Monday, January 05, 2009

Brave rescue under fire, 3 IDF soldiers die from friendly fire

I must say, the news is not AS BAD as it was made to look like by the rumor mill. With that being said, I feel for every grieving family.
Ynetnews: Gaza: 3 soldiers killed, 20 injured in friendly fire incident
Friendly fire in northern Gaza claims lives of three soldiers, leaves one critically injured, three in serious condition; 24 others sustain minor injures
hree IDF soldiers were killed and 24 others were injured, one critically and three seriously on Monday evening, in a friendly fire incident in northern Gaza.

Among the fatalities were two officers and a soldier. Colonel Avi Peled, commander of the Golani Brigade sustained minor injuries in the incident.

It's a war, and these things happen. Just to commend how well the forces are conducting - Hamas has not managed to fight back and cause major casualties.

For those who don't follow what I mean by the "rumor mill", there are certain code words used by the Israel media to signify that they are being held back from reporting about casualties, and of many casualties. Those rumors cause great concern to those who follow.

About the unit hit, the Golani brigade is one tough infantry unit. Having their commander fall in this campaign would have been a heavy blow.

In different news, Gazan Arabs show true colors - mainly yellow: flee homes for fear of arrest. Hamas terrorists are basically saying - go ahead and bomb my wife and kids - they will be our "shahids", martyrs, heros. We shall parade them in the streets and to the cameras, but us "proud Arab men", we have holes in the ground to dwell in while the consequences of our own actions are never our fault.

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