justification – if a person, Muslim or not, tries to kill you, disable him first.
5. So called “Islamophobes” refer the readers to the source be it the Quran or major news outlet. These are not occasions of “Cherry Picking” or making a small group of “mislead” be seen as the majority because polls continuously show that a scary majority of Muslims do practice and believe in Jihad. So when it comes to lies it those who deny the violence inherent in Islam that do so.
6. I am not making this up – Arabs and Muslims are VERY sympathetic to Nazis and neo-Nazis are very sympathetic to Palestinian Terror. Don’t believe? Google it. It is fascinating how Arab Muslims can associate the Nazi symbols with evil as they attribute it to Jews while still be so charmed by it. “Protocols of Zion” and “Mein Kampf” are big hits in the Arab world, yet Jewish symbols are mixed with Nazi ones when it comes to caricatures and op-eds .

To the point, the major differences between “Islamophobia” and “Anti-Semitism” in my view are:

A. Anti-Semitism is based on lies, smearing someone as “Islamophobe” is an attempt to silence an inconvenient truth.
B. The end goal of Anti-Semitism is Genocidal. So called “Islamophobes” are reacting to physical acts of aggression and seek nothing but a cessation of such violence.
C. Anti-Semites often smile when they talk about dead Jews or killing a Jew, no such emotion is expressed when Arabs die. There is only a sense of relief when a murderous terrorist is caught or dies in the effort catch him.

One last thing... How many "Islamophobes" went on a rampage to damage Muslim cemeteries and to butcher in a local helpless community of Muslims? Can the same be said for Anti-Semites?

The price of good will to Arabs

Last week Israel released 256 terrorists, pardoned "most wanted" terrorists and assured their safety and allowed a small army of terrorists to enter from Jordan. All of these steps were a reaction to the defeat of one terror group to another in Gaza. Peace in our time? Think again.

As a well anticipated thank you, the Palestinian Authority is actively pursuing a new venue to harass Israelis - They have sent letters demanding the world's soccer union to boycott and punish Israel for "deliberately destroying Palestinian soccer".

Meanwhile - the enemies of Israel within the government have decided they want to breed the next terrorists from within the citizens and teach Arab children within the Israeli school system that Israel is a "catastrophe". Yes - 60 years of prosperity for Israeli Arabs and freedom - far beyond freedoms enjoyed in the Arab world - is apparently a catastrophe.

I'm sure of only one thing - the real catastrophe is the current government there.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What's wrong with Arab Muslims? All in a picture.

This picture was taken from the insanely left Israeli news site walla (the internet front of Haaretz). It was supposed to be a puff peace about how Gaza residents go to beach.

It is extremely amusing how women in bathing suits will not be allowed to enter the beach or swim in the sea while their horses would. Would you take leisure at a beach where horses take a dump but women are not allowed to enjoy the sun?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can Britain finally identify the problem?

read here. Oh, I forgot - they did find the problem - they decided to boycott the Jews.

Not disgusted yet? How about some "honor murder" in the name of the marvelously imported - soon to take over religion of peace?

Pay attention how they disguise the religion and avoid the term murder all through out the article.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Let's boost up the moderates in PA" - by granting amnesty to murderers of school children

Even if Israel would have allowed Naif Hawatme to enter for only 3 weeks and not permanently , it is still the utmost betrayal in the trust of the Jewish people in the government of Israel and the puppetiring of Condolisa Rice.

The man should have been taken out years ago - regardless of where he resides. The mastermind, financier and leader of a group which slaughtered the children at the school in Ma'alot is the lowliest of animals - canine species are far superior to him and calling him a dog is demeaning to the best friend of mankind.

The theater of absurd that is taking place these days in Israel is too disgusting and self destructive to devote a second of thought to. YOU DO NOT MAKE PEACE WITH TERRORIST - OSLO WAS JUST THE WARNING SHOT! CUT THE CRAP!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Palestinian Shame Comes to light

Who could've guessed it right? That the mass murdering lying maniac whom the Arabs of Israel idolized as a leader of a liberation group - liberating a made up nation of "Palestinians" - would turn out to have died of AIDS? Well MANY MANY DID! I did! And now Ahmed Jibril - his comrade and rival - reveals the truth.

Those rumors about his cause of death have more details than just the cause. If anyone would be willing to tell - we might learn if he was gay and had sexual relations with his body guards and Romanian male prostitutes, if he was a Pedophile who raped children in Lebanon - if he was a communist KGB agent working for the Egyptian Intelligence. We have much more to learn... These are all rumors denied over the years but worth looking into again.

Now that we know what he died of - might we raise a loud voice to inquire how he got it? How come his wife didn't get it? How come she left him as soon as her daughter was born? Why will she and her daughter not return and why is she still being paid by French and Arab sources to keep silent?

As to the murderous derelict Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and continue to excuse slaughter in the name of phony liberation - As to the millions of Anti Semite Lefty Loons who support them - it is high time to take a hard long look in the mirror. I'm not building my hopes up for those who for years chose to ignore basic logic, basic human compassion, facts and history, and have rejoiced in the death and mayhem that they have let perpetuate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Syria invaded Lebanon - AP, NYTimes and the rest are mute

read here

Although I hold the utmost respect for Michell Malkin, I rarely consider "hotair.com" to be a source of geopolitic analysis but they got it almost completely correct this time.

Well - Assad wouldn't picture it as a coup - and that's the point they got wrong. He would describe it as an invited intervention to restore "peace" and let the "true people of Lebanon" regain control. That would just mean - same old - same old - for Lebanon; Hezbollah in control with assistance of some Syrian loyalists (or as I would call them: traitors of Lebanon).

With all hopes for a better future for the land of cedar, we have to consider the fact that Christians are fleeing. They have been fleeing for years and they were the only hope for a sane country. The ethnic group which was once the hands down majority could now be accounted for almost less than a third of the population... (are there any real studies on changes in demography in Lebanon or is it now a taboo?)

How depraved are the media moguls to be mute in the face of the impending explosion?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mastermind of 2nd ShawarmaMayor slaughter sentenced

Today, the mastermind of the second homicide bombing on Shawarma-Mayor was sentenced. Hope he dies of AIDS too like his idol Arafat. For some reason, his "political" association is missing from today's reports. Initially he was attributed to Islamic Jihad but no mention of that in today's articles. I add that to another article explaining how yesterday in Jenin, IDF soldiers had killed 2 armed terrorists who were loosely affiliated with both Fatah and Islamic Jihad. Fatah as we now know is the terror group financed by both Israel the US, while Islamic Jihad is financed by Iran. However, they both seem to be strolling the streets hand in hand. In a more serious note: they accept your money - but get directions from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Which brings me back to the sentencing today. The mastermind of the terror act was first affiliated with Islamic Jihad, but was also affiliated with Fatah - that is - he got his money from the Palestinian Authority/ Israel / US - and he is a prime candidate for future releases of terrorists in the name "Peace".